1. Excellent article. I agree with all of the points made. I teach adults and you will be surprised and saddened. Many of the women actually find this “saggin/niggas” look desirable. Ironically, they see the “thug” that sags as more masculine than the brother with his pants ironed and up around his waist. He is not as fun and daring and most likely not as sexually advanced as the sloppily dressed man. Some women even prefer men straight out of jail for their “sexual animosity”. This further credits your “thugs” and “hoocies” theory. This only sensationalizes the concept of institutionalization in our urban communities. It’s really frustrating.

    • Hello Hair Garden,
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. When you get the chance, read my post on Willie Lynch and this will give more insight on why women prefer the “thugs.” The slave masters targeted the female, knowing that once she was broken, the entire race would be broken. I will be writing posts specifically addressing Black African American females in the immediate future. What city are you writing from? I would love the opportunity to speak with your class, if it meets with your approval. Keep reading and share with all of your friends and family. The more we reach out to others, the sooner things will change. Have a fantastic day…

      • Greetings Brother Jerry,

        I was in Augusta for the past 10 yrs but am in Atlanta now. I love your blog and will definitely be reading everything! Brother Stephens from the John Henrik Clarke society introduced me to your blog. I used to attend some of his meetings!

        I teach cosmetology but I do have personal meet-ups so I would love to have you as a guest or I would just love to hear you speak! Keep up the great info and I will definitely be sharing!

      • Thank you very much for your support. Brother Stephen has been supportive of my efforts. I would love to come and speak in Atlanta, just arrange a venue (library, school, etc) and give me a two-week notice and I will be honored to speak.

        I am preparing a series of posts emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of Black African American females. I hope to make a post this week regarding the importance of “hair.”

        As I previously stated, feel free to write and share your thoughts. My email is http://www.itsstilltime@aol.com. Send me an email and we can exchange phone numbers, if you would like. Have a fantastic day…

  2. Men with sagging pants, prison specific traits with sexual enticing attitude certainly is not appealing and a disgrace to the men and women who made the many sacrifices to ensure that the race made great advancements.
    Let’s also consider the many other fashions that also carried the stigma of imprisonment and now have migrated to the outside world passing on its filth to younger kids. It’s probably not an accident and from your post definitely not a coincidence that the mainstreaming of tattoos and body art have coincided with the explosion of the American incarceral state.
    Each era brings out a style of dress and this era of sagging in my opinion has tainted our youth. I must agree that we have become a race of people that has adopted the mentality and mindset of thugs and hoochies as evident by styles and dressing. Many of the faults can be laid back to the feet of the parents. As long as the parents allow their kids to wear certain attire, then no changes will occur and sagging will continue.
    In the 50s and 60s, African Americans had admirable pride in their appearance. Never did you see a woman out of her house without her hat, gloves, and nylon stockings and men in suits, starched shirts, ties, and hats. Never would you have seen grown men and women wearing pajamas in public, and never would men be seen in Sagging Pants not even their work clothes.
    Isn’t it disgraceful that laws have been passed to stop saggin’ in several Florida cities? Again, I guess white supremacy must tell our people what to do.
    In an article I read on fashion commented that, “Hoodie and sagging pants look might even become the way we remember the youth resistance of our time. It’s definitely still going to be tied to ideas of criminality,” whereas, the Afro and the dashikis are iconic pride of the 1970s to our people. There has to be mental illnesses or tainted water that is causing our people to run amuck.
    Good post.

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