picnic lynchingHistorically, nothing causes White American males to go into a lynching frenzy (All underlined words are links.) more than the mere thought of Black African American males having sex with White women. Back in “their” day, several counties of White males, accompanied by women and children would gather at a designated place and time to witness the savage lynching, burning and mutilation of a Black African American male accused of even looking at a White American female for too long.

Emmett Till 2Some of us might remember when young Emmet Till was violently dragged from his home in the early morning hours and savagely beaten, mutilated, shot and drowned for saying, “By baby” to a White American female in Money, Mississippi. I would imagine that Baba Bill Cosby has similar emotions regarding his current lynching.

To paraphrase Mother Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, she says, at the core of White Racism is fear that Black African American males would impregnate White American females, thus bringing the White American race to the brink of genetic extinction.

Yet, these same White American males repeatedly accuse Black African Americans of being an inferior race. Does being able genetically to exterminate their entire race, sound as though we Black African Americans are genetically inferior to White Americans to you?

Bill CosbyThe lynching of Baba Dr. William “Bill” Cosby  is solely because White American females said he had forcible sex with them over twenty plus years ago.  To justify their accusations that Baba Bill Cosby raped them, they all are accusing him of drugging them first. This is a pile of “happy horse manure.”

First of all, the statute of limitations on forcible sex/rape has long sense expired in nearly every state in America, therefore, there is no legal basis for their claims.

Secondly, all of these White American females and one Black African American female (Beverly Johnson) admitted that they went to Baba Bill Cosby’s room on their own accord. They all admitted that in spite of accusing Baba Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, they all waited until now to make public complaints. Why now? If they were so traumatized by the experience, why wait more than twenty years to come forward to claim their pound of flesh?

I strongly suspect there is a hidden agenda perpetrated by “The Unseen Hand,”  because either Baba Bill Cosby want to do something those in power do not want him to do or he is refusing to do that which those in power want him to do.

In any event, we are sitting idly by, doing nothing while witnessing the lynching of another innocent Black African American male. Only, this time, it is a verbal lynching to his reputation and manhood, which can be far more detrimental because he is being forced to relive this lynching every waking hour, for the rest of his life.

Therefore, the only thing Baba Bill Cosby’s legacy will focus on will be the unsubstantiated accusations of his being a serial rapist, unless we Black African Americans empower ourselves by voicing our concerns about this lynching. We can do this by not financially or in any other way continue supporting all of these agencies, institutions and businesses who have decided that Baba Bill Cosby is guilty first, and already sentenced him before he has had the opportunity to prove himself innocent in a court of law.

None of his accusers has legal recourse, therefore there will never be a public trial, yet, in the court of public opinion, he has already been tried, convicted and sentenced.  Many of us know that the White Supremacists control all of America’s and the world’s media; therefore it is they who determine what public opinion is.

The worst thing that is happening to Baba Bill Cosby is the vilification and denunciation he is receiving from Black African Americans. Baba Bill Cosby and his family have given millions of dollars to Spelman College over the decades.  Yet, Spelman announced that they were suspending “The William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship,” because of the alleged drugging and raping of nearly twenty White American females and one Black African American female more than twenty years ago.  However, Spelman College did not say that they would return all of the financial support that Baba Bill Cosby and his family has given them over the decades.

Many other colleges, universities, institutions, and corporations showed up at Baba Bill Cosby’s lynching and joined in the frenzy by stripping him of his various positions.  Numerous concerts were cancelled, along with several television and movie deals.

We Black African Americans are quick to jump on the bandwagons of popular incidents of racial injustice, talking about “No justice, No peace,” yet with the exception of two Sisters (that I am aware of), Sister Whoopi Goldberg and Sister Jill Scott, our community has been unsupportive of Baba Bill Cosby. Why?

Could it be because some of us are still upset with Baba Bill Cosby because, as one of our Elders, he saw fit to chastise us publicly  for our inappropriate behavior?

When I wrote both of my books, “IT’S TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN,”  and the sequel, “IT’S STILL TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN,” many in our community were also upset with me. The consensus of those who told me they were upset, was that they was only upset with how I said it, and not what I said. Yet, when asked, all agreed that I told the truth.

It was the same way with Baba Bill Cosby, he was accused of “airing our dirty laundry,” yet, no one were able to honestly say that he did not tell the truth.

Whether Baba Bill Cosby’s accusers are telling the truth is completely irrelevant.  The fact that they waited over twenty years to speak, makes everything they have to say regarding this matter both, null and void.  Remember, the statute of limitations have long since expired.

There is a resurgence of White Americans lynching Black African Americans and we are idly standing by, talking a bunch of yak-yak and doing nothing.  Black African American males are quick to video another Black African American male’s lynching by the Gestapo style police, yet they make no efforts to prevent it.

When we witness cops in the process of lynching an unarmed Black African American, we must immediately put ourselves in front of this lynching and help the brother or sister.  By becoming proactive as opposed to only being reactive, this White Supremacist system will eventually stop lynching us.

If we are to survive as a race; no, if we are to THRIVE as a race, we must embrace the spirit of Umoja – Unity , by recognizing that whatever this White Supremacist system does to any one of us, they are doing it to all of us.

Oh what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think, or use common sense says the Pastors, Pimps and Politicians.

3 thoughts on “BILL COSBY LYNCHING

  1. How do we become proactive with a race of people who are lost? I say this openly because many of our people do not think mingling and mixing with the white race is detrimental to their life. I often remind and tell my grandchildren that in a case of you or them (whites), it is you and they will leave you hanging, literally.

    I am saddened to see the public lynching of Mr. Bill Cosby, someone who was also a co-star in a major television show in 1960s and was first in many things. No matter how hard they attempt to erase Mr. Cosby, he is not going away. He is a resilient man and do not warrant this treatment. We as a people can make a difference and can stop this treatment and torture of our people if we took appropriate meaningful action. Montgomery, AL felt the power of African Americans when they stood as a people and not alone and boycotted the bus system. When people are hit hard in the pockets, changes will transpire.

    David Banner tried to be proactive and encouraged African Americans to boycott Christmas and buy only essentials such as gas and food in protest of lost black lives; however feedback was “I don’t want to disappoint my kids.” His response, “you rather see them dead in the streets.”

    I have often said and in my opinion that integration was one of the worst things that happened to African American people. Separate but equal would have had a different outcome for us, I believe. Many of us forgot that we had black businesses that would only survive with the patronizing of those businesses by us and keeping our dollars in our communities. Many of those businesses failed after integration, my neighborhood dried up and the older people lost homes as well.

    Is there a conspiracy to lynch Mr. Cosby financially because he wanted to buy NBC back in the days or what is the true reason for the immediate surge of accusers after 20 years? What is white supremacist up to now? What was the main reason that NBC president refused to sell to Mr. Cosby, after all, wasn’t NBC losing money at that time? Mr. Cosby had the money to acquire NBC. In my mind, everything is for sale if the seller and buyer agree.
    Mr. Cosby probably had plans to air positive movies that would have uplifted his race. White supremacist did not want positive shows to air in the homes of African Americans because we might have begun to wake up and see the world through different eyes.

    Just as the Cosby Show had a positive impact on us so did the spin-off “A Different World,” it boosted the enrollment of African Americans students in black colleges and universities?
    Personally, I do not believe that Bill Cosby committed any illegal acts and probably all of the acts were consensual if they occurred at all. Mr. Cosby was a handsome man, well-built and very desirable to the females, black and white. A great catch; it is only nature for women to try to “catch him?”

    Mr. Cosby has money, fame, and from what he has contributed to others and intuitions, he is a generous man. Now, that he is in his golden years white supremacist are demanding payment for his success and their motive is to bring him down, and take his money. According to Massa, Mr. Cosby stepped out of his place and now he has to pay for allegedly touching white women.

    I will assert the idea that perhaps the stories of women coming forward with rape allegations are propaganda aimed at tarnishing the reputation of a black man. Why did these women wait so long to tell what had allegedly happened to them, it leads me not to believe them?

    • Ms. Carolyn,

      I am in total agreement with the destructive nature of “intergration.” The subliminal message to Black African Americans is that what we have is not good enough, so we must discard it and intergrate into the world of White America.

      Many of us are ignorant to our economic and cultural history in America. All we have to do is Google “Black Wall Street,” and we will see what we can do economically.

      If we don’t want to go back that far, just Google “Sweet Auburn” in Atlanta, Ga., or OIC, which was founnded in Philadelphia, Pa in the 60’s.

      Intergration was indeed the death knell to Black African American progress.

      Thanks for sharing…

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