Harriet Tubman2I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.”  Mother Harriet Tubman

1 VillageFrom now on, I am dedicating all of my posts to Black African American females because a race can rise no higher than its’ women.

As in all of my posts, UNDERLINED WORDS are links.

Stevie WonderI could have titled this post, “After you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you shall suffer, Superstition ain’t the way!”  Read the entire lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s song.

MachiavelliI have been reluctant to post this article for over a year because of the backlash I would receive.  I now realize that it is not about me, it is about the very survival of Black Africans throughout the Diaspora in general and Black African Americans in particular.

Newark PovertyThe first month of 2016 is about to end, and we as a people are still floundering at the bottom of the moral and socio-economic ladders.  There is no other race in America who has a lower status than Black African Americans and to verify this, go into any “slum” or “ghetto” in America and the overwhelming majority population living there is Black African Americans.

Title LoansYou will easily know when you have arrived into these slums when you see the four five primary landmarks located on the main drag of just about every block: Check Cashing/Title Loans, Fast Food/Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores and most importantly of all, Churches.

Baby DaddyThere are hundreds upon hundreds of churches throughout Black African American neighborhoods.  In fact, there are so many churches that there are two or three of them in the same blocks.

Pastorial AnniversaryWe have more churches, Preachers/Pastors than ever, yet as a race, we are morally bankrupt.  Of course, we can point fingers at other races and say they are morally deficient, which is true.

King Alfred PlanHowever, Black Africans in general and Black African Americans in particular are the only race in the world, targeted for genetic extinction.  I refer you to the “King Alfred Plan.

Sadly, we are willing participants in our own genetic extinction.

God and GovHow did we get here?   The answer is simple – “religion.”  People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something or someone, especially Black Africans throughout the Diaspora.

Emperor ConstantineOnce Emperor Constantine came on the scene, he stripped every Black African man, woman and child both physically and mentally of all knowledge of their Ancestral Spiritual System.

HieroglyphicsEmperor Constantine contrived to conquer the non-White world, so he plagiarized the Ancient Africans’ Spiritual System, and repackaged it with the aid of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

JesusThis Council gave birth to Jesus Christ and named their new religious system “Christianity”(although Jesus would not have been a Christian, he would have been a Jew), then sold it back to Black Africans throughout the Diaspora.

Suffice it to say, Christianity is a religious weapon used to enslave all non-White people throughout the world.  Emperor Constantine knew that once he controlled people’s religious beliefs he would then be able to control their lives.

King James IIn 1604, King James of England issued a mandate to 47 selected writers to produce his version of the Bible, which was completed in 1611 and published in 1612.

The operative word is “version,” which is defined by Merriam Webster as “story or description that is different in some way from another person’s story or description.”

Here again, the operative word is “story” which is defined by Merriam Webster as “a report about incidents or events.”

Who was there to write down GOD’s story of the Creation of the world as we know it?  Remember, according to all versions of the Bible, GOD did not make man until the sixth day.  If there were no one present at the time GOD created the Heavens and the Earth, how do we know what happened?  Ergo, we have various “versions” of the “story.”

Ancient Egypt During the conquest of Africa, White Europeans encountered a people with a magnificent spiritual system that dated back to the beginning of time.

European ScrambleWhen the White Europeans arrived on the continent of Africa, all they had were Bibles and guns.  The Black Africans had all of the land including all of the wealth their land produced.  Wealth such as diamonds, gold, food and everything necessary for the healthy survival of “God’s chosen people.”

Yes, contrary to what the Jews will tell you about being “GOD’s chosen people,” it is a lie.  All one has to do is to look at the continent GOD placed the Original People on and you will have to agree.

nwswk8According to the Bible, and White anthropologists worldwide, the Garden of Eden is located in Ethiopia where the human race began.  “And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.”

1619 SlavesAfter the arrival of the White Europeans, when their gun smoke cleared, they had all of the land and all of the wealth, leaving the Black Africans with only the European Bible and the most inhumane and barbaric form of slavery in the annals of history which is still going on today.

Wrong CrossApproximately seven years after King James released his “version” of the Bible, the first Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia (named in honor of King James) in 1619, and continued as victims of the most barbaric and inhumane form of slavery in recorded history, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus SavesLet us fast-forward to present day and we still see that Black Africans throughout the Diaspora are still enslaved by this White Christian religion.

The ancient root definition of religion according to the Online Etymology Dictionary states, “connects it with religare “to bind fast,” via notion of “place an obligation on,” or “bond between humans and gods.”

Money is EvilTherefore, the primary purpose of traditional religion is to bind us to the myth of a heaven or hell and make us financially obligated to pay for this mythical belief system.

Although I have read the KJV of the Bible six consecutive times from cover to cover, there are many who have not read the Bible once, including Preachers and Pastors telling me that I should not have read it, because the “spirit” did not lead me.

Slave Ship JesusNearly 32% of the world’s population are Christians, which is the largest religion in the world, and most are Black Africans scattered throughout the Diaspora.

Chris RockYet, I would venture to say that you may be hard-pressed to find 1 out of 100 Christians who have actually read the entire Bible from cover to cover.  I would even guess that you cannot go into “many” Black African American churches and find anyone (including Pastor) who have read the entire Bible.

Pope in AfricaIf you have not read the entire Bible, how do you know if Preachers, Pastors, Evangelists, or anyone for that matter is telling you the truth?   John 8:32 says, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

Most days of the week, between the hours of 4:00 AM until 8:00 AM, you can turn your TV on to BET (Black Entertainment Television).  During these hours, according to BET you will hear “Religious news, and profiles of black ministers.”

Poke in EyeBET should have added a disclaimer saying, “These programs are for Entertainment purposes only,” because there is nothing said by these actors/entertainers when put in the context of the entire Bible is Biblically truthful.

However, the overwhelming majority of “actors/entertainers” being aired during these time slots are White American men and women.

Being the researcher that I am, I have taken the time to check out some of these “actors/entertainers,” (I encourage you to do the same with all Preachers/Pastors) and this is what I found.

MM 170 seedLets start with Dr. Mike Murdock who professes to be the author of dozens of books and hundreds of songs and according to him, he has the power to unleash GOD’s favor to you.

Under closer scrutiny, many of the books he claims to have written are about the length of my longest blog posts.  As for his hundreds of songs, if you were to find them, it would take you nearly ten (10) days of continuous listening to hear them all, if they existed.

Mike MurdockMike Murdock wants you to sow your seed of $58.00 per month because, according to him, there are 58 blessings he has found in the Bible.  He also said in his “31 Keys For Achieving The Uncommon Dream Within You, We’re asking the Holy Spirit for 300 partners this week who will set aside a seed of $300.00 for our outreaches.  I need your help, I want you to help me.”

In another BET show, Mike Murdock said, “Don’t sit there on the sofa watching me, go to the phone. Obey, (he says.) Go to the phone, quickly, quickly.  Delayed obedience is disobedience,” he says.

1000 seedDr. Todd Coontz – says, “Sow your $1,000.00 triple favor seed and expect a triple blessing.”

He also said, “I don’t know where this number came from, but God told me to tell you to go to your phone right now and sow a seed of $273.00.  Do it now, don’t delay.  God is also going to birth an uncommon business idea when you let go of this seed.

In case you might be wondering, the $273.00 figure Coontz said GOD gave to him is the unit number to his condo in Charlotte, N. C. valued at more than $1 million dollars.  By the way, Coontz used to be Mike Murdock’s treasurerHmmm!

Miracle WaterPeter Popoff  and his “miracle spring water” says it all.  In 1986 he was exposed on Johnny Carson’s show as the fraud that he is.  That exposure revealed that he would have attendees fill out prayer requests and the most egregious ones were seated in prearranged seats.

Once the show began, Popoff’s wife would read the sufferer’s prayer request into an ear piece worn by Popoff and he would then claim that GOD Himself  told him about their infirmities.

Steve Martin portrayed Peter Popoff’s character in the 1992 movie “Leap of Faith.”

Popoff houseIn spite of all the negative press, thanks to BET, Popoff  is back bigger, better and richer as evidenced by this mansion his Black African American sheep bought him.

8 StepsCreflo Dollar is the founder and Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia, claiming 30,000 members and World Changers Church-New York, which claims over 6,000 worshippers each week.

JetIf you recall, Pastor Dollar is in need of a $65 million dollar jet so that he can reach out and put the touch on millions of Gullible Christians.  Pastor Dollar ardently believe in congregants paying their tithes.  In fact, he is heard saying that if he had his way, he would dig a ditch and shoot all non-tithers and bury them behind the church.

DollarYou can also view Pastor Dollar having a grand time wading through money.

HomeBy the way, Creflo has a net worth in excess of $27 million dollars, while the average household income in his church’s neighborhood is about $30,000.00 per year.

Eddie Long King of JewsBishop Eddie Long was crowned a Jewish King immediately after being accused of molesting male members of his church.

Cash EddieYou can later see him receiving a large cache of money from a female as he says, “Thanks Baby Girl.”  He also said, “I couldn’t pay for that.  Tell somebody thats just first fruit.  That might be her day today, but my day is coming, my day is coming.”

HomeEddie Long’s net worth was posted at $5 million in 2014.  Yeah!  Right!

Joyce meyer at hillsong conference kiev 2007 Oct04.jpgJoyce Meyer has a $23,000.00 commode, and she flies the friendly skies in a privately owned, $10 million Gulfstream G-IVl.  She also owns several million dollar homes and her four children’s homes are worth over $2 million combined.

JM EstateShe lives on this multi-million dollar compound where her children also live in their own houses.  Her net worth exceeds $25 million dollars.

JM BibleJoyce has also written her very own version of the Bible which you can purchase for only $40.00, $24.99.

Paula White PimpingPaula White skyrocketed on the coattails of Bishop T.D. Jakes when he invited her to speak to his majority Black African American female audience at his “Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference.”  A year later, she launched her television ministry.

With TDFor his 50th birthday present, Paula White sent her “spiritual fatherT.D. Jakes a black convertible Bentley.  Who do you suppose paid for this birthday present?

Paula White In 2013, she received the “Rosa Parks Lifetime Achievement Award and Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition gave her the “Trailblazer Award” in 2006.  What a woman!

Paula HomePaula’s net worth exceeded $5 million dollars in 2015.

Bishop Don Juan1Growing up in Philadelphia, I used to see men with “processed hair,” flashy clothes and jewelry, expensive cars and flashy women and we called them “Pimps.”  Today I can go into many churches and see the same type of men and YOU call them “Pastor.”

Some are mad with BET for allowing these religious Pimps to hustle their infomercials, yet I am not one of them.  The fact that they can afford to pay BET for airtime, means there are more than enough Black African Americans (mostly females) sending them money.

Energizer_BunnyLike the “Energizer Bunny,” I can go on and on and on, yet what would be the point?  If you don’t realize by now that “most Televangelist, Pastors and Preachers are pimping you in the name of The Lord, there is nothing more I can tell you!

Church CarsJust remember this, Matthew 10:8 says, “Freely ye have received, freely ye give,” therefore why should you be giving money to these Preachers/Pastors/Pimps?  What does “freely” mean to you?

Bishop Don JuanWhoever said “Pimping wasn’t easy,” should ask Bishop Don Juan!

I will close this article, by showing you the dangers of joining religious cults.

Grass Eating Pimp 2South African Pastor, Daniel Lesego has congregation, consisting of mostly women and children “grazing in the grass” and becoming violently sick afterwards.

Grass Eaters 1  Grass Eater Sick  Grass Eaters Sicker

Underwear UngodlyA Kenyan Pastor tells women congregants that underwear is ungodly and forbids them to wear any to church.

Butt SistasAnother South African Pastor orders women to strip naked so he can kiss their butts to attract husbands for them.

JonesTownNow that you’ve had a few laughs at how incredulously gullible many of our people in general and our women in particular can be, let us not forget Reverend Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guyana.

Mass SuicideOn November 18, 1978, 909 Americans (mostly Black African American women and children), under the leadership of Reverend Jim Jones, Pastor and Founder of “The Peoples Templewent home to their Jesus by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide.

No Kool-AidAs they say, “Don’t hate the players, hate the game!”

I ask that should you read anything in my posts that you can factually show me is false, please do so immediately.  Although I have made every effort to verify everything I write, I do make errors.

Common SenseOh, what a blessing it is that my people are so Gullible because they do not read, think or use Common Sense says the Pastors, Pimps and Politicians.



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