One of my readers requested and I granted her the opportunity to write the following guest post on my blog.  The same opportunity is available to all of my readers.  I ask that you refrain from the use of profanity, as I will screen all entries.  As always, all underlined words are links.

Hello, I am a concerned Black female with two adult children (girl and boy) both are grown and working.  The young lady work for the Federal Government and the young man teaches children at an alternative school.  I am writing on this blog to share my thoughts with you about the plight of our race and to shed some light on what is wrong with us.  I hope you learn something from what I have written.

I find it astounding that we as a people think that the justice system is built for People of Color, especially Black People.  I was amazed when I watched the tragic killing of Michael Brown right up to the decision of the grand jury.  I never thought for one minute that the grand jury was going to come back with an indictment; one, it took them too long to make a decision, which lead me to believe that they were just stalling; two, why did they wait until Thanksgiving week to announce their decision; and, three, why did they wait until late in the evening to announce their decision.  The “powers to be” wanted the looting and burning to take place to distract you from what they are doing.

Listening to the out-of-state attorneys they all said that the process was totally mishandled and the District Attorney and grand jury did not go by the law; and, the District Attorney publicly said that he “just let it all hang out.”  You should have paid close attention to his words.  The operative word is “hang.”  When are we going to learn that there is a war on Black males and the killers are white cops and the judiciary system?  The cops use them for target practice and the judiciary system use them for labor (prison labor).   The cops are burying them and the judiciary system is castrating them.

I am not saying that many of the Black males are not creating crimes and they deserve to pay the penalty, but not be murdered by white cops or any cop.  What cops are being told is “shoot first and ask questions later,” shoot to kill, and shoot as many times as you deem necessary; you will not be disciplined, just put another notch on your belt.

Another thought, when the media spends a lot of time reporting and sensationalizing events pertaining to Black people it is because they are distracting us from something the government is doing that will impact us/our country.  You must start paying close attention to the subliminal messages that are televised, advertised or spoken.  Most everything that the news media report is propaganda or suspect. We must stop this “we shall overcome – we are the world” crap that we do every time there is a tragedy within our race.

Let’s unite among ourselves and stop allowing white people to tell us how we should feel – they don’t want to unite with us; and the way we are going many Black people don’t want to unite with us.  Pay attention to when your “so call Black leaders” show up on television; it’s always when something bad happens.  Do you see them any other time.  We march, loot, and act “ignant;” and, to add additional salt to the wound the media go out and seek out the worse speaking Black person to interview.

You marched, sang songs and paraded speakers all over the television when Trayvon Martin was killed, however, nothing changed. Here we are back here again doing the same thing but worse than before, we looted, burned and paraded Black people all over the television to speak about a change must take place.  You said the same thing when Rodney King was beaten; when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  was killed; when Trevon Martin was killed and on-and-on.  We got to stop circle jerking with the songs, marching, looting and parading ambulance chasers (so called, “Black leaders”) in front of the television.  These so call “Black leaders” are not interested in us, they are only interested in getting paid and being seen on television.

Ask yourself another question, why are their white people marching with you?  You ever thought that maybe the government pay folks to join Black marches; they are paid to be there to ensure that the march get out of control.  Sure, some of them believe that there is an injustice in our judiciary system, but not all of them.  Where are these white people when the looting and burning take place?  You never see them on the news or at the aftermath of destruction.

Another thing why do we always shove preachers in front of the camera?  Preachers are the institution that keeps our Black people enslaved.  Mental enslavement – they tell their congregation not to think, to trust what they say.  Physical enslavement – by not thinking, asking questions and researching, your soul is in bondage because you don’t grow.  Again, distraction.

In the case of Michael Brown, this killing was truly an “in your face” attitude of the judiciary system.  If we don’t get it by now that our Black male lives are not worth a plum nickel then we are a lost race and I truly feel sorry for the mothers and fathers that are raising sons.  There is no age limit of the Black males that are being killed by white cops.  We as a race should truly be scared.

Ask yourself why, during the coverage of the Ferguson looting and burning, why the media only went out to interview other Blacks to give their view on the destruction of Ferguson?  The media asked them questions about whether the reaction of the grand jury decision is justifiable.  The people they sorted out were the old folks that were marching back in the day of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; saying the same thing they said when Dr. King was killed; and of course they said that we should be peaceful and try to work with the cops and judiciary system; that they should be fine with the grand jury’s decision; we should still have faith in the judiciary system.  What a crock of bull, are you kidding me?

Then to make matters worse, you put the parents of the murdered young man on television to have them ask the people to stop the looting and burning.  If I lost my child, the media is the last people I would cooperate with.  When a white family lose a family member by a Black hand, does the media ask the white family to speak to the white community ask them not to feel or react?  That is the system (media, judiciary system and prison) that is killing the young Black males.

I agree with one of the speakers when she said that the young generation must get involved to make changes and stop the killing of their generation.  Here is a thought, why are they killing the young Black males?  Could it be to stop the Black population from growing?  Something for you to think about.

How many cheeks do we need to turn before we finally get it that that is not the answer.  White people do not relate to non-violence; the only way to get their attention is to hit them in their pockets.  We got to stop reacting and become proactive.  The riot in Ferguson should have been more organized; they had many days to prepare their strategy on how to deal with the decision of the grand jury.

What I do not get is what made anyone think that the grand jury decision was going to be anything other than “no indictment.”  What folks forgot is Missouri is a Klan state and the Klan is very much active.  We as Black people want to believe that things are going to change by turning the other cheek, marching and looting.  Wake up folks, it didn’t work when Dr. King was killed (and you folks proclaimed that you loved him); it didn’t work when Malcolm X was killed; they just continue to kill young Black men.

For those of you that are Christians, what does the bible say “an eye for an eye” and “tooth for a tooth.” We will fight each other like an animal attacking its meal, but we won’t take that same fight to our enemy.  You need to take that energy, turn it around and use it to gain the respect you think you deserve.   We burn our neighborhood stores and then turn around and look for the government to rebuild it, how crazy is that.

I really call the people that loot and burn their own neighborhood cowards.  You know where the white people stores are however, you don’t have the courage to go into their neighborhoods and loot and burn their stores.  The joke is now that you have burned your neighborhood, guest what you have to do now; you will head to the white people’s neighborhood, shop at their stores and keep them rich to maintain their life style; but you showed them.  Who did you really hurt?  You hurt the senior citizens in your neighborhood because now they must travel further to buy the things they will need to survive.  Are you going to pick them up and carry them to and from the places that were once close to their home to places that are further away?

See, what you don’t get is that white folks don’t care about you destroying where you live; why do you think that the police allowed you to burn and loot; why did the government send in the marshals, however, they were not in your neighborhood; did you ever think that maybe they want you out of that neighborhood; that they have plans to revitalize that neighborhood; you must stop and think that everything that is done is for a reason; and everything is connected; nothing is a coincidence.  All African Americans should read the book “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”, by author “Sam Greenlee.”  Read that book and learn from it.

We as a people must start using our heads and plan our behaviors, not just react.  If you must act physically, plan your actions and be prepared for what may come your way – police are humans and they bleed just like everyone else.  This turn the other cheek business must be laid to rest and other strategies come into plan.  Again, read the book entitled, “The Spook Who Sat By The Door.”

The Black people they parade in front of the television do not represent us; you must remember they don’t do anything for free.  They are paid to speak and if you notice, they pick what they say very carefully; they never say anything that will be controversial or supportive to the Black community.  For example, look at our President and what he has done.  Five million (5,000,000) illegal Hispanics are in this country (the government knew about) and living off the rights that our ancestors died for, however, they paid no taxes and took your jobs.  Our president has made them legal residents of the United States and now you will become even a lower class then what you already are (per the government).

If you are unemployed now, just think how you will be unemployed for a long time because now the illegals can come out of hiding and apply for the jobs you will be applying for.  Our president even said that he hopes that the people that looted and burned in Ferguson will be prosecuted.

He sent Attorney General Holder into Ferguson to look into the killing of Michael Brown (smoke screen); Attorney General Holder reported back his findings and then Attorney General Holder submitted his resignation to the president on September 25, 2014.  What does that tell you; they knew the police department and most of the people affiliated with it are corrupt.  The president only did that because he felt pressured by the white folks asking him why he isn’t doing something about what is going on in Ferguson.

Our president put his position on the line to save five million Hispanics but said you should be prosecuted to the fullest; what that tells me is that he supported the outcome of the grand jury’s decision. He has truly proven that he doesn’t want anything to do with Black people nor will he do anything for Black people.

I learned some time ago that he wasn’t one of us when he had a beer with the cop and the Black guy (“Beer Summit”) that the cop harassed (a Black man that tried to get into his house).  Our president invited them to the White House for a beer and to apologize to the white cop for stepping out of line by chastising him in the media about his behavior against a Black man.   I wonder what he tells his girls every night and what would he do if something happened to one of them by a white cop.

Take your power back prove to your ancestors that they did not die in vain.  They didn’t turn the other cheek, they fought back.



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