harriet-tubman1“I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” Mother Harriet Tubman

I am dedicating all of my remaining posts this year to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ females.  As in all of my posts, underlined words are links.

Frederick-Douglass-quote-about-AmericaGarvey 16White Americans in general, live in a psychological state of denial about their acts of racism, White Supremacy and genocide, which they overtly omit from their media. By controlling all of the media, (including history books and encyclopedias) White Americans in general, attempt to portray themselves as a moralistic and religious society that will go to war in defense of the “underdog,” all the while, engaging in genocide on its Black African American citizens.

OK City BombingThis can be evidenced by the following quote taken from Wikipedia: “Timothy James McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack killed 168 people and injured over 600.[4]

It is true that Timothy James McVeigh admitted to blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 and wounding over 600.  However, the rest of this opening paragraph on Wikipedia’s site is a blatant falsehood and a complete fabrication of historically documented facts.

The remainder of this paragraph states: “According to the United States Government, it was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the 9/11 attacks, and remains the most significant act of domestic terrorism in United States history.”

New ViewKKK NewTo prove my point, do a browser search on “Greenwood, Tulsa,” and you will find that Wikipedia contradicts its’ own claim as follows: “Greenwood is a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the United States during the early 20th Century, it was popularly known as America’s “Black Wall Street” until the Tulsa race riot of 1921, in which white residents massacred black residents and razed the neighborhood within hours. The riot was one of the most devastating massacres in the history of U.S. race relations, destroying the once thriving Greenwood community.”

Riot BeginsWhite LootersNew Angry MobsI strongly encourage you to take an hour to view the video, “THE NIGHT TULSA BURNED.”

To date, nothing in the annals of history, depicting American violence and racism comes close to the deaths and destruction of property as did this racist and genocidal massacre in 1921 on hard-working innocent Black African Americans.

Greenwood ParadeBeauty 2Family DriveThese pious African Americans had survived racist President Andrew Jackson’s inhumane “Trail of Tears,” and built Little Africa from nothing, into the most prosperous neighborhood not only in Black African American communities; but in all America, with only Beverly Hills, California coming into a distant second place.

Indians on TrailIndiansIndians 2SquawKeep in mind that the Oklahoma Territories were initially set aside for the barbaric and inhumane forced relocation  of Indians from the Five Civilized Tribes and their Black African American slaves.

Toussaint LouvertureWhite America originally believed that America’s boundary would end at the Mississippi River and they needed a buffer between England and France. Unfortunately for these people of color, another Black African, Toussaint Louverture demonstrated his racial superiority and military prowess by leading his Haitian Slave army in a war that decisively defeated White Napoleon Bonaparte’s powerful French Army.

Because of this military defeat by the Haitians, in 1803, France was desperate for cash, so they sold to the United States, 524,800, 000 acres/820,000 square miles of land in the Louisiana Purchase, which included the Oklahoma Territories.

With the acquisition of this new land came hoards of greedy White Americans looking for something for nothing.  As a result, the former Treaties with the Five Civilized Tribes and their slaves was rendered null and void and again, their lands were stolen from them.

OW GurleyO.W. Gurley, a Black African American participated in the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush and he eventually bought an additional 40 acres in Tulsa, in 1906, imposing a restrictive covenant, allowing the land only to be sold to Black African Americans.  This settlement came to be known as, “Little Africa” and/or “Black Wall Street.”

BusinessesBy May 31, 1921, “Little Africa” had grown to a population of over 10,000 Black African American residents, with more than 600 successful businesses including 30 grocery stores, 21 restaurants, 21 churches, and 2 movie theaters.  Of course, there was a bank, libraries, schools and a bus company.

New Dr JacksonIn addition, it had a hospital with 15 physicians, nurses and other support staff.  One of these physicians was Dr. A. C. Jackson, whom the Mayo brothers (Mayo Clinic) considered the “most able Negro surgeon in America.”  Tragically, Dr. Jackson was brutally murdered by White American racists during the massacre.Dr. A. C. Jackson

Town LeadersTown Leaders NewThe primary components to “Little Africa’s” success were economics, racial pride and racial unity.  These Black African Americans took great pride in home and business ownership and they depended entirely on themselves.  Everybody they knew, were successful and most importantly, they all looked like them – Black African Americans.

New Street SceneNew StrollingNew Trolley

If someone’s home accidentally burned down, the community would come together and build this family a new home within two weeks.

New StudentsNew SchoolNew School KidsNew HS StudentsMost of Greenwood’s students wore their finest to school because their parents recognized the importance of education and they wanted their children to look their best so that they could become their best.

New StepsNew TheaterNew Proud OwnerNew Proud 2New GroceryThese Black African Americans allowed their money to circulate among themselves at least 100 times before leaving their neighborhood.  It took nearly an entire year before a “Black African American” dollar left “Little Africa” for the White American communities.

Because of “Little Africa’s” economic prowess, it boasted having over fifteen (15) Black African American millionaires in 1921. In fact, in the entire state, there were only two (2) airports, yet; six (6) residents of Little Africa owned their own planes.

New NeoNew BlingNew ThugsBy comparison, today, Black African American dollars will leave our hands in less than fifteen minutes, never to return.  If we are buying something legal, over 90% of the items Black African Americans buy, we buy from other races.


White RiotersNew Its OnNew RiotersNew PicnicAll of this Black African American progress came to a tragic end on June 1, 1921 because of White American jealousy, envy, arrogance and racism under the pretext of an attempted rape.

New KKKNew KKK 219-year old Dick Rowland worked as a “shoeshiner” in one of the segregated high-rise buildings in downtown Tulsa.  The “Jim Crow Laws,” only allowed him to use the toilet located on the top floor of this building.

Sarah PageSarah Page, a 17-year old White American female, was the operator of the elevator, who whether intentionally or accidentally, did not stop the elevator flush with the floor.  As Dick Rowland boarded the elevator, he tripped and accidentally touched Sarah Page in his efforts to keep from falling.

New Nab NegroShe became angry and began screaming out that Dick Rowland was attempting to rape her, resulting in his immediate arrest. Word instantly spread throughout both White American and Black African American neighborhoods and a armed White American mob began forming, intending on storming the jail and lynching Dick Rowland.

Broken BonesNew DefendersTo their surprise, an armed group of Black African Americans was already there to prevent this lynching.  One White American tried unsuccessfully to take a gun away from a Black African American, and there was no turning back.

The Black African Americans returned to “Little Africa” and the White Americans pursued.  These White American racists stole guns from gun shops and the local cops gave additional guns and ammunition to them as well.

The FiresNew RednecksNew RiotersNew OverNew Leaving

New Air AttackNew Air StrikeParadoxically, this racist White American mob stole the Black African American’s airplanes and used them as bombers, dropping dynamite and other incendiary devices on “Little Africa.”

Aftermath 2New B4 & AfterNew ChurchTwelve hours after it began, this crazed White American racist mob had looted and burned down 35 square blocks of homes and business in “Little Africa,” leaving nothing standing.  There were more than 600 successful businesses, schools and churches, along with nearly 2,000 homes burned to the ground.

Dead BodyChildrenNew Corpse 2New Body on ParadeNew Corpse 4New Corpse 3New Redneck 2New White ThugThe estimates of the Black African American death toll, was as high as 3,000 Black African American men, women and children slaughtered.  Nearly 8,000 Black African Americans were now both penniless and homeless.

CaptureSurrender 3Aftermath NewNew AftermathNew All GoneNew Nothing left New TroopsNew I SurrenderThe National Guard arrived and placed numerous Black African Americans in “detention/concentration camps” where they languished for months before being released.  The remaining Black African American survivors endured the harsh Oklahoma winter living in tents.New HomeNo JusticeNew B 4 Dey Die

In spite of stringent racist building codes, within five (5) years, those stalwart Black African Americans had rebuilt “Little Africa,” which continued to grow and prosper until the late 1960s.  Our White Racist government officials played their “Ace Card” by ending segregation and building a highway loop through the heart of the business district.

New White OnlyThis resulted in many middle-class Black African Americans moving into formerly segregated White American neighborhoods and spending their money with formerly White American segregated businesses, resulting in a financial collapse of the Black African American purchasing power.

picnic lynchingFYI: With the end of slavery, White Americans devised a new and cowardly method of controlling their former slaves – lynchings.  The Equal Justice Initiative determined in 2015 that nearly 4,000 Black African American lynchings occurred between 1877 and 1950.  This figure does not include the “Little Africa” massacre.

Woody 2Singer Woody Guthrie’s father Charley Guthrie was reportedly involved in the rape, mutilation and lynching of two Black African Americans – Laura Nelson and her son L.D. Nelson in 1911 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Laura and JD NelsonJD NelsonHere are excerpts taken from Wikipedia regarding this lynching: “At around midnight on May 24, Laura and L.D. Nelson were both kidnapped from their cells by a group of between a dozen and 40 men; the group included Charley Guthrie (1879–1956), the father of folk singer Woody Guthrie (1912–1967), according to a statement given in 1977 by the former’s brother.[5] The Crisis, the magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said in July 1911 that Laura was raped, then she and L.D. were hanged from a bridge over the North Canadian River.[6] According to some sources, Laura had a baby with her at the time, who one witness said survived the attack.[7]

Laura Nelson 2Sightseers gathered on the bridge the following morning and photographs of the hanging bodies were sold as postcards; the one of Laura is the only known surviving photograph of a female lynching victim.[8] No one was ever charged with the murders; the district judge convened a grand jury, but the killers were never identified.[9] Although Woody Guthrie was not born until 14 months after the lynching, the photographs and his father’s reported involvement had a lasting effect on him, and he wrote several songs about the killings.[10]

Here it is 94 years later and nothing has changed for us.  White Racists civilians and cops are gunning down Black African Americans in the streets and the Criminal Justice System is still exonerating them.  More often than not, the Grand Juries are failing to indict these White racist murderers.

This is evidenced by hundreds of Black African Americans murdered prior to the following: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown , Eric Gardner , John Crawford,  Tamir Rice, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.  This never-ending list of Black African Americans who were murdered by White Racist cops, et al, just keeps on growing exponentially almost weekly.

Eric CaseboltJust last week, a White racist rogue cop, Corporal Eric Casebolt of McKinney, Texas went berserk, throwing an unarmed, bikini-clad teenage Black African American female to the ground, placing his knee on her back to pin her there. He also drew his gun on several other Black African American teens.

Noel CarterNoel Carter 2On June 11, the Orlando, Florida Police Chief John W. Mina, said he did not see anything wrong with one of his cops repeatedly kicking and unarmed, non-resistant Noel Carter, a Black African American man who was passively sitting on the curb.

KnowledgeWhite American racists have a repetitious history.  If what they are doing is working for them – and it is, they do not have a reason to change.  If our ancestors living in “Little Africa” could not stop the genocidal massacre, you know we do not stand a chance today.

What are your Bishops, Pastors, Preachers, or Teachers doing about any of this?  Are they even teaching this history to you?

JesusPerhaps they are teaching you to look forward to meeting your White Mythical Savior in the sky when you die so that the two of you can walk hand-in-hand down some fictitious streets of gold.

Oh, what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think or use common sense says the Pastors, Pimps, and Politicians.


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