This past Saturday I prepared to post the next chapter of my book “Black African Americans Are Still Slaves.” I decided I wanted to add some more information to this chapter. I did not know what specific information I wanted to add, yet, I knew this chapter needed more, so I let my fingers do the walking and searched the internet.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready the teachers will appear” and this is the way it has been for me throughout my life. When my spirit was ready for additional information, the teachers would come into my life in some manner. In searching the internet, I came upon a book entitled “Brainwashed” by Mr. Tom Burrell. After reading a few pages on Amazon.com, I had to have the entire book, so I immediately downloaded it and I strongly encourage you to do likewise.

I read Mr. Burrell’s book at every opportunity since I started last Saturday morning and I finished it at 5:00 PM Tuesday. I have truly been fortunate to have some superb mentors and teachers enter my life and Mr. Burrell ranks up there among the best. You know how, when you know what you know, yet you still feel uneasy about it because not too many people that you know, know it? This is where I am and have been throughout my journey of self-discovery, which began December 31, 1975 about 2:00 PM, PST.

Mr. Burrell’s book validated my entire belief system. In addition, he wrote on many of the things that I have said and wrote in my book (It’s Time To Stop Blaming The White Man). On the first page of the Introduction, he wrote, “We are smart. Even when our literacy was illegal, we learned quickly, invented, discovered, built, taught and excelled against all odds.” Just the other day, I was talking with someone about his alcohol addiction and reminded him that in spite of all the negative things that ever happened to him, he was able to overcome those obstacles and landed on his feet. No matter how bad American slavery was and still is, we Black African Americans not only survived, we have multiplied.

During a Black History Month lecture in 2012 at Virginia Common University, Mr. Tom Burrell stated, “There is nothing more powerful to influence attitudes and behaviors than media messages.” He also pointed out that the founding fathers used media messages to lay down the foundation of Black African American inferiority.

In the Introduction of Mr. Burrell’s book, he talked about Black African Americans ranking at the top of the list in everything negative and at the bottom of the list in everything positive. As a child growing up in the slums of Philadelphia, Pa., I could never understand why we Negroes (we were called Negroes then) were all in the same boat and the boat was in constant danger of sinking.

What was even more confusing to my young mind was that many of the people that I knew seemed quite content being in this sinking boat. I came to this conclusion because they all seemed to be doing the same things repeatedly. When Mr. Burrell used the word “propaganda” that was a “Eureka” moment for me. All of the lights, bells and whistles came on simultaneously. As a Mental Health professional and Social Scientist, when Mr. Burrell wrote on “learned helplessness,” I was convinced that I was in the spiritual presence of my next mentor.

Mr. Burrell wrote, “However, the most important part of what we do is study people: why they do what they do and why they buy what they buy.” I saw the light, I was able to, as he says, “connect the dots” and see how Black African Americans have been manipulated through White propaganda to voluntarily remain at the bottom of the list in everything positive and the top of the list in everything negative.

Mr. Burrell further wrote, “The early American ruling class used every available tool-religion, law, politics, art, literature, even the nascent field of science-as tools of their sales promotion and PR strategy.” To this he added, “…most Black Americans are still wandering in the wilderness.” You might want to re-read my Willie Lynch post.

I said to my Graduate class as we were wrapping up our Graduate School education at National University, “No matter how much education I obtained in America, as long as the masses of my people were floundering at the bottom, I will still be considered a “n” (of course, back then I used the entire word).

Mr. Burrell titled Chapter 1, “The Scorch at The Bottom of the Melting Pot.” He opened this chapter with the following quote from Dr. W.E.B. DuBois: “But in the propaganda against the Negro since emancipation in this land, we face one of the most stupendous efforts the world has ever saw to discredit human beings, an effort involving universities, history, science, social life and religion.”

In Freshman Psychology at San Diego City College , I learned about “Subliminal Seductions” in the media and I learned it very well. I am acutely aware of the presence of subliminal messages throughout Western society in general and American society in particular.

Mr. Burrell wrote about “Exceptional Exceptions” which struck a very loud chord for me. In this chapter, he pointed out White people’s need to feel superior to every other race in the world, in order for them to maintain their sense of superiority. In their minds, they must see everyone else as being inferior to them.

Chapter 1 also sheds light on the adverse effects of negative propaganda and the unfavorable influence it is still having on us today. He illustrates the difference between positive and negative propaganda and the importance of using positive propaganda to offset the centuries of negative propaganda. Mr. Burrell painstakingly connects the dots between brainwashing and propaganda. With this, he also talks about the influence “Branding” has on the psyche of Black African Americans.

I see Chapter 11: Neo-Coons as a “must read.” In this chapter, he shines the spotlight on how Black African Americans have made millionaires out of “comedians” in particular and radio DJs, musicians, atheletes and movie actors in general. We will pay top dollar to go to the theater and listen to Black African American male or female “comedians” talk negatively, using the most vilest form of profanity and obscenities imaginable about our parents, children, relatives, friends, and even call us everything but the child of God to our raucous laughter and applause.

What is so powerful about this chapter is the connection that Mr. Burrell makes between today’s “comedians” and the enslaved Black African Americans. He pointed out that by making Massa laugh, some enslaved Black African Americans could avoid brutal beatings-sometimes.

In summation, “Brainwashed” is a “must read” for anyone interested in freeing their minds and finding a way out of their mental enslavement. Mr. Burrell’s entire book is both insightful and thought provoking, and I strongly encourage you to read it for yourselves and your children’s children ASAP.



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