harriet-tubman1 “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.”  Mother Harriet Tubman

I am dedicating all of my remaining posts this year to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ females.

As in all of my posts, UNDERLINED WORDS are links.

Karen CooperMeet Karen Cooper, a confused Black African American female who need all the help she can get to “pull her confused mind back into BLACKNESS“.  Go to the link and you will see why I say this.

The past explains the present and the present will explain the future.  Every since we were kidnapped, shackled hand and feet, enslaved and brought to this country, we Black African Americans have been bouncing from one traumatic event to another.

For over two hundred years, Black African Americans had to endure the most inhumane form of slavery in recorded history.  Then we had to suffer another one hundred and fifty years (1865-present) of Apartheid and Jim Crow, which at times is even worse than slavery itself.  I say this because as slaves, we were valuable property, and although they beat us unmercifully, they murdered very few of us outright.

After “Emancipation”, everything changed.  White Racist America  desperately sought “The Final Solution” on what to do with us.  Everything that Hitler did in Nazi Germany’s “Concentration Camps“, he learned from his White American Christian brethren, based on what White America was doing to Black African Americans.

Revolution of The MindDuring the sixties, we had strong, dedicated and committed Black African Americans to rise up and teach us that in order to have a successful revolution and overthrow Jim Crow and American Apartheid; we must first have a “Revolution Of The Mind.” This meant that we had to realize that as a race, our history transcended slavery and Jim Crow.

Furthermore, we had to accept the reality that death is the outcome for all of us, regardless of what we did.  With this understanding, we knew it was better to die fighting on our feet for freedom than on our knees docilely accepting brutality and humiliation while begging for integrated toilets and a seat at the front of the bus.

Garvey 2For the first time since the Honorable Marcus Garvey, ( read: MY 63RD BLACK HISTORY WEEK/MONTH CELEBRATION ) Black African Americans became a unified force and began demanding and fighting for our inalienable rights.

Predictably, the United States Government did not remain idle and our “Revolution of The Mind” became a physical and emotional nightmare for us.  America’s White Supremacist government immediately declared war on most of our organizations and leaders.

COINTELPRO 1The Kennedy brothers’ (JFK & RFK ) COINTELPRO allowed White America’s successful infiltration into all of our progressive organizations, thus preventing our escaping their mental and physical slave plantations.

Malcolm X ViolenceMLK QuoteDuring the decade of the sixties, as they are doing today, White America’s law enforcement waged war against Black African Americans in hopes of igniting a race war, by violently murdering many of our “positive leaders” including Minister Malcolm X (Read my post: MALCOLM X’S LEGACY) and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. – (Read my post: KEEP MLK DREAM ALIVE BY REMAINING COMATOSE!)

Pinball MachineSince the sixties, we Black African Americans have been like that proverbial silver ball in a pinball machine, bouncing from one traumatic event to another, scoring points for the dominant White society as we continue bouncing hitter and yond.

Just like that silver ball, we are totally at the mercy of whoever has control of the buttons that controls the flippers, which is mostly White Americans.

Jesse JrPeriodically, a few ill-prepared Black African Americans are allowed temporary control of the flippers in this pinball machine, only to result in their ending up with a “Tilt”, which immediately terminates their “game/control.”

This “Tilt” comes in the form of some iniquitous scandal involving, drugs, sex, embezzlement, corruption or all of the above and their falling from grace, usually resulting in their incarceration.

Even worse, the points that are scored are beneficial only to those controlling the flippers that controls us.  We have neither input or influence over our destiny because we falsely believe we are powerless and all power is external to our locus of control.

Detroit 1967 FiresDuring the 1960s, when this pinball machine resulted in a “Tilt,” White America waged an all-out war against Black African Americans and we reached our boiling point and exploded violently during the “long hot summers”.

Pittsburgh 1968When the fires were extinguished, bodies counted and the damage assessed, we Black African Americans were the losers in every category.  In fact, many of those riot-torn cities still hold the scars today because they have yet to be rebuilt.

Dylann_Roof_mugshotOn June 17, 2015, twenty-one year old Dylan Storm Roof murdered nine Black African Americans in Emanuel AME church in Charleston, S.C. as they were nearing the end of their weekly Bible study.

According to Roof’s racist manifesto, by murdering these nine Black African Americans, he had hoped to ignite another White American race war/riot.  Notice, I said ANOTHER WHITE AMERICAN RACE WAR/RIOT, because America’s history is replete with numerous incidents of White Americans going to war on Black African Americans.

All you have to do is Google “American White Race Riots” and you will get dozens of hits.  I recently wrote about one such war in my post “LITTLE AFRICA – AMERICA’S FIRST TERRORISTIC BOMBING”.

Dylan RoofThe White American media immediately focused on Dylan Roof holding the Confederate Flag and the media frenzy was on.  They had all of America as well as many in the rest of the world believing that Dylan Roof murdered nine Black African Americans because of the Confederate Flag.

Me & ObamaPresident Obama spearheaded the national assault on South Carolina’s Confederate flag and the rest of the nation fell in line.

Taking Down 2With much pomp and circumstance, about a half-dozen South Carolina Honor Guards removed the Confederate Flag that was flying adjacent to the South Carolina State House, less than thirty (30) days after Roof murdered the nine innocent victims.

In 1992, my first book, “IT’S TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN” was published and the sequel, “IT’S STILL TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN” was published in 2003.

My BookI wrote the following beginning on page 24 of the sequel: “Our present condition is in response to a scientific and psychological blueprint, which White men created in the third century and they are still maintaining it.  As previously stated, the White man has left nothing to chance, happenstance or coincidence.  White men have positioned themselves at the head of all of our so-called “Civil Rights” organizations, either directly or indirectly, to ensure that we as a people will not rise above our wretchedness.

They have constantly instigated division between our organizations and our people in order to maintain a mental state of confusion and weakness within our ranks.  At the source of their power is our very own ignorance.  The White man’s game requires our total cooperation and acceptance of his authority without questioning his motives. 

We must recognize that continuing to play the game according to the White man’s rules are designed to ensure that we will be the losers and White men will be the only winners, no matter what we do!

American FlagBy the time this book is published, the year 2002 will have become history and institutional racism will still be totally ingrained into the very fabric of the American flag. 

Old Ga FlagHere in the south, also known as the “Bible Belt,” African-Americans in both Georgia and South Carolina have waged successful (for the time being) battles against the flying of the Confederate battle flags as part of these states’ symbols of white-supremacy.

Although there are many die-hard, Confederate sympathizers who feel totally betrayed over the loss of their historic and symbolic traditions depicting their racial superiority over African-Americans in particular and all non-Whites in general. 

South Carolina no longer fly the Confederate battle flag over the statehouse and Georgia has removed the “stars and bars” from its’ state flag, in spite of the cries of many of these Confederate patriots saying “It’s not hate, it’s pride.”

However, since the Confederate flag controversies, I have seen more Confederate flags flying than ever before.  Recently, I saw a car with a Confederate flag attached to the antennae.  I had to chuckle, because the flag appeared to be bending the antennae.  I wondered how many antennas had to be replaced, in order for this diehard “Son of the Confederacy” to be able to proudly display his heritage? 

TruckI have seen several red pick-up trucks with the Confederate battle flag painted across the entire hood, as well as stars and bars painted along the sides.

BillboardDriving through rural Georgia, I see billboards with phone numbers (1800-xxx-xxxx) recruiting for the “Sons of the Confederacy.” 

Many businesses in the south proudly display the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of defiance and their supporters have signs in their yards protesting not having had an opportunity to vote on the “flag issue.” 

PerdueNow their new cry is, “Let us vote,” because they are convinced that if the issue is placed on the ballot, the Confederate battle flag would be restored as the state flag because less than twenty percent of the African-American population, in Georgia, would show up at the poles to oppose it.  If it rained, even less would show up.

Joseph Lowery(Rev. Joseph Lowery image.) In fact, many “civil rights” organizations and so-called “leaders” here in Georgia advocated that all African-Americans living in Georgia boycott any election calling for a referendum on the Georgia state flag. 

How ridiculous can we get!  First, we protested against the confederate battle emblem being on the flag, and when it was removed, our “civil rights leaders” told us to abstain from voting on a referendum to return the confederate battle emblem to this flag.

The heartbreak of this misguided boycott would be that untold thousands of African-Americans have given their lives for us to have a right to vote in any election, now these so-called “leaders” of ours are telling us to voluntarily forfeit that right. 

It appears that those misguided “civil rights leaders” were supporting the referendum to return the stars and bars to the Georgia state flag by asking us to stay home and not exercise our constitutional right to vote. 

If we don’t vote, then the design of the state flag will be determined by the majority of white voters and based on the recent elections, I doubt if they will have our interest in mind when they vote.

Sonny PerdueThe first phase of the voting process on this flag have already taken place and the sons of the confederacy are the victors.  For the first time in nearly 135 years (since reconstruction) , Georgia now has a Republican Governor

You may ask the reason for this drastic and sudden change and the reason is simple.  It is because of the confederate battle flag.  The former democratic governor made the mistake of trying to appease some African-American politicians by changing the Georgia state flag and removing the confederate battle emblem from it. 

Was he in for a rude awakening! 

Ga FlagOn April 27th many state agencies are closed in recognition of Confederate Memorial Day On April 25, 2003, the Georgia legislature introduced the new state flag, just in time to celebrate the Confederate Memorial Holiday. 

Instead of the previous confederate battle flag, this new state flag is an older version of the confederate flag without the stars and crossed bars. 

These white folks down here in Dixie and the “New South are very serious about the confederacy.  They are so serious that they named a Georgia County, “Jeff Davis County“,  in honor of the first and only Confederate President. Jeff Davis

I think that this issue over the flag is a smokescreen/distraction specifically designed to take attention away from the real issues that are affecting all of us.  This flag is an inanimate object that only has value when we place value on it. 

As long as we are expending all of this negative energy over whether or not a flag is insulting and harmful to African-Americans, we will not address the self-inflicted insults and harm that many African-Americans are perpetrating against other African-Americans in particular and Americans in general.

Crack HouseGang FuneralThese insults and impairments consist of the drug trade and drug addictions, with their associated offenses: African-American-on-African American violence; and related crimes; African-American teen pregnancies; increased number of African-Americans infected with AIDS/HIV; African-American school drop-outs; African-American unemployment; African-American under-employment; African-American adult and juvenile incarcerations; probations and a multitude of other problems in our community.

BikiniBikini SistersNone of these self-inflicted problems has improved in any way, down here in the “New South,” since these two states decided to expend so much time and energy on their state flags. 

In fact, the only ones that have truly benefited from the hoopla surrounding this flag issue are those entrepreneurs who make and sell the Confederate battle flags and other Confederate paraphernalia.  

25 CoolestSince I wrote the first edition of this book, ten Februarys have come and gone and tenMoments in African American History” public service announcements have all been placed back on the shelves until “African-American History Month” next year. 

15 Kids(This single mom has 15 children.) Sadly, the African-American race is still clinging tenuously to the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder and over half the African-American children are growing up in single parent, female-headed households.  Many of which have annual household incomes that are considerably below the poverty level.    

BustedIt is said that one in four African-American males between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five are involved in the criminal justice system because they are murdering and robbing one another like it is the natural thing to do. 

SlingingIn addition, many African-Americans are operating open-air drug-markets, which provide a more efficient service than many drive-thru fast food restaurants.

Elizabeth NJ SchoolThe public school systems are in shambles and in many cities, over seventy percent of African-American students are dropping out of high school, or being kicked out before they reach the twelfth grade. 

Cash EddieEddie Long SelfieThe African-American church, which historically was the backbone of the African-American community, has joined the bandwagon.  They, too, are still ripping off the African-American community, leaving it morally bankrupt and financially poorer because of the exorbitant salaries and extravagant lifestyles of many of their preachers”.

Sidney CarterHere we are in 2015 and we Black African Americans are worse today than we were during American slavery.  We are at the bottom of everything positive in a civilized society and at the top of everything negative in a civilized society.

Processionary Caterpillar 2BLACK AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE BECOME “PROCESSIONARY CATERPILLARS” (Read this link) and we are following in lock-step behind Black African American “leaders” who are leading us around in a giant circle, which invariably will result in our own demise, unless we depart from this self-destructive and insidious path.

EdgertonMeet H.K. Edgerton, a confused Black African American male who need all the help he can get to “pull his confused mind back into Blackness“.  Go to the link and you will see why I say this.

Woman Takes Down(Watch Bree Newsome’s pole-dance.) With the removal of the Confederate flag, do Black African Americans ask for the removal of many state’s Confederate auto tagsGa TagSC Tags

Stone MountainOr do we ask for the removal of the Confederate leadership from the face of Stone Mountain, Georgia?

2 sagginOr, now that the hoopla has died down about pulling down South Carolina’s Confederate Flag, do Black African Americans begin to accept total responsibility by saying, BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN PULL YOUR PANTS UP . (Read this link.)

StudentsDo we go into our public schools and demand that they stop “dumbing-down” our children by providing them with teachers who are clueless about what it is like growing up Black African American in White Racist America?

Yes, yes and a thousand times yes.  We must begin teaching our children about the facts of life.

Brain LockWe must stop allowing our children to be “Mis-Educated” and unlock their minds and teach them relevant skills that will enable them to navigate the obstacles and hurdles of White Racist America.

Ghetto BBallOur children must learn that “applied right knowledge” is the key.  The must stop looking for an easy way through life, believing their road to success is only with a “ball“.

CornerWe must teach our Black African American brothers and sisters that drug use is THE MAKING OF A SLAVE” by Willie Lynch (Read this link.) and designed for the continued subjugation of our race.

The money many of us spend on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs weekly, could pay several utility bills, and buy some groceries.

Love & Hip HopWe must also teach them that watching television minstrel shows and movies are just another form of drug addiction, designed to keep us in a perpetual trance, resulting in our becoming comatose while engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

The money some of us spend each month on cable TV could pay for a college course, and instead of watching these minstrel shows, read your textbooks.  “Oh, my bad!”  “BLACK AFRICAN AMERICANS DO NOT LIKE TO READ!!!” (Read this post)

It is time that we begin teaching our people/children how to develop positive survival skills for living in the “ghetto”, by first teaching them the difference between a “ghetto” and a “slum” and the two do not have to be the same.

Newark PovertyWe must teach them that it is our responsibility to clean up our own neighborhoods and to not continue destroying them with litter, garbage, graffiti, etc.

Rental FurnitureTitle LoansWe must teach them to give their dollar$ some $en$e by avoiding financial traps associated with renting their household furnishings, and pawning their cars at the various “title pawn” businesses, etc.

Atl GhettoWe must teach them that instead of taking their income tax returns and buying dilapidated cars, to drive past dilapidated houses, they should instead buy dilapidated houses and buildings, and then implement their own gentrification programs.

With the money they will earn from renovating these dilapidated houses and buildings, they can afford to pay cash for a modest car that has a warranty.

Garvey 1As the Honorable Marcus Garvey said, “UP YOU MIGHTY RACE, ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL”!

Common SenseOh what a blessing it is that my people do not read, think or use common sense (Read: OBITUARY FOR COMMON SENSE ) says the Pastors, Pimps, and Politicians.


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