Darren WilsonImmediately after the lynching of Michael Brown, (All underlined words are links.) the “Black Civil Rights Leaders,” along with the “Black Clergy” begged for “justice.”  For several days, there was rioting, looting and prayer vigils, peppered with a whole lot of rhetoric, demanding that justice “be served,” or “No justice, No peace.”  The talk was that the DA should have immediately indicted Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.

Sadly, they lost sight of the bigger picture, which was that a powerless people cannot “demand” anything from the powerful.  District Attorney McCulloch really wanted to give Darren Wilson a medal for lynching Michael Brown.  After all, he only killed another Black African American male.  Besides, in his mind, as well as the mind of most White Americans, Black African Americans kill more of themselves than White folks will ever kill, as some smile slyly.

Many Black African Americans were in total disbelief when District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that the faith of Darren Wilson was in the hands of an already “sitting” Grand Jury, consisting of nine White Americans and three Black African Americans.  They were told that a minimum of nine members of the Grand Jury was required to render a decision and they foolishly believed those nine White jurors and District Attorney McCulloch would give them “justice” for the lynching of Michael Brown.  Duh!

No matter how much they begged, pleaded and prayed, their religious leaders could not get Governor Nixon to appoint a “Special Prosecutor” to handle Darren Wilson’s case.  After numerous “prayer vigils,” Black African Americans in general and Black African American Missourians in particular, accepted the decisions of the ruling White folks and prayed to their White Jesus that justice would prevail.

With the teachings of Willie Lynch, (see my Willie Lynch post) White people in general and White men in particular know how to keep our race in the place they have pre-ordained for us.  For me, the outcome of the Grand Jury’s decision was a foregone conclusion.  Another Black African American lynching has occurred and the law would not charge this guilty White American man for the crime.

In a just and fair society, the District Attorney’s goal is to obtain a “True Bill” from the Grand Jury by presenting the evidence in such a manner that the Grand Jury will rule in favor of both justice and the District Attorney.  Most of the time, the District Attorney is successful.  In the rare times that the Grand Jury rules against the District Attorney, it is because the District Attorney passively presented their case, while attempting to appear to be zealous about developing a case.  After all, they are only politicians.

It is the District Attorney’s duty to aggressively present evidence supporting the guilt of the defendant and literally steering the Grand Jury towards finding just cause to indict the defendant.  The Grand Jury process is the District Attorney’s show and if he or she fails to sway the Grand Jury, it is typically because they do not want to win their case.

The District Attorney is solely responsible for all evidence presented to the Grand Jury as well as what evidence is not presented to them.  In contrast, District Attorney McCulloch acted as if he was Darren Wilson’s attorney and did everything he could to ensure that Darren Wilson was not charged with Michael Brown’s lynching, as evidenced by the transcript revealing the District Attorney’s mild-mannered and passive handling of Darren Wilson.  The reports from CNN stated that District Attorney McCulloch’s “twenty minute rambling statement” seemed as though he was gloating.

Darren Wilson made the following statements to the Grand Jury, “And when I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan, that’s just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.”  According to Wilson, during the alleged struggle over Wilson’s gun, Brown “…had the most intense aggressive face.  The only way I can describe it, it looks like a demon, that’s how angry he looked.”

Why did Darren Wilson initially grab Michael Brown in the first place?  What legal reason did Darren Wilson have to initiate physical contact with Michael Brown?  If Michael Brown touched Darren Wilson’s gun, where was the fingerprint evidence on the gun?  Darren Wilson said Michael Brown struck him “ten times,” yet he also said Michael Brown only struck him twice and he feared the third blow would render him unconscious or even worse.  However, the pictures of the alleged blows by Michael Brown (who had the power of Hulk Hogan) only showed redness on Darren Wilson’s face and neck, which is inconsistent with the alleged power of Michael Brown’s blows.

Everyone knows that a mild slap on the skin of a White person will result in redness.  On the other hand, everyone also know that a much harder blow on a White person’s skin will result in significant black and blue bruising, yet the pictures do not portray any significant injuries to Darren Wilson.

Darren Wilson stated he feared Brown’s punches could be fatal, yet Darren Wilson did not go directly to the hospital.  It is my suspicion that the alleged blows that Darren Wilson claimed he received from Michael Brown was staged by the Ferguson police.

It is evident that before you can exterminate a race, you must first demonize them, beginning with language and words.  Consequently, Darren Wilson told the world that, “It looks like a demon.”  First of all, why would Darren Wilson identify Michael Brown as “It,” as opposed to “he?”

Furthermore, who in the entire world can honestly say that they have ever seen a “demon?”  What does a “demon” actually look like?  Yet, many people learn about “demons” from early childhood, as depicted in the mass media.  The logical conclusion is that Wilson did not see Brown as a person or human being, he only saw him as an “it,” which is interpreted as a non-human being – a demon.

Everything negative happens to Black African Americans because we are blissfully ignorant to not only our history; we are comfortable in our ignorance of American history.  If we had any positive ambition as a race, we would be aware of all of the laws that are imposed on us as a race which are designed to dehumanize us.

For instance, every Black African American must know about the “Three-fifths Compromise” of 1787, which effectively reduced our race to a non-human status, which has never been repealed.  With another key-stroke, we would easily read about the “Missouri Compromise” of 1819, allowing the state of Missouri to become a “slave state.”

Most importantly, every Black African American must read the “Dred Scott” case.  Dred Scott was a slave taken to Missouri by his “owners” and Dred Scott filed a lawsuit, claiming that during their travels, he and his White owner lived in a “free state,” concluding that once in that “free state,” he automatically became a “free man.”  The Supreme Court declared to the world that Black African Americans did not have any legal rights that a White American had to honor – period!

With all of this racist history and animosity in Missouri, who in their right mind truly expected justice for the lynching of Michael Brown?

As for Wilson being afraid for his life, the average White person in general and White males in particular are afraid of Black African American males, unless there is a mob of White males to give them courage. Once Darren Wilson aggressively “grabbed” Michael Brown, who most likely resisted, Darren Wilson immediately went into panic mode, as evidenced by his saying he saw “the face of a demon.”  He also said, “I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan, that’s just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.”  In other words, Darren Wilson has confessed to the world that he is a five-year old wimp with a badge and gun.

The emphasis of this case was on Michael Brown running away, then turning around and coming back toward Darren Wilson.  Bear in mind that the White South Carolina State Trooper  was in panic mode when he stopped the Black African American driver at the gas station for not wearing a seat belt and shot 4 times, hitting him only once because he too was clearly in a child-like panic-mode.

Since 2004, there have been 14 incidents of murder by cop in St. Louis County and none of the cops were ever indicted.  I am amazed that so many Americans are surprised with the Grand Jury’s decision. Darren Wilson told the truth – he was afraid of Michael Brown and he feared for his life.  Once he admitted to being in fear of his life, the Grand Jury had to accept it.  On the other hand, Darren Wilson openly admitted to seeing Michael Brown as a “demon” which is how many of his “brothers and sisters in blue” perceive most Black African American males.

All we have to do is to review the scenes from the aftermath of the initial shooting of Michael Brown and see how Ferguson cops perceived us (Black African Americans).  One cop was videotaped threatening to “f…..g kill you,” while another cop said, “you f…..g animals.”  substantiating that he did not see Black African Americans as being human.

The district attorney presented video of Michael Brown’s shoplifting only moments before his encounter with Darren Wilson, who by the way was not aware of the shoplifting incident at the time he lynched Michael Brown.  The District Attorney also stressed to the Grand Jury that Michael Brown’s autopsy revealed that he had traces of marijuana  in his system at the time of his death, which Darren Wilson had absolutely no knowledge of prior to his lynching Michael Brown.

However, the District Attorney took great pains not to reveal to the Grand Jury that Darren Wilson’s previous job as a cop was on a nearby police force that had to be disbanded because of its racist treatment towards Black African American citizens.

Nor did the District Attorney present documentation to the Grand Jury that Darren Wilson was involved in a domestic violence  incident with his current wife’s significant other, only six months before he lynched Michael Brown.

We also know that Darren Wilson was a very poor shot, because he fired at least twelve times, only hitting Michael Brown with six shots.  Several of Wilson’s wild shots went through the walls of nearby apartments, posing a significant danger to innocent Black African American residents, which is indicative of his wildly shooting his gun in panic mode.

Take a few seconds and Google how the cops handle White men with guns and it is easy to see why Darren Wilson lynched Michael Brown.  A White man brandishing a “real” gun at a San Diego, California  park held police at bay for over an hour, while children scurried behind bathrooms in fear of their lives.  When the police finally acted, they only shot this White man once in the stomach and then took him to the hospital immediately.

On the other hand, 12-year old Tamir Rice was in the park playing with a “toy” gun when he was shot within seconds of the arrival of the Cleveland, Ohio police.

Furthermore, John Crawford was lynched in an Ohio Wal Mart for picking up a “toy” gun in the toy department and carrying it in the store.  Perhaps he intended to purchase it, yet the grand jury said it was a justifiable lynching.  Bear in mind that Ohio is a “right to carry” state, which means that anyone who can legally own a gun, can carry it in public.

A 63 year old White Kalamazoo, Michigan  man was accused of jaywalking (the same thing Michael Brown was lynched for) while carrying an assault rifle.  The police arrive and say to him, “Hey, partner, how you doing? Can you set that down real quick and talk to me?”  Be mindful that the man refused to immediately put the rifle down and the White cops never drew their weapons.

However, less than two weeks after the lynching of Michael Brown, Kajieme Powell, who was obviously mentally disturbed, had a knife in his hand and challenged two St. Louis cops to shoot him and they immediately responded by shooting him multiple times, resulting in his immediate death.  After the lynching, these White cops then placed handcuffs on his wrist, for their protection.

My last example is about two separate “no-knock” SWAT raids  in Texas resulting in the death of two cops and two totally different outcomes.  One raid consisted of a White man shooting and killing one of the no-knock “raiders,” and not being charged.  The other no-knock raid was on the home of a Black African American male who shot and killed one of the “no-knock” raiders.  He is still sitting in jail awaiting murder charges.

Both the attorney Benjamin Crump and Rev. Al Sharpton represented Trayvon Martin’s family and they both represented Michael Brown’s family.  Paraphrasing Attorney Crump after the DA announced the Grand Jury’s decision, he said, “If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.”  Do you suppose he is saying that Michael Brown’s family was insane for hiring them?

There is no reason for the confusion about why Whites murder us at a blink of their eyes.  Whites do anything and everything to Black African Americans because they make up the rules as they go along without any consequences.  Remember, Black African Americans do not have any legal rights that White people have to honor.  Therefore, there is absolutely no one advocating on behalf of Black African Americans successfully.  We, as a race do not have access to the “ghost busters,”  consequently, there is no one for us to call.

The Mayor of Ferguson surrounded himself with “the clergy” and “Black civil rights advocates”  and told them that a just decision had been rendered by the grand jury.  In essence, he was telling us to get over it and just live with it.  These “Black clergy” and “Black Civil Rights Activists” convinced themselves that their White gods (both the White American Mayor and Jesus) would avenge Michael Brown’s death “in the by-n-by.”

It is interesting that every time Black African Americans become upset at White cops killing us, the White American city leaders immediately call on the local and national preachers to calm the “animals” and encourage them to remain both passive and non-violent.  Like the puppets they are, once their White puppeteers pull their strings, they immediately obey and do everything they can to placate the masses.  Sure, they will allow the “animals” to destroy a few businesses in their own neighborhoods and let off a little steam before everything returns to business as usual.

As long as we Black African Americans continue relying on the leadership of preachers and “Black Civil Rights Activists,” we will continue being shot down in the streets of America like the “animals” some White Americans accuse us of being.  These preachers and “Civil Rights Activists” want us to turn the other cheek and pray for them that spitefully use us.

Yet, when the White Power structure deceitfully convinced the world into believing that 16 Muslim zealots crashed four airplanes on 911,  not once did this Christian nation of ours say, “Let us turn the other cheek and pray for them that spitefully use us.”  On the contrary, the White Christian leaders of America responded with shock and awe, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent brown-skinned Muslim human beings.

The irony of it all was Black African Americans were immediately ordered by our government to go and avenge the deaths of our fellow Americans.  The Black African American preachers and “Civil Rights Activists” encouraged us that it was our patriotic duty to kill America’s enemies.  Yet, when it comes to Black African Americans wanting to protect and defend ourselves, the White Power structure insist that we remain non-violent, passive and prayerful that Jesus will fix it in the here-after.

White cops will continue committing these atrocities on Black African Americans with impunity because they receive financial rewards for doing so.  Darren Wilson is able to resign from the Ferguson police department because he was financially rewarded  with hundreds of thousands of dollars for lynching Michael Brown.

The Ferguson White Power structure did everything in their power to create a riot situation, as evidenced by the chosen hour the District Attorney decided to disclose the Grand Jury’s decision. It is further evident that the police and National Guard were not available to intervene and prevent rioting and looting in the Black African American neighborhoods because they were strategically placed in the White neighborhoods defending their own White citizens only.  There was indeed discriminatory policing on the part of the White Power officials.

Finally, where was the logic of burning down businesses in the Black African American community? These same businesses were necessary for the residents because they provided the needed services and some jobs.

However, in all honesty, it is probable that the White Power Structure planted provocateurs beforehand to ensure there would be riots so that the world could perceive that Black African Americans are indeed “animals” worthy of extermination.  We Black African Americans had better remember J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO.

In closing, we must remember that America’s Prison Industrial Complex is in place to reduce Black African Americans to legal servitude per the 14th Amendment,  which all Black African Americans must not only read, we must learn it.  After all, thanks to President Obama’s Executive Order, America has 5 million Hispanics who will gladly replace Black African Americans.

Oh what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think or use common sense says the Pastors, Pimps and Politicians.


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