Do You Think President Obama Is Being Murdered In Effigy?

I was at the Barber Shop this past Monday and one of the Brothers asked what I thought about the Michael Brown shooting. I responded by telling him I did not have enough information to form an opinion. As I listened to the opinions of others in the shop, my thoughts turned inward. I reflected on how infrequently I listen, watch or read the news because it is always the same old same-o when it comes to Black African Americans and the police- “Cop(s) shot yet another unarmed Black African American.”

In truth I have become desensitized to White people in general and White cops in particular murdering Black African Americans because this is something they have been doing all of my life. In fact, this has been the modus operandi of some White people beginning with their first encounter with Black Africans as well as other People of Color.

While living in San Diego, California I became actively involved in trying to obtain justice for the execution of a Black African American man at the hands of a White cop. I wrote the following in my book (on page 50), “It’s Still Time To Stop Blaming The White Man:”

“For instance, in 1978, a “white” police officer by the name of Christianson shot and killed an African American man in San Diego, California by the name of Tyrone Thomas. Officer Christianson claimed that he was taking Mr. Thomas into custody at the time of the “accidental” shooting. He claimed that he had grasped Mr. Thomas by his shirt collar with the same hand that was holding his service revolver. He then said Mr. Thomas broke lose and attempted to flee. Trying to recapture him, Officer Christianson claimed that as he reached out to him with the same hand that was holding the service revolver, it (the revolver) accidentally fired, inflicting a fatal wound.

The coroner’s report said that Mr. Thomas was on his knees with his head bowed when the bullet entered his brain, behind his ear. The African American community became outraged. They demanded the immediate arrest and conviction of this police officer. The local “black” leaders were asked for their opinions and they expressed their outrage. They held a meeting at the “Black Federation” (a local social service organization) with all of the local “black” leaders attending.

During this incident, I exerted a tremendous amount of energy organizing our community and convincing us that we had to put a stop to the rampant murdering of unarmed Black African Americans. After considerable effort, we packed a church where a rally was held. After all was said and done our Black African American politicians and Civic leaders sold us out, and the Justice Department ruled that it was a justifiable shooting.”

In 1983, on my first day in Augusta, Georgia, I had a White Deputy Sheriff threaten to take me to University hospital (read the whole story in my book) because I had challenged the authority of a White man. Once this Deputy threatened to take me to the hospital, I immediately replied, “If I’m going to the hospital, where do you think you will be going?” To his dismay, he realized he was not dealing with the average Black African American man who was afraid of White people or afraid of dying for my rights. In fact, he seemed to become afraid of me.

I like the rest of Black African Americans was in disbelief when the four White cops was acquitted for maliciously beating Rodney King . When George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin I just threw my hands up and said, “That’s it; a Black African American male does not stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting justice in America’s courts.

Once home from the Barber Shop, I went about my normal routine, all the while reflecting on the Barber Shop conversations. I watched the news that evening regarding Michael Brown’s murder and his execution seemed to fit the pattern. In spite of my feeling that the outcome would again be the same (White cop acquitted) I spent all day this past Wednesday watching news on CNN, Augusta local news and reading everything (of interest) I could find on the internet regarding Michael Brown’s murder. When that White cop pointed his weapon and made that terroristic threat, telling the reporter, ‘I’m gonna F***ing kill you.” I did not think it could get any worse, but I was wrong.

I saw a video of another Black African American man being summarily executed in St. Louis this past Tuesday. The video clearly revealed that the victim, 25-year-old Kajieme Powell’s hands were at his side and he was not charging or physically threatening the cops or anyone else.

The cops are highly trained Marksmen (or should be), therefore, one of them could have put one welled aimed shot into the victim’s arm that was holding the knife. Both of the cops did not need to shoot Kajieme Powell multiple times, as if they were a firing squad. What is even worse, these cops knew that the world was watching what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri and they did not care.

You will find the following on page 52 in my book, “It’s Time To Stop Blaming The White Man:”

“There is a weekly television program entitled, “Cops,” which clearly points out the racist Gestapo tactics of America’s police department. Recently this program was filmed on location in Houston, Texas with the Houston police department. One cop went on nationwide television and openly confessed to being a racist. The tragedy is that this cop was comfortable enough in his department to openly confess being a racist without any fear of being accountable for his attitude. The second tragedy is that this confessed racist cop was assigned to patrol an African American community. This is nothing more than an execution waiting to happen.”

During the Civil Rights Struggle, the Freedom Riders had to undergo intensive training to remain non-violent while being maliciously attacked by White racist cowards. How is it that the police departments throughout America do not have to go through similar training to teach them how not to over react with lethal force on unarmed or even knife wielding Black African Americans or any other citizens?

Is there a bounty on Black African American Men/People?

When I last checked, the “Darren Wilson Facebook“>Support Darren Wilson Facebook page” in four days had raised $225,749.00 for his legal defense with 5,744 people donating. They said this money could be used however Darren Wilson saw fit and the Missouri KKK are continuing to raise money for him. It was estimated that George Zimmerman raised over $2 million dollars for his legal defense and current lifestyle.

President Obama is the most publicly disrespected President in American History.
A White New Jersey cop recently made the following public statement to a reporter: “If Obama Doesn’t Follow The Constitution, We Don’t Have to.”

Many White racist men and cops have such a deep-seeded hatred towards President Obama that they would kill him if they had the chance and felt they could get away with it. Since they can’t kill him, they instead kill him in effigy by killing other Black African American males in his place.

Many people ask when will all of this wanton murdering of Black African Americans by White people in general and White cops in particular end? My response is that it will only end when Black African Americans stop killing ourselves. It will only end when Black African Americans develop a love of self, a love of race and a love of country. It will only end when we Black African Americans as a whole, choose to get off the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder and stop begging White America for their crumbs. Remember, everything is connected and nothing happens in isolation.

In conclusion, “It’s Still Time To Stop Blaming The White Man.”

Oh, what a blessing it is that Black African Americans do not think or read says some Pastors, Pimps and Politicians.

2 thoughts on “Do You Think President Obama Is Being Murdered In Effigy?

  1. Mr. Smith, wonderful write up. I remember being your student and you shared many wonderful teachings them to inspire us. Some of those have followed me for many years. This is one maybe not exactly as you said it back then but I remember this in your book. “It will only end when Black African Americans develop a love of self, a love of race and a love of country. It will only end when we Black African Americans as a whole, choose to get off the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder and stop begging White America for their crumbs.” I ask a similar question, are you tired of waiting for your ship to come in, if so then swim to it. When I meet younger people as well as my grand kids, I am teaching them to make their money work for them, not to work for money, start your own, and take action. Nothing happens when you sit on the sofa and play games. Just my thoughts.

    • Hello Mrs. Robinson, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. They were thoughtful and very informative. I am in total agreement with you – we must get off the sofa, stop playing mind games with ourselves and “…swim to it.”Have a wonderful day and be nice to yourself and all those that you care about.

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