“THE MAKING OF A SLAVE” by Willie Lynch

harriet-tubman1 “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” Mother Harriet Tubman

I am dedicating all of my remaining posts this year to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ females.  As in all of my posts, underlined words are links

Willie 2Allegedly, a West Indies plantation owner by the name of Willie Lynch met with some aristocratic White Christian American plantation owners on the banks of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712 for the expressed purpose of teaching them how to “make a slave”.

Be mindful that these “God-fearing Christian” slave pirates did not kidnap slaves from Africa and bring them to America.  On the contrary, these “God-fearing Christian” pirates kidnapped free Africans and brought them to America and enslaved them.

What White American history does not tell us is that the survivors of this horrendous “Middle Passage” was the best of the best that was stolen from Africa.  Only the mentally and physically strongest Black Africans could have survived the savagely barbaric inhumanity of the White Christian American enslavers.

HoaxThere has been much debate about the originality of this letter, with many saying it is a hoax.  Having looked at both sides of the arguments, I have concluded that it really does not matter if it is real or a hoax.

I base my conclusion on the fact that comparatively speaking, Black African Americans have totally embraced the concepts of this letter and our actions or inactions are fulfilling the prophesy laid down in this manifesto.

The following is the Willie Lynch Slave Manifesto with my observations and thoughts interspersed throughout.  You will be able to differentiate the Willie Lynch Slave Manifesto from my thoughts because Willie Lynch’s manifesto will be in quotes and italicized.

“Greetings, Gentlemen. I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve.  First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here.  I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves.

Roman SlavesYour invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies, where I have experimented with some of the newest, and still the oldest, methods for control of slaves.  Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented.

King James IAs our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we cherish, I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique.”

Bishop's BibleBishops_Bible_Elizabeth_I_1569During the “Middle Ages” England created three versions of the Bible, with the operative word being “version,” which is defined by Merriam Webster  as “a story or description that is different in some way from another person’s story or description.”  The Previous two versions were the “Great Bible” of King Henry VIII in 1535, followed by the “Bishop’s Bible” in 1568.

King James BibleIn 1604, King James I of England convened the “Hampton Court Conference” for the purpose of creating “his” version of the Bible.  The operative word is “version,” which is based on his opinions and beliefs and not necessarily on facts.

King James I gave the following three specific instructions: it had to conform to England’s “ecclesiology” (or Biblical beliefs); portray the “Episcopal structure” (hierarchy) of the Church of England and it must emphasize the belief in an “ordained” (selected/chosen) clergy.

During this conference, King James I commissioned 47 of his “scholars” to create his “version” of the Bible, which they completed in 1611 and published in 1612.

Seven years after King James I published his version of the Christian Bible the Christian American slave trade began in 1619, when the first Black Africans was traded in Jamestown, Virginia for supplies and provisions.

It is important that you realize that less than 10% of the world’s population was literate in English, therefore, only the King’s “ordained preachers” could read his version of the Bible.  Furthermore, the enslaved Africans ran the risk of being brutally butchered if their “masters” thought they could read or write.

Consequently, all information about the Bible and Christianity was given to the enslaved Africans in the form of “thus saith massa.”

picnic lynchingWillie Lynch said, “While Rome used cords of wood as crosses for standing human bodies along its highways in great numbers, you are here using the tree and the rope on occasions.  I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree, a couple miles back.

Laura Nelson 2LynchingsYou are not only losing valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed.”

Nat TurnerWhat American history textbooks do not address is the hundreds of slave insurrections, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Christian slave owners and their Christian families.  Herbert Aptheker chronicles 250 slave revolts between 1526 and 1860 in his 1943 book, “American Negro Slave Revolts”.  Because of these slave insurrections, White Christian slave owners were perpetually living in a mental state of fear and paranoia.

Notice how the caption of the above picture reads, “Horrid Massacre in Virginia.”  In comparison to what the White American God-fearing Christians did during the Black African American Holocaust, this is a mere nursery school skirmish.

Willie Lynch said, “Gentlemen, you know what your problems are; I do not need to elaborate.  I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them.  In my bag here, I HAVE A FULL PROOF METHOD FOR CONTROLLING YOUR BLACK SLAVES.  I guarantee every one of you that, if installed correctly, IT WILL CONTROL THE SLAVES FOR AT LEAST 300 HUNDREDS YEARS.

2 OverseersAny member of your family or your overseer can use it.  I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER.  I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES.  These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South.

Take this simple little list of differences and think about them.  On top of my list is “AGE,” but it’s there only because it starts with an “a.”  The second is “COLOR” or shade.  There is INTELLIGENCE, SIZE, SEX, SIZES OF PLANTATIONS, STATUS on plantations, ATTITUDE of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, course hair, or is tall or short.

Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION.”

Most of us have grown up hearing and believing in the myth (widely held, but false belief ) that “You can not do business with Blacks” or “You can’t trust Blacks”.

What makes this myth so disparaging is that by saying and believing in it, you are actually saying, “I am a Black person too, so you can’t trust me either.”  Remember, the best or worst conversation you will ever have is the conversation you have with yourself.

Willie Lynch said, “The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS.

Old Slave Man Slave BoysDark SkinMary Ann Shadd CaryDon’t forget, you must pitch the OLD black male vs. the YOUNG black male, and the YOUNG black male against the OLD black male.  You must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skin slaves, and the LIGHT skin slaves vs. the DARK skin slaves.  You must use the FEMALE vs. the MALE, and the MALE vs. the FEMALE.  You must also have white servants and overseers [who] distrust all Blacks.


Rekia BoydWe Black African Americans have totally embraced these differences and we violently react towards them.  This past fourth of July weekend, there were over sixty (60) so-called “Black-on-Black” shootings in Chicago, with seven (7) fatalities.  Yet, not one of these cowardly shooters had the courage to shoot the White American cop who shot the innocent Black African American female, Rekia Boyd, nor the White judge who dismissed the case.

Allen McQueen 2Yesterday, I read that 21 year-old Allen McQueen, a Black African American was shot in the head, execution-style, by another Black African American male, while he (Allen) was carrying his one (1) year old daughter to the playground in Bronx, N.Y., allegedly by a rival gang member who was heard laughing afterwards.

Eric GarnerSince this executioner was so bold, why didn’t he have the guts to walk up to Daniel Pantaleo, the White American New York cop who choked Eric Garner, to death and shoot him in the head?

We can ask the same questions about the execution of unarmed Black African Americans by White American cops throughout America and come up with the exact same answer every time per Willie Lynch – “But it is NECESSARY THAT YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US. THEY MUST FEAR, LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US.”

 Happy LynchersIn closing, Willie Lynch said, “Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control.  Use them.  Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. 


Thank you gentlemen.”

The lynch pin to the successful implementation of Willie Lynch’s “kits” is, “But it is NECESSARY THAT YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US.  THEY MUST FEAR, LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US.”

Many of us grew up hearing and believing in the following: “If it is White, it is right; if Brown, stick around; but if Black, get back”.

Michael BrownThe first tool taught by Willie Lynch was FEAR, which is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  In my sixty-three (63) years, it has been my experience that as an individual, many White American males are afraid of Black African American males as evidenced by Darren Wilson saying, “I was afraid for my life”.  It is only as a group or when they have a superior weapon that they have the courage to confront a Black African American Male.

On the other hand, it has also been my experience that many Black African American males and females are afraid of White American males –PERIOD.

This is because Willie Lynch had the plantation owner gather all of his enslaved Africans and he then selected four: two adult males, and one adult pregnant female with a male child.

PartedHe made sure that he selected the two biggest, fearsome looking and strongest adult enslaved males on the plantation.  Afterwards, this Christian cherisher of the King James Bible ordered the biggest one of the two stripped naked and each of his limbs tied to four horses.  Once tied, he chased the horses in four different directions, barbarically tearing the enslaved African into four pieces.

QuarteredThis Christian cherisher of the King James Bible then ordered the remaining adult male stripped naked and tied face down to four embedded stakes in the ground.  He then ordered this human being, “this child of his God” to be savagely beaten to the brink of death, but not killed.

This Christian cherisher of the King James Bible then instructed the White Christian “overseer” to strip the pregnant enslaved African and brutally rape her.  Remember, all of this occurred in the presence of all of the other enslaved Africans.

In other words, this White Christian cherisher of the King James Bible taught these White Christian enslavers to employ both physical and psychological murder and torture as a tool for controlling the enslaved Africans.

By brutally murdering and beating the two adult males, and brutally raping the female, he taught the pregnant female as well as all of the other enslaved Africans that an enslaved African male, regardless of his size, was powerless to protect neither himself, her, her unborn child nor her living child.

Furthermore, he taught her that she must teach her son(s) and daughter(s) to fear all White people, especially White males, or else they would incur the White Christian American man’s wrath and savage punishment.

Masters kidsIt was highly probable that the two adult males, the female slave and her children could have been fathered by their White Christian “massa” or the Christian overseer and neither would hesitate to viciously torture and slaughter their own children to maintain fear and control, thereby keeping the enslaved Black African Americans in their place.

The most essential key of all to Willie Lynch’s Manifesto is religion, (which means to bind fast) and to my knowledge, no one is addressing it.  These White Christian cherishers of the King James version of the Bible literally beat it into their enslaved Africans that they too had to embrace and cherish both Christianity and the Bible.

As previously stated, these enslaved Africans was forbidden to learn to read or write so their White Christian enslavers taught them only the things they wanted them to know about their Christian God and His Bible.

AscensionThe only three things that these White Christian enslavers wanted their enslaved Black African Americans to know were: “slave obey your master,” (Col. 3:22) and by so doing, they will be rewarded by their White Jesus by being washed whiter than snow” (Ps. 51.7) and when they die they will receive their reward in “Heaven (Matt. 5.12) in the sky.”

Slave PreacherThese White Christian enslavers initially trained Black African American male preachers in what to teach their enslaved brethren.  As illustrated in this picture, these White Christian enslavers were present at the initial slave religious services, which occurred on Sundays.  They gave their slaves Sundays off to attend these religious brainwashing services.

PimpEventually, these White Christian enslavers became comfortable enough with their Black African American male preachers, they allowed them to conduct the “religious brainwashing” services in their absence.

Cain & AbelGoliath The WellSince reading and writing was a taboo for all slaves, these slave preachers’ Bibles were full of colorful pictures, which “massa” had taught them the meaning, so they could build their sermons around the pictures.

Pa BenBoth of my grandfathers were itinerant and illiterate preachers and my maternal grandfather – Pa Ben, reportedly knew the Bible both “frontwards and backwards”.  Several of my elders told me that Pa Ben could point to any scripture in the Bible and tell you what it said.

I initially questioned and even challenged how this was possible since I had previously been told that Pa Ben could neither read nor write his own name.  I was immediately “put back in my place” for questioning my elders, so I acquiesced and stopped my questioning.

SolomonYears ago, my older brother Solomon told me that our Uncle Ben taught him that we should never argue with a foolish person.  If someone told us it was snowing and we knew it was not, we should agree with them and keep on stepping.

Therefore, if my elders had a need to believe Pa Ben was both illiterate and knew where scriptures were in the Bible and able to quote them, who was I to disagree with them.

I say to you, if you have not read the entire Bible for yourself and you are relying on someone else teaching it to you, how would you know that he or she have read it or even if they can read at all.

Blind Leading BlindAll too often, it is merely a case of the blind leading the blind, with all of you destined to fall into the ditch.

Chained BrotherTherefore Brothers and Sisters, all you have to do is Free your mind and your body shall follow because the Kingdom of God is within you, (Luke 17:21) and not some fictious and imaginary place in the sky called heaven.

Take a closer look at the image above and you will notice that the key to unlocking his chains is in his head.

Oh, what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think or use common sense, says the Pastors, Pimps, and Politicians.





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