harriet-tubman1“I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” Mother Harriet Tubman  As in all of my posts, underlined words are links.

I am dedicating all of my remaining posts this year to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ females.

Black LumberjacksA very virile nineteen-year-old Black African American male was hired as a lumberjack.  On his first day on the job, the foreman paired him with a fifty-five year old Black African American male and told him that he was the best employee he had.  The expectation was that this nineteen-year-old could learn from the very best employee.

This young man felt insulted that this frail-looking “old man” could supposedly teach him how to chop down trees.  He smugly chopped down two trees, while the “old man” was still working on his first tree of the day.  After the “old man” finished chopping the tree, he left for about fifteen minutes, which he repeatedly did after chopping each tree, while the younger man continued chopping trees.

At the end of the shift, the “old man” had chopped twice as many trees as the “younger man.”  This virile nineteen-year-old could not believe this “old man” had outperformed him, considering all of the “breaks” he was taking.

He embarrassingly asked the “old man” to explain his performance.  The “old man” said, “You thought I was taking a break after I chopped down each tree, when I was actually going to sharpen my axe.”

I have not written a post in a couple of weeks because I have been sharpening my axe!

The Augusta, Georgia school term will end for the summer break at the end of this month and most of our schoolchildren will be out of school until mid August without any structure and minimum supervision.  Very few of them will even open a book for the next three months.  Consequently, most of them will have forgotten much of what they should have learned during this past school year.Closed

For the past year, a Black African American teenage boy have been assisting me with my yard work, which I pay him $8.00/hour.  We were talking this past week about school and he said he was doing well, and is certain of his promotion to the 9th grade.  I asked him about his career plans and without hesitating, he said, “I want to become a Rap Singer.” (Lil Wayne image) Lil Wayne

His response hit me like a ton of bricks because I realized that I have not helped him to make a better life-choice during this past year.  His previous response to this question resulted in his telling me that he wanted to become a basketball player.

BBallersI then asked him if he was on a basketball team and he said “No.”  Further discussion revealed that he only play basketball after school with his friends.  After hearing this, I asked how he planned to become a professional basketball player and he was clueless.

He did not have any plans for college, nor did he have a particular course of study he wanted to pursue in college.  I informed him that there were only a handful of National Basketball Association (NBA) players without college degrees.

This did not phase him, because he was convinced he is going to become an NBA superstar, nor was it my place to dissuade him, so I dropped the subject. Instead, I gave him a copy of my second book, “IT’S STILL TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN,” to read and write a book report.

He returned the book about two weeks later, which seemed to be in the same new condition that it was when I gave it to him and he gave me a two-page handwritten report on my book.  His report consisted only of a bio about me, which he seemed to have taken from the back cover of the book.

I explained to him how to write a book report and asked if he wanted to keep the book and write a book report on it, and he said, “No thank you.” Therefore, I dropped the subject and decided to focus him on positive work skills.

Music VideoNow that he is a year older, he wants to become a “Rap Singer.”  I asked when he has performed before an audience and he said he had not. I asked who has heard him “Rap” and he said, “My brother and cousin.”  I asked if his “songs” included profanity and he said, “No.”

My neighbor had a few visitors in her yard, so I suggested he walk over and “drop” one of his “rap songs” on them.  Of course, he did not do it, so I asked if he was shy and he said he was not.  I informed him that if he wanted to become a superstar “Rapper,” he had to practice, practice and practice. He still refused to go to the neighbors and spontaneously begin rapping.

I vainly attempted to explain to this young Black African American “man-child,” that there are less than 10,000 professional entertainers in America, who are providing a good standard of living for themselves and their families.  This number includes athletes, actors, television/radio personalities and all support staff.

Look at the following: Football- NFL = 32 teams with 53 players per team  = 1,696 total players; Basketball-NBA=18 teams with 12 players per team  =216 total players; Baseball- MLB = 30 teams with 25 players per team = 750 total players; Soccer- MLS = 20 teams with 11 players per team  = 220 total players;  Ice Hockey = 30 teams with 20 players per team  = 600 total players.  Total number of professional athletes is 3,482 total players.

I then asked him about his back-up plan and he immediately replied, “I’ll become a basketball player.”  Therefore, I let that go and again focused him on positive work skills.

This young Black African American male has spent the past eight years of his life in a school system that has convinced him that he can only become either a “Rap Singer” or a NBA player without a back-up plan.  This young man has spent the past thirteen years of his life being raised by a single mother and his aspirations are to become either a “Rap Singer” or an NBA player.  Hmmm! (image of Lil Jojo and his girlfriend)Lil Jojo

I tried teaching my young employee that all modern ball games were original creations of Africans throughout the Diaspora.  This includes Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and yes, even ice hockey .NHL Players

The White race has such a preoccupation with controlling the African male reproductive organs of Original Man (Africans), that they have perverted these innocuous ballgames into a psychological obsession to avert their own genetic annihilation.  Even though my young employee does not like to read, I still encouraged him to read Dr. Francis Cress Welsing’s book, “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation, ie Ballgames.”

I told him that the only three things White people invented was religionpatent offices  and genocide .  White people in general and White Americans in particular have stolen and plagiarized every creation and invention of Africans throughout the Diaspora and created the patent industry as their justification.  I told my young employee to watch the YouTube video, “Black History, Lost, Stolen or Strayed,” which was narrated by Baba Bill Cosby to understand both our history and White history.

I informed him that beginning with the third century the White race used the Catholic Church and religion to embark on their barbaric campaign of enslaving and decimating all non-White people throughout the entire world.

Based on White world history, the White race has become the worst mass murderers and perpetrators of genocide in recorded history and they have   been attempting to exterminate all people of African ancestry since they invented Christianity to conquer and enslave the original humans (hue=color).

Eve (Eve) I also told him that Rap Music has become the death-nail on our racial coffen because it teaches us to disrespect ourselves, our women, our elders, and our ancestors.  It also encourages us to become a generation of violent thugs, gangsters, whores, murderers and drug users/dealers.  In other words, Rap music has absolutely no redeeming value to our race.

He looked at me with such incredulity that I realized I was wasting my time, yet I refused to give up on him.

Finally, I told him if you have five Black African American boys and five White American boys, keep them divided racially, and give them a basketball and tell them to play against each other, the outcome is almost predictable.  The Black African boys will be confident that they will win the game and the White American boys will be confident that they (White American boys) will lose.

After the game, place these ten children in a geometry class and the five White American boys will sit in the front of the class and become studious students.  In the meantime, the five Black African American boys will be sitting in the back of the classroom talking about their basketball victory over the five White American boys.

Of course, this is an exaggeration, yet you get my point.  Black African American boys have a preoccupation with ball games and a phobia of math and science because they were not taught that all ball games consist of both math and science, specifically geometry and calculus, not to mention basic math in keeping score.  The Pyramids could not have been built without knowledge of math and science.pyramids

When I was teaching college, each semester, I would conduct an unofficial survey.  The vast majority of my students were females in general and Black African American females in particular.  I would ask all of my students with children what their children would become when they grew up and no one told me definitively what his or her children would grow up to become.

Many of the women would say their daughters wanted to become a nurse, physical therapist, (something in the medical profession other than a doctor or dentist), cosmetologist, etc.  These same mothers were clueless about what their sons would grow up to become.  Many would say whatever makes him happy.

I repeatedly tell parents that it is their responsibility to select their children’s career goals for them and not rely on their children to try to figure it out for themselves.  As parents, we have a better knowledge of what the career demands will be when their children become adults.  We also have a pretty good indication about what the cost of living will become once they are grown.

gas signFor instance, when I began driving a car in 1968, gas cost about $.32.9/per gallon of regular gasoline.  I would pull up to the gas pump and someone would come to my car (in the rain, sleet, snow or blistering heat)and ask what type of gas I wanted and how much.  They would then pump that amount, wipe my windshields, check my oil and tire pressure (air was free) and then give me S&H Green Stamps, which would be redeemed for irons, toasters, etc.S&H Green Stamps

I do not have to tell you how all of this has changed and no one prepared me for this change.  As responsible parents, we must prepare our children to become successful adults.  Money is a prerequisite for this success, therefore, we must steer them into career paths that will allow them to earn the most money possible – legally.

I tell college students to pursue money first and once they become financially successful, they can then pursue their passions.  It is disastrous for them to pursue their passions prior to becoming financially successfully.

Too many of our Black African American college students will major in the Social Sciences, such as psychology, sociology, teaching or preaching, because as they say, “I like helping people.”  Tragically, they will graduate with a four-year degree, thousands of dollars in student loans and their first job will qualify them for food stamps, because they will earn less than the poverty level. Food Stamps

There are too many college graduates with these types of degrees; therefore, the job-market is saturated with them.  Because of this saturation, these wages are among the lowest of all college graduates.

Tragically, many of our children will pursue these types of degrees because they are running away from math and science out of fear.  However, math and science is where the money is.  Too many Black African American students have bought into the premise that they cannot succeed in curriculums that require math and science, in spite of the fact that our ancestors are the creators of math and science. Ancestors

We hear a lot of talk about the necessity for raising the “minimum wage” to a “living wage,” which is merely a smokescreen.  The fact is that there will always be a “minimum wage,” that will only afford us a “minimum” standard of living.  Invariably, this “minimum wage” will force them into a substandard lifestyle.

The “minimum wage” is the bottom rung of the economic ladder which is why it is called, “minimum.”  Once you are tired of living on the bottom rung, here in America, we have the opportunity to climb up this ladder, with “maximum” effort.  Nothing worth having comes easy.

If you do not want a substandard lifestyle, you must realize that poverty is not based on what you are doing between the hours of 8-4 (if you work the dayshift).  Your poverty is determined by what you are doing between the hours of 4-8.

What are you doing with your time once you get off work that will improve your standard of living?  How much time do you spend watching TV, playing video/computer games or going to sporting events, concerts, church or nightclubs? How will any of this contribute anything positive to you and your family’s standard of living? Idiot Box

In addition, too often poverty is not about how much money you make, it is about what you are doing with the money that you are making.  It is more important your you realize that poverty is determined by how you are spending your time. X is Money

Most importantly, what is it that you are teaching your children with your behaviors?  Remember, what you do, speaks so loudly that your children cannot hear what you say.

Oh, what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think, or use common sense says the Pastors, Pimps, or Politicians.

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