Augusta, Georgia

• Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#1614) in the State of Georgia.
• Licensed Master Social Worker (#329) in the State of South Carolina
• In Private Practice as a Family, Individual and Addictions Therapist
• Motivational Speaker and Staff Developer
• I am a highly skilled Mental Health Therapist with expertise in the following milieus: Marriage, Family, Group and Individual counseling as well as Hypnosis and Behavior Modification techniques.
• Considerable experience and training working with incarcerated individuals.
• Conducted Workshops on Customer Service and Employee Relations.
• Conducted Workshops on Stress Reduction and Job Burnout
• Conducted Workshops on Cultural Diversity in the Work Place
• Designed and Implemented Team Work and Leadership Development training
• Thirty-three years experience in human development.
• Thirty of the thirty-three years experience is post- Master’s degree.


September 2006 – Present, Private Practice. I provide family and individual counseling; as well as group training and public speaking to various companies and agencies.

September 2006 – Present. Full time Real Estate Investor.

August 2012 – December 2012. I was an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Paine College, Augusta, Ga. I taught undergraduate students the following courses: Cultural Anthropology; Introduction to Sociology; Introduction to Social Work; Sociology of Deviant Behavior; Racial and Ethnic Groups; and, Sociological Theory. I developed course outlines and examinations, as well as counseled my students on various opportunities in the fields of Social Work and the Social Sciences.

February 1999 – September 2006, Independent Contractor for Richmond County Health Department – Baby’s Can’t Wait Program. I had two contracts with the Baby’s Can’t Wait Program. Under the first contract, I provided family counseling to families who had babies with various developmental disabilities.

Under the second contract, I coordinated all the services that were required by the babies and their families. I did not renew the above-mentioned contracts because I wanted to pursue public speaking and real estate investing.

January 1998 – January 1999, Clinical Coordinator for Grace Community Mental Health Center (CMHC). I supervised a staff of 25 mental health professionals and paraprofessionals. CMHC provided outpatient mental health treatment to primarily geriatric patients, although we did provide some psychiatric outpatient services to younger adults. This was a private mental health agency that went out of business in January 1999.

September 1996 – December 1998, Social Worker for Charter Hospital of Augusta. At this psychiatric hospital, I provided individual and group counseling to inpatient children and adolescents. In addition, I also provided family counseling to both the patients and their families.

August 1988 – May 1996, Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Georgia Military College, Fort Gordon Campus. I taught Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development and, Personality and Adjustment courses to undergraduate students. I developed course outlines and examinations, as well as counseled my students on various opportunities in the fields of Psychology and the Social Sciences.

May 1989 – July 1991 (Approximate Dates), South Carolina Department of Corrections – McCormick Correctional Institution. The facility is a medium/maximum penitentiary that house adult males. I held the position of Social Worker and my duties consisted of providing individual and group counseling to the inmates. In addition, I was a member of the “SITCOM” team, which is a Hostage Negotiation & Crisis Intervention Team. We were successful in gaining the release of two staff members and three inmates held hostage by an inmate who had a 25-caliber weapon.

I was promoted to Social Worker Supervisor and I was transferred to the Lower Savannah Work Release Center (male & female facility). At this center, I provided counseling services to the male (including Mr. James Brown) and female inmates and supervised one other Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

While attending the South Carolina Department of Corrections’ Correctional Officers Academy, I was awarded Top Academic Honors in 1989.

Public Speaking

 Member of Hostage Negotiation Team of a “Medium/Maximum SC penitentiary
 Conducted Hostage Negotiation while working with the SC Department of Corrections
 Perform crisis intervention and stabilization
 Highly skilled in critical debriefing and workplace trauma
 Stress reduction techniques and anger management training
 Staff Development and Motivational Speaking
 Published author of two books

Clinical and Management Skills

 Social Worker Supervisor for the South Carolina Department of Corrections
 Clinical Coordinator for a Mental Health agency-I supervised a staff of 25 professionals and paraprofessional

Consultant for the Richmond County Board of Health’s Babies Can’t Wait program.
 Provide Parenting Training and Family Counseling to parents of children with disabilities.

Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Sociology-Paine College, Augusta, Ga; Georgia Military College, Augusta, Georgia; Philip College, Augusta, Georgia

 I taught undergraduate sociology courses.
 I taught undergraduate psychology courses.
 I was responsible for developing course outlines, writing, grading and administering exams.
 I developed the Chemical Dependency Certificate Program as well as the curriculum for Philip Junior College, Augusta, GA.
 I counseled students on academic and career choices.


1982 – 1983 Master of Arts, Counseling, National University, San Diego, CA
1979 – 1982 Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Science, National University, San Diego, CA
1976 – 1978 Associate of Arts, Psychology, San Diego City College, San Diego, CA


2011 -2012 I was a member of the Dads in Action Organization. We mentored “at risk” students in the Richmond
County School System. We did fund raisers to provide financial support for various extra-curricular
Programs, such as donated nearly $5,000.00 to the Morgan Road Middle School for band equipment.

2012 I did volunteer work at Hornesby Elementary school. I participated in the after school program, teaching Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students anger management and interpersonal relationships; alcohol and drug education and effective study skills.


Upon Request


4 thoughts on “Resume’/CV

  1. I have really enjoyed all of the conversations that we have had and are to come. Thanks for being very informative with past and present current events and thanks for all you have done for everyone that you come in contact with our people in particular. Donny

    • Brother Donny, it is always an enlightening experience for me each time we interact. I admire your receptiveness as well as your openness. Most of all, I appreciate and applaud your Blackness and your perpetual efforts to “Know Thy Self.” Jerry

  2. I have been reading these posts and I have read through it I find it informative,and interesting.I didn’t know anything much about the history of my african american culture.I found what been reading open my mind to understand more about this world we live in,I have never blamed the white man cause I never knew much on our history.Now after reading this it makes me want go further into the history and learn more.Thank you for sharing this information..

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