Mary McCloud Bethune“The True worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood.” Mother Mary McCloud Bethune (As in all of my posts, underlined words are links.)

I am dedicating all of my remaining posts this year to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ females.

Ray HaginsSome time ago, I was listening to Dr. Ray Hagins’ lecture on the Panare Indians and the revision of the Bible, in order to ensnare them into Christianity.

Since I will be writing a series of posts on Religion in general and Christianity in particular, I decided to research the Panare Indians.  As I say to all of my readers, never take anything someone tells you at face value; including me.

You must check out everything and verify the facts instead of blindly accepting what someone tells you. Everybody has a motive for telling you something and my motive is to give you sufficient information to liberate your enslaved minds.

Remember, free your minds and your behinds will follow; because according to Luke 17:20-21 the Kingdom of GOD is Within YOU.

In researching the Panare Indians, I allowed my fingers to do the walking.  As I often say, anything that you want to know is just a keystroke away.

Typically, in going to Wikipedia, you will generally find a plethora of information on your specific search. Interesting enough, I only found the following paragraph on the Panare Indians.

panarePanare people

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The Panare Indians live in the Amazonian region of Venezuela.  While Western culture has had a moderate influence on other tribes of the region, the Panare retain much of their culture and tradition, resembling that of the North American Indians in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

The first ever episode of the long-running ITV anthropological television series Disappearing World, in 1970 focused on these people.[1]

This was all that Wikipedia had on the Panare Indians, which I found to be very strange.  I already knew that they had been conquered through Christianity, yet, Wikipedia had no further information.  If I knew about the new Panare Bible, why didn’t Wikipedia mention it?  After all, it is extremely pertinent information.  Could it be that the Christians do not want you to know what they did?  Seeking more information, I then went to the ITV site Wikipedia referenced and found the following information:

Panare w White man“A Clearing in the Jungle: Disappearing World

(I ask you, why is this White man standing beside this naked woman and child of African descent and touching them?)

Part of the Series :Disappearing World


The Panare Indians live in the jungles of the northern Amazon.  With homes only 300 miles from Caracas, Venezuela, they have seen cars and jet aircraft, yet their lives continue as if they were part of the Stone Age—as they resist outsiders and opt for the traditional way of life they have always known.  This film focuses on their daily activities, such as preparing cassava, making blow darts, and hunting and gathering.  As the Panare resent even the presence of the Granada TV crew, the film’s producer captures their ethos when noting, “They grew tobacco, but just enough for their own needs.  The government tried to persuade them to work longer hours to produce more, and have offered to pay them, but they are just not interested.”  Part of the series Disappearing World. (38 minutes)

Length: 38 minutes

Item#: BVL49221

ISBN: 978-1-62290-540-9

Producer: ITV Global Entertainment Limit

Copyright date: ©1970”

As stated, the Panare Indians had lived in isolation for centuries, resisting all intrusions from the outside/modern world.  In spite of the Capitalistic Governments’ efforts to enslave them by getting them hooked on “money,” they still clung to their ancient ways and customs.

However, once this documentary was aired, and the Christian Church became aware of their existence, they used their secret agents known as “Missionaries” to do what no other government entity could do. They successfully infiltrated and destroyed the customs and habits of these beautiful people by brainwashing them with Christianity.

Although it is blatantly obvious to me, very few people actually understand the true role of “Christian Missionaries.”  They only have one role and that is to infiltrate into a non-Christian, non-White people  and persuade them through trickery and coercion into rejecting their traditional spirituality and belief systems and totally replace it with their Christian religion and all of its’ pagan beliefs and rituals.  This is exactly what happened to Africans throughout the Diaspora including the Panare Indians.

Once the Christian Missionaries viewed the above documentary, they received their marching orders, which were to invade, indoctrinate and subjugate the Panare Indians.  The first wave of Christian Missionaries arrived around 1975 with their outstretched arms in the name of Jesus and they were welcomed by the Panare Indians.

Historically, wherever and whenever the White man arrived on the soil of the indigenous people, they claimed they came in peace and they were welcomed peacefully.  They would then shove their manmade Christianity down the throats of the indigenous people, even if it is through the barrels of their guns.  Once they succeeded, they then enslaved the indigenous people in the name of Jesus Christ.

Panare and PimpImmediately upon arriving on Panare land, these Christian Missionaries embarked on a quest to convert the “heathen savages” into god-fearing Christians.  I use the small “g” intentionally because “The God” that my ancestors worshiped would never stoop to such tactics and trickery.

The Christian’s modus operandi is to first instill fear into their converts because this is a prerequisite to creating guilt.  Once guilt has been established Christian brainwashing becomes a piece of cake.

However, these Christian Missionaries immediately encountered a language barrier, resulting in an nearly insurmountable obstacle.  I say “nearly,” because they took lessons from their Biblical teacher Paul, where it is written in 2 Cor 12:16 “But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I caught you with guile.”

Therefore, with craftiness and guile, these Christian Missionaries used everything within their Biblical arsenal to convert and mentally enslave the Panare Indians, all to no avail.

The reason for their initial failure was the language barrier.  Hard as they tried, they were unable to get the Panare Indians to feel any guilt towards the alleged crucifixion of Jesus Christ because they did not have a word in their language, which was synonymous to “guilt.”  Nor were they able to convince the Panare Indians that they were “sinful” and “evil” because they did not have these words in their vocabulary either.

These Christian Missionaries had a formidable obstacle because of their inability to get the Panare Indians to understand the basic premise of Christianity.  There were no Panare Indian vocabulary words for “guilt, sin, crucifixion, resurrection or salvation, so the Panare Indians did not drink the Koo-Aid (as did the followers of Jim Jones.

The Panare Indians spirituality system predated Christianity by thousands of years, therefore they had no concept of mystical places called “heaven” or “hell,” nor did they believe in the mythical “devil” or the imaginary “lake of fire.”

If these Christian Missionaries were going to succeed in their religious indoctrination and enslavement, it was imperative to instill a sense of guilt and shame into the hearts of their converts.  No matter how hard they tried to sell the “crucifixion fable” to the Panare Indians, they repeatedly failed.

Then, one of the Christian Missionaries came up with a brilliant scheme – rewrite the Bible and make it fit the Panare Indians’ belief system.  Pope Paul VI gave his blessings, allowing the New Testament of the Christian Bible to be re-written specifically to ensnare and mentally and emotionally enslave the Panare Indians.

Panare BibleIn this “New Panare translation,” they removed the following: any mention of Judas or the Jews, and all of the Romans, including Pontius Pilot were removed and replaced with only the Panare Indians.

In this new translation of the Christian Bible, it was now the Panare Indians, who had crucified “their” lord and savior Jesus Christ because they were a wicked and sinful people.  According to this translation, the Panare Indians made a cross; laid it on the ground and nailed Jesus Christ to it and then stood it up for all to see their wicked and sinful deed.

Because of what they had done to “the son of god,” god’s vengeance was forthcoming; saying that he (god) was going to burn all of the Panare Indians, including women, men, children and animals in “the big fire.”

They told the Panare Indians that god was good all the time and if they did not want him to burn them in “the big fire,” all they had to do was ask god to save them.  According to these Christian Missionaries, their god would save them for a price.”

The Christian Missionaries convinced the Panare Indians that they had to pay a price for what their ancestors had done to the “child of god; the prince of peace” and the only acceptable payment to god was for the Panare Indians to commit their bodies, minds and souls forever to the service of god, his church and his minions.

Suddenly, a female Panare Indian (most likely an agent provocateur) stood up and shouted, “I don’t want to burn in “the big fire.”  I love Jesus.”  With her confession, the remainder of the tribe, out of fear and terror completely renounced their centuries-old belief system, abandoned their ancestors and totally embraced Christianity.  They were now caught up in the White man’s manmade religious fantasies, hook, line and sinker.

Keep in mind, the year was 1976; not 1876, or 1476, it was 1976, less than 35 years ago.  Using their religious fantasies to mentally enslave and conquer people of African ancestry has always been the modus operandi of the White Christian conquerors because it worked every time.

Once they were able to destroy a people’s knowledge of their history and spirituality and replace it with their manmade religious fantasies, as Willie Lynch said in his Slave Manifesto, their enslavement would become self-perpetuating for 300 years or more.

Remember, the first Panare Indian to embrace Christianity was a female, as females are the lynchpin to the successful enslavement of a race, according to Willie Lynch.

Oh, what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think, or use common sense, says the Pastors, Pimps, and Politicians.


    • You are very welcome and thank you for taking the time to read it. Remember, Each One, Teach One” so now it you must share it with everyone you know. By so doing, 2016 will be our year to turn our lives RIGHT SIDE UP! Keep OUR struggle alive…

      Baba Jerry

  1. I too saw the lecture and looked up this amazing story of the panare Indians. It pains me to know how lost we are in mind control that we cannot snap out of the purgatory of religion.
    Thanks So Much again
    Keith (

  2. thank you for the detail work. I just had some clues to it but not the details. I am reading and studying this from Africa. I am building up my knowledge for the work ahead…

  3. I appreciate the hell out of that article. There are still some places in south america and some islands where yurugu are killed on sight. (maybe it’s instinct).

    • Hotep My Brother, as I said previously, next to meeting and interactiing with one of my teachers Baba Leonard Jeffries, my visit with you at the ASCAC conference was an enlightening experience. I recall that the Rockerfeller family did an exhaustive search in the Amazon for one of their male heirs to no avail.

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