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Jerry Smith is licensed by the state of South Carolina as a Licensed Master Social Worker. He holds the following degrees: a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from National University, San Diego, California, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from National University, San Diego, California, and an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from San Diego City College, San Diego, California. He is an Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at Georgia Military College in Fort Gordon, Georgia.
The author was born in Augusta, Georgia on December 13, 1951. Before he was a year old, his parents looked at him and realized that he had “promise.” They moved him North to the “Promised Land.” As a result, he grew up in the slums of Philadelphia and New York City. At eighteen he enlisted into the United States Navy. The navy moved him to another world called San Diego, California. After serving honorably for six years, the author received an honorable discharge from the Navy in San Diego, California.
While completing his Graduate training in San Diego, California, the author read an article depicting the “New South.” This article spoke of the increased strides in race relations in the “New South.” He decided to return home (Augusta, Georgia and the “New South”) on May 1, 1983, after an absence of thirty two years.
The first day in Augusta, Georgia, a “white” Richmond County Deputy Sheriff threatened to take him to “University Hospital” – Welcome home to Dixie and the “New South.”







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This book is dedicated to my dearly beloved
wife, Shirley Rouse Smith. Wife, you have
been an inspiration to me throughout our
marriage. You have been totally supportive
and caring of me in spite of me. I re-dedicate
my life and love to you!


All honor and all praise go to God the Father through His son Jesus Christ, for without Him, nothing would be possible. On the other hand, with Him, all things are possible. My book is a testament to the power and glory of God the Father and His son Jesus Christ.
When I sit to count my milliard blessings in which I have received from the Lord through out my lifetime, the first blessing that comes to my mind is my wife Shirley. Through the years, she has been totally supportive of my many endeavors as well as the very few adversities that I have encountered. My beloved wife spent many sleepless nights editing this manuscript. Without her untiring efforts, it is doubtful that this book would be in print at this time. I know and truly appreciate the sacrifices which my dear wife has made in this project. To this end, I am extremely grateful for her love and untiring devotion.
In April 1991, I began writing my manuscript by hand. God sent to me Ms. Phyllis Grant, Vice President of F.R.C. Computer Services Associates, Inc. Ms. Grant helped me in the purchase of my first computer and she literally talked me through the loading of my software programs. Whenever I encountered difficulty understanding the books or the programs, Ms. Grant was just a phone call away. Ms. Grant is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to computers and I highly recommend her services to first time computer users like myself.
After I completed my rough draft in November, I began sending out letters to various publishers. As the publishers began responding, to my dismay, I became aware that the Lotus Works word processing program I was using would not be acceptable to many publishers. Now I was faced with transcribing my entire manuscript into Word Perfect format. To me this was another foreign language. Before I had time to become depressed, God was again right on time. He sent Mr. Tony Smith and his lovely wife Mrs. Shirley Smith (not the same Shirley who I am married to) to my assistance. Mr. Smith worked tirelessly reprogramming my computer and helping me with technical questions. In fact, Mr. Smith was at my home until after midnight on New Year’s eve assisting me in transcribing my manuscript. Mrs. Shirley Smith (Mr. Tony Smith’s wife) was the second person to read portions of my manuscript and her comments were extremely motivating and appreciative. Before her, the only person that had read it was my wife, Shirley. In spite of her constantly answering my one question, “How do you like it?”, over and over in the affirmative, Mrs. Shirley Smith’s objectivity was greatly appreciated by both me and my wife.
I would also like to thank Ms. Willa Mitchell and Mr. Tawain Brown, both of whom responded to my plea for assistance in obtaining information regarding possible publishing companies. In addition I wish to thank Mrs. Bobbi Littles for her assistance in reproducing copies of my manuscript and Mr. Robert Flannigan, Col. USA (Ret) for his technical support.
I wish to thank my dearly beloved baby brother, Mr. Gregory Frank Smith, for his immediate assistance in locating possible
publishers on the West Coast. During one of our many telephone conversations, I happened to mention to him that I was searching for a publisher. Greg immediately placed me on hold and began calling his associates. This is truly – Brotherly Love!
I also wish to thank all of my students who have been very supportive and encouraging to me. I am indebted to Ms. Clara Loftlin for her inspiring comments which appear in the preface. It is also very important to me that I take this opportunity to thank all the African Americans who gave their lives so that I could have a better life. Most important, I would like to thank God Almighty for my life.


The year is 1992 and institutional racism is totally ingrained into the very fabric of the American flag. February has come and gone and the “Moments in Black History” public service announcements have all been shelved until “Black History Month” next year. The African American race is clinging frantically to the bottom rung of the economic ladder. Over half the African American children are growing up in single parent, female headed households, many of which have an income below the poverty level. It is said that one in four African American males is involved in the criminal justice system because they are murdering and robbing one another like it is a fad. The African American church, which historically was the backbone of the African American community has joined the bandwagon. They too are ripping off the African American community, leaving it morally bankrupt and financially poorer because of the exorbitant salaries and extravagant lifestyles of their “preachers.” The conclusion of the whole matter is that “IT’S TIME TO STOP BLAMING THE WHITE MAN!”

The author


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1. Introduction 1
2. The Psychopathology of Racism 7
3. African American History Vis “Black” History 34
4. The Economics of Racism 64
5. Interpersonal Relationships 78
6. Raising Children 101
7. African American Males 118
8. Religion or Ritual 137
9. Conclusion 164
10. Epilogue 164
11. Bibliography 184

Preface by


This book is very timely. A real thought provoking message to the African American community. Especially, at this time when so many of us are taking practical steps to learn of whom we are.
Through your writing, you have illuminated the darkness surrounding where we have come from, as well as how we have arrived at the place that we find ourselves at now. “Its Time To Stop Blaming The White Man” advocates both an accurate knowledge of African American History and the acceptance of current realities as the only catalyst for permanent positive change.
As I read through your manuscript for the second time, I became aware of the sensitivity of your writing. This is truly a “labor of love” that you are sharing with the African American community. I feel both Blessed by God, and honored by you to have read your manuscript prior to publication. Thank you for the opportunity.
My prayer is that your readers will open their eyes and their hearts to your message, thereby receiving a blessing.
You are, and have been, “about your Father’s work.”

God Bless You,
Clara Loftlin


“Again the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman:
If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;
Then whoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.
He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning;
his blood shall be upon him, But he that taketh warning shall
deliver his soul.
But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his
iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.
So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto
the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warn them from me.” Ezekiel 33:1 7

Over the years, I have attended many conferences and workshops in which the focus was on the condition of the African American race. Too often, the central themes of these doom and gloom conferences were concentrated on the social, political and economic plight of the African America race. Too often, they merely boiled down to nothing more than race bashing. Often the issues discussed were those consisting of what the “white” man was or was not doing to allow the African American race to “make progress.” Now and then, there would be keynote speakers who would hit the nail right on the head. They would tell the conferees that the primary problems were with the planners and leadership of these conferences. They would speak of how illogical it was to be discussing the plight of the masses (while holding conferences in “white” hotels). Of course, these messages went into one ear and out of the other. Many of those attending these conferences were about the business of partying and bull and bull and partying. Most of those present at these conferences were African American women, accompanied by a minority of bourgeois, lower middle class, African American men. Papers would be presented, Kinte cloth sold and the conferees would return to their respective communities talking about the great time in which they had. They would speak of the dynamic speakers and their very significant messages. Then it would be business as usual, until the next conference.
It is the opinion of this writer, that we have been using the “white” race in general and the “white” man in particular as a “scapegoat.” We are at a point in our history where we are now blaming the “white” man for all of the ills and diseases in our communities. Everything negative and undesirable that happens to us as a race is blamed on the “white” man. Our children are murdering each other like it is a fad and we are blaming the “white” man. We are making such foolish statements as, “If the “white” man did not bring all of those guns into our neighborhoods, our children would not be killing each other.” We must assume total responsibility for the actions of ourselves and our children. No longer can we afford to point the finger of blame at the “white” man.
We have become an addicted society. We Americans are consuming some type of drug from the time we open our eyes in the morning until we close them in the evenings. Our babies (along with our women and men) are standing in front of our houses, selling dope to our children and we have closed the window blinds, locked our doors and shook our heads. When death occurs from drug activity, we then begin ranting and raving that: “It’s the white man’s fault. If he didn’t bring all of this dope into our neighborhoods, we would not be having this problem.”
Granted, it is true that the “white” man is responsible for one hundred percent of all of the illicit drugs that enter America’s communities. In fact, if it was not for the “white” man, there would not be a drug epidemic in America. The extent of their responsibility consists of their involvement in drug trafficking. They bring drugs into our communities and then we pick them up. At the time that we pick them up, we assume total responsibility for any consequences. Never did the “white” man place a gun at the head of anyone and force them to buy, sell, or consume drugs. African American communities are consistently being used as the dumping grounds for America’s illicit drug trade. However, the “white” man is not responsible for what happens to the drugs once they are dumped into the community.
On the one hand, we are telling our children to “just say no” to drugs. In the same breath we are telling them to go and get us another beer, cigarette or some “over the counter” drug. We are telling our children: “Do as we say, and not as we do.” That foolishness does not work for “grownups,” therefore, it is irrational to think that it will work for children! For instance, when we adults see someone whom we admire engaging in certain behavior, it immediately adds credibility and acceptance to that specific behavior. Therefore, when parents are telling their children not to get involved in drugs, while simultaneously they (parents) are using drugs, the child will automatically do as they see as opposed to what they hear.
This irrational logic can continue to thrive only as long as we continue to deny our responsibility for properly raising our children. Instead of instilling the fear of punishment into our children, we are now fearing them, while not teaching them to fear anything or anybody. Because of this lack of fear, our children are constantly open for new experiences without any regard for the consequences of their actions. Instead of throwing up our hands to punish our children with a well deserved spanking, we are just throwing up our hands in disgust, saying, “I give up!”. If we give up on our own children, what chances in life can they possibly have? If we don’t care about their welfare, then who will?
At many conferences, we are told that sixty three percent of all African American babies live in female headed households. We are also told that in excess of forty percent of these households exist below the poverty line. We are then told that the vast majority of these women do not have high school diplomas, nor do they possess GEDs. In addition, we are told that many of these children in these extremely poor households do not have the same fathers. After receiving these startling statistics, we are then told that it is the “white” man’s fault. We are told that the “white” man created these economic conditions and he will not allow us the opportunity to pull ourselves up by our boot straps. In fact, he will not give us boots with straps on them. How ludicrous!
African American women are having all these babies because they have become whores and they are playing their part well. They are nothing more than prostitutes. However, instead of selling their bodies, they are prostituting their babies. They are using their children to receive welfare benefits. Some of them are using their children to “trap” a man. Some foolish women believe that pregnancy is the best way to keep a man. They erroneously believe that having children will ensure that they will always have the children’s fathers. Some low life men will regard a woman on welfare as the “catch of the day.” The fact that she is on welfare may suggest that she is not too anxious to get married, because marriage might end her welfare benefits. Having all these children by different men will attest to her level of immorality. Therefore, she may be gullible to any game some unscrupulous, African American male is playing.
If the lives of African American women are bad with one child, by what foolish stretch of their imaginations causes them to believe that they would be better off with two or more children? If she is struggling to feed, cloth and shelter one child, what logic tells her that she can be more successful with multiple children?
African American males know that they cannot take care of themselves, let alone take care of their children. Therefore, it is ludicrous for them to carelessly impregnate African American women, knowing that they cannot support their babies. They are also foolish to associate with women who have multiple children by different men. These women were not married to any of their babies’ fathers. They are now depending on the state to take care of all of them. It is obvious that these women are without morals. The fact that other men are associating with them causes their morals to come into question. African American women are just as foolish for associating with men who have multiple children by different women, if they are not taking care of their children. Too often, we will enter these types of relationships purely out of lust, with total disregard for any consequences of our actions.
Why is it that in 1992, we African Americans are still waiting for the “white” man to give us anything? Why is it that we do not have the motivation to want to do for ourselves, as opposed to sitting on our behinds waiting for a handout? Nobody gave the “white” man anything. Whatever he wanted in life he went out and took it. If it was not available, or nonexistent, he just “created” it. The “white” man’s anger and disgust toward the African American race is understandable. No one likes a “beggar” and this is all that the African American race is doing, BEGGING. It is time for us, as a people, to get up off our butts and make our own boots with straps. It is long overdue for us, as a people, to sever this dependency that we have maintained for centuries toward the “white” males. If it is worth having then it ought to be worth working, sweating and sacrificing for!
In 1992, the “white” man cannot be held responsible for our ignorance and stupidity. Granted, there are indeed inferior schools in our communities. Some teachers are inferior by choice. These teachers are aware of their teaching styles which often reflect the absence of a teaching style. Because of this, many of them know that they would not want their own children sitting in their classes. They know that these children would not learn anything, because of ineffective teaching methods. Yet, the students are aware that they will need a high school diploma just to work on farms shoveling horse manure. So why are they dropping out of school?
It is ironic that in most of the fifty states, we are required to obtain a license to keep a dog in our homes. Yet we choose to live with a person without obtaining a marriage license. We African Americans have truly placed the cart before the horse when it comes to our interpersonal relationships. There was a time when most young ladies would abstain from sexual activity until after they were married. Not only are teenage, female, virgins a rarity, so are first time mothers with husbands. Too often, we will move in (shack up) with some one of the opposite sex without the benefits of marriage. After several months of “shacking up,” we will become engaged. You must bare in mind that often the wedding date has been set for some distant time in the future. Yet, we continue to live together, enjoying the benefits of marriage without the responsibilities or commitments. What can we possibly be teaching our children about morals?
Often we will judge a book by its cover. More often than not, our judgment may be in error. I have heard several critics of certain books vehemently oppose the authors and their works. After further discussions, these “literary” critics would confess that they have not read the books themselves. Typically, their judgment was based on the opinions of someone else. Often, this other person had not read the book in its entirety. Usually, someone told them of a particular passage which caused them to feel that their feet were being stepped on.
As an African American male who is more interested in the enrichment of my race as opposed to self enrichment, I am entreating the readers to read this book in its entirety. I also encourage the readers to take careful notes. I implore the readers to reserve their opinions until they have completed my book in its entirety. After reading it in its entirety, share it with at least one other person. Then, after the two of you have read my book in its entirety, engage in an open and honest discussion. There are aspects of my book that may fit you to a tee and there are aspects of my book that you may believe to be out in left field. The areas of my book that may fit you or your circle of influences will identify the areas that you all need to work on. Most important, is the fact that I am not your enemy because I am telling you my perception of our problems. The primary reasons behind my writing this book is to convince my people that:




Many individuals who are suffering with various psychological disorders, exhibit definite signs and patterns of inappropriate behavior. It is generally agreed by many mental health professionals that psychological disorders exist when our behavior involves any combination of the following:

We are exhibiting unusual behavior
Society strongly disapproves of our behavior
What we perceive as reality is flawed and ineffective
Our personal lives are unmanageable and inundated with
negative stressors
We have become a danger to others and to ourselves
We are exhibiting self destructive behavior


To grasp the scope of this text, you must set aside all preconceived notions about race. Unless one has an open mind, the old stereotypes will distort one’s judgment and cloud one’s thinking. Only after the elimination of their own racial prejudices, can anyone ever expect to eradicate racial prejudice from the lives of others.
Historically, racism has been discussed by “whites” observing nonwhites. “White” males have primarily been responsible for defining racism and deciding the root causes of racism, as well as the ramifications of institutional racism. These “white” males have developed a variety of plausible explanations for racism. Many such explanations are the beliefs that “nonwhites” are genetically inferior to “whites.” There have also been many attempts by “white” males to justify biblically the atrocities of institutional racism. This is shown by “white supremacists” repeatedly pointing to the scriptures where God cursed Ham to be a servant.
This writer has chosen to focus on racism as well as institutional racism, from an African American perspective. The writer will try to focus on the psychological ramifications of institutional racism which effects the entire human race. This includes the “white” race, because the entire human race is a victim.
The author recognizes that “white” males have been unable to assess the true impact of institutional racism. This is because of their inability to accept their roles in the origination and in the perpetuation of institutional racism. If “white” males were to observe their own actions and behaviors, they would find it difficult to continue engaging in institutional racism. By continuing this behavior, they could no longer profess to be a civilized and humane people. If they were unable to continue their racist practices, it would be primarily because of their desire for mental health.
The resultant mental illness that is associated with the practice and implementation of institutional racism is an inevitable result of racism. Hopefully, “white” males will stop their racist behavior and attitudes. When this happens, the corollary racial problems in America and in the world would come to a screeching halt.
Racism is the belief that someone has negative and inferior characteristics, primarily because of their membership in a particular racial group. Racial discrimination is the refusal to grant constitutionally humane rights and privileges, because of one’s membership in a specific race. “White supremacy” is the only working racism in the world. What makes “white supremacy” a functional racism is that “white supremacists” are in control of most of the organizations, businesses, industries and governmental entities in America as well as much of the world. Because of this power over much of the world, “white” males can control who receives or does not receive certain rights and privileges. As a result, “white supremacists” deny certain rights and privileges to “nonwhites,” solely because of their racial membership. “White supremacists” also will grant certain rights and privileges to “whites” solely because of their racial membership.
The belief that one’s race is superior to another race is understandable. Racial pride has the tendency of unifying its members by enabling them to feel very good about themselves. What is bad about believing one’s race to be superior to another race is the behavior that is associated with this belief. Any race can practice racism and discrimination. However, only the group of individuals who define themselves as the “white” race has the power to establish institutional racism. This is the type of racism that permeates the very fabric of American policies and politics.
Historically, whenever America experienced economic hardships, “white” males would inevitably place the blame directly on the shoulders of the members of the “nonwhite” race. President Bush’s refusal to sign into law a “civil rights bill” is supposedly due to his belief that it is a “quota bill.” This is translated to mean that “white” males would be denied access to various job opportunities. Supposedly, this denial would be primarily because their jobs would be given to members of the “minority” race due to past injustices.
It is a gross error in judgment to believe that the current economic system is primarily responsible for the current racial problems, not only in America, but in the world. The basic purpose of “white supremacy” is for the construction, sustenance and world domination of members of a racial group, which is known collectively as the “white race.” If the power was shared equally, the “white” race would be forced to adopt its rightful status in the world. They would then recognize themselves as the minority population. This would mean that they could no longer dominate the rest of the world. If true equality was to take place in the world, there would be one person and one vote. The “white” race in general, and the “white” male in particular would be out of office due to a landslide vote.
What is the basis for the racial hatred that “whites” have toward “nonwhites?” Historically speaking, the “white” race has always been the aggressor toward the “nonwhite” races. Wherever the “white” race meet members of the “nonwhite” race, they immediately begin genocidal tactics. His story tells the world that the “white” race has enslaved or tried to annihilate every other race of people they met. This slaughter would be in the name of Christianity and civilization. Nowhere in his story do they tell of incidents where “nonwhites” have initiated aggressive acts toward “whites” solely because of the color (or lack of color) of their skin.
Why do the members of the “white” race openly express hatred and disdain toward another race of people solely because of that person’s racial membership? How is it possible to harbor such hatred toward another person, sight unseen? His story tells the world that the “white” race have raped, plundered, pillaged and murdered members of every “nonwhite” race in the world, without provocation. How is it possible for the “white” race to have such a passionate hatred toward someone who has never done anything to them?
Is it possible for “nonwhites” in general and the African American in particular to passionately love and admire the “white” race in general and “white” Americans in particular? When the African American read “white” America’s his story, they read of the atrocities of slavery. They read of the brutality and barbarism of slavery. That alone is bad enough. However, “white” America’s his story goes on to tell of their continued atrocities and despicable acts beyond the emancipation proclamation. “White” America continues to harbor hatred and hostility toward the African Americans today. This hatred manifests itself as overt and covert racism. How is it possible for the African American to love “white” America? How can the African American continue to undergo racist attacks while attempting to assimilate, while trying to imitate, while begging and pleading with the “white” race to “like” them? The author hopes to shed some light on plausible explanations for these and other questions.
In psychology, the psychoanalytic perspective focuses on the belief that there is a constant clashing of three psychic forces known as the id, ego, and superego. These psychodynamic theorists believe that these forces are responsible for every person’s behavior. These theories also believe there is a delicate balancing act in constant operation between these three psychic forces.
The first psychic force that comes into play is the “id,” which is present at birth and operates on the “pleasure principle.” The “id” is constantly seeking immediate gratification. It operates on what the writer calls the “microwave mentality.” When the “id” decides that it wants something, all rational thought goes out of the window. The only thing that matters is the immediate fulfillment of the “id’s” desires at any cost, despite the consequences.
An example of the “id” in operation is Christopher Columbus stumbling upon the Americas and being rescued by the original inhabitants. Upon regaining his health and strength, Columbus claims to have “discovered” the entire continent. How could Columbus discover something that was occupied at the time of his “discovery?” As Dick Gregory said, “How can you discover something that was already being used by another human being at the time of your discovery?” This strongly suggests that someone other than Columbus must have been the original discoverer. If Christopher Columbus was to be judged by the world court for theft by taking, he would be guilty as charged.
To demonstrate the “id’s” powers, imagine going to the mall with a few dollars more than your bill money. While at the mall, you see a suit that you like. The “id” immediately comes into operation and instructs you not to pay the bill but instead, buy the suit. Therefore, you will purchase a new suit. The penitentiaries are bursting at the seams with individuals whose “ids” have been running rampant and out of control. They want what they want, when they want it, without any thought about the consequences.
The “superego” also begins to develop during the first year of life. “Superegos” operate on the “moral principle,” which consists of the “should” and “should not’s” of life. These are the guilt feelings that were instilled in you by the significant others in your life. While at the mall to pay your bill, the “superego” will cause you to feel very guilty for even wanting a new suit. Perhaps it will even cause you to feel very “selfish” and vain.
There is the “ego” which begins to develop during the first year of life. The “ego” operates on the “reality principle,” seeking delayed gratification. You would not use all of your bill money to purchase the new suit. Instead, the “ego” will suggest that this suit be placed on “lay away.” The “ego” also mediates between the demands of the “id” and the “superego.”
How can the “white” race continually commit atrocities on the “nonwhite” races of the world and maintain a functional superego? Based on their his story, the “white” race in general is amoral.


When the “ego” is unable to maintain this delicate balance between the “id” and the “superego,” the mind is thrust into a state of psychic pain known as anxiety. The primary function of anxiety is to alert the “ego” to psychic danger. The “ego’s” response to this alarm is to set up an appropriate defense mechanism. Defense mechanisms operate at the unconscious level, preventing anxiety producing thoughts and behaviors from entering into consciousness. These anxiety producing thoughts and behaviors are blocked from entering into consciousness or designed to distort reality, thus alleviating the anxiety.
Repression is the basic defense mechanism because it blocks anxiety producing thoughts and behaviors from entering into consciousness. All defense mechanisms evolve around the defense mechanism of repression.


Projection is a defense mechanism in which an individual represses an anxiety producing thought by taking a negative quality of theirs and blaming the victim. Historically, the “white” male has always been the initiator of aggression toward people of color. Wherever the European explorers landed, they immediately waged undeclared wars on those who greeted them. These Europeans began to regard their hosts as biological threats to their very existent. Because of their inability to reproduce themselves with their hosts, the Europeans began enslaving them. By enslaving the original inhabitants of the land, it was possible for the Europeans to control the reproductive processes of their slaves, thus controlling their numbers. The Europeans resented the original inhabitants’ dark skin. They could reproduce themselves with the European but the Europeans could not reproduce themselves with the original inhabitants. The Europeans justified their barbaric acts by blaming their victims. The Europeans began projecting their hatred and hostilities toward themselves onto their hosts.
These Europeans’ insatiable quest for objects of wealth resulted in their violating sacred objects and temples. This would anger their hosts. Europeans would then attack and kill many men with their advanced weapons of destruction. They would then justify these massacres by pleading self defense.
Because of these undeclared wars, there was racial genocide, racial segregation and enslavement. These Europeans justified their undeclared race wars by accusing their hosts of being the initiators of hostilities. In actuality, if their hosts acted hostile toward the Europeans, it was in response to the Europeans’ barbaric treatment of them. Initially, the Europeans were greeted with open arms. Portions of the community was set aside for them to establish their own communities. Because of their insatiable greed for possessions and power, the Europeans wanted the entire community and slave labor.
Another example of projection is the European’s psychotic desire for women of color. Everywhere that the European males encountered women of color, they developed a perverted desire for these women. These same European men would commit atrocious acts of violence if the men of color looked at the European women. These acts of violence were not limited to lynchings. They also included castrations and burnings for men of color who were accused of looking at European women in sexually suggestive manners. These Europeans would justify their acts of violence by fervently expressing their need to keep their race pure. While advocating racial purity for themselves, they were impregnating millions of women of color, thus polluting the race of their hosts.
There are millions of “colored” citizens in South Africa who are the products of “white” men and African women. This “new” race appeared as the “white” minority vehemently insisted that the races remain separate. The question is “separate for whom?” It is obvious that the racists are not practicing what they are preaching. These “white” supremacists are subjecting their own offsprings to the most vicious, savage and inhumane treatment in the world. Although these children are the progeny of “white” men, they will treat them worst than they treat their animals.
They are saying that African men and “white” women cannot have the same privileges as “white” men. They are saying that interracial sex is restricted to “white” men only. These “white” men may openly boast of the number of interracial children that they sired, yet they will flatly deny their own children’s existence.
Everywhere the United States military go, thousands of their “white” servicemen marry women of their host countries. This is particularly clear with “white” servicemen in Korea and the Philippines. Many of these “white” servicemen become enraged at the sight of African American males with “white” women and with women of the host countries. The “white” males psychotically believe that it is perfectly okay for them to become intimate with women of every race. Simultaneously, they violently object to men of color behaving similarly. They form lynch mobs, burn crosses and blame the African Americans for causing them to have to “put the African Americans in their places.”
Several years ago, the German government issued an official protest. They complained to the United States government about the number of African American soldiers marrying German women. The United States Army immediately began purging its forces of African American troops, for what was previously considered minor acts of rule violations. Today, because of their “white supremacists” views, German citizens are rioting in the streets, looting, burning homes, burning crosses and killing people of color. They are telling the world that they want to keep Germany “white!” However, the American government continues to pour billions of dollars into the German economy annually. These billions come in the forms of American troops and military weapons stationed on German soil. If Germans want to keep Germany “white,” they should be allowed to do that. The American government should immediately withdraw all of its troops and materials from German soil, especially that green stuff, American currency!
The “white” race resents their inability to produce color and their inability to reproduce themselves with people of color. It is psychologically unhealthy to walk through life hating themselves. Many “white” people project these feelings of hatred onto the objects of their envy. Their victims are usually people of African ancestry in particular and other people of color. This passionate hatred toward people of African ancestry is because the African genes are the most dominant genes in the entire human gene pool. It is the African gene that poses the greatest biological threat to the very survival of the “white” race.
The African American race in general and the African American male in particular has been taught to hate their “blackness.” They have been led to believe that their dark skin is an undesirable characteristic. The African Americans in general and members of the “colored” race in particular have been taught to worship and revere everyone with “white” skin. They have openly embraced the premise that it is more desirable to have “white” skin than to have “dark” skin. It is psychologically unhealthy for African Americans and other people of color to openly go through life hating themselves. Consequently, they will project their hatred onto other members of the African American race and other people of color. What they are really saying is that they resent all people of color including themselves. They resent themselves because “massa” will not allow them to join his exclusive club because of the color of their skin.
This is the primary reason there is so much violence and disunity among the African American race in general and the colored races in particular. These people of color have been taught to hate themselves and project their hatred onto people that look like them. They were taught not to trust anyone who remotely resembled them, while being taught to love and worship the entire “white” race. They have been taught to hate themselves because of their inability to become “white,” and to love “whites” because they are not “black.”


Rationalization is a defense mechanism which an individual justifies or makes excuses for inappropriate behavior. The “white” race only represents ten percent of the world’s population, yet they are currently in control of over 80 percent of all the worlds’ natural and manmade resources. The “white” race has amassed this control over the world’s resources through “hook and crook.” The “white” race has maintained their control over most of the world’s resources through violence and bloodshed. If they perceive a threat to their authority, they immediately employ various tactics of subterfuge and lies to alleviate the threat. This is done even if they have to annihilate another race of human beings. The “white” race will justify their control over the world’s resources by saying that “it is the `white’ man’s burden to manage the world’s resources.”
These same “white” men will justify pillaging the earth’s resources and enslaving the people of color by saying that everybody is better off. The myth of the “happy slave” is a fantasy that has been fully internalized by the “white” race. The “white” race find it very difficult to accept people of color not wanting to be enslaved by them. They find it hard to believe that someone else has a desire to be free. For instance, the “white” supremacists, who are currently in control of America were successful in convincing the acceptable “negro” leaders that it was un American to want a separate nation. Marcus Garvey attempted to persuade African Americans that they would be better off going home to Africa. “White supremacists” told their “negro” flunkies to tell the masses, “You have not lost anything in Africa.” During the 1950s and 1960s (and even today) the Muslims were advocating the separation of the races. During this time, “white supremacists” were telling their “negro” flunkies that it was imperative to get the masses to forgive all “white” people of all sins. These “negro” leaders were telling the masses to “turn the other cheek” and to forgive all “white” people for their transgressions. They were telling the masses to forgive “white” people for the things that they had done to the “negro.” They were to forgive them for the atrocities of the past and the present. “Negro” leaders were also telling the masses to forgive “white” people for the atrocities they would be doing to “negroes” in the future! How absurd!
The “white supremacists'” greatest fear is that the African Americans will break away and align themselves with other people of color. The “white supremacists” are very knowledgeable of the bravery and courage of the African American race. This bravery and courage have been displayed repeatedly in every war that this country has started. The fear is that the African Americans would turn this bravery and courage against the “white supremacists'” regime. Since the “negro” leaders can keep the masses waiting for a few crumbs from their “Massa’s” table, the “white supremacists” can maintain control over the African Americans. Since the “white supremacists” have control over the African American race, their continued dominance and superior status will not be threatened.
Most of these “white supremacists” had and have convinced the “negro” leaders of the necessity of convincing the masses to WAIT! These “negro” leaders were teaching the masses to have the patience of Job. They believed that, in time, the “good white” people would see the error of their ways and grant full citizenship to the “negro.” Since the masses are being convinced to WAIT, all the “white supremacists” have to do is to throw a few crumbs from their tables. These crumbs will pacify the “negro” leadership who in turn will placate the masses.
The African American leaders will justify their support of the “white” race by saying that the African Americans are not ready for self direction. These African American leaders are quick to say that “we are still babes.” The African American leadership will go out of their way to maintain the dependency status of the masses. Because once the masses gain their independence and self sufficiency, these so called “black” leaders will become obsolete to both the “white” race and the African American race. Therefore, these “black” leaders will convince the masses not to support African American political candidates because of the African American candidates’ inexperience. These same “black” leaders will strongly encourage the masses to support any “white” candidate because the “white” candidates have more experience in politics. They will make such foolish statements as, “It is better to support a `white’ conservative as opposed to a `black’ conservative.”


Displacement is a defense mechanism in which a person will take their feelings out on an innocent object or person. The “white” race has a tremendous amount of hatred toward themselves. Psychologically, it is unhealthy to walk through life hating yourself. So the “white” race has displaced their hatred onto the object of their envy. The “white” race’s self hatred is attributed to the fact that they are the only race in the world that is without natural skin color. It is a common statement to hear “whites” saying to other “whites'” “You need some sun, because you look so pale. Have you been sick?”. Europeans will remove as much clothing as the law will allow so that they may subject their bodies to the damaging rays of the sun. By burning their bodies in the sun and in “tanning ovens,” they may have that “deep dark savage tan.” Simultaneously these same “white” people will espouse racial epithets to members of the colored race. They will openly display their hatred toward people of color only because they have naturally dark skin color.
After centuries of abuse, the African American has repressed a tremendous amount of justifiable hatred toward the “white” race. Because of their worship and fear of the “white” race, the African Americans cannot direct their hatred toward the “white” race, for fear of reprisals. Therefore, the African Americans will displace their hatred onto innocent objects or victims. These victims are usually other African Americans in general and African American males in particular.
African American females are considered less threatening to “white” males. They usually find themselves in better positions both economically and socially, than the African American males. African American males are relegated to the lower rungs of the ladder of success. Because of their economic status, African American females and “white” males look upon them with disdain.
The African American males look upon themselves with disgust. Thus, we have many African American males committing violent acts against each other. African American males know they would receive the most severe punishment if they were to take their feelings out on the source of their woes, the “white” race. Fear of immediate and harsh reprisals causes African American males to “displace” their feelings by attacking innocent, defenseless and safe victims other African American males.


Another defense mechanism is that of reaction formation. A person will say or do the opposite of what he feels. For example, many liberals will profess to love African Americans. They will invite acceptable African Americans to their homes and even pretend that they are their friends.
African Americans must direct their own organizations and tell their liberal allies they would better serve them by converting “white” people. However, doing this would cause the “stuff” to truly hit the fan. Since these so called liberals are telling the African American people what should be done, the liberals are happy. Since these liberals are running the African American organizations, both groups believe everything will be all right. While these African Americans remain in their places, these liberals will continue to pretend that they are truly interested in the progress of the African American race.
Many African Americans will openly pretend to love and adore “white” people. They have been taught that this is the best method of eking out a living. They will laugh at the racist jokes some “white” people like to tell as a way of showing that they are not prejudice. African Americans will allow themselves to receive all types of insults from the “whites” and openly thank them for these insults. Unfortunately, internally, these African Americans are seething caldrons waiting to explode. They are time bombs with very short fuses. This is why they will unleash this rage on an innocent person or object. African Americans will lash out at the property of “massa” with reckless abandonment. All too often, “Massa’s properties” are other African Americans.
Many African Americans who are engaged in this defense mechanism will join “civil rights” organizations and obtain very high positions. They will convince anyone who will listen that they are genuinely concerned about the advancement of “black” people. They will openly display their Kinte cloths and address anyone who will listen as, “brother.” Through closer examination, one will quickly discover that their behavior is a sham. These individuals will be residing in “lily white” neighborhoods while sending their children to “lily white” schools. This extravagance is being financed by other African Americans who have a need to believe in them.


The defense mechanism of denial is the refusal to recognize a threatening thought. Most of the world’s population consists of people with color ie. “nonwhites.” As the “white” explorers embarked on their world explorations/conquests, everywhere they landed, they were greeted by a dark skinned race. To their dismay, the “white” explorers found that their hosts were highly civilized. These original settlers of the “new world” were living in harmony with their natural environment because of their vastly superior humanistic abilities.
The “white” explorers were treated with love and respect by their hosts. After spending many months at sea, these “white” explorers were very happy to be in the company of women. Many of these sailors felt that their dark skinned female hosts were the most beautiful women in the world. Many amorous relationships were established, which culminated in the birth of many interracial babies.
Most of these off springs from interracial unions retained the features of their mothers, especially her skin color. Therefore the “white” explorers quickly became aware of their inability to reproduce themselves with their dark skinned hosts. As hard as they tried, “white” explorers were rarely able to produce a “white” child by mating with their dark skinned hosts. They came to realize that they could only reproduce themselves with themselves. In spite of this revelation, the “white” race has created the fantasy that their genes are the superior genes. They are teaching the people of the world that the “white” race is genetically superior to every other race in the world.
The “white” race is unsuccessful in consistently reproducing themselves with people of color. They also recognize that almost nine tenths of the world’s population consists of people with color. As a result, numerically speaking, the “white” race is the minority race on most continents. Because of their insane quest to rule the world, the “white” race has distorted the fact of their minority status. Instead of identifying themselves as the dominant culture, they will erroneously and intentionally identify themselves as the majority culture.
It is very disturbing for the “white” race to admit to their minority status. Therefore, they have created an elaborate organization, called the “census bureau,” to lie about their true numbers. During the 1990 census, the officials reported an error of omission in which an estimated 27.1 million citizens of the United States were not counted. You must keep in mind that this is the figure in which they determined to be an acceptable admission. Millions of those citizens that were not counted were people of color. Because of their false counts, the “white” race can now prove on paper that they are in the majority. Because of their distortion of the facts and figures, the “white” race can justify their national and international dominance based on the principle of “majority rules.”
His story speaks of Africa as the “dark” continent. It has been described as a land of jungles and naked savages. That is not totally true. If Africa is as bad as these “good white” people say it is, then why are they refusing to leave? Today, anthropologists and archeologist are telling the world that life began on this “dark” continent. Some of the oldest human skeletons have been found on this continent called Africa.
His story also told the world that Africa was inhabited by uncivilized people. However, Africans were smelting iron ore, working with gold and silver and they founded the oldest university in the world (the university of Timbuktu), while Europe was just beginning to enter the “middle ages.”
The Africans were living in harmony with nature while the “white” race was and still is defying the laws of nature. The African social structure fulfilled all of the needs of its people. Old people, middle aged people and young people had a place in society. In Africa, it was truly, “All for one and one for all,” whereas in Europe it was “looking out for number one.” What his story neglected to tell the world was that Africa was conquered and colonized by a barbaric and uncivilized people, the Europeans.
His story consistently deny the achievements of the African Americans. When the first explorers came to the American continent, Africans were with them. An African was the skipper of one of Christopher Columbus’ ships. Benjamin Banneker, an African American, completed the plans for the nation’s capital, wrote an almanac that was extremely accurate and built a clock that lost only a few minutes a month. An African American built the machine that made it possible to manufacture shoes.
It was an African American who took Admiral Byrd to the North Pole. Some experts are even suggesting that Admiral Byrd intentionally recruited an African American for his polar expedition. He knew that this racist society would never acknowledge the fact that African Americans “discovered” anything. As a result, the admiral did not have to share his glory with anyone else. A fact that would have been impossible had he taken another “white” explorer with him.
Dr. Charles Drew was the discoverer of today’s blood banks. It has been conservatively estimated that his “discovery” saved over a hundred thousand lives during World War Two. The irony is that he died because he was not permitted the benefits of his “discovery.” One rainy night, he was involved in an auto accident. He was taken to the nearest hospital, which happened to be for “whites” only. He was denied treatment and sent across town to the “negro” hospital. Dr. Charles Drew, discoverer of blood plasma, bled to death because he was denied access to his invention, solely because of the color of his skin. These are just a few examples of the power of “functional racism!”
Unfortunately, the historians omitted many of these great inventors and explorers from the pages of their his story books. According to those historians, the Africans’ history began with the Europeans’ efforts to civilize/colonize them. The Europeans then blessed them with the opportunity to become slaves. African history ended abruptly with the “emancipation proclamation,” which granted “freedom” to the ex-slaves.
The insanity of “white” racism is that the “white” race will go to great extremes to obtain and maintain its own independence. While fighting for their independence, “whites” will deny independence to another race of humans. Consider the following:

“while in the course of human events it becomes
necessary for a people to advance from that subordination in which they have hitherto remained,
& to assume among the powers of the earth the equal
independent station to which the laws of nature & of
nature’s god entitle them, a decent respect to the
opinions of mankind requires that they should declare
the causes which impel them to the chance.
We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all
men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the spirit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, & to institute new government, laying it’s foundation on such principles & organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety & happiness. prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light & transient causes: and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing forms to which they are accustomed. but when a long train of abuses & usurpations, begun at a distinguished period, & pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to subject them to arbitrary power, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government & to provide new guards for their future security. such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; & such is now the necessity which constrains them to expunge their former systems of government. The history of his present majesty, is a history of unremitting injuries and usurpation, among which no one fact stands single or solitary to contradict the uniform tenor of the rest, all of which have in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states. to prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world, for the truth of which we pledge a faith yet unsullied by falsehood.”. Thomas Jefferson’s Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence

Because of this declaration, the United States entered open rebellion against the rightful government of this land. These so called patriots waged a bloody war of independence, while they continued to legally and unmercifully enslave another race of human beings.


In a democratic society where citizens openly profess “Christian” values, racism is a totally unusual form of behavior. To totally deny the opportunity for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness because of one’s membership in a particular race is racism. The dominant citizens waged an extremely bloody revolution to throw off the yoke and tyranny of persecution. His story tells the world that the so called “founding fathers” openly rebelled against the British government (which was the legal government of the land) because of “taxation without representation.” His story tells the world that the colonies had such patriots as Patrick Henry, who said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” His story also tells the world about some citizens in Boston, disguised as Indians, who boarded another man’s property and threw all of his tea into the water. This is where Charles Stewart got the idea of committing a crime and blaming it on African American males. His story tells the world that the first president of America lead a “brave” and tattered army in revolt against a legitimate government in the name of “freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.” America is openly exhibiting unusual behavior when going to war in the name of “freedom and justice for all.” At the same time, it is holding millions of human beings in the most inhumane form of slavery the world has ever known!
Since the American revolution, America has repeatedly waged wars against other countries in the name of “freedom, justice and equality for all.” Every war the leaders of this “democratic” government has led its people into have been in the name of independence for other human beings. The justification for these wars was to make the world safe for democracy. This “democratic” government was openly and defiantly denying the democratic process to millions of its own citizens. For generations, democracy was denied to the African Americans because of skin color.
Supposedly, World War Two was the war that would “make the world safe for democracy.” Simultaneously, the leaders of the democratic world America, mandated that its military remain segregated based on membership in a particular race. The leaders of “democracy” enslaved hundreds of thousands of Japanese American citizens in concentration camps. To add insult to injury, after incarcerating the Japanese Americans in concentration camps, this leader of “democracy” sent them draft notices. America, the leader of “democracy,” even had the audacity to imprison all “interned” Japanese Americans who resisted the draft.
The leaders of “democracy” were lynching their returning troops who were still in uniform. These troops were returning from the “war that made the world safe for democracy.” These lynchings were aimed at reminding America’s troops, of African ancestry, that they had just fought a war to make the world safe for “white” democracy. These lynchings were reminders to all people of color that they could only fight for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for “white” people. Many lynchings were messages to all Americans of African ancestry that they would never be free to defend their rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Most of all, these lynchings were messages and forms of punishment to all returning troops of African ancestry. Though the American government condoned their killing “white” people overseas, it would never be tolerated here in the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave.”
Both the Korean and Viet Nam wars were wrought with the same messages. African Americans were in Viet Nam to ensure that the Vietnamese citizens received freedom and the joys of the democratic process. Simultaneously, African Americans’ churches were bombed and their parents and siblings were beaten and lynched. They had dogs and fire hoses turned on them while they were peacefully asking for the same rights that the American government was violently demanding for the Vietnamese people. These returning troops were denied rights and privileges that America’s “white” enemies were freely given. These returning troops were forced to remain in slums and attend inferior schools. Many returning troops were denied access to the most basic democratic principle, the ballot.
The same thing has just repeated itself with “Operation Desert Storm!” Over thirty percent of all American forces that went to the Middle East to restore democracy to Kuwait were of African ancestry. You must keep in mind that Kuwait has never practiced democracy. This government who sent these “brave” soldiers to another country to defend the rights of another people are still denying these same rights to its citizens of African ancestry. The African Americans are still begging and pleading with “white” America to grant them a “civil rights bill.”
The country of Kuwait has been liberated. They have received their “independence!” They received their liberation without begging the “white” man for it. On the contrary, the “white” man was begging them for the opportunity to liberate them. President Bush recently shocked the world when he revealed that he has had a lengthy business interest with the country of Kuwait. Reportedly, he has revealed that he is the owner of Zapata Offshore, which built the first offshore oil well in Kuwait.
As you can see, “Operation Desert Storm” had a hidden agenda. The western world, “white supremacists,” could care less about who was in control of Kuwait. The western world was more concerned about the Arab nations uniting. If people of color ever put aside their differences, they would immediately come to grips with reality. The reality is that all people of color have a common enemy. That enemy is the “white supremacist.” The Bush administration’s primary concern was Sadaam Hussein’s attempting to unite the Arab nations. With this concern, he erased Egypt’s five billion dollar debt in exchange for their agreement not to support Sadaam Hussein. He encouraged the other middle eastern nations to join the West, not in defense of Kuwait, but in its quest to topple Mr. Hussein. This was a masterful example of the successful utilization of the old ploy, “divide and conquer.” All of this was done because Mr. Hussein stated openly that his agenda was to unite the Arab nations and rise up and throw off the yoke of oppression!


This “new world order” that Mr. Bush is referring to is the unification of all “white” people against all “nonwhite” people. This can be evidenced by the western “white” supremacist concern over the suffering of the Russians (the West’s nuclear enemy) and their pledge to support them at all cost. The American government allows fifty thousand Russian immigrants to come to this country annually. However, America only allows five thousand Africans from the entire continent of Africa to immigrate to this country annually. The American government gives, repeat, GIVES Israel two billion dollars annually in welfare, and has currently pledged another ten billion dollars for the resettlement of Russian Jews. This government gives the entire continent of Africa only eight hundred million dollars annually.
This behavior is unusual because African Americans will travel thousands of miles and engage in bloody warfare to ensure that someone else will receive their freedom. The same government that sends them is openly and blatantly denying the African Americans their freedom. Yet, the African American is content to just hold hands and sing that tired ole (old) “negro” song “We shall overcome sommmme day”!!!


Thirty years ago, Malcolm X brought to our attention the fact that most of the people in the world have openly rebelled against imperialism, colonialism and racism. Today the Europeans are being run off the entire continent of Africa. The Africans are in open rebellion against the racist Europeans’ enslavement of their people. The Algerians told the French to get out. The Ugandan government told the British to get out. In Zimbabwe, the British were told to get out. In the Congo, the Belgians were told to get out. In China, the British were told to get out. In North Korea, the Americans were told to get out. In Viet Nam, the French and Americans were told to get out. In South Africa, they are telling the “whites” to get out. The Philippians are telling the Americans to get out. Everywhere that the Europeans have colonized and settled, the indigenous people of that land are mustering their forces and telling their colonizers to GET OUT!
The world is disapproving of the way this racist government is treating its citizens of color here in America. These citizens are openly and vociferously objecting to the way in which this government is treating them. However, nowhere in the history of the world has any race of people been subjected to as many atrocities as the African Americans, and not demand justice. When the “founding fathers” experienced “taxation without representation,” they went to war. When the Iraqis invaded Kuwait, America went to war. When Yusef Hawkins was brutally beaten and killed in the streets of New York, the “black” leaders went to singing “We shall overcome sommmme day.” When Rodney King was viciously attacked and beaten by a mob of racist police in Los Angeles, the “black” leaders went to singing “We shall overcome sommmme day.” When Jeffrey Dahmer was found literally eating African Americans in Milwaukee, “black” leaders began singing “We shall overcome sommmme day.” Never in the history of the world have any oppressed citizens of any society received its rights and privileges with a song. Can you imagine Patrick Henry singing, “Give me liberty or give me death sommmme day?” Can you also imagine the continental army marching across the fields of Valley Forge arm in arm singing, “WE SHALL OVER COME SOMMMME DAY?”


When the Europeans and their ancestors began the African slave trade, they kidnapped only the best that Africa had to offer. Kings, queens and their off spring were taken from their homeland and brought to the “new world.” However, Europe sent its’ riff raff and the dregs of society to the “new world.” They emptied the prisons (Australian settlers), the slums and the mental institutions, stuck those folks on boats and shipped them out. When Fidel Castro sent the “Mario Boat People” to America, he learned from experts. Many of these Europeans died in transit and upon arriving to the “new world.” Many Africans were slaughtered in transit. They were packed in slave ships closer than sardines. Many more were murdered upon their arrival to the “new world” while resisting the barbaric treatment of the Europeans.
The Europeans always believed that they were indeed the master race. They believe that their genes are superior to every other race of people in the world. This mental illness can be evidenced by the delusions of grandeur which is displayed by the “white” race in general and many of its members in particular. There have been overwhelming evidence put forth by “white” anthropologists regarding the first man to exist on this planet. The first man resided in Africa. This culture however, continues to portray Adam, Eve, Moses and all of the prophets and the Messiah, as having “white” skin. This “white” skin is supposed to be superior to every other skin color in the world. If so superior and desirable, why is it that the “white” race will go to great extremes to turn their skin dark?
Racial prejudice is founded on the premise that one race is superior to another based solely on skin color. The European race (and all of their descendants), feel superior to every other race of people in the world, either overtly or covertly. The absurdity of this premise is that genetically speaking, the European race and their descendants are inferior to every other race of people in the world. The European race can only reproduce itself with itself. This can be evidenced by the children of interracial parents. The vast majority of these children can be easily recognized as having at least one dark skinned (nonwhite) parent. Genetically speaking, the darker genes are the dominant genes and the lighter genes are the recessive genes. Europeans knew as far back as the crusades that genetically, they were an “endangered species.


It occurred to the Europeans that there were seven continents on this planet and six of them were occupied by humans. To the Europeans’ dismay, five of them were occupied by people of color. Africa was inhabited by the Africans. Asia was inhabited by the Asians. Australia was inhabited by the Aborigines. North America and South America were occupied by the so called “Indians.”
The Europeans also stumbled upon hundreds of island nations that were also inhabited by people of color. Everywhere the Europeans traveled they were greeted by races of people who possessed genes that were darker and more dominant than theirs. Regardless how hard they tried, the European explorers were unsuccessful in consistently reproducing themselves with these people of color. The Europeans’ genes were not dominant enough to annihilate the dominant darker genes. As a result, they embarked on “crusades” of racial genocide. Their racial conquests were solely for (self) preservation of their species. This self preservation continues to be at the expense of exterminating the species of the host countries. Perhaps, biologists such as Charles Darwin would call this form of genocide, “survival of the fittest.” Or, perhaps this is what his cousin, psychologist Francis Galton meant when he said “greatness runs in families.”
The insanity of this quest for genetic survival is the result of believing a lie. Consciously, all of the descendants of the Europeans believe that their race is the superior race. Yet, at the unconscious level they recognize their genetic inferiority. This can be evidenced by the various laws which state that “If you have some negro blood, you are automatically classified as a negro.” This law substantiates the premise that the darker genes are the genetically dominant genes. Otherwise it would read just the opposite, “If you have some `white’ blood, you are automatically classified as a `white’ person.” The basic tenet behind all of the “white supremacist” groups in the world is the need to keep their race pure. They will readily admit that if one drop of “nonwhite” blood mixes with a “white” person, that person is no longer “white.
In the 1970s, Arthur Jensen and David Shockley (“white” professors at Stanford University) went on record as saying that the “negroes” were genetically inferior to “white” people. These scholars based their findings on psychometric tests that were culturally biased. Members of the “negro” communities were taken out of racist school systems and given these racist tests. These students had been subjected to inferior education for generations and the ancestors of these students had been subjected to inferior treatment for centuries. Is it any wonder that these students did not do as well as those students for whom the tests were designed for the “white” students? The irony is that these same tests are still in use today which are resulting in the same findings. It is even more ironic that the Asian community consistently out perform the “white” community on the same tests. Perhaps Shockley and Jensen (if they were alive) would say that “whites” are genetically inferior to Asians. Never!!!
There is also the myth that the “white race is physically superior to every other race on this planet. With the arrival of organized sports in America, the “white” Americans overwhelmingly dominated every sport. That is, they dominated every sport that they were successful in barring the African Americans from competing. Since the 1950s, “white” America has been looking for a “great white hope” in boxing. Their most recent hope was Jimmy Ellis, who fought George Foreman. This “great white hope,” a twenty eight year, young, professional, “white” pugilist proved to be no match for a forty two year old African American pugilist.
Several years ago, a newspaper article was published in Boston addressing the low turnout at the Celtics’ basketball games. This decreased attendance was attributed to the dominance of “black” players. Suddenly, the Boston Celtics’ were referred to as Larry Byrd and the Boston Celtics. Attendance has been a sellout since. The Washington Redskins (the team in the nation’s capital) were the last of the major league football teams to integrate its players. This was only because they were losing so many games to teams that had African American players.
It was only a few years ago, when Jimmy the Greek talked about the African Americans’ natural superiority. He spoke of the rationale behind the African Americans’ ability to dominate every sport in which they have participated in. Because of the African Americans natural propinquity to excel in all tests of physical prowess, the “white” race developed a system of segregation and discrimination. This was the only way that the “white” race could maintain their illusion of superiority. Now, they have allowed integration because their greed have gotten the best of them. After the first African Americans would integrate any sport, the other “white” owners (“massas”) recognized that they needed to get African American players. This would enable them to compete with their opponents who had African Americans on their teams.
When Jimmy the Greek spoke of the slave owners breeding the African Americans, in order to bring out the best of the race, he merely told the truth. That was the problem, he told the truth. For centuries, the “white” males have been telling the world that they were genetically superior to every other race, especially the African American race. Along comes Jimmy the Greek (and his big mouth) telling the entire nation that the reason African Americans are excelling in sports is due primarily to their genetic superiority over the “white” athletes. Since “powers to be” could not openly attack Jimmy the Greek themselves, they did the next best thing. They called upon their, repeat, their “black” leaders to hold press conferences to express their outrage. The rest is his story. Jimmy the Greek was “fired” from HBO, for telling the truth. The bottom line is, anything that the “white” race can do,
African Americans have done it better!




You can learn a lot about a culture by studying the ways it treats children and elderly citizens. Many Americans abuse and seriously neglect both segments of its population. The family was once the backbone of American civilization. Today, many families are nothing more than strangers residing under the same roofs. In its’ quest for ever increasing technology, America has neglected the foundation of civilization, the family.
Today’s “nuclear families” are experiencing major turmoil. With both adults working, the children are left to fend for themselves, causing them to have to “grow up” early. Therefore it is difficult to tell who the parents are in many houses. Because of the high demands of a technologically advanced society, the emphasis has shifted from valuing relationships to valuing possessions. Today, many adults’ measure of love is decided by a price tag. They believe that they can buy everything that they need to make them happy. Other Americans’ measure of love is decided by their sexual ability. Does society not define sex as “making love?”
Consequently, Americans are passing on monetary values to their children as opposed to moral values. They are telling their children that it is very important to amass wealth and possessions at any costs. They are telling their children that it is very important to look out for “#1.” As a result, when the adults who gave birth to these materialistic children reach old age and can no longer care for themselves, their offspring will cast them away. These senior citizens are given life sentences that will be spent in some drab and dismal “nursing” homes.
It has been conservatively estimated that there are over ten million Americans suffering from some form of mental illness. For many of these Americans, their lives have become unmanageable. A fortunate few find themselves in the care of competent mental health professionals. However, the vast majority of these Americans remain in the mainstream society without the benefit of any psychiatric treatment. Therefore, these citizens are embracing racism, which is an ineffective coping skill.
To hate someone solely because of their membership in a particular race is an extreme example of psychotic behavior. To perpetuate this hatred, the perpetrator must create a fantasy – a lie. American racism is predicated on the premise that the “white” race is superior to every other race of people in the world, solely because of skin color. This type of delusional thinking is indicative of a paranoid schizophrenic experiencing delusions of grandeur.
The recipients of racism must believe in their own inferiority. This faulty belief system is necessary in order to function in a racist society. Therefore, many African Americans are denying their identity, changing their hair texture, purchasing colored contact lenses and undergoing plastic surgery in futile attempts to identify and be accepted by their oppressors. Because of this schizophrenic behavior, many Americans are living a lie. The lie is that one race is superior/inferior to another race solely because of its racial membership.


In excess of two hundred thousand children are placed in psychiatric hospitals in the United States annually. Because of mental illness, Americans are self medicating themselves in unprecedented numbers. Because of the tremendous amount of pain, Americans consume sixty five percent of the world’s cocaine harvest. Americans are indeed residing in a drug culture. From the time they enter this life until the time they exit, many Americans are consuming some type of drug (s) on a daily basis.
There are drugs that will wake you up, perk you up and keep you up. These drugs are called stimulants. Stimulants come in the form of caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines and nicotine (to name a few). Because of their daily doses of stimulants, many Americans experience difficulty in slowing down or going to sleep. As a result, there is an array of depressants designed for that express purpose. These depressants come in the form of alcohol (which includes beer and wine), opiates (heroin) and opiods. Americans consume these depressants to enable them to sleep at night because they’ve consumed stimulants (caffeine, & nicotine, etc.) all day. Americans even have drugs that will enable them to create a new reality when they can no longer tolerate their present reality. These drugs come in the form of hallucinogens substances that create audio, visual and tactile delusions. When individuals are in need of escaping their present reality, hallucinogens will enable them to take a trip without the necessity for public or private transportation. America has become a nation of junkies in search of their next fix!
There is increasing evidence that cigarettes and other tobacco products kill more Americans than all other drugs combined. It has been conservatively estimated that in excess of two hundred thousand Americans die annually from tobacco related causes such as emphysema, throat, lung, larynx, mouth cancers, heart diseases and other cardiovascular illnesses. Yet, millions of Americans continue to consume tobacco products on a daily basis and forty percent of African American males smoke. Worst of all is that the American government continues to subsidize the tobacco industry.
If your automobile was smoking, many of you would immediately find an auto repair shop to alleviate the problem. The insanity is that while you were waiting for the completion of the auto repairs that would end the smoking car problem, you would be smoking (cigarettes) yourselves and thinking nothing of it.
Evidence of the descendants of the Europeans’ insanity can be found in the sun tanning industry. Why would anyone in their sane mind want to subject themselves to the painful and cancer causing ultra violet rays of the sun? The purpose of this is to darken their skin. Members of this racially “superior” group have created microwave ovens, called “tanning beds”. These ovens are for darkening their skin. These dark skinned “whites” are vociferously expressing their hatred and indignation toward people of color.
European women and their descendants are now injecting themselves with collagen in order to have “full” lips. They are calling it the “Paris” look. These same people are spouting racial epithets at people who naturally have dark skin and “full” lips. The irony is that African American people are doing everything within their power to eliminate their full lips and dark skin. The insanity is they are attempting to imitate people that hate them because of their natural features. As basketball player, Dominique Wilkins said in a recent television commercial, “I’m chic! I have that European look.”
The “white” race have been exterminating millions of their own annually, over the past decades. It has been conservatively estimated that over 1.5 million abortions were performed in America during 1990. The abortion rates will soar even higher with the release of the abortion pill, RU 12.
The “right to life” issue is having a major impact on the political system, not only in America, but in the entire Western world. There are two camps, “Pro life” and “Pro choice,” that are literally rioting in the streets and fire bombing abortion clinics. At the forefront of the majority of these pro life marches are middle aged “white” males. They are furious with their women for aborting their children at a time when their numbers are dwindling at such a rapid pace.
This decrease is very conspicuous in Americas’ metropolises, inner cities, as well as on a national level. The 1990 census failed to count a conservatively estimated 27.1 million Americans (most of whom were not “white”). However the majority population in America’s urban centers continue to be people of color, African and Latin Americans. The majority in every major city in America are people of color. Statisticians are saying that by the year 2000, the majority of the people in the American work force will consist of people with color.
In their haste to increase their numbers, “white” America is granting emigration visas to anyone who can pass for “white.” At the same time, “white” America is denying emigration visas to anyone who cannot pass. Out of desperation, “white” America is violating its’ rules by allowing “white” foreigners with AIDs to enter the country. However, they are vehemently refusing admission to the Haitians, because they think that they might have AIDs.


Proponents of the “cognitive dissonance” theory believe that individuals have a need to maintain consistent attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. Individuals pride themselves on being somewhat predictable. Once an individual becomes aware that there is a conflict or discrepancy between their attitudes and behavior, they are immediately propelled into a state of dissonance. This state usually entails the experience of physiological and psychological arousal. This physiological arousal will result in a drastic increase in the activities of the central nervous system. Anyone experiencing this discrepancy must either alter their behavior or their attitudes about their behavior. Their mental stability will demand that they must change something in order to justify their actions.
For the African American race to continue to wallow in the muck and mire of misery and despair, they must see themselves as not worthy of anything else. It is imperative that they buy into the myth of inferiority. To support a system that continues to suppress them requires that the African American wholeheartedly embrace anything and everything that their “oppressors” tell them. When told “be patient, in time things will get better,” the African American will pride themselves at their ability to have the patience of Job. If told that they must alter their physical appearances, the manufacturers could not produce enough skin lighteners and hair relaxers. When told that they are still on the bottom rung of the economic ladder because they are so untrustworthy, the African American will internalize this belief also. After all, what else can it be? For decades, they have been doing everything that other emigrants have been doing. “Massa” must be right, it must be us.”
There are sayings as: “You can’t do business with… You can’t live with… You can’t trust `black’ people.” The sad fact is that the people making such statements resemble the same group they’re condemning. Consequently, many people do not like African American people, including African American people themselves. It is extremely pathological to go through life not wanting to be yourself, not liking yourself. These types of behaviors or attitudes often results in severe cases of schizophrenia, which is a debilitating form of mental illness.
We therefore have the fifth category of a psychological disorder, “our behavior is self defeating.”


Many thousands of Americans have committed suicide. Statistics show that there were approximately fifteen hundred reported teen suicides in the United States in 1960. Today, that figure has increased to well over five thousand teenage suicides annually. Typically, the children are merely the “identified patients.” The sickness resides in the adults in the children lives. Because of the epidemic of mental illness, Americans are murdering one another at unprecedented numbers. It has been conservatively estimated that Americans will kill in excess of 20,000 other Americans this year. Because of the overwhelming stressors, many Americans are killing one another over seemingly minor issues. Many are walking time bombs just waiting to explode. Because of the unbearable pain that many Americans are undergoing, they are lashing out at innocent victims. Child abuse has reached an epidemic proportion in the United States. For a “civilized” society, America has the highest infant mortality rates in the world.
It is said that Adolph Hitler exterminated more than six million Jews because he felt racially superior to them. For almost five years, the rest of the European community and their descendants pretended that Hitler was not doing what the Jewish community was accusing him of. When the United States became involved in World War Two, (the war to make the world safe for democracy), their leaders immediately enacted the “McClarin Act,” which is still on the books today. This law grants the president of the United States authority to incarcerate any group of American citizens into concentration camps. As a result, during World War Two, thousands of Japanese American citizens were incarcerated into these camps. The German American citizens continued to enjoy the democratic process of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The irony of this situation was that the United States housed many German POWs in America. Many of the guards of these German POW’S were “negroes”. There are documented cases of these American guards being denied access to public facilities because these facilities were for “whites” only. But the German POWs were granted access. There were several incidents of lynchings which resulted from “negro” guards chasing their German POWs. The “negroes” were lynched by the local populace ( American citizens) for chasing “white” men. They were not lynched for chasing an enemy of America, nor for chasing German prisoners of war. These lynchings occurred solely because these “negro” Americans were chasing “white” men! They were doing their jobs.
America is very quick to attack foreign countries whose citizens are people of color. America invaded Libya in an attempt to assassinate Colonel Kadafi, then we invaded the sovereign nation of Grenada. This last invasion was justified, because some American (“white”) students were supposedly in danger. America invaded Panama, in an attempt to assassinate Manuel Noreiga. They invaded Iraq in an attempt to assassinate Saddam Hussein and justified their actions by proclaiming a “new world order.”
This “new world order” is nothing more than a new form of genocide. The “cold war” is over, the Berlin wall is down and Russia is talking about granting it’s citizens independence and free elections. Now it is time for all the members of the “white” race to unite, because the members of the “nonwhite” race are becoming too powerful.
The psychopathology of racism have resulted in the African American people blaming a mentally ill race for not liking them! They are also attempting to force a mentally ill race to allow them to integrate. Because of this quest for acceptance, the African American race has developed an “obsessive compulsive” personality. The African American race in general is overwhelmed with this persistent, irrational thought that they must be accepted as equals by the “white” race. Consequently, they are consumed with the urge to engage in irrational behavior. Behaviors such as altering their physical appearance in hopes of becoming aesthetically pleasing to the “white” race. Other irrational behaviors consist of spending millions of dollars in legal fees attempting to force “white” people to allow them to assimilate into their insanity.


Chapter 2


“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:

and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thine soul, and with all thy might:
and these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:

And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”
Deuteronomy 6:4 7 King James


The Europeans and their descendants embarked on a quest to totally destroy the culture of all people of color. This destruction came in the form of genocide. The Europeans and their descendants have raped, plundered and pillaged every other race of people known to man. Ironically, the onset of this genocide came under the auspices of Christianity. Their history books are replete with stories of their genocidal conquests. Everywhere these Christians traveled, they left in their wake, pagan rituals ie, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. In exchange for these rituals, they stole, plundered and looted the indigenous culture of their dignity, freedom and basic human rights.
After raping the women and enslaving the men (both physically and psychologically) these Europeans implemented a system of taxation without representation. This system of taxation included, but was not limited to the following: hut taxes, livestock tax, bride taxes, and yes, even a tax on the children. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the residents of these countries had a monetary system which consisted of trading and bartering. In exchange for goods and services rendered, the residents would repay with animals, or some other valued objects. Therefore, when the Europeans implemented their system of taxation, the residents offered to pay their taxes with livestock. Unfortunately, this was unacceptable to the Europeans because they wanted cash money. Every society has its own “monetary” system. The residents of all societies have placed a value on what they deemed to be important. In most instances, cash money was foreign to the original residents. At least the coins of the European countries with images of Europeans were foreign to the indigenous populations. Therefore, the Europeans had to educate them about the value of their money.
The first thing that these Europeans did was to devalue the economic system of the indigenous population. They rendered the economy of the conquered territories null and void. In exchange, the Europeans decreed that the only acceptable monetary system would be that of the Europeans.
In order for the residents to earn money, they had to perform services. Such service as going several miles below the surface of the land to bring up diamonds, silver and gold. The Europeans would then pay them just enough money to stay one step ahead of the tax collectors. All residents who refused to go into these holes were incarcerated for failure to pay their taxes. As we know all too well, this system is still in existence today.
Everywhere the Christians have set foot, they left in their wake: the cross, graven images, poverty, malnutrition, drug addiction, depression, an inordinately high infant mortality, suicide, homicide and racism.
Mental illness permeates the very psychic of the Europeans and their descendants. They have such a passionate fear that when the tide turns (and it will), they will find themselves on the bottom. They will then reap all of the atrocities and inhumanities that they have bestowed on the people of African ancestry over the centuries. In order to contend with this fear, the Europeans are engaged in unabashed genocide on African people throughout the world. The Europeans’ fear is that the non-Europeans will not only recognize, but accept the fact that they are not in the minority, but they’re actually the majority population in the world.
Thus, we have the Europeans’ (as well as their descendants’) maniacal compulsion to develop, produce, and control all of the world’s weapons of mass destruction. If the world’s majority was to declare war against the world’s minority, they would lose. They would lose because the minority population is in control of most weapons of mass destruction. This obsession became apparent during the Gulf war. The thought of Iraq being in the advance stages of developing a nuclear bomb is frightening to the “white” race. President Bush prepared to use the United States’ nuclear arsenal to insure the destruction of Iraq’s nuclear capabilities.


There is a vast difference between “black” history and African American history. “Black” history began in August of 1619 when a Dutch Man Of War “brought not anything but 20 and odd Negroes,”wrote John Rolfe. American (“black”) history tells us that the descendants of these “negroes” became slaves, along with millions of other Africans. “Black” history goes on to describe the conditions surrounding “negro” servitude along with the viciousness and inhumanity of the “white” race. “Black” history continues to tell us about the American “founding fathers” (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et al). It tells us how they grew rich and famous off the backs of slave labor. Some of them even had the audacity to free their slaves upon their death, which was probably the most cruel hoax of all. What was an ex slave supposed to do in a land of slavery? Who would give him a job? How was he supposed to feed himself? In many instances, the ex slave would voluntarily re-enter slavery in order to provide for his basic needs.
To paraphrase the late and great Dr. Carter G. Woodson, who put it rather succinctly in his book, “The Mis Education Of The Negro”:

Once you are able to control a man’s thoughts, you no
longer have to concern yourself with his actions. Never
are you obliged to direct his steps. He will go where
he is supposed to go on his own volition. As a matter
of fact, you do not even have to create a back door for
him because he will create one for himself. All of the
years of controlling his thoughts create this necessity.

“Black” history also tell us about “black” heroes such as Peter Salem, Crispus Attucks, Benjamin Banneker and Phyllis Wheatley. It also tell us about the first “black” militants Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas. “Black” history tells us about how the “good white” people of the north sought to alleviate the atrocities of southern slavery with the Civil War.
“Black” history continues to tell us about the great emancipator, President Abraham Lincoln and how he issued a proclamation freeing ALL “negroes.” Another distortion of “black” history is its failure to tell us that Mr. Lincoln’s proclamation was anything but altruistic. It doesn’t tell us that the north was losing a war in which they started primarily for economic and political reasons. “Black” history does not tell us that out of desperation, Mr. Lincoln “emancipated” only those slaves who were residing in states that were in rebellion against the United States of America. “Black” history does not tell us what the ex-slaves were free to do. One thing is certain, the north did not want them. “Black” history fails to tell us that the north was returning runaway slaves to their “massas” because they had no desire to share anything with a “black” person. In fact, “white” people in the north were rioting and killing freed slaves whom they feared were infringing on their economic rights. The newly arrived “white” emigrants had settled in the north because they knew they could not make a living in the south, they could not compete with slavery. Therefore, the “white” northerners violently opposed having to compete with “freed ex-slaves.”
Many “white” people of the north were angered at the thought of going to war to “free niggers,” because they knew that the “powers to be” of the north were only seeking economic advantages over the “powers to be” of the south. However, it was virtually impossible for the industrial north to compete with the agricultural south because of the north’s overhead. With slavery, the south’s overhead was practically nil.
It is ironic that most of the northern rioters were emigrants from Ireland who themselves had recently arrived in an attempt to escape the potato famine. The irony is that today, thousands of African Americans will wear something green, drink green beer and line the streets to watch the Irish parade down Main street on St. Patrick’s day.


“Black” history tells us about the 1963 “March on Washington.” What “black” history fails to tell us is that the “March on Washington” was a three-ring circus, complete with songs and clowns. “Black” history neglects to tell us that initially, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and those prominent (acceptable to “white” people) “black” leaders were not a part of the proposed march. Neither does “black” history tell us that the march was only to last for several hours. The original proponents of the march vowed not to leave Washington until all of their demands were met, especially the passage of the “civil rights bill.”
The original proponents of the march were planning to go into the nation’s capital and shutting it down. The original planners of the march had reached a point in their lives where they were tired of living on their knees. Their attitudes were one of total militancy. They were aware of the fact that they no longer had anything else to lose and everything to gain. They were going to force America to do “right” by all of its citizens or they would bring the American government to its knees.
“Black” history does not tell us that the Kennedy administration promised the leadership of SCLC, CORE, NAACP and the Urban League et al, one and a half million dollars if they would take the reins of this “March On Washington” and lead it down the path of the straight and narrow way. In other words, follow the lead of the white “massas” and lead the masses between the feet of presidents Lincoln and Jefferson, both of whom were dead. Neither of these presidents cared anything about “black” people when they were alive, in spite of the fact that Thomas Jefferson amassed his fortune from slave labor.
Malcolm X informed us about the Kennedy administration, the “negro leadership” and the press in a closed meeting. He told us that when this meeting ended, these prominent “negroes” emerged as the leaders of the “March on Washington”. Once these prominent leaders assumed the helm of the “March on Washington,” the federal government mandated who could speak and what they could or could not say. They also told them what signs were to be carried, where to march, what songs to sing, how many choruses to sing. Then the federal government told them to be out of town by sundown! Mr. John Lewis had to rewrite his speech because the government felt it was too inflammatory. How would the government have known what was in Mr. Lewis’ speech? The only possibility is that they were given a copy of it for their approval prior to Mr. Lewis making the speech?
What materialized was several hundred thousand “black” people paying top dollar to Greyhound, Trailways, AMTRACK and various charter bus services to converge on the nation’s capital. They came to hear a few well screened speeches, sing a few preapproved songs and soak their tired feet in the reflection pool. They also came to march between the feet of two dead presidents while eating cheese sandwiches and singing “we shall overcome sommmme day.”
The government permitted them to parade back and forth between the feet of these presidents the “great emancipator,” and the “great statesman.” The live president (Mr. Kennedy), the senate and all of the other crooked politicians had left town, leaving J. Edgar Hoover and his henchmen in charge.
They came away from this circus feeling thoroughly pleased that their mission was a huge success and they had accomplished their goals. What “black” history doesn’t tell us is that there was only one goal and that was to receive a million and a half dollars. All the “leadership” had to do to get this money was to allow these several hundred thousand “blacks” to come to Washington, let off some steam in a peaceable and nonviolent manner. The government then told them to get out of town by sundown.
The “black” leadership did not have an agenda that would take the race beyond that point. As long as the masses remained passive, docile and obedient, the leadership was happy. The federal government promised the leadership this money if they kept the masses in line. This line was one giant circle from the buses to the Lincoln memorial and back to the buses. It was a spectacle befitting international attention. The entire world witnessed the African American race being “sold out” by its “black leadership.” The “negro revolution” was truly televised.


“Black” history tells us about the Freedman’s Bureau and the first “black” reconstruction. “Black” history gives us a small amount of information about Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, about Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer. “Black” history tells us about the alphabet soup of “black” organizations geared toward the advancement of the “black” people. It talks about the NAACP, CORE, SCLC and the Urban League. It tells us how these “black” civil rights’ organizations are continuously begging the good “white” people for crumbs from their tables, repeat, THEIR TABLES. “Black” history does not tell us that these crumbs are being used to pay the six figured salaries of these “black” leaders, not to mention their extravagant expense accounts. They are nothing more than poverty pimps growing fat off the blood, sweat and tears of the masses. “Black” history does not tell us that these “black” organizations continue to argue the same old issues. For instance, they are still arguing about the need for integration and a need for a 1992 “civil rights bill.”
“Black” history does not tell us that there will always be a debt associated with a “bill.” Nor does it tell us that only a few “tom tom, handkerchief head tokens” from among the elite of the “black” race will benefit from the passage of such a “civil rights bill.” Only a select few will benefit because the debt will be passed on to the masses.
This debt will come in the form of unemployment and under-employment because the “good white” liberals will blame the “civil rights bill” for “white” men’s unemployment. They will say something to the effect, “Because of the passage of the ‘civil rights bill’, American industry was forced to promote and hire on the basis of a quota system. Because of the law suits which were filed against these companies for “reverse discrimination,” many businesses had to close their doors”. These so called liberals will not tell you that the primary reason for the lack of job opportunities is a result of greed.
It is true that many American businesses have closed their doors. They have closed their doors to American workers. These same liberals have allowed American industries to take their jobs to foreign countries so they can exploit the cheap (slave) labor. These same liberals would then lift sanctions as well as extend special privileges to these foreign countries. This would allow former American companies to sell their products in America at a two hundred percent profit. They pay very little if any taxes. These American owned companies will even have the audacity to stamp on their products, “Handcrafted in Mexico with U.S. materials, etc.”
Many liberals are employing an old maneuver called “divide and conquer.” They will throw their rocks and hide their hands, then establish committees to investigate the problem. After spending several hundred thousand dollars, (which they will pocket) these committees will publish their findings. They will blame all of America’s problems on racism and the lack of available jobs. This way, they can keep the races divided. People will not recognize that it is the crooked politicians and big businesses that are really benefiting from the racial strife in America and the rest of the world. These crooked politicians and business moguls have had centuries of practice keeping the races at each other’s throats. As a result, these crooked liberals can laugh all the way to the bank.
Every other race of people in America desire to live with its own kind except, the “black” race. The “black” race will measure success by being among the first of its kind to live in an “all white” neighborhood and not have any burning crosses or other racial epithets hurled at them. As a result, the “black” leaders can go on nation wide television, radio and news print and tell the world what an excellent job they are doing in the midst of a racist society. They can tell the world how they are tearing down the walls of racism and bigotry through integration. They will also add that there is still much work to be done, “so we will continue to need your financial support.”
“Black” history does not tell us that these “black” leaders have a vested interest in the struggle for the passage of a “civil rights bill.” As long as there is a struggle for “civil rights,” there will be a dependency relationship. Because “civil rights” are rights that can be gained or lost, depending on the mood of those who are in a position to grant “civil rights.” “Black” history tells us about our struggle for “civil rights” as opposed to “human rights.” “Civil rights” is all about legislating integration. It is about having the American government implementing “treaties” with its “black” citizens. It is about implementing laws that will make racial discrimination illegal. “Civil rights” is about placing select “black” leaders in positions to enforce these treaties only when it is expedient to do so. Otherwise, these “black” leaders will say that discrimination did not occur.
Several years ago the NAACP sponsored a “Silent March On Washington,” in commemoration of the August 28, 1963 debacle. Unfortunately, the NAACP’s director, Mr. Benjamin Hooks would have been well advised to remain silent. Instead, he stood on the podium in front of the national and possibly international media and stated:

“Will ya take somebody by the hand and repeat
after me. I love ya; I wish ya every happiness;
I wish ya every success; but I cannot help it if
I look better than you.”

With this statement the entire podium broke into laughter, hand shaking, and backslapping. It should be noted that Mr. Hooks made this statement immediately after Dr. Joseph Lowery completed his address and just before Rev. Jesse Jackson made his speech. The writer was reminded of the stereotypes that “whites” created about “negroes” during the first reconstruction. Stereotypes about “negroes” being clowns and buffoons, about how these clowns and buffoons would turn the government into a three ring circus. During the July 1991 national convention of the NAACP, the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks made the following statement:

“I’m tired of a government that can spend 40
billion dollars and take 70 FBI agents and have
a sting entrapment and trace a black mayor for
seven years and they’ve let savings and loan’s
officials steal $500 billion dollars. I’m
tired of the lies and the hypocrisy and we’ve
got to rise up and tell Mr. Thornberg we ain’t
crazy even though we may be dumb.”

Who do you suppose the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks is referring to? Who is he calling dumb? Who is “we?” Since he is the chairman of over 153 “black civil rights” organizations in the United States, is it possible that Mr. Hooks is the national spokesman for all African Americans in the United States? If so, then it would appear that Mr. Hooks is calling ALL African Americans dumb!
The fact that Mr. Hooks is running something other than his mouth suggests that he might know what he is talking about. Those African Americans who continue to support him must be “dumb” The “civil rights bill” was passed in 1964 and the “black” leadership is still begging for its implementation in 1992. Obviously, the African American community is relying on the wrong leadership. It appears that the current leadership is just leading the masses around in circles.
With every new president, these current “black” leaders are invited into the “white” house for coffee. This is an invitation in which they quickly respond too. Many of them think that it is a great honor to be seen on the six o’clock news, sitting next to a “white” president in the “white” house, sipping light brown (integrated) coffee and listening to all of the empty promises. Just like the “house slaves” of old, when “massa” beckons, his “darkies” come-a-running. The only difference is that perhaps these current “house slaves” are not required to make the coffee. Or are they?
America is notorious for passing and breaking treaties. It has broken over two hundred treaties with the American Indians. The Emancipation Proclamation was the first treaty that the United States Government broke with the African American race, the 1964 “civil rights bill” was the second. They were nothing more than treaties designed to pacify the “restless natives.” They were treaties that were broken before the ink on the papers were dry. Though the 1964 “civil rights bill” was not worth the paper that it was written on, you cannot blame the “white” man. The reason is very simple, he only gave the African American race what its “leaders” begged him for. These “negro” leaders needed something to take back to the masses in an attempt to regain their credibility, which were fading fast.
In 1964, there was a new breed of African Americans that were not willing to turn the other cheek. This new generation was tired of begging and pleading for something that was rightly theirs from birth. They were tired of seeing their babies being blown up in churches and dogs attacking their brothers and sisters. They were saying that if a “white” racist was to think about hitting them, it would be his last thought. When Birmingham, Alabama exploded and African Americans began attacking “whites,” the message was loud and clear. The African American community was saying that they would rather die on their feet than keep living on their knees.
This is not an indictment specifically against Mr. Hooks per se. It is an indictment against the so called “black” leadership in general and the “civil rights” organizations in particular. For instance, when Mr. John Jacob, president of the National Urban League, Inc. was asked on June 3, 1991 if he thought President Bush was a racist, he replied:

“I am not foolish enough to think that calling
President Bush a racist would be politically wise.”

“Politically wise” for whom? Either Mr. Jacob felt that President Bush was a racist or he wasn’t. Unfortunately, Mr. Jacob chose to play the role of a politician.
It is known that he or she who controls your stomach also controls your mouth. All one has to do is look at the infrastructure of the Urban League and you would immediately understand Mr. Jacob’s reply. The chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Urban League, Inc. is none other than Mr. Robert C. Larson, a “white” man. One of the Vice Chairmen is Mr. Donald R. Keough, a “white” man. Is this not a classic example of conflict of interests? On one hand, we have the interest of African Americans, while on the other hand we have the interest of the Chairman of the Board, who happens to be “white.” Since the Chairman of the Board pulls the strings of any organization, that would make Mr. Jacob nothing more than a high priced “puppet.”
During the 1991 National Urban League Conference, Mr. Jacob stated:

“1991 is the second year of our call for a Decade of Difference an intense national effort to eliminate
racism from our national life. Our goal is black/white
Parity by the year 2000”.

First of all, Mr. Jacob must know that the only way anyone can eliminate racism is to eliminate the racists. Racism is permanently ingrained in the very fabric of the American flag. It is the American way in general and the “white” race’s way in particular. In the beginning, there was racism and in the end there will still be racism. That is the American way.
Secondly, for parity to exist in America, the African American race must be in positions to decide their own directions in life. They must also be in the positions to carry out the necessary changes. Currently, this is impossible because the “white” power structure is in firm control of the African American race’s organizations and its leadership.
Third, in order for parity between the races to exist, the African American race must become economically independent. It must be able to gainfully employ all of its members. There is virtually no way for the African American race to achieve economic independence today. Because agencies such as the National Urban League spends hundreds of thousands of dollars holding their conventions in “white” owned hotels and convention centers!
There are more than seven thousand (7000) African Americans who are currently holding public office. Why is it that in 1991, the African American race continues to hold the distinction of being the most powerless race in America? Whose fault is it? These politicians are supposed to be representing the African American people. However, these people are still at the feet of a “dead” president begging for “civil rights.” The reason is obvious! These so called “leaders” are nothing more than opportunists. They will do anything and everything to benefit themselves. Because of this, the African American race is without effective representation. These traitors would sell out their own mothers if they thought that it would advance their cause. Their cause is to win favor with “massa.”
For instance, in 1978, a “white” police officer by the name of
Christianson shot and killed an African American man in San Diego, California by the name of Tyrone Thomas. Officer Christianson claimed that he was taking Mr. Thomas into custody at the time of the “accidental” shooting. He claimed that he had grasped Mr. Thomas by his shirt collar with the same hand that was holding his service revolver. He then said Mr. Thomas broke lose and attempted to flee. Trying to recapture him, Officer Christianson claimed that as he reached out to him with the same hand that was holding the service revolver, it (the revolver) accidentally fired, inflicting a fatal wound.
The coroner’s report said that Mr. Thomas was on his knees with his head bowed when the bullet entered his brain, behind his ear. The African American community became outraged. They demanded the immediate arrest and conviction of this police officer. The local “black” leaders were asked for their opinions and they expressed their outrage. They held a meeting at the “Black Federation” (a local social service organization) with all of the local “black” leaders attending.
During this meeting, the late Mr. Clarence Pendleton entered a motion that the committee call for the suspension of police officer Christianson. This writer asked Mr. Pendleton if this suspension would be with or without pay. Mr. Pendleton replied, “It doesn’t matter because we will not get either one, anyway.” The writer questioned the purpose of the meeting if nothing “good” would come of it. The writer was seriously concerned that in spite of the coroner’s report, the so called “black” leaders did not believe that they could get Mr. Thomas’ executioner suspended.
Mr. Pendleton was correct! Officer Christianson was not suspended. There were several more speeches, and the “black” leaders vowed not to rest until justice prevailed. Well, it was! The Justice Department gave Mr. Pendleton its nod of approval for keeping the masses in line. Shortly after that Mr. Pendleton was appointed to head the Equal Opportunity Commission.
At the close of this meeting this writer witnessed an employee of the “Black Federation” making a phone call. This employee pulled the receiver from his ear, turned his head and whistled in the opposite direction. He then returned the receiver to his ear and asked, “Can you hear me now?” After he hung the phone up, this writer asked about the nature of the phone call only to be told, “That was our security. We call them prior to our leaving the building for the evening.” This writer was appalled, not to mention furious. It is doubtless that many businesses which handle huge sums of money have a facility that is wired for sound!
An incident recently occurred in Los Angeles, California which is also indicative of the powerlessness of the African American race. Former Mayor, Marion Barry received a six month prison sentence for a misdemeanor cocaine conviction. However, when 15 years old Latasha Harlett (African American) was executed (shot in the back of her head which was filmed on video) by Sun Jon Doo (Korean grocer) in the fall of 1991, Judge Joyce Carlin (“white” female) found her guilty of Manslaughter. It was not even voluntary manslaughter, which could have resulted in a 15 year prison sentence. Instead, she sentenced Ms. Doo to five years probation and 400 hours of community service.
Again, the “black” community was outraged. They began picketing the Korean grocery store, carrying such signs as, “honk if you want respect.” The “black leaders” gave the appearance of being just as outraged. Danny Bakewell stated, “We are going to go to her (the judge) home, we are going to go to her court, we are going to make life uncomfortable for her as she has made life uncomfortable for the family and for the community in which this child lived.” How in the world is it possible for the powerless to make life uncomfortable for the powerful, especially someone as powerful as a judge? She will make their lives very uncomfortable if they attempt to harass her. All she has to do is arrest one of them and the rest will immediately get the message, tuck their tails and disappear.
John Mack of the Los Angeles Urban League said, “She does not deserve to wear a robe and we are gonna do everything within our power to make her life miserable while she is in that robe.” Why does she not deserve to wear a robe? Those racist folks have been wearing robes for over one hundred years. The only difference is that today these robes are black instead of white.
Ira Reiner (“white” male), L.A.’s district attorney jumped on the bandwagon. He was quoted as saying that it was a miscarriage of justice and he could no longer in good conscious send his deputies into her courtroom. “It will have the effect of effectively removing her from hearing criminal cases.” How can he not send them into the courtroom? If there is a case that is tried in her courtroom, the DA must be there. Yet, even if it was true, she would still be on the payroll and receiving a good paycheck for doing nothing!
Again, this is nothing more than rhetoric. The fact remains that Sun Jon Doo executed Latasha Harlett and got away with it. There is no way she can be legally tried again! If the African American race had any power, they would demand that this racist judge be tried and convicted as an accessory after the fact of a murder. This woman is definitely guilty of helping a murderer get away with the crime. If Judge Hastings could be impeached for a crime that he did not commit, the least that should be done is impeach “judge” Joyce Carlin. She is definitely guilty as charged. Instead, Judge Joyce Carlin was reelected during the June elections.
There is a weekly television program entitled, “Cops,” which clearly points out the racist Gestapo tactics of America’s police department. Recently this program was filmed on location in Houston, Texas with the Houston police department. One cop went on nationwide television and openly confessed to being a racist. The tragedy is that this cop was comfortable enough in his department to openly confess being a racist without any fear of being accountable for his attitude. The second tragedy is that this confessed racist cop was assigned to patrol an African American community. This is nothing more than an execution waiting to happen.
It is this cop’s right as an American citizen to harbor any feelings about anyone he wishes. In fact, it is his right to express those feelings publicly. However, it is not right to put a loaded gun in his hand, hang a badge on his chest and turn him loose on unsuspecting citizens. This is nothing more than giving him a license to kill and forcing his victims to buy his bullets and pay his salary. If the African American community had any leaders that cared about them, they would force this and other racist cops in America to seek employment in another line of work. This is the reason there are so many executions of African Americans by “white” cops.
If the African American race had leaders that were truly concerned about its people, Daryl Gates would not have been able to dictate to the citizens of Los Angeles, California the terms of his retirement. Nor would any of those police officers who were on the scene while Mr. Rodney King was being “lynched” still be in uniform receiving the tax payer’s money. Not only were the four that were beating Mr. King guilty, every police officer on the scene was guilty. If for nothing else, they were guilty of dereliction of duty.


To join the ranks of the politicians, you must assimilate into their order. Once you’ve assimilated, you can no longer work to fix their order because you have now become a part of it. It is now your order (at least you think that it is). It is the hand that feeds you. Therefore, you will spend the remainder of your political career supporting and perpetuating the same system that you promised your constituents that you would change.
The vast majority of the African American leaders have come from the church house and gone into the state house. Their election to political office has very little to do with their legislative ability. It is primarily based on their popularity and promises (lies). The constitution clearly speaks of separation of church and state. Perhaps this need for separation can be attributed to a definite conflict of interests.
It has been said that “politics and politicians make strange bedfellows.” Politicians are the single most corrupt group of individuals in the world. They will do anything and everything to get elected and remain in office. The fact that President Bush is preparing to spend over thirty million dollars campaigning, hoping to be re-elected, suggests corruption. Who in their right mind would spend thirty million dollars that would legally give a maximum of one million dollars in return? Politicians are without both scruples and morals. God said, “you cannot serve two masters.” How is it possible to follow God’s law when you have joined the ranks of the lawless?
When it comes to presidential elections, Reverend Jesse Jackson has done more for the Republican party than any other single individual in America. Had it not been for Reverend Jackson, Ronald Reagan would never have become president. Reverend Jackson caused millions of democrats to jump ship and join the ranks of the republican party. Those diehard democrats chose not to vote at all as opposed to voting for an African American. This is a new ploy of these racist politicians. They’ll nominate a prominent African American to run for public office against an incumbent “white” candidate. This individual will invariably be a Democrat who will split the democratic vote. As a result, the Republican party is almost sure to win.
Before the African American race can ever hope to do the right thing, they must first be taught what the right thing is. It has been so long since the African American race was about the business of doing the right thing. There is now an entire generation of African Americans who have no idea of right or wrong. The African American leadership does not know themselves, nor do they know what the right thing is. Who can the African American race rely on to teach them? The politicians of today are more concerned with a consensus as opposed to conviction.


“Black” history is currently being taught only during February. In fact, it must be against the rules to teach it during any other time of the year because it is not being done. As you can see, “black” history can be taught in the shortest month of the year (February) and not have anything omitted. One can pull out those old dusty “Moments in Black History” tapes and sing that tired old “black” history national anthem “We Shall Overcome Sommmme day.” The song does not tell anyone what “we” shall overcome, which is typical of the times.
When this last “civil rights” struggle began, all that the “negro” leaders were asking for was a more humane form of segregation. When Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to relinquish her seat to a “white” passenger on a Montgomery, Alabama city bus, there was no plan nor strategy for any type of integration movement. All these “black” leaders were asking for were for the city “fathers” to honor and uphold its segregation policy. As long as the “blacks” were seated in the segregated section on the buses, they should not be forced to relinquish their seats to “whites” when the “white” section was filled.
Often the “blacks” would enter the front of the bus, pay their fare, be forced to get off and go to the side door to board the bus so they would not brush up against a “white” person. The bus driver would often drive off while the “blacks” were walking to the side entrance after having paid their fares. It wasn’t until after the “negro” leaders came to realize that the racist government in Alabama was not willing to compromise, that the “negro” leadership began to focus its energies on integration.
These leaders felt that if “black” people were permitted to ride next to “white” people on public transportation, learn next to “white” people in the public schools, sit next to “white” people in public toilets, eat next to “white” people in restaurants, live next to “white” people in previously all white neighborhoods, work next to “white” people on “white” people’s jobs, and yes, the hidden agenda – sleep next to “white” people in the same bed, that some “black” people would become equal to “white” people.
The goal of the “black” leaders for “black” people has always been to be equal to “white” people. To be as good as, or as bad as “white” people. For these privileges, the “black” leaders were willing to indoctrinate some “black” people in the fine art of assimilation. In other words, some “black” people were willing to go to great extremes to imitate “white” people in hopes of being accepted by “white” people. Many “black” people eagerly purchased skin lighteners, blonde wigs, hair relaxers and conk a leen (today it is called curl activator/hair straighteners) so that they would have that “good hair,” meaning “white” folks hair.
What “black” history doesn’t tell you is that the African American race is worse off after this so called integration than they were under the system of segregation. Under the system of segregation, they as a people were self reliant. They supported their own businesses. In fact they created their own businesses. As a result, they created jobs for their own people. Under segregation, the African American cared about one another. African American children went to schools that were operated by people that not only looked like them, but these people had a vested interest in their education.
These teachers believed in the importance of education. They knew the necessity of teaching their students about their heritage. Teaching them that before American/European slavery, there was a race of people that built the pyramids in Africa. Before ignorance and illiteracy permeated the African American lifestyles, there was the University of Timbuktu. These teachers instilled in their students the necessity of learning all they could learn and going back home to help their own people. These teachers taught their students that they were not only responsible to those that had struggled before them, but they were also responsible to those who would follow. The parents of these students encouraged them to learn all that they could so they could do better than their parents. They knew all too well what Mr. Frederick Douglas meant when he said “An educated man would never be a slave.”
The African Americans went out of their way to help one another. Under segregation, they were forced to live with one another, regardless of their economic status. As a result, the African American youths had some positive role models living in their own neighborhoods. Because African Americans were all forced to live in one neighborhood, they had pride in the way they lived. They had a common history, because their parents had roots in these neighborhoods.
They knew each other by name, and they also knew which child belonged to which family. As a result, it was very difficult for the children to commit the crimes as the children of today are now involved in. If any adult witnessed any child misbehaving, the adult had permission (unspoken but understood) from the child’s parents to immediately chastise him. Under segregation, African American children had respect for their elders. Their elders were anyone old enough to be their parents, or grandparents. Anyone old enough to be their parents or grandparents were addressed as Mr. or Mrs. They were taught either to say “yes” or “no,” or “yes sir” and “no ma’am.” The African American children were taught to appreciate the wisdom of age. It is also important to note that the elderly treated the children as children and not as miniature adults or as equals.
Under segregation, the African Americans were not allowed to socialize with the dominant culture. Therefore, their strong African heritage remained intact. The same heritage that allowed the African Americans the strength which made it possible to endure one hundred years of lynchings, the same heritage that gave them the strength and fortitude to survive over three hundred years of the most vicious, the most inhumane form of slavery in recorded history. With their strong African heritage, they were able to endure this mother of all holocausts. Simultaneously, the African Americans maintained their strong love for God, family, and each other.


In order to study African American history one has to leave America and return to the cradle of civilization, Africa. For centuries, the Europeans have labeled Africa the “dark continent”. European history depicted Africa as inhabited by wild animals and naked savages. These images were perpetuated by Hollywood in such notable films as: Tarzan, King Kong, The Naked Prey, Birth of A Nation and Jungle Jim, et al. Today, European anthropologists find it difficult to continue distorting the truth. They have finally openly admitted that mankind did not begin in some dark, dinky European cave. They have acknowledged the fact that mankind began on the continent of Africa. Ironically, this is a fact that had been widely published for centuries. This information has been available in the most widely sold, and least read book in the history of modern man, the Holy Bible. Perhaps, this explains why references to Africa have been disguised in the “new Amplified” versions of the Bible. The word Ethiopia has been replaced with the word “Cush.”
“White” folks have convinced many people that the first man on earth was a “white” man. Overwhelming evidence to the contrary is now convincing many people, especially African American women, that the first person on this planet was an African woman. The “white” male will do anything to attempt to deny the African male his rightful place. God tells us in His word that the first human being on this planet was an African male:

“And the Lord God planted a garden eastward
in Eden: and there He put the man whom He
had formed.” Genesis 2:8

And a river went out of Eden to water the
garden: and from there it was parted, and
became into four heads.” Genesis 2:10

“And the name of the second river is Gihon:
the same is it that compasseth the whole land
of Ethiopia.” Genesis 2:13

Thus, we have Europeans confirming what God has been saying since the beginning of time THE FIRST MAN EVER WAS AN AFRICAN! Not only was the first man an African, the first woman was also an African because she was made from the rib of an African man. As a result of these first two individuals being Africans, the first family in the history of the world was an African family. In addition, the first nation on this planet was the nation of Ethiopia. Therefore, every race on this planet evolved from the African race. If any race is sincere about their genealogical history, their research would be incomplete if they did not trace their roots back to the continent of Africa.
Genetically speaking, the African gene is superior to every other gene on this planet. Without the African gene, there would be no other genes. Perhaps, this explains the Europeans and their descendants’ deep hatred toward the Africans and their descendants. With the Europeans’ maniacal urge to avoid genetic annihilation, they have distorted the world and Biblical history. Not only did the African create the European, if the African and his descendants are not held in check, they will genetically annihilate the Europeans and their descendants. As stated earlier, the genetically dominant genes are always the darker genes.
The Holy Bible is full of examples of God’s chosen people being of African ancestry. Many events in the Bible occurred on the continent of Africa. It was not until Paul took the Gospel to Rome that the European became directly entwined in Biblical history. For instance, in Exodus 4:6:

“And the Lord said furthermore unto him, put
now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his
hand into his bosom: and when he took it out,
behold, his hand was leprous as snow.”

If Moses was a European, as Hollywood would have us believe, then what was miraculous about his hand turning white. If he was white, his hand would have probably been barely noticeable. In order for a miracle to have occurred, Moses must have had dark skin. In the book of Numbers, 12:1:

“And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because
of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married.”

And we’re told in verse ten of the same chapter;

“And the cloud departed from off the Tabernacle;
and behold, Miriam became Leprous, white as snow:
And Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was

Again, if Miriam was already white skinned, what was the miracle? Is it possible for anything to be whiter than snow and be noticeable to the naked eye? Both Miriam and Moses had their skin transformed to white by God. They are both direct descendants of Adam and Eve. Logic suggests the miracle was the skin turning from dark to light, back to dark. Since both individuals were born in Egypt, on the continent of Africa, one must conclude that they were both DARK SKINNED AFRICANS.
The first reference that the Bible makes regarding the White race occurs in 2 Kings 5:27. This is the story of Naaman’s Leprosy and Elisha’s servant Gehazi:

“The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto
thee, and unto thy seed forever. And he went out
from his presence a leper as white as snow.”

The origin of the “white” skinned people is traced directly to the CURSE OF GEHAZI! When we speak of African history we must not omit Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all of the great prophets of the Holy Bible including, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


His head and his hairs were white like wool, as
white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they
burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of
many waters. Revelation 1:14 15

Brass by itself consists of a brownish hue. If burnt in a fire, it would naturally become darker, because if fire burns anything, it becomes darker. Have you seen burnt toast lately? The genealogy of Jesus Christ goes directly back to the first man ever, Adam.
For the past several decades, the African Americans have been relegated to the status of “second class” citizenship. For over three centuries before, they were slaves belonging to the “first class” citizens. America is the only race in the world that has ever described a specific group of its citizens as “second class.” This is primarily because America is the only nation in the history of the world that lies about what it is all about.
Nazi Germany did not call the Jewish people “second class” citizens. Communist Russia did not call the citizens of Czechoslovakia “second class” citizens. The “white” racist regime of South Africa does not call the Africans “second class” citizens. The oppressive regimes called them what they were, slaves. Only America lies and calls its slaves, “second class” citizens.
Since “second class” citizens are relegated to the lowest position in the American culture, one who is among this group can only look up. When they look up, they see that there is a group of American citizens who classify themselves as “first class” citizens. Therefore, the only goal of a “second class” citizen is to strive to become a “first class” citizen. The only criteria for “second class” citizenship is the color of one’s skin. It makes sense that the only prerequisite for “first class” citizenship is also skin color.
What people see when they look into mirrors will determine not only whom they see, but how they feel about whom and what they see. The image that is reflected will determine either his “real self” or his “ideal self.” The “real self” is who he is now. It is everything that makes this person who he is. The “real self” consist of all of an individual’s features. It is everything from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. A person’s “real self” consists of the inward parts of that individual. The “real self” consists of how the individual interacts with his environment and all those who meet him. A person’s “real self” consists of the very essence of the individual.
If for any reason an individual looks into the mirror and totally rejects his reflection, he may have the tendency to don a mask. This mask invariably will be that of the individual’s “ideal self,” which is, whom he wants to become. It may appear to the individual that his “ideal self” is more attractive. The “ideal self” invariably is nothing more than a fantasy. All too often, it is an unreal image of the self because it is currently nonexistent.
This is not to say that the “ideal self” is not beneficial to the individual. On the contrary, it is a vital part of the psyche. It is the stuff in which dreams are made of. It is the part of the personality that motivates individuals to challenge themselves. The “ideal self” enables an individual to maximize his full potential. By maximizing one’s full potential, an individual can reach a metamorphosis that will transform him into the beautiful person who is within.
Your sense of self is formed by society during your formative years. How you feel about yourself depends on how you think others see you. If you are regarded by the dominant culture as a “second class” citizen, then you’ll begin to act the part. You will play the role of a “second class” citizen. You will carry yourself in a way that is befitting your status. Once you have accepted your inferior status, you will retard your own growth. The moment you begin to identify with the term “second class” citizen, you have placed an unbreakable shackle around your neck and thrown away the key. The fact that you have accepted your status as a “second class” citizen ensures that you will never rise above it.
You will never rise above the status of “second class” citizen because you are now striving to become someone you’re not. It is now your goal to change everything about yourself that makes you a “second class” citizen. The only thing that makes you a “second class” citizen is the color of your skin. Unfortunately, you are now in competition with your self. This is a competition in which you can never win. If you could bleach yourself to the point of having very little skin color, your race would remain the same. This is nothing more than mental masturbation. You are playing mind games with yourself. The only way to rise above this artificial barrier of “second class” citizen is to deny who you are. Once you attempt to become someone else, you are now torn between two people. You are now on your way to developing a major psychosis.
The African American race has openly embraced and accepted the status of “minority” race in America. They readily define themselves as a “minority.” The word “minority” means that one is “less than.” Again, the African American race continues to define itself in terms of “less than” the “white” race. Unfortunately, by definition, “minorities” will continue to be inferior to the “majority.”
For instance, every ten years, the federal government will take a head count. Anybody who is light, bright, and darn near “white” will be classified among the “white” race. As a result, the Italian race is classified as members of the “white” race, although there are some very dark skinned Italians. However, they will readily admit to having an “olive” complexion. The Portuguese are classified as “white” though there are some very dark skinned Portuguese. Those of the Egyptian ancestries are classified among the “white” race though President Anwar Sadat was a very dark skinned Egyptian.
The federal government have padded the records to enable it to claim as many nationalities as possible, as members of the “white” race. It then begins to separate the remaining races. There are the “black” race, Hispanics, Asians, Indians and others. These nationalities have members who are very dark skinned. The federal government is playing a word game. Since the “white” race can classify itself as the “most,” or the “best,” they are very happy. For instance, they even make such statements as, “The majority of the people living in the inner cities are the minorities.” They also make such ridiculous statements as “the majority population attending public schools are the minority.” If the “majority” population is the “minority,” then the “minority” must by definition be the “majority!”
In America, the so called “black” race is the only race who see themselves in a negative light. How you see yourself will determine how you describe yourself. How you describe yourself will determine what you call yourself. What you call yourself will determine how you feel about yourself. Consequently, the “black” race is the only race in the world who describes themselves with negative and demeaning adjectives. Because of this, they are the only race in the world who does not have a geographic identity. Therefore, the “black” race foolishly and tenaciously cling to the mistaken belief that they are ugly Americans.
Where a person’s history begins will determine where they will end in history. When a person looks in the mirror and sees a grandchild or great grandchild of a former slave, there will be a negative impact on one’s self esteem. This is because slavery is the lowest rung on the ladder. No one in their right mind would choose to be a slave. Even the slave is not a slave by choice.
If “black” history begins in the year 1619, they can look at their status and brag about the progress that they have made. “Blacks” can proudly say that they have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. They can proudly say that they have risen from the ranks of slavery to that of “second class” citizenship and today they have become “minorities.” “Blacks” can pay homage to the good “white” folks for freeing them and granting them some of their “civil rights.” Not all of their “civil rights,” mind you, just some of them. If “blacks” had all of their “civil rights,” they may not have a reason to continually feel beholding to the good “white” people. Consequently, they would not continue belittling themselves by begging president Bush et. al to pass a “civil rights bill.”
Everyone knows that when one receives a bill, payment is due upon demand. Not only a debt, but also a due date will be attached to any “civil rights bills.” Usually, payment of this bill requires that its recipients support the “good white massa” who gave them the “bill.” This is merely another form of “sharecropping.” In exchange for an opportunity to work for “massa,” “massa” will extend a line of credit to the slaves. At the end of the year, when the crops are in, the slave expects his pay. However, to his dismay, “massa” hands him a bill for “goods and services” rendered during the past year. The slave thought that by being granted permission to “sharecrop” for “massa,” he could get ahead. Unfortunately, he was sadly mistaken. Not only does “massa’s” bill prevents the slave from getting ahead, the slave is now deeper in debt. As a result, the slave is forced to continue to “sharecrop” with no possible means of getting out of debt.
Today’s “blacks” are indebted to “massa” for thinking about passing a “civil rights bill.” As a result, when election time nears, “massa” will call on the “blacks” to make payment in full. This is evidenced by the “white” and “uncle tom” politicians showing up in the “black” churches during election time. The “preachers” will encourage their members to give “massa” their votes because “massa” is a friend to the “blacks.” After all, “massa” almost got the “civil rights bill” passed and if he is re-elected, he will do everything in his power to get it passed next year. This is nothing more than the proverbial “carrot dangling from a stick.” Since “massa” is talking about a “civil rights bill,” and not CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, the “blacks” will never get off the plantation. They will remain chained to “Massa’s” plantation until their debt are paid in full. The reality is that how “blacks” see themselves will determine how they behave.


The Germans came to America and became German Americans. The Polish people came to America and became Polish Americans. The Russian people came to America to become Russian Americans. The Italians became Italian Americans. The Koreans became Korean Americans. The British became British Americans. In short, every race of people in the world left their ancestral home (geographic birth place) and came to America retaining their ancestral identity, except the African race. The Africans left Africa as Africans and miraculously during the infamous “middle passage” they were transformed into “nigras, negras, niggers, negroes, colored people, Afro Americans and “black” people. Therefore, the descendants of the original world family have gone full circle. The word “nigra” has its origins in the Spanish language which is a derivative of the word “negra” which means “black.” Consequently, when the Africans arrived in America, they were called “black.” Almost four hundred years later, the African is still being called “black.”
The Joint Center For Economic and Political Studies conducted a recent poll. It concluded that 72% of African Americans have a very strong preference towards being identified by the term “black”. It went on to say that 15% desired to be called African American, 3% selected Afro American, and 2% selected Negro, with the remainder having no opinion. More than 8% of thirty million people do not care what you call them. They do not know who they are, nor do they care. Fortunately, it must be noted that this poll only queried 759 people.
Please allow yourself a moment to simply focus on the word “black”:
blackball, black book, black list, blackmail,
black male, black man, black lie, black plague,
black sheep, black Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, black day,
black market, black cat, black hole, black magic,
black Muslim, black hat, black power, black widow,
black jack, black eye, black head, black dog,
black fellow, black history, black skin, and black people.

Now allow yourself time to focus on the images and emotions that come to mind while you’re focusing on the word “black,” such as the following:
wearing black at funerals, which connotes death,
witches wear black, which is synonymous with evil
and ugliness; the bad guy wears the black hat;
a tragedy is a dark event; slums are blamed on
“blacks”; poverty is attributed to “blacks”; “most”
welfare recipients are “black”; crime is attributed
to “blacks”; corruption is attributed to “blacks”;
“most prison inmates are “black”; the Japanese
attributed the failing school system in America on “blacks”; drugs are attributed to “blacks”;
gangs are “black”; devil’s food cake is dark;
both evil and bad are associated with “black.”

And the list goes on and on and on.
Now let us look at the word “white” and all of the images associated with:

white power, prestige, white lie, angels, Jesus,
Mary and Joseph, all of the Bible prophets, holy ,
pure, weddings, clean, snow, wealth, suburbs,
the best, America, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Superwoman, Batman, Robin, and a host of super
heroes, white house, white hat, white wash, white humor, white people.

As a whole, “black” people put themselves down more than any other race of people. For instance, “black” people call themselves “nigger” more than the “white” people call them “nigger.” Some African Americans foolishly believe that it’s okay for them to call each other “nigger.” They will state, “Whites” can’t say it as pretty as we can.” How absurd! A “nigger” is a “nigger” despite who says it. There is no way someone can make the word “nigger” sound pretty.
There are even sayings as, “You can’t do business with… you can’t live with… you can’t trust `black’ people.” The sad fact is that the people making such statements resemble the same group they’re condemning. Many people do not like “black” people, including “black” people themselves. It is extremely pathological to go through life not wanting to be yourself.
Everything desirable, attractive and good is white. As you can see, everything that is dirty, nasty, trifling, and undesirable is “black,” including “black” people. Therefore, when so called “black” people look into the mirror, they see all of the negative adjectives that are attributed to their racial identity. If your world consists of the above adjectives, it is very difficult to feel good about yourself. Therefore, you will do anything and everything to change who you are.
The easiest thing to change about a person’s persona is their hair. During the late fifties and early sixties, African Americans went through a major transformation. They stopped wearing the “process,” threw away the “straightening comb,” and began wearing the “Afro.” With the dawning of the “Afro” came a new sense of pride. This was the second renaissance for the African Americans in America (the first was the Harlem renaissance).
With the “Afro,” the African American began addressing one another as “brother and sister,” as opposed to “nigger and b h.” A very strong comradery began to develop. African Americans began caring about each other. They began to recognize that though they were not their brothers’ keepers, they were indeed their brothers’ brothers. There was a sense of family, a feeling of unity. There was the recognition that they were all plagued with the same problem RACISM!
The African American began to identify with the brothers and sisters on the continent of Africa, as well as those on other continents. They were concerned about the entire diaspora of Africans. They began calling Africa the “MOTHER LAND.” African Americans began learning Swahili and wearing Dashikis. They began demanding that African history be taught in schools. With these demands, came results. African history classes became a part of the curriculum in public schools for the first time in the history of the public school system in America.
African Americans began defining themselves. The “white” power structure had to have new forms printed because the old forms did not have boxes on them for the “Afro American.” The federal, state, and local government were forced to remove the words “negro & colored” from all official documents. In it’s place was the word AFRO-AMERICAN. The “white” power structure was forced to accept the identity that the African Americans selected for themselves. No longer were the “white” power structure identifying the African Americans to themselves. It was no longer acceptable for the “white” power structure to address African Americans as “negro” or “colored” people. It was definitely not okay for anybody to address an African American as “nigger” or “black”. Calling someone “black” was literally a fighting word.
African Americans began recognizing their true identity. They began to realize that their history predated slavery. African Americans began to learn the truth about their ancestors. They were taught that African history predated European history. In fact, they were taught the truth, that African history predated world history. African Americans began taking pride in themselves. They began acknowledging their greatness. African Americans began seeing themselves for whom they were, the sons and daughters of KINGS and QUEENS!
Because of the African Americans’ new sense of pride, the so called “black on black crimes came to a screeching halt. It must be noted that “white” folks have been slaughtering each other for centuries, but they don’t call it “white on white” violence! All one has to do is look at what is occurring in Ireland and Romania.
African American youths ended the gang wars and began uniting their gangs. The gang members began feeling good about their strength. They began listening to Malcolm X and actually felt and internalized what he was saying to them. They began recognizing that the “white supremacist” had a vested interest in the gang wars. African Americans began to see that the “white power” structure was involved in most of the crime in the African American communities either directly or indirectly. The “brothers” began to clean up their acts. Those who refused to clean up were ostracized by their communities. For the first time it was not cool to be “cool.” It was more important to be a Brother and a Sister to a brother and a sister.
Parents began discarding their “slave” names in exchange for African names. They also began giving their sons and daughters African names. Names that had significance to the child and the family, as well as to the race. Parents began demanding that their children strive for excellence because they were on a mission. This mission was for the betterment of the race. Parents were sending their children off to college with the expectations that they would return home after graduation and keep the struggle alive and vibrant.
For the first time in the history of the African Americans, the race as a whole was heading toward racial unity. For the first time in the history of America, the African Americans were literally throwing off the mental chains and shackles of slavery. They were saying, “To hell with second class citizenship.” The African American race was on the brink of total liberation.


Keep in mind that the catalyst for this revolution of the mind began with a hairstyle. It began with the “Afro.” The brothers and sisters took great pride in the “Afro.” For the first time since their arrival in America, they consciously recognized that their hair was beautiful. They consciously looked into the mirrors and recognized proud Africans staring back at them. The “Afro” was the key that unlocked the minds of the vast majority of African Americans during the sixties. It was extremely difficult to wear an “Afro” and not carry yourself proudly.
The African American nation was on the move. The Temptations wrote a song entitled, “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Stop Me Now.” African Americans were feeling their might and they were mighty indeed. They began demanding that Hollywood replace the stereotypical “negro” Americans with proud and beautiful African Americans. Suddenly, there were some proud and beautiful African American heroes. Films such as Sounder, Claudine and Cooley High, were playing in the ghettoes. Films depicting proud, beautiful and respectable African Americans were the order of the day.
The military was forced to alter its dress code, thereby accepting the African American’s “Afro.” The military barbers had to learn to cut the “Afro.” The Air Force contracted with Mr. Willi Morrow, (a San Diego, California barber) to teach them how to cut the “Afro.” The United States Air Force flew him all over the world to various Air Force bases teaching Air Force barbers how to cut the “Afro.” Mr. Morrow wrote a book entitled “Four Hundred Years Without a Comb.”
The “Afro” required considerably more grooming than any other hairstyle worn by African Americans. As a result, the African Americans spent considerably more time in the mirror. The longer they spent in the mirror, the more they liked what they saw. As they were “picking” out their “Fro,” they were bursting at the seams with their newly found racial pride. In fact, there were those African Americans who could not grow/wear an “Afro” for various reasons. Some reasons such as their hair was shorter than what they were comfortable with. Others felt their hair was too straight, or perhaps they were just “fence” sitters and wanted the best of both worlds. The fence sitters wanted to be accepted by the “masses” and they wanted to be accepted by the “massa.” These African Americans were not left out. The “Afro” wig became a popular item. It was so popular that many “white” Americans were wearing them.


For those of you who may not have been born during this era, or are too young to recall this era, you might be wondering what happened. What were the events that led to the demise of racial pride? What transpired to cause so much confusion and disunity today? The destruction of “Afro American” pride was a threefold process. It began with the FBI “COINTELPRO” (counter intelligence program) program. The federal government declared war on the African American race in general and its leadership in particular. The “white supremacists” refused to let their slaves escape the plantation. J. Edgar Hoover openly declared war on the African American leadership. The only reason the African American race, as a whole, was not incarcerated in concentration camps under the “McClarin Act” was because the federal government did not know how organized they were. Therefore, the federal government was afraid to resort to such drastic measures for fear of failure and the resultant consequences of their actions. They employed the old tactic of “cutting off the head” and watching the body die. You must recognize the importance of the African Americans’ head. The “Revolution of the mind” began with the head and it ended with the head.
As the FBI, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations began waging war against Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, H. Rap Brown, Stokley Carmichael and Fred Hampton, et al, these leaders attempted to pass the baton to the next generation. But that generation had embraced integration and didn’t want their new found “freedom” (the freedom to sit on toilets next to “white” people) to be jeopardized. Therefore, they found the baton of liberation too hot and too heavy!
Consequently, “white” women and homosexuals picked up the fallen baton of the African Americans and they also picked up that tired old “negro” song, “We shall overcome sommmme day.” However, they modified the lyrics to “We shall overcome discrimination today.” Now both groups have been classified as “minorities.” Unlike African Americans, these groups are reaping the benefits of their “minority” status. Unfortunately, the “African Americans” are still singing that same old tired song “We shall overcome sommmme day.” The African Americans are truly marching to the beat of a different drummer.
The second catalyst that brought about the demise of the “Afro American” revolution can be traced directly back to Mr. Willi Morrow. After receiving his fame and fortune with the Air Force, Mr. Morrow returned to San Diego and began promoting a new hair style and a new hair product. He called the hair style the “CALIFORNIA CURL” and the hair product was known as “CURL ACTIVATOR!”
In actuality, Mr. Morrow’s product was not entirely new. What was new about this product was the fact that it was now “UNISEX” and socially acceptable. In the past, only a small segment of the African American communities wore the “process.” This segment consisted of entertainers, pimps, hustlers and gang members, to name a few. What is most important, only African American males wore the “process.” With the arrival of the “CALIFORNIA CURL,”
there are grandmothers and grandfathers, grandsons and granddaughters, as well as mothers and fathers wearing the
The “CALIFORNIA CURL” removed the African American from the mirror. Unlike the “Afro,” the curl does not require much maintenance. All one has to do is remove their plastic bag (doo bag as opposed to doo rags which they wore for their “processes”). They then squirt activator, shake their heads like wet dogs and they are ready to go. The African Americans’ hair is now manageable like their heroes, the Europeans. Consequently, the African Americans have become more manageable.
Several years ago when many “black” leaders were begging corporate America to divest its interests in South Africa, an Atlanta based “black” corporation had a thriving business in South Africa selling “curl activator.” Why not? After all, if “curl activator” could help in bringing the “Afro American” movement to a screeching halt, it would probably be just as successful in South Africa. It is very difficult to wage a revolution of the mind when the head is dripping wet with “activator.” It makes sense that these chemicals will be absorbed into the brain thereby affecting one’s judgment, reason and common sense.
Finally, the third process which caused the destruction of the “Afro-American” movement was integration. Integration has done, in less than thirty years, what over four hundred years of barbaric treatment at the hands of an insane race could never do. In the African Americans’ quest to integrate, they have sacrificed everything. Before their leaders were slain, they attempted to pass the baton to this current generation of “black” leaders. Many of whom declined to accept the baton that would demand human rights.
The baton that would dictate that the African Americans receive their rights under the same document that all Americans receive their rights, the constitution of the United States. The baton that meant the African Americans would take responsibility for their own actions. The baton was too hot for those “house negroes.” Instead, the “white” woman and the homosexual communities picked it up. Now they are classified as minorities and therefore entitled to “preferential treatment.” Consequently, the “black” communities’ quest for “civil rights” has been usurped by two more groups, “white” women and homosexuals.
The dominant culture has made integration contingent upon “black” people’s assimilation. To be accepted by the dominant culture, “black” people have been convinced by the “black” leadership that they must forsake their African culture. They must adopt the culture of the most racist, the most egotistical, the most ethnocentristic and yes, the most emotionally disturbed race of people in recorded history.
African Americans are the only group in America, no, in the world, who will march and demonstrate for the right to eat in a place that do not want to feed them. They will then claim that it is their “civil rights” to do so. Can you imagine what must have gone into the preparation of this meal, once they were allowed to eat it? African Americans are the only group of people in the world who are begging to be equal to their “oppressors”. It would be easier to prevent the sun from rising in the east than it would be for African Americans in particular and people of color in general to receive equality from their “oppressors.”
Can one not hear how ludicrous that sounds? The “oppressor’s” power is achieved and maintained by having a permanent “underclass.” One of the “oppressors'” ploy is to have “black” leaders continue to agitate for “equality” in an oppressive system. Therefore, whenever the “oppressors” decide that they need something from the “oppressed,” such as votes, they will toss some crumbs into the hands of the “black” leaders. These crumbs usually come in forms of charitable donations or the writing of a new “civil rights bill.” Mind you, not the passing, but the writing of a new “civil rights bill.” The “oppressor” has no intention of passing such a bill. They have learned earlier that all they have to do is to appear to be supportive of such a bill. Massa will toss some financial crumbs to the “black” leaders and the masses will fall in line. If there was such a thing as equality with the oppressor, who then would move into the “blacks” position as the underclass?
African Americans are so hungry for role models that they will go to great lengths to identify with any one or anything which is in vogue and popular. When the Simpsons aired on Fox television, many African Americans were claiming that Bart Simpson was a “black” person. African American leaders were interviewed and some of them implied that they thought Bart was “black.” African Americans began wearing Bart Simpson tee shirts with Bart painted brown, not “black.” The irony is that when the program depicts a person of color, there is no doubt that person is not “white.”
During the 1970s and early 1980s, African Americans were desperately seeking a new hero. Hollywood obliged them with the creation of “Superfly.” The drug trade was suddenly inundated with new members. Even in the 1990s, African Americans are still chasing after that elusive hero, “Superfly!”

Chapter 3


Now there arose up a new king over Egypt,
which knew not Joseph.

And he said unto his people, Behold, the
people of the children of Israel are more
and mightier than we:

Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest
they multiply, and it come to pass, that when
there falleth out any war, they join also unto
our enemies, and fight against us, and so get
them up out of the land.

Therefore they did set over them taskmasters
to afflict them with their burdens. And they
built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and

But the more they afflicted them, the more
they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.”
Exodus 1:8 12 King James

Every group of immigrants that come to America seek to live among, works among and go to school among their own people. As a result, they can maintain their identity and keep their culture intact. These immigrants can take from the “system/oppressor” and make the best of bad situations, because they are not seeking INTEGRATION. They are well aware of the racist and oppressive attitudes of the “oppressors.” They know all too well how psychotic the “oppressors” become when they perceives challenges to their dominance and oppression. Instead of begging for this thing called “equality,” the immigrants begin to pool their resources and invest in THEMSELVES.

These immigrants are aware that capitalism operates on the golden rule, “He or she who has the gold will rule.” These immigrants know that the only place to find gold is in the ground. Therefore, they begin buying the dilapidated tenement apartment buildings that they reside in. Then they purchase the tenements on both sides. Before the “oppressors” realize what has transpired, these immigrants own entire neighborhoods.
America’s new immigrants are also aware that he or she who controls your stomach, will also control your mouth. They will open “Ma & Pa” grocery stores, where all of their own people will come to buy food. Before you know it, they have established a chain of grocery stores throughout the city. The new immigrants will take the few available crumbs that fall from the tables of the “oppressors” and create seven course banquets. They will do this without once singing and praying for INTEGRATION AND ACCEPTANCE/EQUALITY FROM THEIR OPPRESSORS!
The African American race is among the oldest immigrants in the history of the United States. Historians report that they were among the original settlers at Jamestown, Virginia. In spite of their longevity, the African American race is still floundering at the bottom of the economic ladder. African Americans have resided in the ghettos for centuries and the vast majority of them are still paying rent for dilapidated tenement apartments, which they inhabit in these ghettos. Generations of them have bought dilapidated tenement buildings for their landlords ten times over, yet they are still paying rent. Almost thirty two percent of the African American race is living in abject poverty as compared too merely eight percent of the white race. Over thirty percent of the African American race has no assets at all, as compared to only nine percent of the white race. In greater Boston (the “cradle of liberty”) over thirty five percent of the African Americans are denied mortgage loans. Only eleven percent of whites with similar incomes are denied mortgage loans. African Americans account for twenty five percent of the jobless as compared to only eleven percent of the whites. Why?
Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the African American race remains a slavish race in 1992. They are still waiting for their “massas” to give them “forty acres and a mule.” Until the “massas” can find it in their hearts to bestow upon their “former slaves” (the writer uses the term “former” very loosely) their “just due,” the African Americans are content to just sit and wait, and wait and sit. Unless the “massas” are willing to “give” them a piece of their pie, these African Americans are content to hover at their “massas'” tables begging for their crumbs. Years of indoctrination and training make this behavior predictable and necessary. A well trained slave, like a well trained dog, will live in the worst conditions just to be at his “Massa’s” beck and call. They will endure the harshest environment if they can only remain at their “Massa’s” side. Though the African Americans’ behavior is both impractical and self destructive, they are still awaiting “Massa’s” permission to rise above their wretchedness. Historically, when other emigrants arrived in America, they were forced to live among the African Americans. Many of these emigrants may have gotten off the boats without any boots (let alone bootstraps). They were still able to rise above their wretchedness and the wretchedness of the African Americans and gain economic wealth and prosperity. Too often, the primary supporters of their prosperity were the African Americans.
Often the businesses which are located in the ghettos were bought and sold by different nationalities. Very few of these nationalities are African Americans. Perhaps the reason for this lack of economic savvy is because the African Americans are arrogant, egotistical, unenlightened and a conceited race. Instead of purchasing the homes in which they are currently renting, despite the condition, they will desire to live in the homes that their landlords are living in. Because they cannot afford to purchase “Massa’s” homes, they will refuse to purchase “Massa’s” tenements. Their rationale is that their current houses are not worth the money that the “massas” are asking for them. They will make statements such as, “That so in so is asking too much money for this dump. He wouldn’t live in it so he’s trying to sell it to me.” Consequently, “massa” will sell the property to someone else who will then raise the rent and the African Americans will begrudgingly pay.
African Americans are two and a half times more likely to die of nutritional deficiencies as compared to whites. African Americans will pool their resources to open “store front” churches on every block. They will reason that supposedly they will have a place to go and get some spiritual food for their soul. However, they will not pool their resources to open a grocery store on any block where they can get some nutritional food for their bodies. The moment a member of another nationality purchases a boarded up building in “their” community, they will turn out in protest making such foolish statements as, “They can’t even speak English but they have opened a store in `our’ community. These foreigners even have the nerve too not `give’ a `black’ person a job. Why don’t they go back to where they came from? I bet they can’t go into the white man’s neighborhood and do that.”
First, if it was “their” community, the African Americans would own it and not be renting. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to real estate, possession is not nine tenths the law. Possession remains vested in the hands of those who hold the title, not the ones who pay the mortgage or occupy the premises. Anyone who is paying rent is also paying a mortgage. The only difference is that the renter is paying the mortgage for the owner. Since the African Americans do not hold title to the vast majority of real estate located in the ghettos, they cannot claim the ghettos as “their” communities.
Those same grocery stores may still be boarded up buildings, with for sale signs on them, if it were not for members of other nationalities seizing the initiative. There was nothing preventing the African Americans from purchasing these properties except the fact that they were still waiting for “massa” to “give” them something. They have been walking past these boarded up buildings for years without giving any thought to their possibilities. If they thought of purchasing real estate, it would not be in “this” neighborhood.
There have been a historical attitude in the African American communities which is “black people are just like crabs in a barrel.” If you have a bushel basket full of crabs you need not cover it. For once one crab claws its way to the top, the other occupants in the basket will pull it back down just before it claws its way to freedom. Misery loves company. Rather than see one member of the race rise out of poverty, the entire community will unite and pull him back down.
If an African American purchased a boarded up building and converted it into a grocery store, the community would still have an attitude. They would be saying things as, “He’s acting just like a Jew. Child, I went to buy something the other day and I was fifty cents too short and do you know that he would not give it to me.” Again, that same self-destructive and devastating mentality of “Give Me.”
Many in the community would travel five miles beyond the African American’s store to another nationality’s store. They would say things as, “He charges too much for the stuff that he has.” What they fail to realize is the African American proprietor may be concerned about the health of his people. Therefore, he may have a better quality of merchandise. Also, because the African American proprietor does not have the community support, he cannot benefit from the discounts received from buying in volume. Since he cannot buy in volume, he cannot pass these savings onto his own people.
If the African American communities were to support their own, then their businesses would grow, which in turn would require that they expand their operations. Expansions would create jobs for the African American communities. These jobs would generate more capital, which in turn would create other entrepreneurs. In other words, the African American communities fail to recognize that it makes good economic sense to support its own people. Without members of the African American race patronizing their businesses, they would not have any businesses. After all, in a racist environment such as America, the African American entrepreneurs are forced to hire members of their own race. Because other nationalities would refuse to work for them.
The African American communities continue to hover at the bottom of the economic and social ladders. This is because their values and priorities are totally misaligned. While other immigrants focus all of their energies on economic survival, African Americans are still looking for a handout from a racist and oppressive government. They are still talking that lame talk, “My ancestors built this country for you, therefore, you owe me at least forty acres and a mule.” They will boycott and picket another nationality’s business because they will not “give” them a job. African Americans are too foolish to see that it takes more energy to walk around in a circle singing “we shall overcome sommmme day” than it does to go to work. It takes less energy to create a job than it does to picket the business of another. The key term here is “give” them a job. African Americans will buy most of the things that they want and beg for most of the things that they need. For instance, African Americans purchase approximately twenty six percent of all the Cadillacs that are sold in the United States. However, they own less than one percent of all of the Cadillac dealerships in the United States. They do not own a significant number of the repair shops or gas stations which are necessary for servicing these expensive vehicles. Worst of all, they have less than one percent of the jobs that are associated with these expensive automobiles. Too often, you can find these expensive automobiles parked in front of dilapidated tenements (where the purchasers of the Cadillacs are paying rent). African Americans spend more than two hundred and fifty billion dollars annually on clothes. They purchase more clothes than any other ethnic group in America. African American women are among the best dressed women in America, though they are also among the poorest economic class in America. Something is definitely wrong with a person’s value system when they would prefer to look nice as opposed to living nicely.
African Americans do not own one textile company in the United States. They own less than one percent of the clothing stores in America. They own less than one percent of the cleaners that are necessary to keep their expensive garments clean. There are inmates walking around in the penitentiaries wearing fifty dollar silk shirts and two hundred dollar tennis shoes. They are even adorning themselves with thousands of dollars worth of gold and precious jewels.
African Americans buy more Nike, Reebok, British Knights, and other expensive tennis shoes than any other nationality in America. It is ludicrous for anyone to pay two hundred dollars for a product with a total value of less than twenty dollars. You can purchase a comparable item for less than ten dollars. However, this is what the African American communities are doing when they purchase these so called “name brand” tennis shoes. What they fail to realize is that any product that they may purchase has a “name brand” attached to it.
Many of them foolishly believe that in tennis shoes, the most expensive shoe is better. Some will even say that they will last longer. A person does not have to be a mathematician to figure out that, if you pay two hundred dollars for a pair of tennis shoes that will last a year, and ten dollars for a pair that will last for six months, the ten dollar shoe is the better buy.
African Americans represent less than one percent of the total work force in the very lucrative tennis shoe industry. Recently, Operation Push launched an “alleged” boycott against a tennis shoe manufacturer. At issue was the lack of “black” representation in upper management and the boardroom. This boycott was canceled when this company agreed to hire a few “black” people to fill these positions. Sadly, this settlement did not have a major impact on the average African American because they were not given an opportunity to apply for a job. Most of these so called boycotts only benefit the “upper lower class” African Americans as opposed to the masses. Since the masses remain in economic poverty, the race as a whole will also remain in economic poverty.
African Americans purchase more than forty percent of all of the gold that is sold in the United States annually. This does not consider the other baubles and trinkets that they like to adorn themselves with. Unfortunately, they do not own diamond, gold, or silver mines, nor do they own gold, silver, or diamond distributorships. They own less than one percent of all of the jewelry stores in America.
African Americans purchase over fifty percent of all Cognac liquor that is sold in the United States. Cognac is among the most expensive alcohol that you can buy. This figure does not include the other “top shelf” spirits. As you might have suspected, African Americans do not own any legal stills that are in operation in the United States. They own less than a half percent of all of the alcohol distributorships in the United States. However, African Americans do own approximately twenty percent of all of the bars and liquor stores that are located in the ghettos.
African Americans purchase over fifty percent of all of the movie tickets that are sold in the United States annually. However, they own less than half of one percent of the movie studios and theaters. If African Americans were not paying megabucks to see “white” performers kill “black” performers, there would not be a profitable movie industry. It is ironic that the African Americans’ attendance at the movies will make or break a particular picture. However, when it comes to winning an Oscar, African American actors and actresses have earned less than a dozen awards in the entire the history of the Academy Awards.
During the 1960s and 1970s, African Americans became “hooked” on “white” music. This occurred when top African American entertainers started appearing on white music shows. Not knowing what time they would appear caused the African American audiences to watch and listen to the entire programs. Many times these top named African American entertainers would appear late in the shows and sing one song. Therefore, the African American audiences would anxiously wait, in vain, for them to reappear. Eventually, the African Americans grew to like those shows and the white entertainers. Especially those entertainers who attempted to sing like African Americans.
African Americans purchase approximately five hundred million dollars worth of records annually, but much of this money goes into the coiffeurs of “white” businesses. Music is segregated in “white” record stores. There is a category of music which is called “black” music.
African Americans own less than one percent of the radio stations in the United States and only a handful of the record distributors are African American. Until recently, MTV (Music Television) refused to show “black” videos. It was not until “white” children bombarded MTV with requests, that they realized how profitable it would be for them to show “black” videos.
African Americans comprise over fifty percent of all television viewers in America. However, they have very little say in what type of television programs they watch. For instance, on July 13,1991 the writer and his wife were all set to watch “Do the Right Thing,” which was scheduled to be aired on CBS at 8pm. We were really excited about watching it on television because we were hoping that “most” of the foul language would be edited for television viewing. To our dismay, the network decided to air the TV sitcom, “Amen,” instead. Upon calling the local TV station, the writer received a recording telling him to call back Monday.
While flipping through the channels, the writer noticed an interview being conducted on CNN with Mr. Singletary, the producer of “Boyz in The Hood” (which opened nationwide the night before). The interviewer attempted to link all acts of violence, which occurred near the theater that played this movie, to the movie itself. Mr. Singletary did an excellent job. He highlighted the disparity in the attitudes of the media and the powers to be in linking any acts of violence to “black movies.” Mr. Singletary showed that any acts of violence that may occur at the airing of a “white” movie will not receive the same amount of media coverage. Nor will there be a link between the violence and the movie. Because the interviewer had the last word, he ended the segment with a very paternalistic attitude. He talked about the shame of “black” movies attracting so much violence.
The writer’s wife informed him that there was much controversy in the media regarding possibly adding fuel to the fire if, “Do the Right Thing” was airing this PM. It appears that since African Americans are dependent on other people controlling their sources of entertainment, they will remain compelled to watch such foolishness as “Amen.” Perhaps African Americans ought to do the right thing by creating their own television stations and networks. There is a “preacher” in Augusta, Georgia who is often espousing the premise that “black people don’t produce anything.” Well, Reverend, this is not a true statement. African Americans have the combined income which is equivalent to the ninth richest nation in the world. The African Americans were and is involved in every aspect of the growth of this nation. Without this involvement, America would not be, nor would it continue to be what it is today.
The African Americans’ problem is that what they produce goes toward the maintenance and uplift of their “oppressors.” For instance, the above “preacher” directed his flock in the purchase of a new sanctuary. Unfortunately, they purchased this sanctuary from a “white” congregation, complete with all of the “graven images” of the “white” race’s perception of Jesus Christ and His disciples. Therefore, the Reverend and his congregation have produced a windfall profit for the former “white” owners of this religious sanctuary.
Another “preacher” has built a church house on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Directly across the street is a liquor store where the young, unemployed African American males “hang out.” Greene Street is a few miles away. This is where the African American males congregate while awaiting the arrival of the “white” men who will hire them as “day laborers.” While this new church house was being constructed, the African American males continued to wait for the “white” people to cruise Greene Street and hire them as “day laborers.” Because this “preacher” did not offer them employment, those males that were “hanging out” across the street from the church house continued to “hang out.”
Instead, the “preacher” hired a “white” contractor. The contractor hired “white” workers to build this African American church that will be attended by African American worshipers. This church will be paid for with the money of African American worshipers. The insult is that after the construction had been completed, this “preacher” spoke on the radio saying, “We are here to serve our community.” After this “preacher” produced jobs and wealth for the “white” community, what does he possibly have left to serve the African American community? The only thing that he could possibly serve the members of his congregation is that tired old theme, “You will all be getting your pie in the sky when you die, if you dig deep and pay your tithes and offerings today. After all, we do have this beautiful sanctuary to pay for.”!
There is another “preacher” who is currently constructing what may be the largest, also the most expensive African American church house in the Augusta area. He is heralding it as “the city of refuge.” As one drives by the construction site, you will notice that over 98% of the workers are “white” males. Most of the worshipers in this “city of refuge” will be African Americans. Consequently, the “white” contractors will be paid by members of the African American community.
This is a typical scenario that is repeated in every one of our cities and a vast majority of our church houses. There are “preachers” who are constantly begging for your hard earned money so that they can produce jobs and income for the “white” community. On Sunday mornings, the average church in the African American community will hold at least three collections. Monday mornings, this money is taken down town to the “white” owned banks for deposit. The “white” people can then go into these banks, where they are known by their first name by the vast majority of “white” employees of these banks. These same individuals can now borrow from the funds that were deposited by the African American churches to expand their own businesses. With these loans, they can construct and repair more African American churches.
Members of these African American congregations would be hard pressed to receive a loan from this bank with the same ease as the “white” borrower. Recent reports have shown that African Americans are denied thirty five percent more mortgage loans than “whites” with comparable incomes. African Americans own less than one half of one percent of all of the banks in America. At a time when “white” bankers are blatantly discriminating against the African Americans, one would wonder why the African Americans continue doing business with them? It is an indictment against the African American race, of the worst kind, to allow one African American bank to have to shut it’s doors.
The movie actor, Danny Glover recently made a substantial contribution to a UNCF college for the construction of a new library. This college contracted with a “white” construction company to build this library.
President George Bush is currently promising to “think” about allocating several million dollars for the renovation of buildings located on “black” colleges. Mr. Bush would not consider allocating any funds for these schools if he did not know that the contracts would be given to “white” contractors.
If members of the African American race took off every item of clothing that was not purchased from an African American business, they would probably find themselves naked. If they removed every piece of furniture from their homes that were not purchased from an African Americans, they would be sitting and sleeping on bare floors. If they removed every item of food from their shelves that they did not purchase from an African American grocer, they would starve to death if not for “commodities” food.
Ninety five cents of every dollar earned by African Americans is spent with other nationalities. How is it possible for the African Americans to profess to be equal to “white” America or any other nationality? They only spend five cents out of every dollar with other African Americans. Is there any wonder why the African American race continues to wallow at the bottom of the economic ladder? No other nationality in America is spending a significant portion of their income with African American businesses. It is imperative that the African American race support their own businesses.
Unemployment in African American communities is at an all time high. Is it wise that members of the African American race continue to produce employment for people other than themselves? While the African American race has a finger pointing at someone else, they must come to realize that the remaining three fingers are pointing back at themselves. They are three times as bad as the ones that they are accusing. This is an example of self defeating behavior and it must stop immediately if the African American race is to survive the trials and tribulations of the 1990s!
There is a story about a ship setting sail for a voyage that will go to uncharted waters. After months at sea, the crew began to run out of provisions. Finally, their ration of water was depleted and some crew members died. After drifting aimlessly for days, this destitute crew came upon another vessel. The captain frantically signaled the passing ship saying, “Give us some water least we all perish.” The captain of the other vessel responded by saying, “Cast down your buckets where you are.” The captain of the destitute vessel reasoned that the original message was misunderstood because everyone knew that humans could not drink salty, ocean water. He again sent the following message, `Give’ us some water least we perish.” Again, the captain of the passing vessel sent back the same reply, “Cast down your buckets where you are.” Out of desperation and the need to prove a point, the captain of the destitute vessel ordered one of his crew members to cast a bucket into the ocean and retrieve some salty, sea water. This captain told his crew, “Perhaps if we comply with his request, then this foolish captain might have pity on us and `give’ us some fresh water.” Low and behold, to his surprise, his crew member handed him a bucket full of fresh water!
There is only one type of freedom that really matters and that is ECONOMIC FREEDOM. If every African American church in America would take it’s money out of “white” owned banks, loan discrimination would end. They could then place this money in African American banks. This would be taking a major step toward solving the unemployment problems and the economic woes in the African American communities. College graduates with MBA degrees in business finance could stop prostituting themselves with their “white” employers and bring their talents into their own communities. You might say, “But there are not any African American banks in my community.” That is even better, because there is now another market which could open for African American contractors.
Every African American church in America should take their money out of their foreign missionary funds. They could develop local missions. The poverty and hunger, as well as homelessness among African Americans would become a relic. If these churches were to join forces and unite, they could then work miracles. The first miracle would be to eliminate all of those pimps who are in the pulpits hustling thousands of dollars a month from their congregations. This is money that could be used to open grocery stores in the communities.
The most foolish economic venture in the African American communities are the hundreds of church houses. For the most part, these church houses have their doors open for less than ten (10) hours per week. An African American congregation will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a building which is closed ninety five (95) per cent of the time. Each community has dozens, if not hundreds of church houses which are empty most of the week. The African American churches’ greatest resources are their congregations. With respect for denominational differences, the congregations could collectively worship at the largest church in the communities. The collaboration of the various ministers would provide the community with one central source for worship, fellowship and outreach. The doors would be open twenty four hours, seven days a week. The remaining church buildings would not be wasted. The other buildings could be converted into shelters for the homeless, drug treatment centers, half way houses and buildings of education for the African American communities.
There are over one hundred and fifty three “black civil rights” organizations in the United States. Each year many of these so called “black civil rights” leaders’ find it necessary to have annual conferences. Nearly everyone will hold an annual conference in a “white” owned and operated hotel. They will discuss the economic state of the “black” race. Of course, the participants of these conferences must purchase new outfits from “white” owned businesses to wear at these conferences. They must purchase airlines tickets from “white” airlines to travel back and forth to these conferences. These organizations will spend billions of dollars annually with “white” hotels and the various support businesses discussing unemployment in the African American communities.
The African American leadership should cancel all of their conventions for 1992 and 1993. They could pool just a fraction of the money that would have been spent with “white” businesses and build “five star” hotels in several cities. Just imagine the jobs that would be created in the African American communities. There would be jobs for hotel managers, clerks, chefs, kitchen help, maids, laundry workers and an array of support personnel. The only requirement for success would be that every African American who visits that particular city seeking hotel accommodations stay in one of these hotels. Of course it would be incumbent upon the hotel to have comparable rates and services as the “white” establishments.
If every African American refused to purchase an automobile unless they bought it from another African American, could you imagine the jobs that would be created? There would be a need for managers, sales personnel, mechanics and an array of support personnel. It is a known fact that “white” automobile dealerships charge African Americans thousands of dollars more than they charge “white” buyers for the same automobile. This disparity in treatment would no longer exist with the creation of African American dealerships.
Every African American should refuse to purchase any article of clothing that was not made or sold by African Americans. The high unemployment rate among its members would be drastically reduced. If African Americans only allowed other African Americans to clean their clothing, they would create another chain of jobs. If they cannot find members of their own race to buy from, they should then pool their resources and create the necessary industries.
The greatest source of large amounts of investment capital is the “talented tenth” of the African American population. The superstar athletes and entertainers have millions upon millions of dollars and are doing nothing worthwhile with it. There are only so many cars and houses that they can buy. There is only so much partying that they can do. Eventually boredom will set in and they will begin to seek new thrills. For the most part, the African Americans’ “talented tenth” are lacking substance in their lives. After being famous for most of their lives, they come to realize that there are only so many autographs to sign before the thrill is gone. In an effort to regain the thrill, many of them will resort to substance abuse, which will lead to substance addiction.
Someone once said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The greatest preventive measure these “talented tenth” could take is to invest in their own people. If each Superstar only invested one per cent of their money into the African American community, poverty would be eradicated within one year. The key is that all of the “talented tenth” would pool their resources and create financial empires throughout America. Not only would they be adding substance to their lives, they would be adding vitality to the lives of millions of African Americans. Then they would truly have become SUPERSTARS!
All African Americans who derive their primary income from the “underground economy” should pool their resources. They could become legitimate and create some very powerful, financial institutions in their communities. If the dope dealers were to take their illicit profits and invest them into legitimate enterprises, with their financial and managerial skills, they could become legitimate businessmen overnight. Within one year, they would become millionaires. Not only would they become wealthy entrepreneurs, they would also create wealth for other individuals. This time, they would be creating wealth for members of their own race. No longer would they have to pay tribute to the crooked politicians and police departments just so they could ply their illegal trade. They could now enjoy the fruits of their labors without any fears of legal consequences. No longer would they have to constantly look over their shoulders.
Before going into cardiac arrest at the thought of the writer suggesting that dope dealers divest their capital from drugs to legitimate businesses, think about it. The writer is not condoning drugs or drug dealing. On the contrary, the writer wholeheartedly believes that drugs have been the primary tools that the oppressors have used to destroy the African American race. The reality is that for many of those individuals who are currently involved in drug dealing, this has been their only means of escaping poverty. For many of them, because of the color of their skin, they do not have any other opportunity to rise above the poverty level.
Since the writer is a pragmatist, he is definitely aware of the fact that to escape the ravishes of one habit, you must create another habit. It is foolish to believe that the drug dealers will just give up their trade in exchange for a return to a life of poverty. On the contrary, those individuals who are making money dealing drugs could invest their ill gotten profits into legitimate enterprises, as opposed to burying it in the ground. They would be killing two birds with one stone. First, they will be eliminating drugs from the African American communities. With the new businesses in the communities there would not be the need for drug dealers.
Many groups of “white” immigrants that came to America used crime as a vehicle out of poverty. Their criminal activities created affluence which in turn created wealth, which created respectability. They have become so respectable that they have been allowed to legitimize their illegitimate enterprises. Thus we have Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, just to name a few.
African Americans must decide that it is foolish to continue spending only five cents out of every dollar among themselves. Instead, they will spend at least ninety five cents out of every dollar with members of their own race. They should also take the attitude that if they did not produce and sell it, they did not need it. The unemployment problem among the African Americans would come to a screeching halt. As opposed to running around carrying those ridiculous signs begging members of a racist group to provide jobs for them, they could create their own jobs. Instead of begging a racist society to allow them to live next door to them, the African Americans could cast down their buckets where they are.
If African Americans are not willing to invest in themselves, how can they expect their “oppressors” to do so? If African Americans are not willing to do for themselves, how can they expect their “oppressors” to do for them? Can one not hear how ludicrous that sounds? The “oppressors'” power is achieved and maintained by having a permanent “underclass.” One of the “oppressors'” ploy is to have “black” leaders continue to agitate for “equality” in an oppressive system. Therefore, whenever the “oppressors” decide that they need something from the “oppressed,” such as votes, they will toss some crumbs into the hands of these “black” leaders. These crumbs usually come in the form of charitable donations, or promises of equality. They have learned earlier that all they have to do is to appear supportive. Then they toss some financial crumbs to the “black” leaders and the masses will fall in line. If there was such a thing as being equal to the “oppressors,” who would move into the “blacks” position as the underclass?
African Americans continue to flounder at the bottom of the economic ladder solely because of auto racism. African Americans discriminate against their own kind more than their oppressors discriminate against them. They will pretend that if they want to get the best for their money, they must go to the “white” man. As the saying goes, “You can’t do business with a `black’ person.” The first negative experience an African American has with another African American is justification for not doing business with any African Americans. However, that is not totally true. If an African American beautician or barber ruins another African American’s hair, they will continue to try other African Americans before trusting another nationality with their hair.
Not until African Americans put as much trust in all African Americans as they do in those who “fix” their hair, will the economic woes of the African American communities come to a screeching halt. Not until they begin to invest in themselves and support their own investments can they ever hope to rise out of the economic basements into the penthouses of prosperity. Not until African Americans realize that it will take an individual effort, can they hope to create their own pie as opposed to begging for a piece of someone else’s pie.

Chapter 4


And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not
read that he which made them at the beginning made
them male and female,
And said, For this cause shall a man leave father
and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they
twain shall be one flesh?
Wherefore, they are no more twain, but one flesh.
What therefore, God hath joined together, let not
man put asunder.
Matthew 19:4 6 King James

It has been said that to better understand where we are, we must first gain insight into where we have come from. Knowledge of the past is essential in formulating a rationale for current behavior. If one is to adopt the belief that we are shaped by our environment, then one must understand all of the parameters of that environment. For instance, why are there so many “single, female headed, households” in the African American communities? In 1950, only seventeen percent of the African American households were headed by females. However, in 1992, approximately sixty percent of the African American households are headed by females. What factors are involved in the motivation for an African American male not to be directly involved in the raising of his African American children? The writer will explore the history of African American relationships, in an attempt to glean insight and obtain answers to these questions. This chapter will be divided into two segments, the past and the present, in an effort to understand the causes for the current African American relationships.
It is common knowledge that the hand that rocks the cradles can rule the nation. The most powerful segment of the American population is and has always been African American women. Their powers have derived from the fact that they have rocked the cradles of the African American children as well as the “white” American children. Because “white” women were considered too high on their pedestal that they could not nurse their own children, the African American women were given that task. African American women held the future of this nation, literally, in their bosoms.
There is little difference in the African American females’ powers and abilities today. They continue to remain the desire of both the African American males as well as the “white” males. Today’s African American women have infiltrated corporate America as well as government without posing a major threat to “white” males. They have even been allowed to run for high political office without posing any major threats. Their hands continue to rock the cradles of the future “white” leaders in America. Many African American women continue to raise “white” America’s children. Being wanted and loved by the African American women continues to be the greatest aspiration of most men in America. The question is, what are these women doing with their enormous power?


To better understand the interpersonal relationships of African American men and women, one must start with that “peculiar institution,” American slavery. For the “white” man to successfully enslave an entire race of people, it was necessary to divide and then conquer that race. Therefore, at the onset, the Africans were separated from members of their own families. Husbands were separated from wives, parents were separated from their children and siblings were separated from each other. The Africans were then separated by language. The slaves were not permitted to communicate with their own kind in their natural language. They were left with only two common denominators. First they were slaves in a strange land with an even stranger race of people. Second, all of the slaves were enslaved by the “white” man. They all had one common enemy, the “white” man and they were all hostages without any possibility of being rescued, nor very little hope of escaping.
The crucial factor in keeping the Africans enslaved was to prevent any possibility of unity. The Africans were striped of all dignity, self respect and self esteem. They were forced to live in squalor. For months during the “middle passage,” the Africans were packed into the holes of slave ships tighter than sardines. They were forced to lie in, not only their waste, but the waste of everyone else around them. They were denied access to water, therefore they could not bathe. The Africans were forced to eat slop, therefore, their health waned. They were not permitted to feel the warmth of the sun for months, consequently, their bodies were deficient of the vitamins which were essential for normal growth and development.
Upon arrival to America, life was not much better for the Africans. They were physically cleaned and fattened as one would clean and fatten hogs for the market to be slaughtered. They were shackled like beasts and paraded around for all prospective “white” buyers to inspect. These proud and beautiful Africans had to endure these fiendish and savage slave owners inspecting every part of their anatomies. Those that resisted were quickly dealt with in the most severe manner. Mothers had to watch their screaming children being dragged away, knowing that they would never be seen again. Husbands and fathers were beaten into submission while their families were torn from them, forever.
Once these Africans arrived on the plantations, their nightmares were transformed into a new reality. They were thrust into the caldrons of American slavery with death being their only means of escape. Here, their sole purpose in life was to please the “white” man. The Africans were not permitted to do anything that might elevate their status. The Africans were not permitted to love or be loved by anyone else.
They were reduced to an animalistic existence. The African women were bred as one would breed animals. Their children were taken away at birth and given to someone else to nurse, lest the mothers’ natural inclinations for love might surface and be bestowed upon her children. The African male was not permitted to develop any lasting relationships with the African woman or their children. His sole purpose in life was to bring wealth to “Massa.” This wealth came in the form of the African male working “Massa’s” plantation both day and night. By day, he was in the fields plowing and hoeing, and by night he was in the slave quarters plowing and whoring.
The only opportunity in which the African male had to express his manhood was in the number of women that he could impregnate. The more babies that he could help create, the higher his status would be on “Massa’s” plantation. He would be rewarded and praised openly by “Massa” each time he impregnated an African woman.
The African male’s reward would consist of a new pair of used shoes from “Massa” and a higher price tag on his head. With this higher price tag came special privileges. Often the African male would be taken out of the fields and permitted to work in the barn. He attributed this special treatment to the misconception that “Massa” cared about him. Because of his belief that “Massa” cared about him, he felt this was the reason he was receiving special treatment. However, “Massa” was only looking at the profit motive. “Massa” knew all too well that the life expectancy for “field” slaves were not as long as it was for “house” slaves. The longer the slave remained alive and healthy, the more babies he could make. This meant more money “Massa” could make selling “his” babies. The babies were considered the sole possessions of “Massa” because the slaves could not possess anything. They did not own the clothes on their backs, they did not own themselves.
Initially, it must have been extremely difficult for the African woman to give birth to a child only to have the child taken away from her. With time, and after giving birth to several children only to have them sold, the African mother began developing strange behavior patterns. She would begin talking back to the “Massa” and acting uppity. Invariably this behavior would result in the African mother being beaten, often severely. The outcome of these beatings would result in her giving birth to a physically deformed or mentally retarded child. A child who wouldn’t bring a “good” price tag on the auction block. Since “Massa” could not sell this physically deformed or mentally retarded child, he would permit the African mother to keep it.
There were some slave owners who found it more profitable to “breed” and raise their own slaves. They felt that it was easier to have the parents teach the children how to be slaves. As a result, these “Massas” would mistakenly believe that his slaves were happy slaves. The reality was that African men and women knew that if they angered “Massa” he would retaliate by selling their children. Therefore, the slave parents would raise their daughters to be flirtatious toward “Massa.”
These parents knew that if “Massa” became sexually aroused by a particular slave child, he would grant this child special privileges. He would bestow upon this child, the privilege and honor of being his concubine. He would keep her on the plantation for his perverted pleasure, therefore, she would not be separated from her parents and siblings. These African women became very skilled at manipulating “Massa.” Although it didn’t take much skill, just plenty of sex. These women learned how to survive in a world that was designed to cause their demise. These proud, beautiful, and heroic women would do anything and everything to keep their families intact.


The slave owners were faced with a peculiar dilemma. Because of their maniacal and barbaric desire to have something for nothing, the “white” men needed slavery. However, they had to successfully resolve a serious paradox or perish. The paradox was their hatred and fear of the African males and their need for them to work the plantations and impregnate the African women. Slave owners needed African slaves to work their plantations and satisfy their every whim. The slave owners had tried many other nationalities without much success. Only the African could survive the rigors of plantation life. Does this sound like an inferior race to you? Some slave owners had even gone as far as attempting to produce African children themselves by raping and impregnating the African women.
Unfortunately, the slave owners needed the African males to have strong, virile and healthy African slaves. The slave owners found that although they could impregnate the African women, they could not produce full blooded and healthy, African children. It was the full blooded African who was the healthiest and brought the highest prices in stud fees and cash value on the auction blocks. Since the slave owners’ wealth and lifestyle depended totally on slavery, they needed the African males.
The greatest challenge and threat to the slave owners’ authority were the African males. They knew that it was imperative that they remain under total control and submission always. They knew that once these strong, powerful and proud Africans unleashed their fury, only death would stop them. Therefore, the African males’ psyche had to be dealt with from all angles. First, they had to be taught to totally fear all “white” people in general and “white” men in particular. To instill this fear into these once fearless warriors, the slave owners became the most vicious and the most violent animals on this planet. They devised a multitude of techniques and devises designed to inflict slow, excruciating pain and a long torturous death. By doing this, the “massas” were instilling fear into the minds and hearts of the Africans. Adolf Hitler and his staff were alter boys in contrast to these American slave owners.
A “real” mother will do anything to protect and keep her children. The African mothers were determined that their children would survive. They knew first hand how the slave owners feared the African males. While working in the “massas'” homes, they would hear them discussing their fears with other slave owners. Therefore, the African mothers had to raise their male children so they would never pose a threat to “white” men. They would teach their sons to always maintain a docile, nonthreatening demeanor around “white” peoples in general and “white” males in particular. The African mothers would teach their warrior sons to hide behind their skirts and allow the African women to protect them. Keep in mind that this was the justification for the Rodney King lynching. He kept moving, therefore since he was moving, he continued to pose a threat to the LAPD lynch mob that was on the scene!
These once proud and fearless warriors were taught never give the appearance of anger toward “white” people. They were taught never look a “white” person in the eyes. They were told never talk back to a “white” person. These African warriors were trained never appear to challenge a “white” person’s authority. They were programmed to be ever mindful that the “white” male possessed everything, including the slaves, lives.
The African mothers would teach their sons to always remain boys. These African warriors were taught never to aspire to become men. The African mothers felt that as long as their sons remained boys, they would be safe from the wrath of “massa.”
These lessons have been passed down from generation to generation. After the issuance of the “emancipation proclamation” and the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, the African American males were still not free to be men. They were still not safe from the vicious attacks of “white” males. If they decided to defend themselves and their families, they had to face mob rule in the streets and in the courts. The African mothers continued to protect their sons by the only means they knew.
These mothers continued to raise their sons to be passive and docile. They would instill into them that they were never to strive toward manhood. They systematically excluded all knowledge of Africa and the Africans’ proud heritage from their sons. These mothers feared that knowledge of their roots would cause them to strive toward manhood. Instead, the African mothers taught their African sons to be “negroes” and “black” people.
These African American mothers taught their sons that they had two major purposes in life. They taught them that their primary purpose in life was to always please “white” people in general and “white” men in particular. Their second purpose in life was to love their mothers and attempt to please them whenever it did not conflict with pleasing “massa.” The first lesson was the most important lesson, to please “white” males.
The African American mothers knew that two things displeased “white” males most. The “white” males had to believe without a doubt that they were superior to all African American males. In addition, they had to believe they were superior to every other race of males. Secondly, the “white” males could not think that African American males were interested in establishing intimate relationships with “white” women. The very thought of an African American male showing any physical interest toward a “white” woman would unleash violent and maniacal behavior which was surpassed by no other species on this planet.
The following excerpt from Ralph Ginzburg’s book, “One Hundred Years of Lynchings,” which was published by Lancer Books, Inc. is just one example of such behavior. Keep in mind that this type of behavior has been going on for centuries and it is still very prevalent today.


FEBRUARY 18, 1900


Columbia, S.C., Will Burts, a negro, nineteen
Years old, was lynched this morning in Aiken county.
Three days ago he attempted to outrage Mrs. Weeks and failed.
A crowd of 250 tracked the negro fifty miles across
Aiken, Edgefield, and Greenwood counties. He was caught
last evening by a farmer, who received $100 from the posse.

The party returned to Greenwood, and at daylight this
morning the lynching occurred. Some wished to hold the
man till tonight and make a public demonstration of it,
but this was outvoted.

A clothesline was obtained, one end swung over an oak
limb, and the other fastened to Burts’ neck. He was then ordered to climb the tree and get out on the limb. This
the negro did without hesitation. He was then shot from
the limb. The rope broke, and as Burts was not dead, he
was again hoisted up and then shot to pieces”.
Ralph Ginzberg

“He was then ordered to climb the tree and get out on the limb. This the negro did without hesitation.” Mr. Burts was taught well by his mother. Despite the situation, he was taught to obey the commands of “white” males immediately. “Without hesitation” he climbed to his death. There could have been no doubt about the intentions of this crazed and vicious mob. Yet, “without hesitation,” Mr. Burts climbed the tree to die. If told to tie the rope around his own neck he would probably have done so because his teachings demanded it.
This is just one more example of the atrocities that are perpetrated against the African American males. Anytime the “white” males think that the African American males are interested in “white” women, they become murderously jealous. The African American males are viewed as the greatest threat to the very survival of the “white” race because the darker genes are the most dominant genes. The African American males do not have access to the “white” female as the “white” male has to the African American female. If he did, it is possible that “white” Americans would be tottering on the brink of total extinction.
The African American mothers, in their infinite wisdom, have always been aware of the conscious and unconscious fear that the “white” males had toward the African American males. They preferred to forever keep them as “boys” rather than allowing them to grow up and become men. The African American mothers knew that men would give up their lives for their families. Men would not foolishly lay down their lives without putting up a fight. If men must die, it would be a fight to the death and they would not die alone. In order to take a man’s life, it would truly be an eye for an eye and a life for a life.
The African American mothers wanted live sons, not dead men. Therefore, they would psychologically castrate their sons from their wombs. They would teach them only what they felt that they needed to know to remain alive. That consisted of teaching them never to challenge the “white” man’s authority under any circumstances. Above all else, never, ever want “white” women. African American mothers would teach their sons not to look at them. Because if they did, some “white” person might think that they were interested in these white women. Mothers would also teach their sons to always bow their heads in the presence of “white” people. Because “white” men would interpret eye contact as signs of insolence and as a challenge to their authority.


As God would have it, these African American male children would grow into adults physically, but remain children mentally. They were not taught any kind of family responsibility. They were living in a society that forbid them from learning how to become responsible adult males. African American males were given the most menial jobs in the job market, if they were given jobs at all. They were given jobs as chauffeurs, butlers, janitors, sharecroppers, laborers and shoe shine boys just to name a few.
These jobs had two things in common. First, the job descriptions required someone to serve the “white” males, to satiate their every whim, or fancy. These jobs were at the bottom of the economic ladder. Therefore, it was next to impossible for the African American males to support families with just one income. As a result, the African American males had to work several jobs, including overtime, not to make ends meet, but just to keep their families from starving. Often the African American women obtained jobs in the “white” folks’ homes as domestic workers to augment their meager wages. Often, the African American women could find steady employment when the African American men could not. This was the old rule of divide and conquer. This was just another form of castrating the African American males, causing them to continue to feel impotent.


Growing up in America means fulfilling the American dream. This dream consists of having an intact family. The father is the breadwinner and the mother is the homemaker, and there are 2.5 children and a dog in every home. The American dream means that you would reside in a beautiful home, located in a very nice suburb. Watching television and going to the movies reinforced this American dream.
Children were taught from childhood that America is the land of opportunity. It is the land of milk and honey. “America the beautiful” is a land where anyone who is willing to work hard and make a few sacrifices could obtain wealth and prosperity. All one has to do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps. This was reinforced by the waves of emigrants who came to this country penniless. In just a little over one generation they had risen to the pinnacles of success. This is America, the land of a thousand opportunities. If you cannot make it in America, then something must be wrong with you! Every school age child in America and the rest of the world was indoctrinated with the above propaganda.
For most African Americans, this American dream is just that, a dream. All they have to do is open their eyes or go outside into the ghettos and they would be immediately plunged into reality. The reality is that for the African Americans, part of the American dream is and always was a nightmare. After growing up with this indoctrination, only to find that they are unable to achieve the American dream and unable to obtain their piece of the pie, it is inevitable that one will begin to question their self worth. Being born and raised in poverty is one thing. To grow up and remain in poverty with no visible means of escape is a totally different story. To be the last hired only to be the first fired will begin to take its toll after years of similar abuse and humiliation. To be consistently underemployed and unemployed will eventually have a very deleterious effect on the psyche.
The African American male’s ego is extremely fragile because it has been systematically and savagely attacked for centuries. These attacks began when he was forced to stand idly by and watch his mother and wife being sexually assaulted by “white” males. The African American male was forced to beg and plead futilely, while his children were sold by “white” males. The African American male was compelled to witness his wife and children in need of food, clothing and shelter. He was painfully aware that he could not eradicate that need solely because of the color of his skin.
Being told that your family is not eligible for any public assistance because you, the “man,” is still in the house, is a hurting thing. Many times the African American male is faced with a serious paradox. He must choose between staying with his family, to keep it intact, or leaving, so that the welfare department might end the financial suffering. This is a very humiliating experience for any “man”. The humiliation of knowing that his family would be better off without him, would eventually take its toll. He hears his wife tell him that she loves him and everything will be all right. His heart tells him that she is feeling that she and the children’s lives would be much better without him. This gnaws at his pride.


In 1950, only seventeen percent of African American households were headed by women. Today, over sixty percent are headed by females. The welfare system have been successful in forcing the African American adult males out of the homes. During the 1950s and 1960s, unscrupulous welfare workers would invade the homes of African American welfare mothers for “surprise” inspections. If these workers found any indications that adult males were residing in the homes, welfare funds would be ended immediately. Therefore, because of unemployment and/or underemployment, the African American males were prohibited from residing with their families. It was a matter of survival, not so much for them, but for their families. The African American males would be forced to other places of residences. Places that they could call home. They would sneak into the houses of their wives and children late at night to bring them a few dollars. Eventually, these tenuous relationship were strained to the limits. One or both parents would meet someone else and begin new relationships.


With the passage of the 1964 “civil rights bill,” the welfare department and other social service agencies began offering job training to welfare recipients. Since the vast majority of welfare recipients were “white” females, this training was not offered to males in general and African American males in particular. However, because of the filtration process, many African American women began taking advantage of this special training. Because of these educational opportunities, and the tax breaks for employees who hired these former welfare recipients, many of these African American mothers went to work in corporate America as secretaries and office clerks. They began earning more money than they ever imagined they could earn. They were earning more money on their one job than their former husbands were earning on all of their jobs combined. These former welfare mothers received first hand knowledge of the value of education. For the first time since their arrival in America, many of these African American women saw the possibility of their obtaining a piece of the American dream. What really sweetened the pie for them was the knowledge that they did it “alone.” They did not need a “no good nigger” to help them do badly. They were doing “GOOD” by themselves.


Many of these African American women began to have a very small taste of the “good life.” Their success served a twofold purpose. First, it widened the riff between them and the African American males. The only African American males that these females interacted with on their new jobs were making significantly less money than they were. Invariably, they were the janitors, elevator operators, or security guards. Second, while working in the environment of corporate America, African American women had firsthand knowledge of their perception of a “successful” man. The only problem was that the vast majority of these “successful” men were “white.” They would then go home and watch television only to have the same images reinforced in their psyches. It would appear that all of the “successful” men in America were “white.” Either consciously, or unconsciously, African American women began to fantasize about their “prince charming.” Their “white knights” in shining, white armor would rescue them from the evils of poverty and degradation. They began praying that their “white knights” would come into their lives and save them from the clutches of the “black knights.”
African American women began searching in vain for their “white knights.” Unfortunately their search has always been very elusive. Many African American women have been restricted to settling for a “black pawn” from among the African American men. This restriction for the most part is a restriction imposed on them by “white” men. They may have sadly found that “white” men are more than willing to “keep” them in the lap of luxury in which they have fantasized about since their childhood. “White” men will gladly shower them with expensive gifts and other trinkets. However, to their dismay, they painfully realizes that very few “white” men will take them home as their wives. They are forced to accept the fact that they too have been just a fantasy. They must painfully accept the fact that they have only been a “good time” for “white” men. Because of the color of their skin, it is impossible for the “white knights” to take them as their brides. They will not marry them because their newborn children would be the wives’ color. Because of their demented hatred toward African American males, their “white knights” could not stomach the possibility of them producing African American males.


African American females have also realized that their dream of finding “good black men” are also a fantasy because all of the “good black men” are taken. These African American women have bought into the “white” myth that there is a scarcity of “black” men. They have wholeheartedly embraced the myth that “black” men are an “endangered species.” There is very strong evidence that the current “white” power structure is targeting African American males for genetic annihilation. Statistics show that one out of four African American males are incarcerated in the penitentiary. In spite of these grim statistics, even if they are correct, there are still three out of four African American males who are not involved in America’s penal systems. Therefore, at present, the African American male is not an “endangered species.”
What African American females have failed to realize is that their definition of a “good man” is someone who can wrap them in the lap of luxury in which they have fantasized about for most of their lives. They cannot see the forest for the trees. They have failed to open their eyes and see that there are plenty of available African American men. Granted, corporate executives, doctors and lawyers are at a premium among African American men, as well as men of other nationalities. However there is not a “shortage” of African American men–YET!
There is not a shortage of African American men who are willing to work overtime to ensure that their families have all of the things that they need. The key word here is need. Many people fail to distinguish between a need and a want. A need is necessary for the preservation of life, it is life sustaining. If needs were left unsatisfied, the person would cease to exist, they would die. The possibilities of surviving without satisfying all of one’s needs is practically impossible. The probability that death would occur if a need went unfulfilled is one hundred percent. Your needs consist of food, water, clothing, shelter and procreation. A want has nothing to do with the preservation of life. The survival rate without satisfying any wants is one hundred per cent. For the most part, wants consist of unnecessary stuff. Beyond food, water, clothing, shelter, and procreation, everything else is a want, it is a luxury.
Procreation is for the preservation of the species. Although procreation involves sex, sex by itself is not a need. African Americans have foolishly equated engaging in sexual activities with the act of “making love.” They have failed to realize that sex is not synonymous with love, despite Hollywood’s claims. It is physically impossible to “make love” because GOD IS LOVE! The fact remains that sex is nothing more than sex. Sex is a physical act. It’s a deed that can be enjoyed by one or more people. Love is a strong emotion, which works best if it is shared with another. Love is the demonstration of strong feelings toward someone or something. Love involves caring for someone or something so much that one would make major sacrifices because of their love.


“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands,
as unto the Lord.

For the husband is the head of the
wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and
he is the savior of the body.

Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so
let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved
the church, and gave himself for it:

That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that
it should be holy and without blemish.

So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.” Ephesians 5:22 28

Today’s African American newlyweds are writing their own wedding vows. They are saying that God’s wedding vows are not relevant for today’s relationships. Instead of ending their vows with, “Until death do we part,” they are saying, “Until divorce do we part the property.” Over fifty per cent of today’s marriages will end in divorce within five years. The United States have the highest divorce rate in the world.
Women of today are saying that they will not tolerate what their mothers and grandmothers endured. Women are saying that they have a life after marriage. They are saying that their marriages do not evolve around their husbands and children. The family is no longer their number one priority. Today’s women are striving toward achieving the “American Dream,” at all cost. Their families have been relegated to the position of excess baggage when it comes to their careers.
African American women are saying that they will never submit themselves to a “black” man. Many of today’s African American women are refusing to subject themselves unto their husbands. These women are insisting that they are equal to, if not superior to any “black” man. African American women of today have aligned themselves with “white” women in their quest for liberation. These women are saying that they do not need men in their lives. Long term marriage is not a priority of theirs. Many of today’s African American women are not interested in the values that their mothers and grandmothers followed.


The most liberating event that occurred to women in America happened during the early 1960s when women were given access to birth control pills. Because of the development of birth control pills, women believed that they had received their emancipation in the bedroom. They could now engage in sexual activity without the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Women were now free to become as promiscuous as their male counterparts. With the creation of birth control pills, women were no longer locked into monogamous relationships. They had been liberated to “make love” anytime, anywhere, and with anybody, without the consequences of unwanted pregnancies. They were now free to join the Woodstock generation and openly practice “free love.” Love and commitment no longer had anything to do with relationships. Sex was now reduced to its basest level. The prerequisite for sexual intercourse was merely a result of hormones being attracted. Emotions were not an issue. The only feelings that mattered were the physical feelings of lust.
Unfortunately, nothing in life is truly free. Everything in life has a price tag attached to it. The price tag that African American women have paid for their new found “freedom” is loneliness, depression and a tremendous amount of emotional pain. Because of their willingness to engage in “one night stands” they are constantly searching for “Mr. Right,” in all of the wrong places. As a result they, all too often, end up with “Mr. Wrong.” They are saying that they want close and intimate relationships with that special “someone” but they are willing to settle for anything or anybody.
African American women have lowered their standards to the point where they will accept anything from any man in order not to be alone. That is, they will tolerate this behavior until they are in a position to replace him (with his clone). Many African American women want less and less from African American men. Therefore they expect less from men, which results in their getting less. The values of many of today’s African American women are based solely on economics. Their impression of a “good man” is one who drives a nice car, wears expensive jewelry and is willing to wine and dine them.
What African American women have failed to capitalize on is that any woman can get her man to do anything that she wants him to do. When she wants her man to buy her expensive clothes and jewelry and other “stuff,” she has no problems. When she wants her man to take her to fine restaurants, she has no problems. The very nature of the African American female enables her to dominate her relationships. This is primarily because she has been taught by an expert, her mother: “Not to take any s t from any man.” The African American male has been taught by his mother to bend over backwards to please the women in his life.
Historically speaking, when Eve wanted Adam to taste of the forbidden fruit, he did. When Delilah wanted Samson to reveal the secret of his strength, he did. Anything that the African American female desires of her man, he will do. The problem is that the African American female desires the wrong things. Her desires are purely physical. They are based on satisfying her immediate desires for amassing more “stuff.” These desires have nothing at all to do with the elevation of their relationship. The desire for “stuff” is not bringing the couple closer together, on the contrary, it is driving them further apart.


African American men are having a very difficult time loving their wives because they do not love themselves. For generations, African American men have been taught to hate themselves. Because of this self hatred, it has become impossible for African American men to love anyone else. The prerequisite for loving someone else is that you must first love yourself. It is impossible to do more for someone else than you are willing to do for yourself. Because of this self hatred, African American men are finding it very difficult to become “one” with their wives.
The result of this self hatred is a love/hate relationship between the sexes. African American couples are constantly striving for superiority over the other. Consequently, both sexes enter a relationship with their defenses on full alert. Both are waiting for the inevitable, one partner attempting to “get over” on the other. Whenever possible, each individual will try to take as much as possible from the other before the relationship comes to a screeching halt. Since both individuals are preoccupied with trying to take from the other before they are “taken,” neither will have the opportunity to openly and honestly give their best to the relationship.
There is a serious problem effecting these couples, because African American men continue to believe that their manhood is measured by their sexual prowess. They believe their manhood is decided by the number of women they can seduce. It is also predicated on the number of babies that they have. They foolishly believe that they need more than one woman. History has played a cruel hoax by telling them that they are “Super-studs” and there is more than enough of them to go around. It is physically exhausting too totally “satisfy” one woman all of the time. Thus, it is virtually impossible to “satisfy” many women anytime.
African American men have also bought into the belief that the measure of love is decided by the amount of “stuff” you give your love one. Their idea of love is based on the remembrance of certain days throughout the year. Love is demonstrated by what one gives his wife or love one on Valentines day, Xmas, birthdays, anniversaries or any other day that is deemed appropriate by society. Their spouses and girlfriends will reinforce this perception of love. Many relationships have ended because the man did not give her anything on Valentines day. Can you imagine that? Ending a relationship because some fictitious creature called Cupid allegedly shot an arrow into two lovers’ hearts and the man failed to buy her a present for Cupid’s day.


Recently, La Toya Jackson stated, “I’ve always dreamed of a beautiful white wedding.” Ms. Jackson is not alone in her dreams of marriage. Today, many African American women share the same dreams. This is translated to mean that these African American women want to emulate “white” people’s wedding ceremonies.
These African American women want to wear beautiful “white” gowns, surrounded by brides’ maids, and groomsmen. They have taken a Euro-centric approach to matrimony. They will even have a cake with “white” dolls adorning it. African American women will insist that their prospective husbands play the role “or else” (else they will be telling the world that they do not love their woman.)
Many women will also insist that the men in their lives (daddy, brother and/or fiancé) finance these elaborate “parties.” Some of these women will pick out the most expensive wedding gowns in the stores. A gown that she will only wear once in her lifetime. She will pick out the most expensive wedding ring that can be financed. To top off this Euro-centric wedding, the newlyweds must go on a cruise to a “white” American paradise. This paradise is a tropical island, inhabited by people of African descent, which has been colonized by “white” America.
The focal point of the first years of their marriage is spent trying to rebound financially from the cost of this “beautiful white wedding.” Things probably would not be too bad financially, if the couple was satisfied not to make any major purchases until they had paid off their wedding debt. However, today’s “microwave” couples are constantly seeking instant gratification. Their incomes will not support their extravagant lifestyle. However, since they can buy now and pay later, their two magic words are charge it!
Because of the African American woman’s exposure to corporate America, and her acceptance of Hollywood’s version of the ideal family, these newlyweds are subjected to tremendous hardships and disappointments. No matter how hard they try, they will never be “white.” They will not even be accepted by “white” America. Oh, they will be tolerated by the so called liberals who are attempting to convince themselves and African Americans involved, that they are not prejudiced. But as Malcolm X said, “time will tell.” These liberals are very easy to recognize. They are the ones who will invariably tell you about their “black” friends. These “middle class” African Americans will also play the game of liberalism. They too, will speak of their “white” friends. Why is it important for anyone to let you know the color of their friends? The importance comes in the fact that they are telling you that someone of another race associates with them.


Because of their quest for assimilation into “white” America, many “middle class” African Americans have internalized the values of the dominant culture. They have denounced the values which made it possible for the African American nationality to endure the lunacy of American racism for well over four hundred years. They no longer cherish the values that required that they take pride in their racial identity and never forget from whence they came. Values that insisted that they remain God fearing people are a thing of the past. It is something that they sing about Sunday mornings in songs such as, “Give Me That Ole Time Religion.” Values that demanded they take care of their own have been transformed to mean that they must take care of their own self. Today’s African Americans have allowed a culture that has a vested interest in keeping them from receiving a piece of the American pie, to instill in them a new set of values.
These new sets of values are primarily based on the premise of “looking out for #1.” The emphasis is on self preservation “I got mine, therefore I must prevent you from getting yours, so that I may keep mine.” This attitude is based on the belief that there is not enough “stuff” to go around. The reality is that in order for one to be on top, necessity dictates that someone must be on the bottom. Unfortunately, some African Americans have bought into the premise that anyone “can pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” African Americans have been striving hard to be accepted as an American success story. However, their success has consistently fallen short of full acceptance by the dominant culture.
Because of their need to give the impression that they have obtained “middle class” status, many African American couples will embark on a neurotic quest to obtain “stuff.” They will sell their perfectly good homes (with low mortgages or no mortgage) in their predominantly African American neighborhoods. Then they will buy prefabricated, cheaply constructed homes with over inflated price tags in “better” neighborhoods.
These “better” neighborhoods are translated to mean “white” or at least “mixed” neighborhoods. Of course they will need new furnishings to go into their new homes. Then they must trade in the “old” cars which are paid for. Now they must purchase foreign cars with price tags that are equivalent to the sales prices of their old homes.
Because of their failures to understand the distinction between a need and a want, many newlyweds will buy everything that they want and beg for many things that they need. African American women have an insatiable desire to obtain “middle class” status on a “low class” budget. The African American men’s mistaken conception that love is measured by a price tag, is placing a tremendous strain on their marriage. For the most part, many of these couples are merely one paycheck away from having to file bankruptcy. They are living a charade that will eventually result in self destruction.
Both spouses have to work two jobs if not three, to maintain their charade. Consequently, these newlyweds are spending less time together. Therefore, they are unable to enjoy their accumulation of “stuff.” Neither are they able to enjoy each other’s company. Eventually, the stress of the wedding bills, coupled with the fact that both couples are overworked, will cause their honeymoon period to end as suddenly as it began. These newlyweds will no longer find marriage as exciting as they fantasized it would be.
Today’s couples have grown up with a “MICROWAVE MENTALITY.” They have erroneously been led to believe in instant happiness. They have foolishly accepted the lie that says “you can have your cake and eat it to.” Today’s couples have embarked on insatiable quests for instant gratification. They want pleasure with a minimum amount of effort. If they want entertainment, all they have to do is pull a knob or turn a switch and they have television, or music. If it is too dark, too hot, or too cold, all they have to do is press a button and all is instantly well.
Many of today’s couples have sadly come to believe that their quest for happiness is external. Today’s culture has taught its citizens that there is absolutely no need to be in any type of pain. There is a drug of some type that will cause the pain to quickly dissipate. Because of their inability to spend time together, many couples may feel as though they are drifting apart. They will mistakenly conclude that children will solve their problems.
Unfortunately, all too often, bringing children into an already strained relationship invariably compounds the situation. To begin, neither parent can afford to quit one of their three jobs to care for a newborn child. The couple is already clinging tenuously to their “middle class” lifestyle. The loss of even one paycheck will plummet many couples into economic ruin. As a result, the third trimester of pregnancy is spent frantically searching for a “good” day care. A day care that will accept newborns, thereby allowing the mother to return to work immediately after giving birth. The day care will enable them to maintain all of their “stuff.”


A generation ago, only “loose” and immoral women would “shack up.” If a woman was “living in sin,” she would be regarded as a whore. She would have been considered unfit to associate with “decent folks.” Because of the spiraling decline in the values of the “dominant culture, they have found it necessary to play word games. In 1950, only seventeen percent of African American babies were born out of wedlock. In 1992 that figure has skyrocketed to well over seventy percent. Again, the dominant culture’s need for word games has legitimized these births by identifying the mothers as “single parents.” Today, “shacking up” is called “co habitating.” The changing attitudes of many African American women, coupled with accepting the values of the dominant culture, have resulted in an all out assault on the African American family.
Today, we can easily find three generations of African American women in the same family with children, by different men, who are “shacking up.” There are teenage girls giving birth and making some very foolish statements. For instance, “My mother raised me without a father, so I can raise my child without a father.” What this child fails to realize is that perhaps if her mother had insisted on her father being a part of her upbringing, then maybe she would not be a teenager with a child. “White” America has legitimized whoring, therefore African Americans believe that if it is good enough for “white” people, then it is good enough for them. After all, African Americans are trying to be the great imitators.
Because of their beliefs that they “do not need a man,” African American women have rationalized “shacking up,” as opposed to marriage. African American women erroneously believe that they can “shack up” without having a commitment. They foolishly believe that they can have the best of both worlds. When they grow weary and disenchanted with their current “roommates,” all they have to do is move out and establish new households with someone else.
Since their lifestyles have been accepted by the dominant culture, African American women have justified their actions by saying, “These are the nineties, and it is okay to live with someone before you marry them. This way, you will have a chance to find out how that person is before you marry. If it does not work out, then you do not have to go through the hassles of getting a divorce. All you have to do is pack your things and go your separate ways.”
Today, everything society does is based on convenience, including relationships. The real question is, who is it convenient for? What these women fail to realize is that it is very difficult for a relationship to “work out” without a commitment. Historically, marriage was the cement that held families together. When the storms of life raged hard against the relationship, marriage made it possible to endure those trials and tribulations.
There are very few, if any, advantages to “shacking up.” One might argue that two can live cheaper than one. However, the fact that two are living in sin cheapens the relationship. There is definitely more to life than money. If two people have strong enough feelings toward each other, then you would think that both are prepared to embark on a life time commitment. The fact that the two of them have chosen to “shack up” suggests that their feelings toward each other are not as strong as they are professing. If they are saying that they “love” each other, they are adding “but not enough to marry you.” If they are saying that they trust each other, they are saying “but not enough to marry you.”
If there are children involved, the parents are telling them that they do not love each other enough to make a life time commitment. As one prominent African American recently said, “I am not going to marry my child’s mother because I have too much to lose.” The message to the child is “I don’t care if I lose you, just as long as I don’t lose my “stuff.”
These adults are conveying to the children that their relationships are all about lust as opposed to love. They mistakenly believe that ending a failed relationship is much easier than ending a failed marriage. However, both breakups take major tolls on the family, especially the children.
Due to the prevailing attitudes and lack of values, African Americans have raised a generation of children who are devoid of any spirituality. This generation has been denied the knowledge of moral values. These values have empowered the African American culture with the strength and fortitude to endure the ravages of “white” racist slavery. They have been denied the keys to life.
They do not understand that when God said they should not have any gods before Him, He was including all of this material “stuff.” Nor do they understand that when God talked about not having any graven images, He also meant not to have any crosses nor crucifixes. When God admonished us not to use his name in vain, it was a warning against this foul mouth generation. This is a generation which prides itself in being able to really “curse someone out.” When God told us to remember the Sabbath, He was telling us that we must keep the sabbath day holy.
This generation has totally ignored God’s instructions because someone is willing to pay them time and a half. Most individuals foolishly believe that the first day of the week is the sabbath. This lost generation does not fully grasp the idea and meaning of God’s instructions to honor their fathers and mothers. If they understood that this was the first commandment with a promise, they would not be engaging in this type of behavior. Their current behavior is disrespectful to themselves and to their parents.
No matter how much you tell this generation that God said “thou shalt not kill,” they are still quick to take a life and not express any remorse. God instructed all of us not to commit adultery. This generation is a generation of adulterers. God told them not to steal. Many of you are forced to fortify your homes like prisons because your own children will steal you blind. God instructed us not to bear false witness against our neighbors.
This generation prides itself for its ability to tell a convincing lie. God said for us not to covet our neighbors’ houses. Instead of heading His instructions, we’ll end up in bankruptcy courts because of our foolish efforts to keep up with the Jones.
If this generation was taught God’s word by example and deeds perhaps then they would fully comprehend the gravity of their current behavior. Instead, they are being reminded by your very deeds that there are indeed double standards. There is a facade, a sham in which the significant adults in their lives profess with their mouths. Then there is the real deal. There is the life that these significant adults are actually living.
A generation ago, an African American male would be immediately admonished for using profane language and obscene gestures in the presence of a “lady.” Today, many African American women will think nothing of cursing like a sailor and dressing like a whore. Many of these “liberated” women would put a chief boatswains mate to shame. Because of their desires to compete with men, African American women feel that they must show that they can do anything that men can do. Many African American women regard cursing as a sign of one of their many strengths. Again, the message to the children is “if mother can say it, then it must be okay for me to say it.”


We are told in God’s word that in the last days, mankind will be exposed to evil inventions. Most of the current inventions that have been created in the past fifty years are still in the experimental stages. Unfortunately, the human race is the guinea pig. The powers to be have taken it upon themselves to turn the entire world into one giant laboratory. This current generation is being subjected to the brunt of these experiments. The generation of the fifties is the first television generation. As a result, this generation is a classic example of an experiment that has gone amuck.
A decade ago you could go to a theater with your children and all could enjoy a family outing. All that you had to do was preview the movie ratings before making the selection. The ratings were very informative and helpful. A movie with a General (G) rating meant that the entire family could enjoy it without anyone feeling offended or having to blush. Today, this G rating is usually synonymous with G for Gory and Graphic. It is not a movie designed for the squeamish. There will often be an excessive amount of blood and guts.
A movie with a “PG” rating once stood for Parental Guidance. It was up to the parents to decide if they wanted to subject their children to an increased amount of violent acts. Even then, these acts of violence left much to the imagination. The audience was not inundated with explicit acts of violence. Today, this PG rating is synonymous with pornographic. There is blood and guts, plenty of cursing and explicit sexual acts. There is nothing left to the imagination.
An R rating once meant that it was absolutely restricted to an audience under a certain age (usually seventeen). A decade ago, an R rating meant that you would be exposed to an increased amount of blood and guts. It meant that you would also see some nudity. However, supposedly, this nudity was in “good taste.” Today, an “R” rating means that you will be exposed to the raunchiest films possible. Anything and everything goes blood, guts, sex, anything!
In its quest to compete with Hollywood and pay television, the television networks have convinced the FCC to rescind its restriction on what network television could broadcast. In the early part of the 1980s, the FCC lifted its restrictions on network television. The FCC said that these networks would be responsible to no one except themselves. Today, you can see the ramifications of that decision. All you have to do is turn on your television set anytime of the day, and you will have your variety of blood, guts, violence, and sex on virtually any channel that you select.
Would you allow two strangers to come into your home cursing, doing drugs and having sex on your living room sofa? All of this “abhorrent” behavior would be occurring in the presence of your children. You might say “This is ridiculous. I would never allow such behavior to occur in the presence of my children”. However, it happens every time you turn on your television. If you would not allow strangers to physically enter your home and participate in the above behavior, why do you allow Hollywood to bring this behavior into your homes?
Recently, it was alleged that a young African American film producer regressed by throwing a temper tantrum at one of the “white” man’s film festivals. When he was asked why he was so upset, it is said that he replied “I was robbed. Had I been treated fairly and given that award, it would have meant that I would be given access to the European market.” This writer took his wife to see the film in question and the first scene depicted a man and a woman in bed moaning and groaning, while supposedly engaged in the act of “slapping thighs.” The next scene showed a child sitting in her bed listening to the antics of her parents. This was the prelude of coming attractions. The rest of the film depicted explicit sex scenes and an abundance of profanity.
Unfortunately, scenes like these are typical of many African American film producers. Supposedly, it is about capturing the “European market.” Most of the moviegoers in the United States are African Americans. Therefore, if they were attempting to capture the “European market,” why are they degrading themselves and the African American race in their quest to compete with Hollywood? Why not just produce films that are exclusively for the “European market?”
The tragedy is that these young film producers are extremely talented and artistic. But they have become desensitized to blood, guts, sex and violence. They erroneously believe that these scenes add substance to their creative abilities and talents. Consequently, their audiences are becoming just as desensitized to these scenes. These young producers have rationalized that it is imperative that they give their audiences a sense of realism. It is very important for their audiences to have a sense that they are being exposed to the “real world.” Children are already sexually active and openly engage in the use of profanity in the “real world.” These young producers erroneously believe that it is imperative that their scenes depict as much realism as possible. With this logic, it is just a matter of time before someone suggests the use of real bullets. This will result in real murders to capture that sense of realism in the scenes.
Someone has to put the breaks on this madness. At some point the parents must say, “Enough is enough.” The adults must take their heads out of the sand and recognize the insanity of adopting the values of the dominant culture. They must come to grips with the reality that historically, the “white” culture has stolen every one of the African Americans’ creations and inventions. At some point, the African American race must recognize that they are the most imitated race in the world. The African American race does not need to imitate anyone else. All they have to do is be themselves. They must dig beneath the layers of filth and corruption and find the “self” that their ancestors intended for them to be.
Of course, they can continue down the path in which they are currently going. Although, they must be ever mindful that while pointing their fingers at the “white” man, they are also pointing three fingers and a thumb at themselves. As a result, at their present rate, they are at least three times as responsible for their current plight as the “white” man. The African American must recognize that there is a definite correlation between its methods of entertainment and the deterioration of their family, community, and race. They must realize that they are rapidly approaching a point of total desensitization and it is only a matter of time before they reach the point of no return. A point when anything and everything goes!

Chapter 5


“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when
he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6 King James


Historically, African American men found fatherhood to be very difficult. Any male could impregnate a woman, however, only a man could be a father to a child. The measure of manhood was evidenced by one’s ability to care for himself and his family. To be a man required tenacity and determination. It required an element of pride in one’s accomplishments.
What did the average African American male have to be proud of? What were his life’s accomplishments? Most African Americans were slaves either physically, psychologically, or both. They had very little to offer themselves or their families. They could not even offer their families love because they did not love themselves. How is it possible to share “nothing” with someone? Are they supposed to be appreciative of your generosity? It is virtually impossible to give someone something which you yourself do not possess.
This is exactly what the average African American male had to give their families “nothing.” Traditionally, they were not permitted to own anything. Nor were they allowed to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” because usually, the boots belonged to “massa.” “Massa” would never give his “ex” slaves anything that would enable them to elevate their status. If the African Americans were to rise above the status of being slaves, sharecroppers, or employees, then “Massa’s” status would be in jeopardy.
Because the African American males had “nothing” to give their families, invariably, they would feel like nothing. The African American males would often find themselves in an extremely stressful paradox. They had a burning desire for manhood. It was very important for them to carry themselves as men. However, “white” America adamantly resisted any attempts by African American males from ever expressing their manhood in the traditional sense.
The African American males could not legally defend themselves from the violent attacks of the “white” racists. To make matters worst, they could not defend their families from the attacks of these same racists. African American males were forced to witness the beatings and lynchings of their own children. Their lives depended on their remaining passive, because if they gave any signs of disapproval, they would be next. The African American males had to endure the insults and humiliation of seeing a “white” racist male making sexual advances toward their wives and daughters. They knew that they would be immediately lynched for similar behavior toward “white” women.
For more than three centuries, American law denounced African American males as less than humans. The only time the African American males were given any similitude of being human beings were when the “white massas” needed to stuff their ballot boxes. Even then, legally, the African American males were counted only as three/fifths human. Institutional racism required that the African American males bend over backwards to keep their “massas” propped up on pedestals.
How was it possible for African American males to instill pride and dignity in their children when it was totally lacking in them? Fatherhood was a role that the African American males could not play. It was a matter of survival for the African American families that African American males forever remained “boys.” Once they exerted themselves as men, the “white” males would attack them like the pack of crazed animals that they were.
Institutional racism is predicated on the belief that its’ victims total livelihood and well being remained dependent upon their obeying the rules of a racist society. Once the victims violated the rules of institutional racism, the entire weight of the racist system would be brought upon them. This was done so they could instill fear in others by making extreme examples for all to see. Thus, America has had entire counties turn out to witness the lynchings of African American males who violated the rules of institutional racism.
Due to the ravages of slavery, African American males have made poor fathers. Fatherhood is not instinctive, it must be taught. For over three hundred years, African American males were rewarded for fathering children, but punished both physically and psychologically for attempting to be fathers to these children. They were encouraged to impregnate as many women as possible, yet discouraged from playing the role of teachers, mentors, protectors and providers. They were summarily punished for playing the roles of fathers.
Because the African American males saw themselves as having nothing, nor having any means of obtaining anything, their self esteem was very low. Because of having a low self esteem, African American males would resort to maladaptive behaviors in an attempt to bolster their very fragile self esteem. Their conception of being men was intertwined in the number of babies that they could claim. Being a man was predicated on the type of clothing or automobiles they had. Gold and expensive jewelry was a definite morale booster. With these trinkets in their possessions, African American males could attract a multitude of females.
It takes a man to teach a boy how to behave as a man. No matter how caring the African American mothers were, they could never teach their boys to become men. African American women can never know what it is like to be African American men or fathers, just as African American men can never know what it is like to be African American women and mothers. Fathers are not born, they are raised. If boys do not have positive male role models to teach them how to behave, and carry themselves, they will not learn to be men. These boys will grow into adult males despite their environment. However, they will not automatically grow into fathers without proper nurturing and guidance from African American men.


Historically, motherhood has also been a very difficult time for African American women. Their children were often born into abject poverty without any means of escape. For over three centuries, the mothers did not know from one day until the next if and when their children would be sold away from them. Because of their real fear of being separated from their children, the bonding process was immediate and very strong. This was because the African American mothers knew that they had to give their children all the love and care that they had as quickly as they could. They knew that at anytime “massa” might decide to sell their children. If this was to occur, the likelihood of the mother seeing her children again would be very remote. In spite of these adversities, the slave mothers loved their children.
Despite their fears of probable separation, the slave mothers provided the best care they could possibly give their children under the circumstances. Often, these African American mothers had to provide for their children alone, because the children fathers would not or could not provide any assistance. Too often, the mothers were the first teachers in the children’s lives. It was the mothers’ responsibility to teach their children the necessary survival skills which would enable them to thrive in an extremely harsh and vicious environment. In spite of the harshness of life, the African American race continued to multiply, and remain prosperous. Their prosperity was in their strong sense of family. Their wealth was measured in their never ceasing faith that the power of God would end all of their misery and suffering. This ability to thrive in such adverse conditions was a testimony to the power and importance of motherhood.
When legalized slavery ended, it was still the mothers who were primarily responsible for socializing their children. They taught those children the necessary behaviors that the two societies (“white” & African American) deemed to be important. First, the mothers taught their children very important survival skills. They gave them the critical skills that made it possible to overcome the sick, inhumane and barbaric treatment of “massa.” Then the mothers taught their children the importance and necessity of being obedient to all who were in authority. They told them about the gravity of obeying all of the rules, whether they agreed with them or not. The mothers instilled in their children the appropriate values that enabled them to get along with others in their environment. African American mothers also taught their children the difference between right and wrong. Most all, the African American mothers instilled in their children values to live by.
The mothers also taught their children about God. They instilled in them the necessity of having faith in God and obeying all of His commandments. The mothers taught their children about God’s standards. They taught the children the gravity of obeying all of God’s rules. It was the mothers who taught the children about the rewards of obedience to God’s authority, along with the consequences of disobedience. Though their knowledge of God was very limited, they could impart a working idea of God onto their children.
The mothers were incessantly aware that much of what their children learned, they learned by observing their behavior. Because of their knowledge of observational learning, they realized the importance of mothers walking circumspectly. They made sure that they did not do anything in the presence of their children that they did not want the children doing. They knew, from first hand experience, about the fallacy of telling the children to do as they said, and not as they did. The mothers knew that they had to be very positive role models for their children. They were painfully aware that they might be the only positive role models that their children contacted.
By observing the mothers’ teachings, the children learned how to interact with the significant others in their lives. The children recognized how their mothers interacted with other family members, therefore, they acted in similar manners. For instance, they observed the interaction between their mothers and grandparents, thereby witnessing their mothers treating their parents with reverence and adoration. The children would watch closely how their mothers interacted with their elders. They monitored their mothers politeness and respect which they exhibited toward all who were senior to them. The children also witnessed the interaction of their mothers with their siblings. They noticed the love and compassion that existed between them. These children also witnessed the interaction between their mothers and their peers. They also observed closely their deportment in the presence of the opposite sex. The mutual respect and admiration which the mothers and their peers shared were very apparent to these children.
Those children who were fortunate enough to have fathers in the homes observed the way their mothers behaved around them. They listened unobtrusively, yet intently to the conversations that they had with others about their fathers, and the way that they spoke to them. These children watched how their mothers greeted their fathers when they came home. They immediately knew if their mothers loved and respected their fathers by observing their mannerisms.
The African American mothers taught their children directly, also indirectly, how they were to treat their fathers. Historically, the African American mothers were very compassionate to the plight of the African American fathers. They totally understood the dual assault on them from the “white” males. The mothers were acutely aware of the “white” males fear of African American males, and their needs to continuously castrate and castigate them. These mothers witnessed the African American fathers working eighteen hours a day just to keep their families from starving. They were there for them when they were humiliated by “white” male children. They would explain their husbands’ pain to their children. When the African American males’ spirit was finally broken, they resorted to drinking and fighting the mothers and other African American males.
Both love and hate is something that cannot be hidden. These are the most powerful emotions which are known to exist in humans. No matter how hard one tries to mask their true feelings, they will surface. This was evidenced by the feelings that African American women exhibited toward African American men. Their attitudes, before his arrival, were a dead give away. If they appeared to become happy at the time of their arrival, the children would respond accordingly. If they became moody and short tempered, before their arrival, the children would also respond accordingly. If fathers were greeted with dignity by their wives, then the children would respond in like manner. There were many women, who despite their feelings toward their children’ fathers, would not speak harshly about them in the children’ presence. However, their attitudes and nonverbal behaviors were very noticeable as well as very powerful statements to their children.
Children pay very close attention to the various roles that their mothers play. Too often, the mothers are the first real heros in the lives of their children. More often than not, it is the mothers who set the tempo about how the children will interact with society. It is the mothers who are the standard bearers, whether they want to be or not. This is why it is very important for women to be very selective about the men in their lives. They must be ever vigilant of the men they allow to impregnate them as well as the men they allow to meet their children.
Unfortunately, often the mothers will give children mixed messages. If they feel that the fathers or the men in their lives are irresponsible and not carrying their weight, they’ll verbally, or nonverbally pass this attitude onto their children. However, by continuing to engage in intimate relations with them, they give these children very conflicting messages. The mothers are saying that these men are low down, trifling and irresponsible.
While on the other hand, her children are saying, “Mother is the love of our lives, and she will always do what is best for us. Therefore, he (the man in their lives) can’t be really that bad, otherwise my mother would not have anything to do with him. Since he is my daddy, (or he is my mother’s boyfriend) he has to be all right. He is very cool, because he has my mother. Therefore, when I grow up, I want to be cool like him.” Even if these men are the scum of the earth, the mothers’ interaction with them make them okay in the eyesight of their children. These men are their heroes because they have conquered their dear mothers.
Today, many African American couples are attempting to salvage an already strained marriage by adding more stress and strain to it. They erroneously believe that they could mend their broken relationships by having children. They mistakenly expect that by “making love” they can create a renewed since of happiness. Because many of these couples were probably in love with having sex, and not loving each other or themselves, their marriage was under an enormous amount of stress.
With both having to spend an inordinate amount of time away from each other, they probably found it difficult to enjoy and share intimate relations. The arrival of the newborn only served to compound this stressful lifestyle.
The mother has to immediately return to work after her maternity leave, therefore, she does not “nurse” her newborn child. Consequently, she prevents the infant from receiving the natural antibodies, and nutrients which are present in the mother’s milk. Often, the newborn will leave the hospital without the necessary antibodies to combat the various germs that they will encounter at the day care facilities. Because of their lack of these antibodies, many infants easily contract a variety of viral infections. These infections would result in the mother having to take time off from work. The fact that the mother (not the father) is “expected” to take time off from work, will add further strain to their relationship, as well as the increased doctor bills.
For reasons of economics and convenience, the hospital introduce the mothers to disposable diapers and a formula. However, many of these parents have failed to realize that babies are not supposed to be convenient. Babies require a lifetime of attention. Children are not something that can survive the rigors of life just by putting them on schedules. The technique of time management is inappropriate with child rearing. Things happen and schedules become disrupted. Despite how inconvenient it might become, when children are in need, you must immediately satisfy their needs. If parents do not satisfy these needs, who will?
Many parents do not realize that convenience is not necessarily a good thing. Supposedly, because of this convenience, the parents will have more time to spend with the children. However the opposite is usually the case with this “microwave” generation. Because the child is on a formula, the mother does not have to be present for the baby to be fed. Because the child is placed on a formula, the natural bonding process, that is a result of the mother nursing her child, is not as strong. Too often, a bottle is propped on a pillow or on those cute dolls that were designed for that purpose, and the baby is left alone during feeding.
An inmate once stated to this writer, “Today’s parents are using disposable diapers for their disposable babies.” There may be some element of truth in his statement. First, it takes a tremendous amount of love and care for someone to use cloth diapers. These diapers must be washed very carefully to prevent diaper rash. Imagine taking soiled diapers and dipping them into the toilet to remove all of the waste. You have to wash these diapers to ensure that all of the detergent has been removed to prevent diaper rash. This will facilitate the bonding process between parent and child. Because it requires an enormous amount of love to endure the sight and smell of soiled diapers while undergoing this cleaning process.
Instead, disposable diapers are used because of their convenience. The rationalization is that both parents have to work and neither will have the time to wash diapers. The reality is that very few parents use cloth diapers, despite their work status. Many women who are home with their newborns daily do not use cloth diapers. Many welfare recipients will pay top dollar for disposable diapers, although they do not have a job to go to. Because there are no cloth diapers to wash, the parents are not that anxious for the child to become toilet trained. This is because toilet training takes a tremendous amount of effort and time. Time is one commodity that many of today’s parents have little of when it comes to their children. Therefore, the child may require a longer period for toilet training.


The hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world. Often, the only “good” day care facilities are owned and operated by individuals from another culture. Therefore, the first values that are instilled into the minds and souls of African American infants are the values which are gleaned from the dominant culture. Members of the dominant culture are the same that have a vested interest in the continued suppression as well as oppression of the African American race.
It is ludicrous for African American parents to allow members of the “white” race to raise their babies. This is synonymous with the Jewish race taking their newborns to a day care center which is owned and operated by Adolph Hitler.
African Americans are the only race of people in the world who will voluntarily entrust the raising of their children to another culture. There is no other culture in the world that will rely on another culture to educate, and indoctrinate their children. And yet, millions of African American parents do it on a daily basis and think nothing of it. All they know is that this day care is convenient for them. Some day care facilities will even pick the child up at their home. What more can these microwave parents ask for?
The bottom line is convenience. Today’s modern African American parents place a tremendous amount of importance on convenience. It does not matter what values are being programmed into these young, absorbent minds. All that really matters is the convenience. Because the African American child can eat two meals while attending the facility, their parents find it very convenient. All these parents have to do is stop by fast food facilities on their way home and buy the children greasy burgers, fries and cokes and that takes care of cooking.
The first five years of a child’s life are considered their formative years. These are the years that will mold and shape the child’s personality. This is the time when the children are socialized into their culture. During this time, the children are taught the values which their society deems to be important. This is also the time in which children begin to develop their sense of identity. They begin to develop their self concept and their sense of whom they are and what they are. The first five years are indeed the critical periods for child development. Any trauma that may take place during these years can often require a lifetime to undo.
For millions of African American children, their formative years were spent outside their homes. They have literally grown up with the values of another culture being instilled into them. These children began their lives in a very hostile environment. They have been raised by the great grandchildren of slave owners who enslaved their great grandparents. At best, the only interest that these child care providers could possibly have in these children would be purely financial. How can caring parents expect a hireling to be sincerely interested in the wellbeing of their children, day in and day out? Even the best parents need time away from their own children. Is there any wonder why the incidence of child abuse and molestation is occurring in epidemic proportions in many American day care facilities?
Child rearing should never be relegated to the status of being a job. Children are the future of the world. They should spend their formative years in the custody of care givers that have vested interests in their well being. These care givers should regard these children as vitally important to the future. They must recognize that these children will be responsible for not only their future, but the future of the world. These children should be cherished as the rare and precious gems in which they are. Only a fool will entrust such a fragile and vulnerable child into the hands of a stranger, a person who is only interested in receiving a paycheck.
Five days a week, millions of African American babies are hurried out of their houses into the waiting arms of people of another culture. These children will spend an average of ten hours a day, fifty hours a week, two hundred hours a month, twenty four hundred hours a year (allowing two weeks for vacation) with another race of people whose values are detrimental to the very survival of the African American child in general and the African American race in particular. By the time these children reach the age of five, they will have spent twelve thousand hours in the custody of the great grandchildren of the slave owners who enslaved their great grandparents.
The best hours of these children’s lives are spent away from their families. How is it possible for them to develop a healthy sense of family when they know that the people who raised them are not family? How is it possible for these children to develop a wholesome self concept when the people who raised them did not look like them? A sure way to destroy a culture is to distort the minds of its children. The children in turn will grow up distorting the minds of their children. In only one generation, an entire culture can be rendered null and void.

Parenting Styles

There are a variety of parenting styles currently being used. One such style comes from the old school of “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Both parents are involved in the punishment process. These parents are very strong disciplinarians and they value unquestioning obedience. Invariably, these parents are imitating the parenting styles of their parents. They are well aware of the need for setting limits for their children, and their children are well aware of the clearly defined limits which they must not cross. The rules in these homes are black or white without any shades of gray. The children know that any acts of disobedience will be met with swift corporal punishment. These parents will mete out punishment, despite the location of the infraction.
Parents using this parenting style began with the birth of their children. Shortly after birth, these parents began setting limits with their children. By the time they reached the toddler stage, they were very familiar with their parents’ style of punishment. These parents would usually punish the child for every inappropriate act. Whenever the child was caught misbehaving, they (the children) expected to be punished. As the child grew up, punishment was usually less, because the child had internalized the rules.
These children were ever mindful that they would never become too old to be punished. Their parents knew that someone would always punish their children for inappropriate behavior. These parents knew that, for the most part, there were three options available to them. They knew that if they did not punish their children, their children would become statistics. Either their children would be punished by them or the streets. They had to curtail inappropriate behavior at the onset. Otherwise, they would join gangs or violate the law, causing much grief for both themselves and the parents.
These parents knew that the other two options were far worst than any punishment they would give their children. If their child broke the law, they would either end up in jail or the cemetery. These parents knew that the legal system had 20/20 vision when it came to African Americans. The police would not hesitate to shoot to kill when it came to an African American. They also knew that the courts were more than willing to incarcerate African Americans for any infraction of the law.
Because of the love and responsibility that these parents had for their children, they were determined to give them every advantage in life. These parents knew that the greatest gifts they could give their children were the concepts of discipline. They knew that with discipline, mountains have been moved. With discipline, bridges have been built. With discipline, goals have been obtained. With discipline, dreams have been realized. With discipline, one can accomplish the impossible. However, these parents also knew that without discipline, you can do nothing. They knew that it mattered not what your lot in life might be. If you are undisciplined, your life will become, or continue to be a living nightmare.
It was the desire of these parents to instill in their children the concept of self discipline. They knew perfectly well that with self discipline it would not become necessary for anyone else to punish their children. With self discipline, they knew that their children would be tougher on themselves, therefore avoiding the need for punishment. These parents knew that with self discipline, their children would mature into responsible adults. They would become adults that could take care of most of their needs and many of their wants without violating the rights of others. These parents taught their children to fear punishment. Consequently, children growing up in this type of environment would obey the rules to avoid the punishment.
Another parenting style employs the techniques of the “new age” parenting school. These parents do not believe in corporal punishment. The “experts” have told these parents that whipping a child could result in permanent psychological scars. They have been taught that it is best to try reasoning with a child. Someone has convinced them that a child has an innate desire to obey the rules. Their methodology is to shower the child with love and affection and out of a sense of obligation, the child will repay with obedience.
It is ironic because usually these parents are themselves a product of the “old school” which believed in firm discipline. In reflecting back on their own childhood, they have decided that their parents’ parenting skills were cruel and inhumane. Probably during one of their beatings as children, they promised themselves that they would never beat their own children. Unfortunately, these parents have missed one very important fact. Because of the beatings they received as children, they have grown into the adults that they are. What these parents fail to realize is that what worked for them will also work for their children. All they have to do is reflect on their own lives and they will readily see the appropriate response to any disciplinary problems that they might be experiencing with their children.
Unfortunately, many of these parents are allowing their children to literally get away with murder. Everything they did when they were young was so cute. When there was a need for some type of discipline, it usually consisted of yelling and threatening to do something more severe the next time. These children often grew up in households where there was one parent, who was responsible for meting out punishment. Invariably, punishment was so inconsistent that it was rendered ineffective.
These parents neglected to establish the rules when the children were young. They failed to instill in them senses of fear. They have grown up not knowing the meaning of fear. They have reached a size where their parents are afraid to attempt any type of disciplining for fear that these children might fight back and beat them. In many households, the children are in complete control. It is the children who determine what the parents will or will not do. Too often, the only ones who receive any punishment are the parents. This punishment is rightly deserved.
The most dangerous human alive is one without fear. When the consequences for one’s actions are so insignificant that they do not warrant being afraid, any thing goes. The prisons are bursting at the seams because people are no longer afraid of going to jail.
America is rapidly running out of burial space because death has no fear. Fear acts as a natural deterrent. Fear will alter one’s lifestyle. This current generation of children is not being taught to fear anything or anybody. Because of their fearlessness, there is a total lack of discipline.
For instance, thirty years ago, the average teenage girl remained a virgin until marriage. She maintained her virginity primarily out of fear of being caught by her parents. There was a stigma attached to having a child out of “wedlock.” These girls were usually called whores. The “decent” folks would have nothing to do with them nor would they allow their children to have anything to do with them. Thirty years ago, the average teenage boy avoided getting into any major trouble. This was because he feared what his parents, as well as the courts, would do to him.
There was also a stigma attached to boys who got into trouble. They were called hoodlums and “descent” folks would have nothing to do with them. Children who misbehaved were usually ostracized by their peers. Consequently, these children grew up with a double fear. They feared their parents and society.
The “new age” parents will usually realize the errors of their ways when it is too late. The children will have reached points of no return before these parents decide to discipline them. These parents spend a tremendous amount of energy rationalizing their behaviors. They attempt to justify spoiling their children. They’ll say such foolish things as, “I want to give my children all of the things that I didn’t have as a child.” These parents will give their children “stuff” instead of love.

Buying Love

“Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child;
but the rod of correction shall drive it far
from him.” Proverbs 22:15

Because of the guilt which may be associated with “dropping” the infant off at a day care on a daily basis, the parents may shower the child with “stuff.” Many “middle class” African American parents will buy their newborn children very expensive “designer” clothes out of a need to flaunt their “middle class” status. As the children grow older, they will come to expect to wear the “best.” They have grown accustomed to wearing a particular style of dress and they have no desire to downgrade their wardrobes. These children will find it very difficult to understand why they can’t continue to wear the “name brand” clothes that they once wore.
Children at the age of five and six years old are dictating to their parents what clothes they will and will not wear. Because of the limited amount of time that the parents spend with these children, they feel very guilty about disciplining them. Many parents will even say, “I will not raise my child the way that I was raised.” These parents will attempt to reason with their children. They will allow these children the opportunities to decide what they want and do not want. Giving children this much power makes it very difficult for the parents to discipline them. Due to the enormous amount of guilt associated with discipline, the parents will usually acquiesce to the demands of the children. These parents will make major sacrifices so that they can maintain their children’s style of dress. They will rationalize their behavior by saying, “I want my child to have the things that I did not have.”
Far too many parents have bought into the premise that it is illegal to physically whip their children. Many parents’ greatest fear is that their children will call the police and have them arrested if they are whipped. Granted, this does happen with some parents who get carried away with their punishment. However, if you use firm yet moderate whippings, punishment will work. The problem is that some parents do not know what punishment really is. Some parents think that by sending their children to their rooms they are punishing them.
Punishment consists of giving someone something that they do not want, or taking something away from someone that they do want. Sending some children to their rooms where they have access to television, Nintendo, radio, stereo, telephone, microwave ovens, miniature refrigerators and a vast array of other objects of entertainment is not punishment. This is the reason the penitentiaries are bursting at the seams. Since punishment does not occur in prison, very few individuals really mind going to jail. It must be stressed again that for punishment to be effective, you must give someone something that they do not want, or take something away from them that they do want!
Far too many parents fail to grasp the importance of punishment. They fail to realize that someone, or something will punish their children. If the parents do not employ proper punishment techniques, their children will grow up to be out of control. When that happens, someone else will punish them. As stated earlier, if the streets do not punish them, then the courts, hospitals, prisons, or cemeteries will punish your children and you.
Many of today’s parents play a very limited role in raising their children. They foolishly believe that they can buy their children’s love. They mistakenly believe that their children will feel obligated to be obedient because of all of the stuff that they have bought for them. They cannot understand why their children are getting into trouble. They will readily tell anyone who will listen, “I work very hard for my children so I can buy them nice things.” What these parents fail to recognize is that they themselves have “nice” things, and they are still unhappy. If the parents have all of this “stuff” and they are unhappy, why should the children be any different?

Single Parents

Single parent families have increased by over two hundred percent in the past thirty years. Forty three per cent of all families below the poverty level are headed by females who have never been married. It must also be noted that African American women have significantly lower rates of first time marriages and higher rates of divorces. Ironically, these women have the lowest income. Two thirds of all full time employed African American women earn less than ten thousand dollars annually. African American, female headed, families are more likely to live in poverty. As a result, nearly half the African American children are growing up in poverty.
African American women have drifted away from spirituality. With the advent of the “white” women’s liberation movement, many African American women have jumped onto the “white” women’s bandwagon. Today, many African American women earnestly believe that they can do anything that a man can do and still be a lady. With the passing of the equal rights amendment and creation of birth control pills, African American women erroneously believe that they have been given the right to say anything that they want to say, go anywhere they want to go and do anything they want to do at anytime and still be a lady.
In the past, single African American mothers had boyfriends. However, these boyfriends would leave the mothers’ houses before the children went to bed. When the children awoke during the night, or in the morning, their mothers were in bed alone. This is not to say that these women were asexual. Many of them were sexually active. However, they would go out of their way to ensure that their children did not know it, or were not exposed to it. Today, many children would be watching “white” folks having sex on television while their mothers and their “friends” are in the bedroom having sex. In other words, these children will be exposed to the sounds of sex in stereo.
This type of behavior has a deleterious effect on the family. First, it conveys the message to the children that marriage has become very insignificant. It tells the children that relationships are primarily sexual. The children are taught that responsibility and commitment are irrelevant. Second, this type of lifestyle results in an array of psychological problems for all involved. The most serious problems are experienced by the children. Just as they begin to accept their mothers’ “friends” as their role models, the relationship ends. Therefore, the children fail to identify with significant African American male adults. While witnessing the steady stream of new relationships in their mothers’ bedrooms, the children adopt the values of their mothers.
The old adage of “do as I say and not as I do” has never worked. It did not work for today’s adults when they were children. The primary difference is that today’s adults tried very hard not to get caught by their parents breaking the rules. Adults learn many behaviors by imitating the behavior of other adults. That childhood game, “Simon says” is still being played today. If we as adults continue to do as we see and not as God says, does it not stand to reason that our children will continue to do as they see and not as we say?
Many African American women feel that they must be both mother and father to their children. In the interest of clarity, it is important that the writer repeat an earlier statement at this time. That statement was, “What these women fail to realize is that a woman can never be a father to a child.” Her gender makes this a physical impossibility. No matter how hard she tries to be anything else, a woman can only be a mother to a child. A man is required to be a father. Only a man can teach a child what it is like to be a man. Likewise, a man can never be a mother to a child. Only a woman can teach a child what it means to be a woman.
Children growing up in the 1990s are growing up in the most difficult times in the history of America. The primary reasons that these children are experiencing such difficulty can be directly attributed to the changing roles of their mothers. The mothers are the primary care takers for over 95% of all animal species on this planet. A major crisis plaguing today’s children is directly related to the changing attitudes and values of their mothers. For instance, the African American males have always been whorish. For centuries, this was their only means of expressing their manhood.
Regardless how “doggish” the African American males were, the African American mothers were there to instill traditional morals and values in their children. These values and morals made it possible to endure the racist atrocities of the “white” males for centuries. Historically, the mothers were the stabilizing forces in otherwise unstable environments.
Today’s mothers have become just as whorish as the fathers. The “white” women are saying that it is okay for them to have children out of wedlock. Therefore, they had the “powers to be” create a new description for their behavior and give it a new name. It is now called, “single parent/female headed household.” Supposedly, these new terms have legitimatized immoral behavior. African American women and mothers must soon realize that they cannot live the lifestyles of their “white” counterparts and expect their children to maintain traditional values. African American women and mothers must open their eyes and recognize that they have obligations to their children to provide the best upbringing possible. African American women and mothers must realize that African American children need both of their parents! African American women and mothers must decide between satisfying their lust and fulfilling the needs of their children and their race!


We read in the paper and hear on the air
Of killing and stealing and crime everywhere.
We sigh and say as we notice the trend
“This young generation. Where will it all end?”
But can we be sure that it’s their fault alone
That maybe a part of it isn’t our own?
Are we less guilty who place in their way
Too many things that lead them astray?
Too much money to spend — too much idle time;
Too many movies of passion and crime;
Too many books not fit to be read;
Too much evil in what they hear said;
Too many children encouraged to roam
By too many parents who don’t stay at home.
Kids don’t make the movies; they don’t write the books
That paint gay pictures of gangsters and crooks.
They don’t make the liquor, they don’t run the bars.
They don’t make the laws and they don’t buy the cars.
They don’t peddle drugs that destroy the brain —
That’s done by older folks greedy for gain.
Delinquent teenagers! Oh, how we condemn
The sins of the nation and blame it on them.
By the laws of the blameless the Savior made known
Who is amongst us to cast the first stone?
For in so many cases — it’s sad but it’s true,
The title “delinquent” fits older folks, too.

–Author Unknown

Chapter 6


“And Pharaoh charged all his people, saying,
Every son that is born ye shall cast into the
river, and every daughter ye shall save alive.”
Exodus 1:22 King James

Because of the earlier training that the African American males had received from their mothers, they again fell easy prey for castration. Only this time they were victimized by the African American woman. Because of her ability to find successful employment, invariably she became the primary “bread winner” in the family. Even if she could not obtain employment herself, she could always receive welfare if she denied the existence of the African American male. As a result, she would establish the rules that the family was to live by. She would decide the direction in which “her” family would go. If the African American male did not like it, he could go. She would readily remind him that she pays the bills “in this house” and she can “do bad by herself.” The children would learn at early ages that mom makes the decisions for the family.
The African American male’s ego was far too fragile to accept the fact that his wife had become the primary provider of their family. Out of frustration and depression, he began drinking more than usual. Eventually, his drinking would result in him becoming physically or emotionally abusive. Invariably, the police would be called to restrain him. Usually these police were “white” males who had a passionate hatred for African American males. Even if some of these officers were “black,” they would possess an even greater disregard for the African American male. They had to prove to the “white” male that they did their jobs well. They felt the need to convince their superiors that they were capable of keeping the African American male in “his place.” These incidents of violence were designed to reinforce the images in the minds of the African American woman and her children that the “white Knights” and their puppets were there to “protect and serve” them. They were there to keep them safe and secure from the mean and nasty “black Knights.”
African American women raise their daughters to be survivors. They teach them how to provide for their families against incredible odds. They instills in them from early ages “not to take any s t from any man, especially a “black” man. African American women teach their daughters the fine art of seduction from lessons that they learned from watching “white” women on television and in corporate America. Their daughters watch with admiration and awe, while the African American women manipulate and belittles the African American males. They show the importance of getting all of the material things that the “black” males can give them. The African American mothers teach their daughters the importance of “no romance without finance.”
The African American woman will also instill in her daughters the importance of education. She will encourage them to learn all that they can while in school. She will insist that they receive
“good” educations so that these daughters would not have to put up with “sorry and no good black men.” These daughters are encouraged to attend college to insure their independence and guarantee that they could always care for themselves and their children.
On the other hand, the African American mother has consistently set her sons up to be failures in life. She has instilled in them two very important lessons. First, she tells her sons that, “You will only have one mother. You can always get another daddy, but you can never get another mother. Only a woman can give birth to a child, therefore, only a mother has suffered for you.” She will also remind her sons of all the sacrifices that she has made for her family, “while that no good daddy ran off and left you.” She will tell her sons how she had to “be both mother and father” to them. African American mothers will instill in their sons the concept of conditional love. Receiving her love depends on the sons pleasing her. They would have to buy her nice presents for mothers’ day, Xmas, her birthday and any other days she deemed to be special, to prove their love for her.
The mother’s second goal is to teach her sons how to “love” women. She teaches these African American boys the importance of “wining and dining” the women in their lives. She teaches them the necessity of being “nice” to these women and displaying this “niceness” by buying them “nice” gifts. Invariably these “nice” gifts are translated to mean expensive gifts. She also teaches her sons that love is spelled “m-o-n-e-y.” The more expensive the gifts, the more he is expressing his love. The mother will teach her sons the importance of taking the women in their lives to “nice” (“white”) restaurants. She will indoctrinate them with all of her fantasies. She’ll teach them the fine art of being a gentle man, a man that knows how to treat a “lady.” The African American mother will also explain to her sons that they can never do too much for the women in their lives, especially her.
She intentionally uses the word “women” because she has every intention of remaining an important factor in her sons’ lives. However, she will constantly remind her sons that “You can always get another wife, but you can never get another mother.” She tells her sons that “wives may come and go, but a mother will be with you through thick and thin.” These women will keep their sons in a constant state of confusion. There is mother and there is the wife. These weak minded sons find themselves attempting a precarious balancing act between the two dominant women in their lives. Invariably, out of frustration, many of them will desert both women.
African American mothers have raised their sons to be failures. If these sons are not athletically inclined, their mothers have no qualms about allowing them to drop out of school. That is, as long as they get a job and contribute to the immediate upkeep of the mother’s household. During the late 1960s and 1970s jobs were plentiful. There was a demand for unskilled laborers and consequently, the African American males had very little difficulty obtaining employment. If all else failed, there was the military.
The mothers of African American boys have very low expectations of their sons. They do not instill in them the importance of becoming more than laborers, nor more than servants to the “white” man. Their sons are not encouraged to receive a basic education, nor are they taught the importance of higher education. Perhaps this is because these mothers see very few educated, African American men who are successful. Their idea of a successful man has blond hair and blue eyes.
It is ironic that the “white” race consistently stressed the importance of educating their males but considered the education of their daughters as a waste of time and money. This was attributed to the fact that the “white” race believed that their males were the “breadwinners” and the goal of their women were to marry “successful” men. The African American race is doing just the opposite, educating their daughters as opposed to their sons.
The African American mothers consciously, unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally instill in their sons that they “will not amount to anything.” These mothers tell their sons, “You will end up just like your no account father.” What these mothers fail to realize is that their sons have been raised by mothers to worship their mothers. Therefore, they feel that anything mother does has to be all right. If their fathers are “worthless and no good,” as their mothers say, then these must be the types of men that their mothers were attracted to. Why would their mothers associate with worthless and no good men if they do not like them? As a result, these sons emulate the men in their mothers’ lives. If these men were “trifling and no good,” so be it. These were the men in the lives of “dear old mother.”

Underground Economy

It is human nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain. After years of struggling to survive, only to find yourself deeper in debt, one might begin to seek other means of survival. The “white” male has given the African American male an option. He has permitted the African American male to participate in the “white” male’s “underground economy.” An economy that consists of illegal acts such as dealing drugs, bootlegging, prostitution, pimping, and numbers (lottery). The “white” male has also created an assorted array of support positions for their “underground economy” such as loan sharking, enforcement and “fencing,” to name just a few.
The African American male erroneously believes that he can obtain his manhood by becoming known as a “ladies man.” A man who is always seen with the prettiest women. A man who would take “no stuff” from his “women.” The African American male could further elevate his status by becoming a pimp, by having many women prostituting themselves for him. Psychologically, this serves two purposes. First, the African American male erroneously believes that he has prevented his own castration. He believes that he has maintained his manhood. He believes that his manhood is found inside his pants as opposed to being inside himself. The African American male mistakenly believes that he has taken two things away from the “white” man’s control, himself and the African American woman. If he has “white” women under his control, he has elevated himself to the top of the hill. He is indeed the “Mack of the year.”
Although African American males appeared to be controlling these operations in the ghettoes, they themselves were being controlled by the “white” males. These “white” males worked downtown in city hall and the corporate office buildings. The African American males were permitted to make a “lot of money” working for the “man” in these illicit operations. Many of them could literally make thousands of dollars at their illicit trade. They could buy Cadillac automobiles, as well as flashy clothes and jewelry. They had enough money to purchase the “finest” liquor as well as the “best” dope in town. A few could even make several thousand dollars before they were arrested and forced to give it all back to the “white” males in court fines and legal fees. One thing was certain, the “white” males would get it all in the long run.
It was just a matter of time before the African American male became a threat to the “white” males. The African American male would begin to create organizations to operate their own “underground economy.” Just before they could divest their ill gotten profits into legitimate enterprises, just as the “white” males have been doing for centuries, the “white” males would pull the rug out from under them. They were either killed by other African American males, or they would kill other African American males and be sent to prison. Neither of which mattered to the “white” males because the result would be the same, the African American males’ threat to the “white” males would be eliminated. Consequently, African American males are six and a half times more likely to die as homicide victims as “whites.” This is one of the reasons the African American males life expectancies are lower than many in war torn countries.
The bottom line is that the “white” males controls everything that takes place in the ghettoes. Nothing occurs in the ghettoes that the “white” males do not want to occur. This is the reason “upward mobility” has only been realized and maintained by a very minute number of African American males. The only way African American males can escape the ravishes of poverty is to work for the “white” males in some form or fashion. The African American males’ employment could be either legitimate or illegitimate. The results always remains the same, they would invariably be employed by the “white” males.

“Black On Black Violence”

If you plug up the pressure release valve on a pressure cooker
and leave it on the heat long enough, you will witness an explosion. The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness which the African American males lived with day in and day out had to find an outlets. The African American males were allowed to relieve some pressure on the weekends. They were expected to go out and act like “men,” which consisted of being able to “party” hard. These parties involved drinking, gambling, chasing women and fighting one another.
Of course, fighting, cutting, stabbing, and shooting one another was the primary means of expressing their manhood. This expression of manhood was a coveted prize. If these males were shot or stabbed in the process and survived, their scars would be recognized as badges of honor. However, they must immediately seek revenge upon their recovery. The key here is that they had to seek revenge. Their manhood required that they inflict even greater pain and suffering on their attackers. Consequently, it was a never ending cycle of violence directed toward each other.
To be known as the most feared and dangerous animal in the “jungle” was a badge of honor which was sought by many, only to be obtained by few. The African American males were (and still are) constantly on edge and the slightest provocation from other African American males would unleash savage beasts. The African American males take great pride in having the reputation for not “taking any s t” from anybody.
This reputation was and continues to be totally inaccurate. The key term here is not to take any s t from other African American males. Anybody can do just about anything to an African American males and get away with it except other African American males. When it comes to other nationalities, especially “white” males, African American males are the most patient and tolerant individuals in America. One might say that they have the patience of Job. There are African American “preachers” carrying guns in the pulpits. They would not hesitate to use them on other African American males.
While this writer worked in the South Carolina Department of Corrections, he encountered many “bad dudes.” These were youngsters who were constantly being locked up in cages for twenty three hours a day while, in prison. Imagine being in jail while in prison. These individuals had created reputations in their minds and in the minds of other inmates and many staff members that “they did not take any s t” from anybody.
This writer would witness these “bad dudes” break down and cry when they were forced to see the fallacy of their thinking. This writer would assist them in getting in touch with reality by reminding them that they were not “bad dudes” after all. He would help them see that they had more control over their temper than they were willing to admit to. This writer would remind them of the judges (usually a “white” male) who administered their brands of justice/injustice. They would sentence these African American males to fifteen to thirty year sentences for being in possession of a gram of cocaine.
These youngsters were very successful in maintaining their tempers. They did not lash out at the judges for their cruel and inhumane treatment toward them. If they were sincere about “not taking any s t” from anybody, this was the time to “go off.” This was the time to “lose their tempers.” If they could maintain their temper in the face of this type of treatment, (this so called justice), then any and everything else was insignificant. If they could accept someone taking them away from their families and loved ones for most of their lives, then they could accept anything. No one else could do any greater harm to them. Anything else that might occur to them had to be very petty in comparison. It was insignificant. It did not matter!
The most violent segment of the American population is also the most dangerous segment and this is the African American male. The odds of an African American male being killed by another African American male are greater than being killed in a war. To date, African American males have committed more murders in the past thirty years than the combined loss of American lives during the wars that occurred in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, and the Persian Gulf. Many of our cities have become war zones, complete with the innocent victims of these wars.
There are many factors to this insidious violence. To understand what is really happening, you must focus on the family. First, African American boys are not born with guns in their hands. Nor are they born hating themselves or anyone who looks like them. Somewhere between birth and school age, African American boys are taught to hate themselves with a passion. Since many of their first teachers are African American women, one can conclude that these boys learn this self hatred by listening to the conversations of their mothers. Too often, the first people their mothers teach them to hate are their fathers. Often these boys are told that they will not have a Xmas, thanksgiving or a happy birthday because, “That no good father of yours didn’t give me any money.” These boys are taught that much of what is wrong in their lives are the result of their “no good daddies.
The harsh reality typically is that the boys’ daddies are “no good fathers.” However, it was the mothers’ decisions to allow these individuals to impregnate them. If the mothers had elevated their standards, they would not be in the predicament that they are currently in. Had the mothers demanded more from these men at the outset, these children would not have “no good fathers.” Had they been more selective about the type of men that they associated with, their current pain would be nonexistent. Since they would not have this pain, they would not be passing it onto their children.
Statistically, more crime occurs in the African American communities than in any other communities in America. However, these neighborhoods only receive a third of the police protection that is afforded “white” neighborhoods. The vast majority of the time, these crimes are perpetrated by African Americans against other African Americans. There is a definite correlation between racial pride and “black on black” crime. African American males are not taught about their ancestry, consequently they do not have any racial pride. Too often they end up hating themselves and all those who look like them. These children grow up in a society that is constantly bombarding them with images and themes of people who look like themselves, doing bad things. Everybody they know who looks like them are doing just as bad as they are. Their entire world consists of violence against people who look like them. No matter how hard they try to change their physical image, they are still considered “black.”
African American boys do not live in vacuums. Their mothers are well aware of their behavior. Mothers know about their sons’ gang involvement, yet they do nothing about it. These adults will allow their flesh and blood to participate in activities which they know will bring hurt, harm and danger to them. Often these parents will condone their sons, activities because of the “stuff” they are bringing home. Since these boys can make thousands of dollars daily, all their mothers tell them when they leave their houses is, “Be careful.”
Every parent who has a child in a gang either knows of it or should know of it! If they know of their child’s gang activities and are not doing anything about stopping it, they are condoning it. If they are pretending not to know about their children’s gang activities, they are just as responsible as the aforementioned parents. It is the responsibility of all parents to know what their children are doing most of the time. Since gang activities consume a tremendous amount of the child’s time, the parents must be held accountable for allowing their children to have so much “free” time.
Child rearing begins with the birth of the child and ends when the child moves out of the home. Too often, many parents will not attempt to raise their children until they have gotten into trouble. By then they have reached the point where they are intimidating their parents. Many parents are literally afraid of their own children. As a result, these children are attempting to not only raise themselves, many are also attempting to raise their parents. Too often, there is a very thin line between who is the child and who is the parent.

White Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy by the dominant culture to aid and abet the African American males’ auto genocide. Recently CBS televised a program about children and war. One segment was filmed in Los Angeles, California. In this segment preteen African American boys were filmed in a public gym brandishing automatic assault weapons. They were talking about how good they felt killing someone. To them it was just a game with a fatal outcome. One child compared killing to playing Nintendo. At the end of the segment, this writer was anxiously awaiting to hear that the police were waiting outside to disarm these children as they exited. No such thing happened. The “white” media filmed armed, African American children in possession of extremely lethal weapons and did nothing about it. Why? The answer to that question is obvious. Since these children are killing themselves, they are doing the “system” a favor.
It is known that an African American will receive little or no jail time for killing another African American. They will receive a stiffer sentence for stealing something from a “white” person than they will receive for killing another African American. These children are taught not to place any value on the life of another African American. Since these children are killing themselves, they are scaring everyone who looks like them. With this fear factor, the African American community has developed a passionate disregard for African American men in general and boys in particular.
The African American community is more concerned about who is killing its children as opposed to the fact that African American babies are being slaughtered in the streets. When a “white” person kills an African American, the community is in an uproar. National “black” leaders will lead protest marches and pickets for days. These “black” leaders will demand that the “white” power structure appoint them to blue ribbon panels to investigate race relations. However, thousands of African American babies are dying in the streets annually, and these so called “black” leaders continue to ignore it by remaining speechless. They don’t seem to know what to say. They fear that saying the wrong thing might alienate their constituents.
By the so called “black” leaders remaining silent, they are in effect condoning this senseless bloodshed. They should be just as outraged when an African American kills another African American as they profess to be when an African American is killed by someone who does not look like them. The African American community will riot and burn their neighborhoods when a non African American kills one of their own. The same thing should occur when an African American is murdered by one of his own. In fact, the African American community should be more outraged with intra racial murders than they claim to be when interracial murders take place.
If the African American community hopes to rise above its current status, it must begin to love and care for each other. What is happening in the African American community is that same old foolishness such as, “We can call each other niggers but `white’ people can’t.” Instead of this, the African American community is saying, “We can kill each other with impunity, but no one else can.” How ridiculous!
Because of the tremendous amount of fear in the African American communities, the residents are pleading with the “white” man to come into these communities and clean them up by any means necessary. They have given the “white” power structure card blanc to incarcerate and/or exterminate African American males with impunity. Because parents have not raised their children, they are now in fear of them. The greatest danger in the African American communities comes not from outside, but from within. Because of this fear and danger stemming from African American males, the communities have become desensitized to what happens to these children.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare

America has allegedly waged war against drugs, but will only focus its energies on the “little” man. Most of these “little” men are African American drug dealers. However, America ignores the actions and activities of the chief importers, the “white” power brokers. There is definite evidence that the “white” power structure is waging chemical warfare against the African American race. This can be evidenced by the American government’s refusal to remove drugs from the African American community.
This so called “war on drugs” is nothing more than a War Against the African American Male. The vast majority of the people who are incarcerated for drug related offenses are African American males. The reality is that they are at the bottom of the drug ladder. African American males do not possess the means to create, control and operate this complex drug industry, the number one industry in the world. The African American males do not own the airplanes, boats or transportation systems that is required to support this multibillion dollar drug industry. The African American males do not have the contacts in the financial industry to operate a multibillion drug industry.
The American government intentionally dumps tons of drugs into the African American community. These drugs serve a dual purpose. First, these drugs earn the “white” male, drug, kingpins billions of dollars in profits annually. Most of the drug profits go to the people at the top. These are the same people who own the airplanes, boats and fleets of trucks that bring these drugs into America. The real drug czars are the bankers who will allow a person to make a million dollar deposit on Monday mornings in twenties, tens, fives, and one dollar bills without asking any questions. The real drug kingpins are government officials who are in control of the means to wage a successful war on drugs, but instead, continue to peddle drugs to the highest bidders.
The number one drug trafficker in America is the federal government in general and President George Bush in particular. Eugene Hassanfras’ cargo plane was shot down while transporting arms for cocaine in the Iran/Contra hustle. He had one phone number in his possession, that of then vice president George Bush. Of course, Mr. Bush denied any knowledge of Eugene Hassanfras’ escapades. Mr. Hassanfras’ captors vowed to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. If found guilty, he’d serve a lengthy prison term. However, Eugene Hassanfras was home before Xmas. Coincidence? Perhaps! However, you must keep in mind that president Bush was the former director of the CIA. During the Vietnam war, the CIA created Air America, which was a covert airline designed to transport the opium harvest out of Vietnam.
The American government’s involvement in drug trafficking dates from World War Two when it recruited members of the Sicilian mafia to assist with the invasion of Sicily. In exchange for their assistance, the American government aided and abetted the mafia in transporting drugs into America. After all, both government and the mafia had the same goal, the continued enslavement of the African American race.
This so called “war against drugs” is a farce. It is another means of controlling the African American community by castrating the males. This so called “war on drugs” is actually a war against the African American males. The only people the “white” media show losing this so called “war on drugs” are African American males. They are the only ones who are depicted on the six o clock news, face down in the streets, either dead or in handcuffs. Most of the people going to prison for drug related offenses are African American males. They are going to prison for decades because they were in possession of small quantities of illegal drugs. Simultaneously, Oliver North et al, has been exonerated for smuggling tons of drugs into America.
How is it that the United States government in general, and the United States Coast Guard in particular can locate boat loads of Haitian refugees without any difficulty, yet they are unable to capture cargo ships and planes loaded with illicit drugs? The answer is simple. There is much money to be made by looking the other way when the drug smugglers are plying their trade. The last thing that “white” America needs or wants are more emigrants of African Ancestry.
During the 1960s, America was engaged in its second revolution. The African American race was engaged in an open and hostile rebellion against the federal, state, county, and city governments. The African American race began demanding its constitutional rights. African Americans were demanding that the federal government live up to its creed that “all men are entitled to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Many of America’s major cities were being brought to a standstill because of the defiance of the African American race.
During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the African American communities suddenly became the dumping grounds for America’s illicit drug trade. Overnight, the African American revolution was grounded to a screeching halt. Brothers and sisters who had previously been among the vanguard for the liberation of the African American race were now guarding against someone taking their next “fix.” Former strong, proud and beautiful street corner orators were now hanging on the corners “nodding.” The revolution had lost its militancy, it had lost its strength. The revolution had been rendered null and void.
Because of the bombarding of the inner city ghettos with its chemical weapons, the federal government has succeeded in turning proud and beautiful African American men, women, boys and girls into “junkies.” With the aid of drug warfare, the African American revolution was turned against itself. Crime in the African American community began soaring to an all time high. The African American males became vultures, preying on their communities as well as each other. They began killing each other at unprecedented numbers. The success of America’s drug war, which was waged against the African American community, has surpassed all expectations. In just one generation, the American government has propelled its illicit drug industry into the number one industry in the African American community, as well as the rest of the nation.
Anyone who knows someone addicted to drugs will tell you that the last person in the world you can trust is a “junkie.” If the government was sincere about eradicating drugs, all that they would have to do is talk to “junkies.” During these conversations, the “powers to be” would know who the top drug dealers are. Once they have located and eliminated these drug kingpins, this so called “war on drugs” would become a victory. Instead, the powers to be will incarcerate the “junkies” and ignore the drug kingpins. This is not surprising because it is foolish to think that the powers to be would arrest themselves!
Several years ago, the federal government boarded a Brazilian cargo ship in New York harbor. These inspectors “discovered” two (2) grapes, not two crates, or two bushels, they found two (2) grapes, that were tainted with strychnine, in a cargo ship full of grapes. How was it possible to find two (2) grapes out of tons of grapes and not be able to locate tons of drugs? The answer is simple. The inspectors wanted to find the strychnine. They wanted an excuse to ban Brazilian produce from the American markets for economic reasons. In the same vein, the federal inspectors do not want to find the drugs. The federal government in general and “white” people in particular have vested interests in the drug trade.
Supposedly, the United States government has the most sophisticated surveillance equipment in the world. The government tells us that they have surveillance satellites which can read a newspaper from five hundred miles above the ground. However, we are led to believe that this equipment cannot locate airplanes and boats transporting drugs into America. Supposedly, America has the “mightiest” military in the world, yet this same military cannot prevent the invasion of illegal aircraft transporting illegal substances into American air space. If this is true, how is it possible for this same military to protect the American public from missiles and transport planes?
Any person can go to any city in America and locate the drug man/woman. Any person can be blindfolded and given a dart to throw at the map of the United States. After throwing this dart, the individual can remove their blindfold and given a plane ticket to where ever the dart may have landed. Upon arrival to this new and unfamiliar city, the dart thrower can be in possession of “illicit”drugs within fifteen (15) minutes of his arrival. All one has to do is go to the “black” part of town! This dart throwing stranger can locate “illicit” drugs fifteen minutes after his arrival to this unfamiliar city. How is it possible that the local “law enforcement” officials are unable to eradicate drugs from the cities that they live and work in?
There is no doubt that these local “law enforcement” officials can locate these “illicit” drugs. This is evidenced by their political campaigns. Whenever these local politicians need free publicity, they will put on a performance. They will adorn their local police in Gestapo type uniforms and stage raids on the street corner, drug dealers. They would arrest the small time, individual, dope pushers who are at the bottom of the drug smuggling ring, the poverty ridden, illiterate and ignorant African American male.
The media headlines will depict “notorious” drug criminals laying spread eagle in the streets. The “good guys” in black garb with white skull and crossbones patches are standing over them. The media will report a “major drug bust.” They will report that the police confiscated several ounces or at best, several pounds of “illicit drugs,” along with a few thousand dollars in cash and several weapons.
Most of the so called “drug busts” that occur in the United States occur in the ghettoes and they involve young African American males. These people cannot read a map, let alone pilot an airplane or navigate a ship laden with “illicit” drugs. Children who are barely old enough to obtain drivers licenses for cars are heralded as “drug traffickers” and “drug kingpins.” However, this gives the illusion to the “white” American public that their government is sincere about this so called “war on drugs.” When in actuality, the only thing this “white” government is sincere about is the destruction of the African American race.


The best way to destroy a race is to destroy its means to reproduce itself. After controlling its current means of reproduction, one must then destroy its future means of reproduction. The American government is currently involved in racial genocide by means of “chemical and biological warfare.” After the African American males are arrested for “drug trafficking,” they are unable to post bond. This is due to lack of funds because what money they may have had was confiscated during the raids. Because of their inability to get out of jail before their trials, these African American males are spending months incarcerated while awaiting trial.
The time spent awaiting trial is spent in the most oppressive environment in America, the county jails. Usually these facilities were designed to house less than a third of their current population. Due to the overcrowded conditions in these facilities, there are African American children sleeping on the floors next to hardened criminals. After months of being subjected to “cruel and inhumane treatment,” these indigent, African American youth are given court appointed attorneys, usually “white” males. These court appointed attorneys would coerce these young, illiterate African American males into pleading guilty. These pleas are usually accompanied by promises that they will be sentenced to “time served,” with probation. Because of their maternal upbringing, these African American males believe in and trust the power of the “white” male. If their “white” male attorneys tells them that they will do something good for them, they will believe them wholeheartedly. These court appointed attorneys will remind their “clients” of the overcrowded conditions of the system and if they insist upon a trial, they will remain in county jail, indefinitely. After spending months sleeping on the floor, they are ready to make a deal with anybody.
When these young, uneducated and illiterate African American males finally receive their day in court, they will be in for a shocking surprise. The first thing that the judge (usually a “white” male) will ask them is, “Are you satisfied with your attorney?” Though they may have spent a total of fifteen minutes talking to their court appointed attorneys before their trials, these children wholeheartedly believe in the power of the “white” males. Consequently, these children will tell these “white” male judges that they are indeed satisfied with their attorneys and that no promises have been made to them. Although these children had been sleeping on the floor for months, they will tell the judges that they were not coerced into confessing. These children are in shock when the judges sentence them to fifteen to thirty years for possession of a gram of cocaine, or other drug related offenses. Because these children went on record saying that they were satisfied with their legal representation and no promises were made to them, they are without redress. They must go to jail and carry out their sentences.


Upon their arrival to state and federal penitentiaries, the fears of these young African American males are quickly dismissed. They are immediately reunited with friends and family members. They quickly realize that these state and federal facilities are paradise compared to the county facilities. For many, this is the best “home” they have ever had. The only requirement for incarceration is that they do the “time.”
Prison life appears to be better than many of the lives these African American males had on the streets. If they were naked, homeless, hungry, illiterate, uneducated and ill, there were no available facilities on the “outside” which would provide for their needs. However, in prison, they would receive three good meals a day, sleep in clean beds, and receive all of the medical and dental care that they need. If they are experiencing undue stress, there are mental health professionals at their disposal. If they are illiterate, they can obtain a Bachelor’s degree from accredited colleges or universities without spending a dime. All books and tuition would be provided for them.
However, the vast majority of African American males come out of prison worst off than they were before they went in. For the most part, these ex inmates have become desensitized to prison life. It is “no big deal” for them. They have learned how to survive very well in prison. The stigma which was once attached to being incarcerated has been removed. In fact, prison life is a joke for many individuals, primarily because it is such a good life. All of a person’s needs and many of his wants are satisfied in the penitentiary. Many individuals see incarceration as opportunities for rest and relaxation. The system has designed it that way. If you make a person not dislike being incarcerated, then you can guarantee that this individual will continue to break the law. When the weather becomes too harsh, many individuals will commit illegal acts just to go to jail.
The writer would often remind African American inmates that they had two strikes against them before incarceration. First, they were African American males. Second, many of them were illiterate or undereducated. Upon their discharge, many of these inmates would have three strikes against them. First, they were still African American males. Second, they were still illiterate. Third, they are now convicted felons. This writer would remind these inmates that they could only do something about one of the three strikes. They could receive a college degree while incarcerated. Many of them were serving enough time to receive several Phds. Unfortunately, many of them would opt not even to receive a GED.
By their very nature, prisons are designed to reduce a person to a child like status. When one has to go to an adult to get permission to do anything and everything, one will usually become dependent on that adult. Inmates need permission from correction officials to take care of their basic bodily needs. They cannot eat without another person feeding them. They cannot go to the bathroom without being given permission. They cannot talk to another human being without permission from an “adult.” For the government to have this much control over a person’s life, it is criminal not to provide rehabilitation for that person.
Supposedly, the only thing that an inmate can be forced to do in the state of South Carolina is “time.” Supposedly, the inmates cannot be forced to get out of bed without a good reason, ie. security reasons. Consequently, very few of these inmates are motivated to improve their lot in life. Although educational opportunities are available to them, very few African Americans will avail themselves of it. Much of their time is spent playing basketball and watching television. The vast majority of the African American males continue doing the same things that they were doing before their incarceration. Their time is consumed “hanging out,” swapping stories and listening to the rap songs on their boom boxes. They continue to waste their lives by doing nothing that will improve themselves, their families, their people, or their nation.
America is about the business of incarcerating African American males. By allowing these prison inmates to “enjoy” themselves in prison, “the powers to be” have eliminated the stigma that was once attached to prison life. The state of South Carolina allows the prison inmates to be in possession of cash money. It is estimated that the institutions allow the inmates at each state penitentiary to receive over a half million dollars from the state annually. This money comes in the form of wages. As a result, many of these inmates can parlay this “prison pay” into hundreds of dollars a week, tax free, in legitimate enterprises.
For example, inmates are authorized to purchase food stuffs from the state operated stores. They then take these foods’ stuff back to their cells (or as inmates call them, “my house”). They can then fill their coffee pots with state water and plug them into state electricity. After fifteen or twenty minutes, they are selling food stuff to fellow inmates and staff for a profit. These are some “legitimate” operations that the inmates are engaged in.
The prisons are miniature models of the “free world.” All the drugs that are available outside of the prisons are also available inside the prisons. Once an inmate can adjust to living behind a fence which is covered with razor wire, prison life can be very enjoyable. Many inmates and their families can do very well financially because the inmate can now send hundreds of dollars a week, home. Some inmates can even send hundreds of dollars a day, home. This money goes unreported to anyone. Some institutions do not care what the inmates mail out of the institutions. They barely care what comes into the institutions. Just as on the streets, the institutions have their “stool pigeons.” Nothing occurs in the institutions in secrecy. Someone is always watching everything, yet criminal activities continue to flourish unabated.
America has a higher prison population than any other country in the world. America incarcerates more of its citizens than both South Africa and Russia. It is conservatively estimated that more than four million Americans are currently involved with the various departments of corrections. One million people in America are currently serving time in American prisons. This figure does not consider the hundreds of thousands of citizens who are currently in jails awaiting trial. The census bureau will tell you that the African American comprises only seventeen (17%) per cent of America’s population. However, the African American comprises more than seventy (70%) per cent of the prison population in America.
For decades, the number one industry in the state of South Carolina were textiles. Today the number one industry in the state of South Carolina are prisons. There is a very large African American population in the state of South Carolina. They also constitute the majority of the prison population in the state of South Carolina. Do you think there is a correlation between the African American population in the state and its new growth industry?
The prison industries are the new plantation systems for the state of South Carolina in general and America in particular. This is a proven method for controlling the African American race in general and the African American male in particular. By removing the African American male from his family and community, the family becomes even more dysfunctional. Just as the slave traders of old, the modern day slave traders take only the best of the African American race and enslave them. Because of the high incarceration rate, the African American family continues to remain totally dependent on the dominant culture.

Biological Warfare

In 1932, the American government authorized the United States “Public Health” service to surreptitiously inject over 400 African American men, in Tuskegee Alabama, with a syphilis virus. These 400 African American men were then allowed to go without treatment. They were not told that they were carriers of the syphilis virus. Today, African Americans are seven times more likely to die of tuberculosis and three times more likely to die of AIDS than “white” Americans. Coincidence?
Homosexuality and intravenous drug use are a fact of life in the penitentiaries. There are literally thousands of prison inmates who are infected with the AIDS virus. However, the prisons pretend that homosexuality is not allowed, therefore it is not occurring. Consequently, the inmates are spreading the AIDS virus in epidemic proportions. For instance, there was reportedly an inmate who infected approximately one hundred and thirty other inmates with gonorrhea in less than one month. Imagine the number of inmates who are being infected with the AIDS virus! These inmates will be released from prison eventually. Many of them will be returning to wives and girlfriends, not knowing that they are infected.
There are some experts who says that the AIDS virus was created in a laboratory in an effort to decimate the members of the “nonwhite” race. For several years, the AIDS virus was restricted to the continent of Africa. It has been also said that it originated with the green monkey. Recent research indicates that AIDS is the number one cause of death among African adults in many cities. It is estimated that there are approximately six million Africans who are currently infected with the AIDS virus.
The “white” race has such a desire to imitate and emulate the “nonwhite” race that perhaps their nuclear, chemical and biological warfare is backfiring on them. Today, the “white” race is also experiencing the ravages of drugs in their communities. Contrary to the media’s perceptions, the typical scenario for a drug addict is “white,” male and employed. In the eyes of many “white” bigots, this is a small price to pay to keep the “blacks” in line.

Just Say “No More”

The solution to this violence and mass destruction of the African American race is not going to be found outside of the African American community. To end this senseless violence requires an enormous amount of courage by parents. First, parents must accept total responsibility for the activities of their children. They must admit to themselves that whatever their children are doing, they are a product of their creation. It is totally ridiculous to blame children for the actions or inactions of their parents.
Once the parents have acknowledged total responsibility, they have begun to empower themselves. With this empowerment, the parents must take an inventory of everything that is in their homes. Anything there which cannot be accounted for or that should not be there, must be immediately disposed of. These children should be given severe consequences for bringing it into the homes. The parents must maintain a constant vigil for further contraband which their children might bring into their homes. If these children continue to bring contraband in, the punishment must increase. Eventually, the cost of continued disobedience would not be worth the contraband.
Parents must also be able to account for the whereabouts of their children at all times. This means that when their children say they are going some place, the parents should verify that they are actually there. Of course, this might require that the parents go to these places to see for themselves if, in fact, their children are actually there.
Also, children should not be given such huge blocks of free time. Their time should be broken into small segments. The best way to do this is to have children physically return home every couple of hours to check in. Too often, parents will allow their children to leave home on Saturday mornings and they are not required to come back until their two a.m. curfew! With this much freedom and the family car (if not their own car), children can literally cover thousands of miles without their parents’ knowledge.
Most important, parents must learn about their strong and proud African and African American heritage. Parents must begin to feel very good about themselves and their race. Only then can these parents instill racial pride into their children. Unfortunately, many parents are expecting their children to learn about their ancestors in schools, during February.
When the parents begin to take pride in who they are, then their children will also take pride in who they are. Parents must teach their children that if they cannot help another African American, at least they should not hurt him. Parents must remember that much of children’s learning is through observation. Therefore, parents must establish the proper racial attitudes and pass them on to their children.

The following is the contents of a letter placed on the bed of a young African American male incarcerated in the Chicago city jail. Please take a minute of your time to reflect upon the severity of this statement:

“The Ku Klux Klan would like to take this time to salute
and congratulate all Gang Bangers for the slaughter of
over 4,000 black people since 1975. You are doing a
marvelous job. Keep killing each other for nothing.
The streets are still not you niggers….it is ours.
You are killing each other for our property. You are
killing what could be future black doctors, lawyers,
and businessmen that we won’t have to compete with.
And the good thing about it is that you are killing
the youth. So we won’t have to worry about you niggers
in generations to come. We would further like to thank
all the judges who have over sentenced those niggers to

We are winning again. Pretty soon, we will be able to go
back to raping your women. Because all the men will be

So you Gang Bangers….Keep up the good work. We love to
read about drive-by shootings. We love to hear how many niggers get killed over the weekends. We can tolerate the niggers with jungle fever (for now)…Because that further breaks down the race.

To all Gang Bangers across the world: we don’t love you niggers, but we can appreciate you Gang Bangers. You are doing a wonderful job in eliminating the black race.
Without the men….Your women cannot reproduce….Unless of course, we do it for them. Then we will have successfully eliminated a race, thanks to your help and commitment to killing each other.

If most of you nigger Gang bangers cannot read this letter,
it is ok. Go pull a trigger and kill a nigger. Thank you”

Author Unknown

Chapter 7


“Only take heed to thyself and keep thy soul
diligently, lest thou forget the things which
thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart
from thy heart all the days of thy life:
But teach them thy sons, and thy son’s sons;” Deuteronomy 4:9 King James

What are we teaching our children today? Upon entering the “slums” of Augusta, Georgia, one must notice the abundance of churches. In some areas, there are as many as fifteen churches within a four square block radius. Here in the “Bible Belt,” one is often asked, “Are you a Christian?”, or “Are you saved?” There is a certain “air” that the inquirers have about them when asking these questions. In fact, these attitudes sometimes boarder on arrogance. The statement behind the question is, “I’m a Christian and I am `saved’. If you are neither a Christian, nor are you `saved’, then it is my duty to convert you.”
This is the same attitude/arrogance that the Europeans harbored upon their arrival on the continent of Africa. They arrived with the Bible, the cross, and the gun. These Christians were on a mission with a hidden agenda. Their mission was to force the Africans to accept their version of Christianity by any means necessary. Once the Africans adopted the Europeans’ version of Christianity, they were only given the cross. It was imperative that the Africans not receive the Bible because they would then want to read it. It was equally important that the African was not given access to guns. If that had happened, it would have been impossible for the Europeans to enslave the Africans. It would have been impossible to take their country in exchange for a cross and a handful of pictures (graven images) of Europeans. As Frederick Douglas said, “An educated man will never be your slave.”
Our version of religion was handed down to us by our ancestors. These are the same ancestors who were enslaved by the Europeans. Like the Europeans’ ancestors, they knew that it was imperative to keep the slaves ignorant and illiterate. With this illiteracy, the slaves were taught about Christianity. These lessons did not come in the form of “Thus Saith the Lord.” Rather, they came as “thus saith `Massa’.” The slave owners’ version of Christianity had nothing to do with religion. It was totally ritualistic, with obedience to “Massa” as its primary goal and “You’ll get your pie in the sky when you die,” as its secondary goal.
The Africans were taught by the Europeans that they were cursed by God to be slaves all the days of their lives. The Europeans misquoted a verse from Genesis 9:25,

“And He said, cursed be Canaan, a servant of
servants shall He be unto his brethren” King James.

The Europeans extrapolated portions of the above verse and created the following, “God cursed Ham to be a servant forever; and the Africans are direct descendants of Ham. Therefore, it is God’s will that the Africans are slaves.” As a result, the European “preachers” would espouse the glorious honor that was bestowed upon the Africans. The honor of being servants to the “master race.” The Europeans’ attitudes were (and still is), “Had it not been for the Europeans, the Africans would still be running around naked and heathens in the jungles of Africa.”
The Europeans’ method of indoctrination was total brainwashing. They used the gun to eliminate all opposition to their barbaric behavior. It was necessary/imperative that the Africans’ concept of religion be destroyed. In the Africans’ culture, knowledge of the past was handed down from one generation to another, by word of mouth. These oral historians were called “griots.”
By destroying the historians, the Europeans destroyed the Africans’ knowledge of their past, thus destroying the Africans’ knowledge of themselves. The Europeans made concerted efforts to destroy all of the African elders. The Europeans then replaced the Africans’ knowledge of themselves with “his story.” This is the story that the Europeans used to justify their inhumane and uncivilized treatment of the African race.
Once the Europeans replaced the Africans’ knowledge and conception of God with their whitewashed version of God’s creation, they then diligently sought converts. This was done by giving special privileges to some Africans. The Europeans would find the most docile, greedy, and self centered slaves and elevate them to the status of “preachers.” Typically, the “preachers” came from the “big houses” where the “house servants” resided.
Based on plantation hierarchy, the “house servants” ate high off the hog. They ate so high that they often ate the same things that “Massa” ate. Often they ate from the same plates that “Massa” ate from. It didn’t matter that this food was the uneaten remains of “Massa’s” meal. All that mattered was that if it was good enough for “Massa,” it was good enough for “Massa’s” house slaves.
These servants were given “Massa’s” old clothes and allowed time off from their chores to preach the “gospel” to the field servants. These handpicked “preachers” would tell their congregations about a grand and glorious place called heaven. They would tell them that heaven was a place where everyday would be Sunday. Heaven was a place where you would always have enough food to eat. Not only would you not have to grow it or harvest it, you wouldn’t have to cook it. In heaven you would eat high off the hog, just like “Massa.” Heaven was a place where you would not be beaten, battered, raped, sold, mutilated, or murdered. Heaven was a place where your loved ones, who had been killed or sold, would be waiting for you. Heaven was a place where there would not be slave quarters. In heaven, everybody lived in “big houses” just like “Massa.” Heaven is a place with only one “massa,” and He’s a good and kind “Massa,” as long as we are obedient to His will.
However, if we are disobedient to His will, He will be quick to chastise us, just like our “Massa” down here. Heaven is a place where there was no sickness, no suffering, no trials or tribulation. Heaven is a place where all good servants of the Lord would be waiting for you. Most of all, heaven was a place where all good servants of the Lord want to go.
By now, the “preachers'” congregations would be bursting with unbridled emotion. There would be a multitude of happy and excited slaves jumping for joy, singing those “good ole gospel” songs. Songs like “Steal Away,” “One of These Mornings,” and “Jordan River,” etc. Before they could all rush off and pack their few possessions, someone would ask the million dollar questions, “Where is this place called heaven?” and “How do we get there?” Being the good con artists of “Massa” that they were, the “preachers” began to “work” their congregations more. They would tell the slaves that in order to get to heaven they would have to be “saved.” They would have to prove themselves worthy to receive the “Keys to The Kingdom of God.” Of course, one way to prove themselves were to show unquestionable loyalty and obedience to their “earthly massas.” The “preachers” would then quote from “Massa” how the “Good Book” says, “Slaves, obey your Massa.” The “preachers” told the congregations that after they were saved and worked hard all the days of their lives for “Massa,” being ever faithful and obedient to “Massa’s” wishes, they would go to heaven when they died!
The slave owners would then give the slave “preachers” pictures to show to the congregations, (a picture is worth a thousand words). Allegedly, these pictures would portray Biblical heroes such as Moses, Samson, Daniel, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, also His twelve disciples. All of the major rulers of the slaves’ world were of European ancestry. In the minds of the slaves, these Europeans had the best that God had to offer mere mortals. Of course, these values were based on the standards and values of “Massa.” When the slaves thought of heaven, their schemas consisted of images which were gleaned from the schema of “Massa.” The “good life” was exhibited by “Massa” and all of the other Europeans. In addition, all of the Biblical heroes are identical in appearance to “Massa.” Therefore, the slaves concluded that only Europeans would be admitted into heaven.
The “preachers” had repeatedly told the slaves that “prayer changes things.” Therefore, the slaves began to pray to their European gods that they would create in them, new images. They prayed to their European gods that they would make them worthy to enter their kingdom. The slaves were acutely aware that heaven was totally segregated and they were told that all new arrivals must go through a transformation. Therefore, they prayed to their European gods that their transformation begin “down here on earth.”
The African Americans’ concept of religion was handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. The original word, however, came out of the mouth of the slave owners. Unfortunately, the slave owners only passed on words that would support their status/position as slave owners, as well as keeping the slaves in their places; places of subservience.
It must be noted that the African believed totally in the concept of reincarnation life after death. This is evidenced by the many pyramids and the elaborate embalming rituals which were designed to ease the transition from this world into the “other” world. Unlike the Europeans, the Africans recognized that ” God is a spirit, and they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

“Take Heed unto yourselves, lest ye forget the
covenant of the Lord your God, which He made with you,
and make you a graven image, or the likeness of
anything, which the Lord thy God hath forbidden thee.” Deuteronomy 4:23

It is possible that God blinded the eyes of the Europeans or hardened their hearts so that they could not see nor understand the above scriptures. In any event, the European slave owners were very successful in indoctrinating the slaves into accepting “graven images.” Since these images were the images of the European slave owners, the slaves logically concluded that the Europeans were God’s chosen people. Therefore, if the Europeans were God’s chosen people, the slaves were easily convinced that they were cursed by God. Since God and all the heavenly host looked like the Europeans and because the slaves thought that the Europeans owned everything, including the slaves, the slaves began worshiping the Europeans.
The slaves began praying to European gods that they would change their “blackness” into “whiteness,” making them as white as snow.” They thought that the only way to get into heaven was to shed their “black” skin and “kinky” hair and be transformed into the images of “perfection.”
This meant that they would have to have “white” skin and straight hair. This was the image created by “Massa.” This was what the slaves mistakenly believed “Massa” perceived as beautiful. Mistakenly, because history has shown time and time again that the Europeans have a strong sense of self hatred. They dislike themselves more than any other race of people. Psychologically, it is unhealthy to go through life not liking yourself. Therefore, you will project these feelings onto the objects of your envy.
Not only did the slaves begin to worship “Massa’s whiteness,” the slave owner also worshiped their own “whiteness.” They also began to believe in the myth of their racial superiority. The slave owners began to recognize that they had created their god and all of their heavenly hosts into images that looked like themselves. They then concluded that since their gods had given them power to rule over everything and everybody on earth, this was testimony to their racial superiority. Therefore, the Europeans were worshiping a god in their own image and the slaves were worshiping a god in the images of the Europeans. If you tell the same lie repeatedly, eventually, you and all those who hear it will come to believe it.
The fact that the slave owners made a difference between the light skinned and dark skinned slaves reinforced this belief. Some slaves’ prayers were being granted because their skin was light, almost as light as the “Massas'” skin. Perhaps it never occurred to the slaves that their skin was almost similar to the “Massas'” because the “Massas” were the ones who impregnated their mothers. This meant that their lives on earth would be easier. Their burdens would be just a little bit lighter because their skin was just a little bit brighter than the skin of the dark skinned slaves. It was instilled into these light skinned babies from birth that they were special because of the color of their skin. If they also had European features, they were doubly blessed, by both “Massa” and “Massa’s” god.
These blessings came in being “house servants,” as opposed to “field servants.” The “house servants” lived in the “big houses” so that they could be immediately available to do “Massa’s” bidding. They ate the remains of “Massa’s” food and wore “Massa’s” old clothes. The “field slaves” worked in the fields from first light to first dark, in all kinds of inclement weather. They lived in a dilapidated shacks, with earthen floors.
Field slaves ate garbage and scraps (hog guts, mountain oysters, tripe, chicken’s feet, etc.). The field slaves wore clothes that were made of burlap bags, croaker sacks and rags.
For those slaves who were not endowed with light skin and European features, they could earn certain blessings from “Massa” by performing certain tasks. They could keep “Massa” apprised of the attitudes and conversations of the masses, being ever vigilant of talks of insurrection or escapes. It would truly be an honor if “Massa” bestowed upon them the titles of “preachers.” This usually meant a tremendous increase in privileges. These privileges would come from “Massa” and the rest of the slaves. The “preachers” were the intercessors between the “Massa” and the masses also between the masses and “Massa’s” god.
Being direct descendants of an extremely spiritual people, people who had strong beliefs in the supra-natural, the slave “preachers” capitalized on the fears of the masses. The slave “preachers” quickly realized that the more power the masses thought that they had, the more power they also thought “Massa” would give them. It would be necessary for the “preachers” to recruit cohorts to participate in their deceptions.
The “preachers” remembered “Massa” telling them a story about Jesus giving sight to the blind, making the lame walk, the dumb talk, and the deaf hear. With blessings and permission from “Massa,” the slave “preachers” and their cohorts would feign symptoms which would be miraculously cured by the “preachers.” Because the masses would be witnesses to these miracles, they would readily give an “Amen” to the power of the “preachers.” These beliefs coincided with the fact that in Africa, certain men were truly endowed with certain powers and abilities.

“well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as
it is written, this people honoureth me with their
lips, but their heart is far from me.
Howbeit, in vain they do worship me, teaching for
doctrines the commandments of men”. Mark 7:6 7

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Today, the descendants of the slave owners and the slaves continue to perpetuate the same old traditions. They continue to speak of heaven and hell as some far away, mystical place that one can only reach through death. Much of the doctrines and tenets that are espoused by these “preachers” are about death and the events leading up to death. These “preachers” say very little about life and living. The “preachers” have the people believing that the primary purposes for attending church is to have church membership. They will then have a place to hold their funeral.
Many preachers will not allow family members to hold the funeral of their dead in their churches because the dead were not faithful church members. Translated, this means that the dead did not pay their tithes. As a result, these “preachers” are instilling fear into the listeners, causing them to attend church for the express purpose of having a place to have their funeral.
Many of today’s “preachers” feel that their roles are primarily to prepare people for life after death. They’re constantly admonishing people about what the devil and Satan will be doing to capture their souls on earth. They’re telling the listeners the importance of looking forward to life after death. As a result, people are living in a fantasy world. It is a fantasy world because they are ignoring the here and now.
Any time you spend as much time and energy on what might happen tomorrow, as these “preachers” do, you cannot be dealing with reality. They are neglecting the weightier matters such as how they should be living and behaving now. These “preachers” recognize that since they can keep the congregation feeling guilty about death, they will become easy rip offs.
By having the people focus their energy on life after death, the “preachers” (puppets of “Massa”) are telling the masses that it is important to ignore the trials and tribulations of today, because it will all be better in the “by n by.” The “preachers” are convincing the masses that it is more important to get one’s soul into heaven than it is to worry about earthly matters.
The “preachers” continue to appeal to the emotions of the masses as opposed to their reasoning and common sense. They are constantly admonishing their followers to become good “Christians” as opposed to striving toward goodness.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

These “preachers” are forcing religion down the throats of their followers rather than instilling in them a sense of spirituality. Religion is an act, a behavior. It is something that you participate in on special occasions. On Sunday mornings, you get up, dress up and go to church to pick up on the latest gossip. It would even be nice if the “preachers” had inspiring sermons, or the choirs sang a few heart rending songs. You then go back to your houses (we have so few homes) and participate in business as usual until the next Sunday. Religion is something that you rely on in times of need when all else have failed. Once the needs no longer exist, it is back to business as usual. Religion can be compared to a spare tire. Many of us seldom take notice of our spare until we have a flat.
Spirituality is a way of life. It is your persona, it is in everything that you do. You are involved in spirituality twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. From the time that you awake to the time that you go to sleep, you are a spiritual being. Spirituality is not a mask which can be taken on and off at your leisure. It is not a spare tire that you put on whenever there is a flat in your life. Spirituality is the tire that you put on to take you through life. Not only for the smooth roads, but for the rough ones also. Spirituality encompasses your entire lifestyle. Because of spirituality, some things that you once did, you will no longer do. Because of spirituality, some places that you once went to, you will no longer go. Because of spirituality, you are not the same person that you once were.
The “preachers” continue to believe in (or convince the masses to believe in) a myth. They preach the fallacy that it is possible to know God’s word without knowing how to read. If they can read, they can know God’s word by reading what “massa” says about God and His word. They will go to “Massa’s” schools to learn about “Massa’s” god and receive “Massa’s” degrees in divinity. These “preachers” will then puff themselves up and strut around town calling themselves “the Right Reverend/Doctor Jones, etc.” With these degrees (that their congregations paid for) they can now demand and get major salary increases from their congregations. They will take this approach as opposed to going directly to the source

“in the beginning was the word and the word was
with God, and the word was God”. John 1:1

As a result, many of these “preachers” spend a good deal of time and energy praising the power and glory of Satan. These “preachers” are constantly telling their congregations about the powers of the devil. They’re telling their members that if they are not vigilant, the devil will take control of their lives. They are telling their congregations lies and calling on their congregations to give them an “amen.”
For instance, many of these churches have creeds telling their congregations not to partake in the drinking of alcoholic beverages. Many of these “preachers” will have new members pledge allegiance to the churches’ creeds. Whereas, both the “preachers” and the members are fully aware that their allegiance is a lie. Typically both the “preachers” and the members will partake of the spirits before going to church. If they do not indulge before, then they will immediately after leaving church. As a result, both “preachers” and congregations will live a lie. If it is not a lie then why did the first miracle performed by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, consist of turning the water into wine? If our Lord and Savior turned water into wine, does this not suggest that He condoned the drinking of alcohol? Therefore, what is the basis for any “preacher” telling it’s congregation not to indulge in the consumption of alcohol?
If these “preachers” were really concerned about the welfare of their members, they would have in their church creeds that all members must abstain from the use of tobacco products. It has been conservatively estimated that over two hundred thousand people die every year in America as a direct result of tobacco related illnesses. In order for the “preachers” to address this issue, many of them would have to look at themselves. As it stands now, tobacco use is legal, therefore these “preachers” do not have to hide their tobacco use the way they hide their alcohol usage.
The “preachers continue to perpetrate the belief that they are endowed by the Creator with special powers and abilities to act as intercessors for the masses. Consequently, many church members actually worship and idolize these “preachers. They are taught from childhood that they are to reverence the “preacher.” In fact, many people have been taught to actually fear the “preachers” and to accept whatever they say as the gospel.
In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many people believe that their “preachers” can do no wrong. As a result, many of these “preachers” are nothing more than gangsters with their mafia type syndicates. They are ripping off the weak minded and preying on the unsuspecting souls who are diligently searching for truth. These “preachers” will ordain other “preachers” who have similar beliefs as theirs. They will then install these “preachers” in churches and begin having revivals. These “preachers” will then invite the “preachers” who ordained them to be the guest evangelists for the revival. They would pay them exorbitant fees for a few hours worth of hustling. Many of these “preachers” cannot read their own names nor can they read the word of God. They are worthless to themselves and to the masses, but they are vital links in “massa’s” plans for the control of the masses.
Because of the reverence that some church members have toward
their “preachers,” they and their “preachers” begin to believe that he is endowed with a supernatural gift. Both believe that it is necessary that they go through the “preacher” to get to God. Many “preachers” rationalize this by saying, “Jesus is the intercessor for man to reach God, and the `preachers’ are the intercessors for man to reach Jesus.” As a result, many congregations treat their “preachers” like gods and their “preachers” act like gods (holier than though). Do we not call the man who becomes a “preacher” in the church of his membership, “the son of the house?” Therefore, if this person is the “son of the house,” are we not implying that the “preacher” is the “father of the house?” Do these “preachers” not admonish us to come to the “throne of grace.” We are painfully aware of the “preachers” perceptions that the pulpits are their soul possessions and the churches are their kingdoms. We also know that only kings occupy thrones.

“Therefore speak I to them in parables: because
They seeing see not: and hearing they hear not,
neither do they understand”. Matthew 13:13

The greatest division of the African American people occurs on Sunday mornings. Some “preachers” are preaching at one church, while their wives attend another and their children may go to yet another church altogether. In addition, their extended family members will attend other churches.
Perhaps the spouses and children know something about these “preachers” that the congregation might want to become aware of. In any event, how can you trust your soul to a person whose own family will not trust with their souls? Paul said in 1 Timothy 3:4 5:
“One that ruleth well his own house, having his
children in subjection with all gravity; For if
a man know not how to rule his own house, how
shall he take care of the church of God?”

Most tragic of all are those parents who allow their children to attend the Europeans’ churches unescorted. Every Sunday morning, painted school buses enter African American neighborhoods to pick up African American children to take them to “white” churches, to learn about “white” people’s religion. The religion that justified and condoned the most savage form of slavery known to man. The only thing the African American “preachers” can say about it is, “It is a shame that our children are not being taught about their culture.” The tragedy is that these children are receiving doctrines that are unchallenged. Because there is no one to challenge these doctrines, the children will accept it as the gospel. After all, it is coming out of the mouths of “massas.” Besides, if there was anything wrong with the doctrines that these children were receiving, their parents would not allow them to attend these churches. Jesus said in Matthew 12:25:

“every city or house divided against itself
shall not stand”.

In many African American churches, the “preachers'” children are the troubled children. They do not respect themselves or anyone who comes in contact with them. Many have become juvenile delinquents and some have graduated to the ranks of criminals. These children have become unwed mothers and fathers. Some are even “strung” out on drugs. During this time, the “preachers” are up in the pulpits preaching to the congregations about how they should be raising their children. Doesn’t the Bible say something about getting the “mote out of your own eye?”
There are many “preachers” in the pulpits pimping in the name of the Lord. While they are in the pulpit preaching about the sins of fornication and adultery, they are passing glances, as well as notes to the sisters in the congregations. Perhaps one reason their wives don’t attend the same churches is because of the blatant disrespect and hypocrisy on the part of their husbands. They have their flowing robes covering their expensive clothes and they are flashing their expensive jewelry. Their hair is also soaking wet with curl activator. These “pimps” are deceiving the congregations by telling them such things as, “Bring all of your cares to the altar and leave them here.” Our God said in Mark, 13:19 that:

“For in those days shall be affliction, such as was
not from the beginning of the creation which God
created unto this time, neither shall be”.

Much of what is taking place in African American churches is being done for show and we will not attend unless they present a show! As a result, they end up with a circular relationship. The “preacher” believes the congregation want to be entertained, the congregation believes their religion is about religious entertainment… and the game goes on. These “preachers” will begin their services with a two to five minute prayer, followed by a thirty second scripture reading. They will then begin to “preach” their text from this brief scripture reading.
As they begin to tell the congregation about the perils of hellfire and brimstone, the other “preachers” in the pulpit, as well as the deacons in the “amen corner,” will begin their responses with such statements as, “preach reverend, tell’m like it is preacher,” etc. The preachers will begin to speak louder and will begin pacing the altars. This will be followed by some sisters in the congregations getting “happy” (which can be evidenced by flailing arms, screams bordering on hysterics, followed by dancing and/or running).
The “preachers” will begin to “speak in tongues,” while many more members of the congregations will begin to participate in this mass hysteria. The climax of this performance is an act of submission known as “the altar call.” This will be immediately followed by a huge stampede to the “preachers'” altar.
The parishioners are then bestowed with blessings from the “preachers.” These blessings come in the forms of five to fifteen minute prayers. This is designed to add fuel to the hysteria, thereby engulfing all of those stubborn sinners who remained standing in the pews.
Today, the African Americans are still being taught “Massa’s” religion. This is the reason God and the entire heavenly hosts are still portrayed in the images of the Europeans. As long as the “preachers” have the masses worshiping “white” gods, the masses will continue to perceive “white” skin as honorable and desirable. The descendants of the slaves continue to believe that the lighter they are, the closer they are to “Massa.” Therefore, they are closer to heaven and God.
In African American churches, they continue to find “graven images” of a blue eyed, blonde haired European man carrying a sheep. Nowhere in the Bible will you read about Our Lord and Savior carrying a sheep! However, this picture is almost universal. It can be shown the world over and be recognized as the alleged image of Jesus Christ. Many African Americans have been so brainwashed that they cannot see the errors of their ways.
Today’s “preachers” have learned well from their ancestors. The ancestors immediately recognized that being a “preacher” was the best “hustle” a slave could have on “Massa’s” plantation. Today’s “preachers” dwell in fine homes, wear designer clothes and jewelry, dine in the best restaurants and drive the finest automobiles, all of which are provided by their congregations. All that the “preachers” have to do is keep the masses focused on this magical, mystical place called heaven, which is located, “over yonder across Jordan River.” All one has to do is be “saved”, be born again, worship the pulpit (and all that is on it), pay their tithes, repeat, pay their tithes and when they die, they will go directly to heaven in the sky.

“Beware of the Scribes , which desire to walk
in long robes, and love greetings in the markets,
and the highest seats in the synagogues, and
the chief rooms at feasts; which devour widows
houses, and for a show make long prayers: The
same shall receive the greater damnation”
Luke. 20:46

Jesus said in Matthew 6:5:

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as
the hypocrites are: for they love to pray
standing in the synagogues and in the corners
of the streets , that they may be seen of men.
Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.”

What is their reward? What could these “hypocrites” be seeking or hope to gain with their long prayers? As was stated earlier, some of these “preachers” actually believe that they are the intercessors for Jesus Christ. For those “preachers” who do not believe this, it is important that you do believe it. Their reward is having you believe that they can get a prayer through. After all, have not these “preachers” repeatedly told you that “prayer changes things.” They will use their own lives as living proof that prayer changes things.
All you have to do is observe them in their flashy clothes, fine automobiles, expensive homes, and freshly done “curls” to see that “prayer changes things.” Before they learned how to pray, they did not have any of the above. Consequently, these “preachers'” rewards are the power and status that are bestowed on them by the members of their flocks. They are known for their abilities to pray heart rending, soulful prayers. “Child, you missed a good service today. Reverend prayed a prayer today and ten people got saved.” And if these “preachers” are really good at it, they will record an album and become rich and famous. Other “preachers” will attempt to imitate them.
Jesus went on to say in Matthew 6:6:

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy
closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray
to thy Father which is in secret;and thy
Father shall reward thee openly.”

Is this not in direct contradiction to the teachings and actions of the “preachers”? If you are to enter into your “secret closet” and “shut thy door”, how is it possible for you to be heard by the members of the congregation? How is it possible for you to hear the “preacher” if he is in his “secret closet”? Perhaps, the issue of prayer is that of reward. It appears that the “preachers” are not looking to God for their reward, but they are looking to the members of the congregations for earthly/monetary rewards. This may also hold true for members of the congregation, they’re looking to the “preacher” for their reward which is physical salvation, “My mother is sick, my husband has left me, my son is in jail, and my daughter is on crack, reverend, will you pray for me and my family?” They do not look to God the Father for spiritual salvation!
Jesus went on to say in Matthew 6:7:

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions,
as the heathen do; for they think that they
shall be heard for their much speaking.”

Repetition is defined by Webster as “something repeated,” and the word vain is “lacking substance or worth.” Therefore, when the “preachers” are in the pulpits or on the “throne of grace” praying for sister Sadie in this manner, “Lord, if you reach down and heal this good sister; Lord, she’s in need of your healing touch now; Lord, you said in your word that you are a way maker, Lord, I pray that you reach down and touch the mayor of our city, I pray for our president, Lord, I pray for men and women every where under the sound of my voice, Lord, I even pray for those who cannot hear my voice, those that are prison bound, in the hospitals, as well as those in foreign lands making the world safe for democracy, “etc., etc., etc.,” they are actually repeating something that is worthless! How can they pray for someone whom the Lord has already cursed? Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior did not pray for the world:

“I pray for them: I pray not for the world,
but for them which thou hast given; for they
are thine.” John 17:9

Perhaps, this is why Jesus went on to say in Matthew 6:8:

“Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your
Father knoweth what things ye have need of,
before ye ask him.”

And yet, African Americans continue to imitate these vain and worthless prayers which these vain and worthless “preachers” portray as the only way to receive salvation. The reason God knows what you have need of is because God alone created the earth and the fullness thereof. He alone is both omnipotent and omnipresent. Since all power is in His hands, does it not stand to reason that we are in need simply because GOD THE FATHER created the needs? Therefore, just maybe, if you were to humble yourselves and acknowledge the fact that God is in control, perhaps if you were to seek the kingdom of God and not some church, maybe if you were to acknowledge God in all of your ways; maybe if you were to seek God and not some “preacher”; just maybe God would alleviate SOME of your needs, and make the others more tolerable. You must keep in mind that you must have SOME needs, otherwise why would you need God!
Jesus said in Matthew 23:14:

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence
make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the
greater damnation.”

The pretense is that the “preachers” can save you, that they can intercede for you. However, so that they (the “preachers”) can continue their ministries and be available for not only you, but others like you, it is necessary that you make a “love offering” of one hundred, fifty, or twenty five dollars. Not only will the “preachers” pray for you and bless you, if you’ll make that sacrifice and give a one hundred dollars “love offering” to help support their ministries, the preachers will send you cassette tapes of their sermons.
“Therefore you need to enclose your seed money today and watch it multiply ten, twenty and yes my friends, even one hundred fold. After all, God loves a cheerful giver. How can you expect God to make a change in your life if you are not willing to take that first step?” Does this not sound familiar? Is not this a message that is repeated over and over by these “preachers?”
Has it never occurred to you that if these “preachers” were to practice what they preached, they would not need your “love offerings?” If they were to sow their seed money by feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless, giving clothing to the naked, their seed money would come back to them many fold. How can someone ask you to have faith in the power of their prayers, when they do not have faith themselves? Many African American churches have bars on the windows and doors. The writer has seen a church that is surrounded by an eight foot chain link fence that is topped off with barbed wire. How can this “preacher” stand in the pulpit preaching about faith in God when it is obvious that his faith is in the bars, fencing and barbed wire?
Your Lord and Savior has taught you how to pray beginning in
Matthew 6:9 13 when He said:

“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father
which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy
kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it
is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us
our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and
the glory, for ever. Amen.”

With this prayer you are acknowledging that God is the Father and His name is Holy. You are awaiting His glorious kingdom. You are recognizing that God’s will, not your will, but God’s will, will be done, not only in Heaven but on earth as well. To acknowledge that God’s will, will reign supreme, you must accept the fact that your will is irrelevant. It matters not what you want, because God will have His way. In this prayer, you are calling on God to give you your daily meal. You are not saying anything about tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promised to you. If you eat today, then you know that you have been blessed.
With this prayer, you are acknowledging the fact that you are in God’s debt and you’re asking forgiveness as you have forgiven those who are in your debt. However, if you have not forgiven those who are in your debt, would it not be contradictory on your behalf to ask God to forgive you? With this prayer, you recognize that you are the sheep and God is the Shepherd and it is He alone who directed your path. You are praying that you are not led by Him into temptation, but if you are, you are asking that you be delivered by Him from evil.
Finally, with this prayer, you are accepting the fact that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and God alone has the power and the glory. With this prayer, what else can you ask for that have substance and meaning? After all, God knows what you have need of before you ever ask, therefore why use “vain repetition?”
Today, the measure of a good “preacher” is how well can he entertain the congregation. They feel that if they can shout loud enough, the congregation will be so filled with emotion that they will not pay attention to what is being said, or what is not being said. If they can talk fast enough, the masses will not recognize that they (“preachers”) do not know what they are saying. As a result, many “preachers” deem it necessary to sound like asthmatics, gasping for air, while they are delivering their sermons. The “Coup de Etat” is to sprinkle this asthmatic tirade with some “speaking in tongues.” This so called “speaking in tongues” is nothing more than “BABBLING!”
Speaking in an “unknown tongue” is speaking in a foreign language that you have never been taught. For instance, imagine yourself in a crowded room with people of many nationalities. In this room there are Africans, Russians, Germans, Italians, Chinese and Iranians, just to name a few. You then approach the podium to deliver your message. However, the only language that you speak or understand is American English. As you begin to deliver your message, every member of your audience hears your message in their native language (tongue). The African hears you speaking in his native language Swahili. The German hears you deliver your message in his native language German and the Chinese hear you in Chinese. Italians hear you in Italian and the Russians hear you in Russian. Iranians also hear you deliver your message in Iranian. This is what Acts 2:1 is talking about, not this “gobbly goop” that is being past down from these pulpits as “speaking in an unknown tongue.”

“For I bear them record that they have a zeal
of God, but not according to knowledge. For
they being ignorant of God’s righteousness,
and going about to establish their own
righteousness, have not submitted
themselves unto the righteousness of God”
Romans 10:2 3

Today, African American churches are merely extensions of their homes, in total chaos and confusion. These pimps and prostitutes who are in the pulpits will do anything and everything to increase their lot. Because they are ignorant of God’s Word, they will condone anything.
Individual churches are riddled with division and confusion. Several churches in the Augusta area had to conduct services under the watchful eyes of armed police officers because the church members were out of control.
The Choir Board is competing with the Usher Board for the approval of the “preacher.” The Deacon Board is competing with the Trustee Board, the young people against the old people and everybody against Jesus Christ. Since there is this competition, the “preachers continues to perpetuate their status. Because there is not the necessary unity to see the “preachers” for what they are, “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

“The priests said not, where is the Lord? and they
that handle the law knew Me not; the pastors also
transgressed against Me, and the prophets prophesied
by Ba’al, and walked after things that do not profit”
Jeremiah. 2:8

Most of the members of African American congregations consists of women, followed by children and old people. So as to accommodate the majority, the “preachers” will condone just about anything. They will say and do anything not to incur the wrath of the majority population of their congregations, the women.
The “preachers” know that most of their congregations consists of unattached women. Even if the women have spouses or help mates, they rarely, if ever, attend church with them. The “preachers” know that many women spend the vast majority of their free time in church. Therefore, their administrations are aimed at pleasing their female congregations. If Ms. Jones wants to have a Bar B Que for the “pastor’s aid society,” it will be okay with Reverend. This is done in spite of the fact that Jesus spoke against “buying and selling” (anything) in the church. More often than not, the “preachers” have not read that scripture. If they have read it, God had blinded their eyes so that they don’t understand it.
If Sister Smith can convince Brother Smith to accompany her and the children to a particular service, she will contact “Reverend” in advance and request a particular sermon that will “touch” the soul of Brother Smith. As a result, on their way home, Brother Smith will tell Sister Smith “how happy I am that you talked me into going to church with you and the kids. God wanted me to be with you and the kids today. That is why the “Reverend’s” message seemed like it was directed at us and our problems.”
Many African American churches have become so decadent that they are charging admission. Imagine that, charging admission to enter the “House of God!” In God they trust, all others must pay, five dollars per adult, half price for a child under twelve.
Today’s “preachers” are charging exorbitant fees to preach a LIE. You know that it must be a lie because God’s truth is free and “the truth shall set you free!” Since African Americans go to church to be entertained, they do not mind paying admission prices, especially if the “preachers” and their congregations put on good shows.
Then there are the deacons who often stir up much of the confusion that is taking place in the African American churches. They do not know the way to salvation, nor do they want anyone who could possibly lead them. As Paul said in 1st Timothy 1:7, these deacons are:

“Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding
neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.”

The deacons will hire “preachers” for the purpose of preaching sermons on Sunday mornings. They will let these “preachers” know from the onset that their authority begins and ends in the pulpits. When it comes to matters of the church, that is to remain in the hands of the deacon boards. The “preachers” are also reminded that their sermons are not to be too personal. They are not to address any wrongs that they may see occurring in the churches. Like many “preachers,” many deacons are nothing more than whoremongers. Many African American deacons are “shacking up” with the sisters on the choir, usher boards, etc. Many of these deacons are drunkards and dope peddlers. Many African American deacons are also homosexuals. Again, Paul says in 1st Timothy 3:12:

“Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling
their children and their own houses well.”

Instead, many deacons are sitting on the deacon board and they are “shacking” with sisters who are on the usher boards, etc. If they do have wives and children, often both wives and children are totally out of control. Their wives have no intention of “allowing” their husbands to rule them, their children, nor their houses. Therefore, the only places these weak minded men can go to have a pretense of authority are the churches. Unfortunately, since their primary motives are to have some appearance of authority, they only add to the existing confusion that is already in the churches. Many of them are drinkers, gamblers, dope users, as well as dope dealers. How can these deacons teach Sunday school to the children when the children see them living in sin? Many “preachers” come from the ranks of the deacons. The only difference between the “preachers” and the deacons is the size of their paychecks. Both are lacking values and morals.

“And the Lord shall scatter you among nations,
and ye shall be left few in number among the
heathen, whither the Lord shall lead you. And
their ye shall serve gods, the work of men’s hands,
wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat,
nor smell”. Deuteronomy 4:27 28

Many African American churches are inundated with “graven images.” There are ornate stained glass windows with pictures of alleged Biblical characters. You will also find wooden crucifixes weighing several hundred pounds, as well as paper fans with pictures allegedly depicting Jesus Christ. These images are images of Europeans. The problem with worshiping these images is twofold: First, in the book of Exodus 20:4 God said the following:

“thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, of any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:”

Therefore, there should not be any pictures that allegedly portray God and the Heavenly Host. Nor should there be any pictures that allegedly depict Jesus Christ while He walked on earth. And those emblems designed like fish that you see on the back of automobiles, supposedly representing Jesus Christ, is also a no no.
Second, the problem with worshiping these images is that after a period you will transfer this reverence onto real people. You will begin to worship people that resemble the images of your deities. As a result, the Europeans begin to worship themselves. Therefore, they begin to see themselves as gods. Consequently, the African Americans are worshiping “graven images” that resemble Europeans (because the Europeans appear to possess all of the “good” things in life). Since Satan is the “father of darkness,” you will therefore, conclude that God Himself must truly be “white.”
In many African American churches there is a clarion call for that “old time religion.” What you fail to realize is that the “old time religion” is based solely on myth and traditions. Perhaps you would be better off seeking the truth. Unfortunately, you have become very complacent. You pay others very handsomely to tell you what truth is. You go to church on Sunday mornings to receive a dose of truth. Even then, you only want a very small dose, just enough now and then. It is perfectly all right to step on a toe every once in awhile. Step on it just enough to get an “amen”, just as long as you stay off the entire foot. You do not want anyone to show you too many errors of your ways.
There is something about the truth that makes it impossible to continue in a lie. The religion that African Americans practice is founded on a lie. It is predicated on the premise that there are three powers, God, the Devil and I. Jesus said in John 8:32:

“and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall
make you free”.

“And when Abram was ninty years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I Am The Almighty God; walk before Me and be thou perfect”. Genesis 17:1

Have you ever thought about that word, “Almighty?” Do you know what it really means to be the “Almighty?” In Webster’s Two, New Riverside Dictionary the word “Almighty” is defined as, “Having absolute power: omnipotent.” Therefore God is telling us that He alone has absolute power.
Imagine, that you had all of the Cadillac cars in your city. In order for that to be disproved one merely has to find another Cadillac car in your city. If there is another Cadillac car in your city, then you do not have ALL of the Cadillac cars. Using this logic, all one has to do to disprove God’s statement, “I AM THE ALMIGHTY GOD,” is to find another power. Many “preachers” will have you believing that the devil has some power and that you also have some power. If this is true, then God cannot be the “ALMIGHTY GOD.” Answer these questions if you can. After you have it all, what is left? If there is anything left, how can you have it all? God asks in the book of Job 38:4:

“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations
of the earth? declare, if thou hast

God went on to say in Romans 9:20 21:

“Nay but, O Man, who art thou that repliest
against God? Shall the thing formed say to
Him that formed it, why hast Thou made me thus?

Hath not the Potter power over the clay, of the
same lump to make one vessel unto honour and
another unto dishonour”

To acknowledge God as the “ALMIGHTY GOD,” you must accept two very important tenets. First, you must humble yourselves by acknowledging your lack of power. Both, your breath and your spirit belong to God. If He removed either one, humans would cease to exist. One of the problems associated with idolatry is a false sense of power that you have over your “graven images.” When you want to deal with it you will, and when you don’t you won’t.
There are two crucial times in a person’s life. There is a time to be born and a time to die. Neither of these times can anyone have any control over. You could not control your births because you could not control your parents’ births. Since you could not control when they were born, how can you make them available to bring you into this world? God has created everything with a reciprocal relationship and everything is intra/inter related, although God may have given you that “strong delusion to make you believe in a lie.” Since your breath and your spirit belong to the Lord, it is impossible for you to die before your time. There are those whose hearts the Lord has hardened, who insists that they can take their own life. However, it is impossible to take something from God. And this life does not belong to you because:

“the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”.

Since we can neither control our births, nor our deaths, how is it possible to control the life in between? In order for you to have control over your life, you must be able to control the lives of everyone whom you contact, both directly or indirectly. When people decide to do harm to you, if you had a choice, you’d prevent it.
In order to prevent other’s from harming you, you must have control over their lives. In order to control the lives of others, you would need the power of the ALMIGHTY GOD. If you had power over the lives of others, they would not have a choice? Where would their power lie? Do you suppose that you’d be the only one with a choice? If you had a choice about your life, would it not be different?
Let us say that you were driving down the street while drinking a cold beer. All of a sudden, a dog runs in front of your car. In order to avoid hitting the dog, you veer sharply to the left, losing control of the automobile. Because you are now trying to avoid spilling your beer, you run over a child who is playing in his yard. The child dies and you go to prison for DWI and for vehicular homicide. Did the child’s parents have any control over your actions? Did the child have any control over the actions of the dog? Did you have any control over the actions of the dog, the child, the parents, or the judge who sent you to prison?
Did you have any control over your own actions? If you think that you did, you’re saying that the above events were of your own choosing. Who in their right mind would choose to have the above scenario happen to them? If you had a choice, would you not visit the hospitals and heal your loved ones? If you had a choice, would you not visit the cemetery and raise your dead? If you had a choice, would you not visit the prisons and other asylums and release your loved ones? If you had a choice, would you not change your own life? To paraphrase a song writer, “If you could make your own self happy, wouldn’t you have done it by now?”
Second, we must openly embrace the concept of predestination. We must recognize that God created our universe as we know it and everything in it in six days, then He rested. In Genesis 2:2, we are told:

“And on the seventh day God ended His work
which He had made; and He rested on the seventh
day from all his work which He had made”.

Therefore, God created this world as we know it in six days. In six days God created the past, the present, and the future


Jeremiah 1:5 tells us:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb I
sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet
unto the nations”

If you have a choice, then Adam had a choice. However, had Adam not done what he did, he would still be in the Garden of Eden, and there would not have been a need for Jesus Christ. It was imperative that Adam fall from grace in order for God’s master plan to have been implemented. Since our Lord and Savior was predestined, Adam must have been obeying God’s will.
If you have a choice, then Abram had a choice:

“And He said unto Abram, know of a surety that
thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is
not theirs, and shall serve them; and they
shall afflict them four hundred years”.
Genesis 15 13

And if Abram had a choice and you have a choice, then Rebekah had a choice about the outcome of her pregnancy and Esau had a choice about selling his birthright.

“And the Lord said unto her, two nations are
in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be
separated from thy bowels; and the one people
shall be stronger than the other people; and
the elder shall serve the younger.”
Genesis 25:23

If you have a choice, then Joseph had a choice about his dreams and his brethren had a choice about selling him into bondage:

“But as for you, ye thought evil against me;
but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass,
as it is this day, to save much people alive.”
Genesis 50:20

If you have a choice, then Pharaoh had a choice:

“And the Lord said unto Moses, When thou goest
to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those
wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in
thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that
he shall not let the people go”. Genesis 4:21

If you have a choice, then Pharaoh and the Egyptians had a choice about drowning in the Red sea:

“And I, behold, I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, and they shall follow them: and I will
get Me honour upon Pharaoh, upon his chariots,
and upon his horsemen.” Genesis 14:17

If you have a choice, don’t you think that after all that Moses went through, he would have crossed over into the promise land?

“I pray Thee, let me go over, and see the good
land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain,
and Lebanon. But the Lord was wroth with me for
your sakes, and would not hear me: and the Lord
said unto me, let it suffice thee; speak no more
unto Me of this matter. Get thee up into the top
of Pisgah, and lift up thine eyes westward, and northward, and southward, and eastward, and behold
it with thine eyes; for thou shalt not go over this jordan”. Deuteronomy 3:25 27

If you have a choice, then are you saying that you chose the death of your love ones? Are you saying that it is your decision that your love ones become ill? So you say, “Stop being silly. Of course I wouldn’t choose anything bad to happen to those that I love.” If it is not your choice and it is not their choice, then whose choice is it? If you would not choose evil to befall those that you love, are you saying that you choose to have it come upon you?
When you become ill, are you saying that it is by choice? When the unpleasantness of life fall on your shoulders, are you saying that it is by your choice? Who, if given a choice, would not visit some cemetery and have their loved one’s rise up and come home with them? Who among you would not chose pleasant events as opposed to negative events. If you have a choice, then look at your own life and find something that you are not satisfied with and change it. If you don’t change it, are you saying that you want to keep all of the unpleasantness surrounding your life?
We must humble ourselves in order to recognize our places in God’s scheme. Jesus said that He came not to do His own will. Yet we foolishly cling to the belief that we are in control of our destiny and therefore we are doing our own will. Jesus admonished us for taking thought for tomorrow, saying:

“Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for
your life, what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink;
nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not
the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?” Matthew 6:25

If we could change our situations now, why don’t we? There are those readers who will frantically search the scriptures for versus that will substantiate their beliefs that they have choices and control over their lives. If they are diligent in their quest, they will find what they’re seeking. When the disciples inquired of Jesus about His speaking in parables, He replied:

“Because it is given unto you to know the
mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to
them it is not given”. Matthew 13:11

For those whom the Lord has blessed to know the truth, I admonish you to open your Bibles (if it is God’s will) to Genesis 1:1 and read every chapter and every verse until you reach revelations 22:21. Only then will you truly understand the true power of God.
Nowhere in the Bible will you see a power other than God’s power. Oh, you will see where God had certain people doing certain things to certain people. Yet the originating force behind those deeds was GOD ALMIGHTY! For, in the scriptures, God said, “if I be for you, Who can be against you?” But if God is against you, who can be for you?

“Thus saith the Lord, learn not the ways of
the heathen, and be not dismayed at the
signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed
at them.
For the customs of the people are vain: For one
cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of
the hands of the workman, with the axe”.
Jeremiah 10:2 3

One of the first lies that we tell our children is the lie about Xmas. We tell our babies, “If you’re good all year, Santa Claus will bring you lots of toys.” In the same breath we tell the children that “Xmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ.” We then give the children money to buy “birthday” gifts for everyone except Jesus Christ. We will even give them money to buy gifts for us. And we’ll place these gifts under the Xmas trees where they will not be opened until December 25 (allegedly Jesus’ birthday).
When they grow up, the children realize that their parents, as well as the significant other adults in their lives, have been lying to them about Santa Claus. Since these significant others have lied to them about Santa Claus and the children witnesses all of the foolishness taking place in church, they will begin to question these significant others’ beliefs about Jesus Christ. These children may begin to question the rituals associated with Easter. The children will eventually question the relationship between rabbits and eggs. If they learn anything in school, it will be just a matter of time before they will learn that rabbits do not lay eggs. They will then question the relationship between rabbits, eggs, new clothes and Jesus Christ’s resurrection.
It is interesting that on December 26 of every year, the merchants have the greatest sales of the year. This is because on January 1, they must pay taxes on all merchandise in their stores. If folks were sincere about Xmas, then it seems that they’d have their sales before December 25, and all gifts would be given to Jesus Christ and not each other. After all, we are allegedly celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ. Why should we give anyone else a birthday present? How would you feel if someone gave you a birthday party and all of your guests gave gifts to each other and no one gave a gift to you? Would you still have reason to celebrate?
It is also interesting to note that Easter coincides with income tax returns. Therefore the merchants mark up their clothing prior to Easter, only to have post Easter sales. What would happen if no presents are exchanged on December 25, or no one purchased new clothes for Easter? Do you think there would still be reason to celebrate these holidays? Do you think that anyone would be in the mood for a celebration? Would there be a reason to go to church on Easter Sunday? As the author’s younger brother says, “Churches are nightclubs that we attend in the daytime, on Sundays.” If we do not have new outfits to wear on “Easter Sunday,” we would be too embarrassed to attend services.
In the book of Deuteronomy, 18:10 & 11 we are told the following:

“There shall not be found among you any one
that maketh his son or his daughter to pass
through the fire, or that useth divination,
or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or
a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with
familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”

Some “pastors” are turning the House of God into haunted houses. They are condoning the celebration of Halloween in the House of God. They are encouraging parents to dress their children in ghastly costumes to enter into the House of God in the name of halloween, seeking a “trick or treat.” We will dress ourselves and our children to resemble ghosts, monsters, witches and an assorted array of violent, vicious, and evil creatures and enter the House of God to receive some candy. How can one expect the children to reverence the House of God when we are condoning such foolishness? How can we expect our children to want to attend the Houses of God when we have frightened them by turning God’s Houses into a haunted houses? The purpose of Halloween is for the celebration of evil spirits. After all, by definition, the word Halloween means “all witches’ night.”
Many “preachers” will tell their congregation about having faith and the necessity of putting all of one’s trust in God. Simultaneously these “preachers” will have iron bars installed on all of the windows of the Houses of God. And they will encircle them with chain link fences topped with barbed wire. These “preachers” will tell the congregation that they can pray to God to have all of their needs taken care of. At the same time, these “preachers” are preying on the congregation to have their (the “preachers”) needs met.
How is it possible for these “preachers” to have the ability to pray a prayer of faith for me and have it answered and not have the ability to pray prayers of faith for themselves and have them answered? How is it possible for these “preachers” to pray for you and your misfortune, when they are unable to pray and resolve their own misfortunes? How can these “preachers” pray for your marriage when their own marriages are in shambles?

“let your women keep silence in the churches:
for it is not permitted unto them to speak;
but they are commanded to be under obedience,
as also saith the law. And if they will
learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in
the church.” 1 Corinthian 14:34 35

The author often wonders what thoughts enter the minds of women “preachers” concerning the above scriptures. How do they justify preaching? God has said;

“it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

If they cannot speak in church, then how is it possible for them to preach in church? In many churches you will find husbands and wives sharing the pulpits. In other churches, you’ll find women “preachers” with husbands attending other churches, if they go to church at all. Many of these women “preachers” have taken on the mannerisms of their male counterparts. They have developed the asthmatic method of delivering sermons. They will do anything and everything they can to imitate their male counterparts. Many of them are in the pulpit preaching that the wages of sin is death. Afterwards, they are waiting to meet with the president of the deacon’s board in the pastor’s study, for some acts of indiscretion. If it is a “shame for women to speak in the church,” is this not saying that they should not be doing it? Therefore, how can they tell you about your need to obey God’s commandments when they themselves are blatantly disobeying God’s commandments?
The author was listening to the local gospel station on radio one day as the announcer was interviewing a well known “preacher” from New York City. The announcer asked this “preacher” to express his views on the subject of women “preachers.” Before the guest “preacher” could respond, the announcer stated, ” Reverend, most of our listeners are women.” As the “preacher” finished stuttering and groping for a response, he began justifying the women’s rights to preach. It must be noted in all fairness to the “preacher” that he was in town to “perform” a revival. He could not afford (financially) to alienate the women listeners. For if they took offense to his response, they might have decided not to attend his “performance.” If that was to occur, he would be “performing” to empty pews.

“How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding
daughter? For the Lord hath created a new thing
in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.”
Jeremiah 31:22

We are all doing God’s will, yet we do not all know what His will is. As God said in 11 Thessalonians 2:1:

“And for this cause, God shall send them strong
delusions that they should believe a lie.”

The greatest lie of all is that humans have choices about their
lives. If God is not in control, then who is? If we are in control of our lives, then why do we need God?


If my people, which are called by my name,
shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek
my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land.
11 Chronicles 7:14 King James

Many “preachers” are wrapping their sermons around preparations for death and not focusing their congregations on preparations for life. They are directing their congregations to look toward a magical and mystical place called heaven for their redemption. A place where they will want to go an obtain their halos and wings when they die. They have also succeeded in convincing their congregations that they need to beware of a red monster with horns and a tail which they call, the devil. Supposedly, this devil resides beneath the earth in a fiery pit.
These “preachers” are telling their congregations that this horned devil will torment their bodies in the lakes of fire for all eternity if they do not become “saved.” The problem with this type of “preaching” is that everybody will want to get to heaven, but nobody will want to die, because they are having such a great time now. What these “preachers are not telling them is that the way they live their lives today will determine if they are now experiencing heaven or hell here on earth.
Many “preachers” have convinced their congregations that life after death is more important than how you lived before you died. Conversely, their members are doing anything and everything today because they think that can always repent just before death and everything will be all right! They fail to realize (because they have not been told) that they will be held accountable for all of their deeds.
Even if the “preachers” have made some half hearted attempts at steering their congregation down the paths of the straight and narrow, human beings are social animals. They learn through the process of observation. It is not very important to just tell them how they should be living their lives. It is more important that they be taught by examples. A picture is indeed worth ten thousand words. If the “preachers” were preaching and teaching God’s unadulterated words, their congregations would be hard pressed to continue living the life in which they are currently living. It is extremely difficult to continue engaging in immoral acts once you have been taught that your behavior is immoral. There is this thing called a “conscious” that will force you to alter your behavior. This change in behavior is also predicated on the principle that the “preachers” know and live God’s unadulterated word themselves.
Today, many “preachers” find it more important to be popular as opposed to being scriptural. They will condone any type of behavior to keep from offending anyone. They have literally turned God’s houses into whorehouses because of this concern about offending someone. Women and men are allowed to conduct themselves in any manner they wish. The “preachers'” primary emphasis is placed on increasing the size of their congregations, which in turn will increase the size of their collections.
Many “preachers” have been smitten with that bug called greed. They have convinced themselves that their congregations do not want all of the truth. They will quickly tell you that their congregations prefer to be fed with milk as opposed to meat. Perhaps this is because the “preachers” do not know the truth themselves, therefore, they can only give their congregations milk.
Just the other day, there were some “preachers” on a talk show discussing the distribution of condoms out of the Houses of God. Their rational was that they were concerned about preventing deaths through the spread of AIDS. The sad fact is that many people favor the church providing condoms. They will quickly tell you that it is the churches’ responsibility to do anything they can to prevent “unnecessary death and suffering.” It must also be noted that there was an African American male, wearing a hat with a “playboy” bunny pin adorning it, who strongly supported this foolishness. The fact that he went on nationwide television wearing a pin which is synonymous with sexual promiscuity shows his lifestyle and his mind set.
The fact remains that they were condoning adultery and fornication, which scripturally speaking, is a sin. God said that the wages of sin is death. Therefore, if people are dying because of the AIDS virus, perhaps it is God’s way of telling us that it is time for a lifestyle change. Perhaps the fear of death is what it will take to convince people that there must be a change in their lives. Society cannot continue doing and saying anything and everything without there being some consequences. We must become aware of the fact that God will get our attention by any means necessary. It is time that people realize that we all are doing God’s will, even if we do not know what His will is.
Ignorance of the bible and God’s word is very pervasive, though it is probably the most widely sold book in America. In many houses, there are very thick and beautifully bound bibles. Unfortunately, quite often, the only time they are picked up is when someone is dusting the furniture. To many more Americans, their only knowledge of God’s word is told to them by someone else. In this high tech society with the “microwave mentality,” Americans would prefer to purchase cassette tapes for Xmas and have the scriptures read to them during holidays and times of crises. As a result, many “preachers” are hustling cassette and video tapes of their sermons to any unsuspecting victim who is foolish enough to buy them.
The problem with the hustling of these tapes is twofold. First, there is the possibility that these tapes could have been imbedded with subliminal messages. These messages are just below the range of normal hearing. They are designed to motivate the individual at an unconscious level to perform a specific task. For instance, if the “preachers” are seeking a pay increase, or a special offering, all they have to do is imbed several subliminal messages into these tapes and sit back and wait. In a very short time, some unwitting “sister” will suggest that the church “need to do something special for pastor.”
Second, when Jesus said that you should not be buying or selling in God’s house, He did not say, “Except for the `preachers sermons.” Therefore, buying and selling anything in God’s house is wrong. The people should be directed away from a particular “preachers'” words and directed toward God’s words in the Holy Bible.
The “preachers” should be admonishing their congregations to read God’s word for themselves as opposed to relying on someone else to read it to them. Once individuals begin purchasing these tapes and listening to them, they will begin elevating the messenger as opposed to the message. Most of what is on these tapes is non scriptural anyway. If a person listens to a lie long enough, it is just a matter of time before they begin to believe that the liar is telling the gospel truth.
Most of the African American churches are attempting to operate in a democratic manner. They believe that if they vote on it and the majority rules, then the “ayes” have it. They will allow anything to pass since the majority of the members who are present, votes on it. In fact, it is even necessary to have the church members vote on whether they will allow someone to join their exclusive club.
However, if this prospective member is coming from another church, they must have a “letter” from their previous “preacher.” The scriptures vehemently speak against judging someone. The demand for a letter is just that. The congregation must judge whether someone is “worthy” to be a member of “their” church, their exclusive club.
This type of behavior is the primary reason “preachers” think that they can make good politicians. Because of the political nonsense that is occurring in the church, many “preachers” believe that they are qualified politicians. Instead of teaching God’s word, they are about the business of placating the frailties of man. They are spending considerable amounts of time rationalizing their inappropriate behavior. In the process, they have learned that most of the members of their congregations are very gullible. They have learned that they will accept anything that the “preachers” say as the gospel. All that the “preachers” have to say is, “Let the church say amen.” After they get a few “amens,” they will say, “Say it again. Now take someone by the hand and repeat after me, God has blessed us with a good shepherd and we are the good sheep.” Then the “preachers” will slip whatever hooks they need into the mouths of their naive congregations.
In no way is the writer attempting to say that all “preachers” and churches in the African American communities are bad. At least the writer hope that is not the case. Unfortunately, far too many churches have failed to distinguish between being religious as opposed to being spiritual. Religion is something that you can profess with your mouth, something that you can engage in for a few hours a month. Spirituality is a way of life, it is a lifestyle. Spirituality is not something that you must profess with your mouth. Spirituality becomes obvious by your behavior.
Far too many churches in the African American community are about the business of promoting “white nationalism.” They have adorned their churches with pictures of “white” biblical heroes. These pictures depict Jesus Christ, Joseph and Mary, also every biblical character as “white.” They are actively engaged in perpetuating the myth about the superiority of the “white” race. Their congregations are praying to a picture of a “white” Jesus. They are hoping that He will “wash them whiter than snow.” Then they could go to an all “white” heaven and live happily ever after. Therefore, they are promoting “white” nationalism.
Far too many churches, in the African American communities, are nothing more than social clubs where people go to party and bull , and bull and party. Far too many churches in the African American communities are concentrating their energies on having fashion shows every Sunday morning as opposed to scriptural lessons. Far too many churches in the African American community are about the business of perpetuating the status quo. They do not want to rock the boat because they might lose the purse. They are more concerned about what is in vogue, as opposed to what is in the Bible. All too often, many churches in the African American communities are more immoral than the night clubs because the people in church are such hypocrites.
How do you decide if your church is about the business of spiritually uplifting the African American race? How can you ascertain if your church is about the business of teaching and preaching God’s unadulterated word? The answers to these questions are very simple. First, you must read God’s word in its entirety, starting in the book of Genesis, all the way to the book of Revelations. After reading God’s word for yourself, enter your place of worship. Do you see pictures which allegedly depict biblical characters? Are there crosses and statues?
Does your “preacher” encourage long, vain, and repetitious prayers and “speaking in tongues?” Do you have a woman as your “preacher?” Do your “preacher” encourage fund raisers such as fried chicken and “chittlin” dinners, just to name a few? Do you have Xmas trees, Easter egg hunts and haunted houses in your church? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need to immediately search the scriptures for the truth, because you will not find truth in this sanctuary! It is very probable that you can find a “good time” in churches that participate in the above activities. However, you need to ask yourself, “Is this the reason I go to church?”


“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 22 Corinthians 5:1

All too often, people go through life seeking changes. More often than not, many people will say, “If I could just change this, or change that, then my life would be better.” What these people fail to realize is that if they could change any one aspect of their lives, it would have a domino effect. By changing any one aspect of your life, you would automatically be changing your entire life. There are also those of us who feel the need to change someone else. Hopefully, God will grant you the wisdom to know that it is easier to change yourself than it is to try and change someone else. If you feel that a change is needed in your life, concentrate on yourself. By changing yourself, you will automatically change all those who interact with you, because they will now have to adapt to the new you.
Is the place in which you reside a house or is it a home? Are there just four walls and a roof, or are there four walls, a roof, warmth, love, compassion, and happiness? There is a definite correlation between the inside of your house/home and the inside of your body. It has been said that you are what you eat. In the past decade, the African American race has drastically altered their dietary habits. There is a billion dollar growth industry in America called, “Fast Food.” Many people call it exactly what it is, “junk food,” yet African Americans continue to consume it like the pigs in which they are becoming.
This food is full of all types of poisons, growth hormones, fertilizers, pesticides and food dyes. Have you ever wondered why your children are significantly larger than children of their age when you were growing up? Have you really noticed the physical maturation of the young girls? The reason is very obvious. It is primarily attributed to the food in which they are eating. For instance, the farmers injects their cows, hogs, chickens and other livestock with growth hormones which are designed to accelerate the animals’ physical growth. Human beings in turn consume these animals.
Does it not stand to reason that if humans are ingesting foods which have been inundated with growth hormones, that humans in turn will have accelerated growth? Have you ever paid attention to the sizes of some fast food chicken parts? You know, the ones in which many African Americans like to buy because they can get bigger pieces for their money? Have you also noticed that this chain of “fast food” chicken is primarily located in the African American communities?
Brothers and sisters, bigger is not always better! It is time for the African American communities to get back into their own kitchens and learn to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals. There is a definite relationship between “fast foods” and obesity. There is a definite correlation between “fast foods” and health related problems. There is a definite correlation between what you eat and behavioral, as well as psychological problems. It is not always what is eating you that cause the problems. All too often, it boils down to what you are eating that is causing many of your common illnesses and maladies.
There is much ado about sending African American children to Afro-centric schools. This is both a waste of time and a tremendous source of frustration to our children. First of all, children are the most powerless group of individuals in the world. They neither have an advocate, nor can they advocate for themselves. Children cannot change anything, including themselves. Sending these children to these so called “Afro centric” schools only to have them return to these Eurocentric homes can be self defeating.
If you really desire that your children learn of their glorious and proud heritage, all that you have to do is learn it yourself. When you truly learn of your history you will automatically discontinue your current behavior. You will stop trying to be “white.” You will change your entire outlook on life, which in turn will change the way in which you interact with your children. As a result, you will become the true role models in their lives. Once you have changed your attitudes you can be justified in changing your children’s school curriculum.
Many of you are wishing and hoping that God will visit you. You have been praying for God to enter your life. However, do you really mean it? Anytime you are expecting company, some of you will do some house cleaning. If you are expecting special company you will hold a special “field day.”
Well, if you believe that God is coming, don’t you think that you need to get your house (body) in order? What visitor can be more special than the Creator? If Jesus was to make His physical presence known to you today, would you have to hide from Him? Are you doing anything that you would be ashamed to let Him see you doing?
Are you one of those individuals who have a substitute god? Has materialism become your new god? Do you find yourself worshiping “stuff?” Do you know the difference between the real and the surreal? What is your gauge for measuring your happiness? Is your happiness dependent on the amount of “stuff” that you have?
If the African American race does not become real, things will continue to get worst for them before it gets better. In the past, African Americans grew up poor but spiritually wealthy. They didn’t have many things that they needed and very few of the things that they wanted, however, they had strong values and good morals. African Americans must immediately recognize that old is not necessarily bad, neither is new always good.
God is punishing us for all of our transgressions. This punishment is coming in many forms: drugs, murder, poverty, homosexuality, mental illness, illiteracy, diseases, and deaths. God’s methods of punishment are affecting us either directly or indirectly (through our loved ones). You must keep in mind that punishment consists of giving someone something that they don’t want, or taking something away from someone that they do want. Most important is the fact that punishment will reduce the undesired behavior.
Therefore, you will cease your current inappropriate behavior eventually. When the writer was smoking cigarettes he realized that he would stop smoking eventually. Either he would stop when his left or right lung was removed, or he would stop when emphysema or cancer racked his body. However, he definitely knew that he would stop when he was buried. The only question that he had was, not whether he would stop, but when? It is time for the African American race to adopt this attitude toward the other drugs in our lives. If you really want a good high, just reflect on your own body. Take a few minutes to think about all of its amazing powers. Think about the miracle of God’s creation and His gift to you, the gift to use for a little while. It is not yours, it is only on loan, therefore you do not have any right to abuse and misuse God’s property.
Are you doing anything that you would have been ashamed to do a decade ago? Have you lowered your standards to fit in with your circle of “friends?” Is the person that you are living and sleeping with your lawful spouse? Or are they just your “ole man,” or your “ole lady?” Do all of your children have the same father and mother? There are some things occurring in our lives that we cannot do anything about. Then there are other things that are taking place in our lives which we can do something about. Do you know the distinction and if so, what are you doing about it?
Mothers, are you aware that the hand that rocks the cradle can rule a nation? Have you recognized that the primary care giver of a child is the one who will instill their values on this child? Once their values are imbedded into the psyche of this child, his personality is pretty much set. Only God can change their behavior after this happens. Are you also aware that the hand that robs the cradle can also destroy a nation? If the values which have been instilled into your children are those of this materialistic society, then these children will grow into egotistical and self centered adults. They will become vultures who will prey upon anything or anybody just to satisfy their insatiable appetites.
Parents, are you satisfied with your parenting style? Can you look at your children and feel proud of your accomplishments? Have they been socialized to the rules of society? In other words, do they know how to behave? A young lady approached the writer to discuss a problem in which she was having with her three (3) year old daughter. Early in her conversation she mentioned that she and her daughter were “constantly arguing.” That was a “buzz” word in which the writer immediately responded too by asking her, “Who won the arguments?” She began hesitating. The writer reminded her that due to the fact that she was “constantly arguing” with her three years old daughter suggested that her daughter was winning some arguments.
The writer then asked this parent, “If you were to raise your daughter the way in which you were raised, would there be a difference in your daughter’s behavior?” This young lady immediately replied, “yes” and went on to add “but….” It has been said that the only thing that can come out of a butt is manure. This young lady said, “but I’m a single parent and I don’t have the time. I have to work. What am I supposed to do, quit my job?” Does this sound familiar? What are “single parents” supposed to do?
The amount of time spent with a child is very important. In this microwave society, you are being told by “experts” that “quality time” can substitute for the amount of time you spend interacting with your children. Today’s parents need to understand that child rearing requires that the adults in the children’s lives use common sense. All these parents have to do is to reflect on their own upbringing and they will become immediately aware of the problems in which their children are having.
Often, the problems are not with the children, they are with the adults in the children’s lives. Parents need to recognize that their need to work, in no way translates into child neglect. Unfortunately, when a parent does not instill good values and social skills into their children, this is tantamount to child abuse. How can a parent instill good social values if they are not spending a significant amount of time with their children?
Parents must begin to recognize that someone will raise and instill values in their children. Who would you rather that someone be? It can be the streets, the courts, the prison, or it can be you. As stated earlier, humans are social animals and we learn primarily by observing the behavior of others. What is the behavior that the children are imitating? What do they see you doing?
African American women must begin to think beyond their physical passions when deciding to get “involved” with men. They must allow themselves to really get to know the person whom they will allow to impregnate them. They must allow themselves to know these individuals before they become pregnant. When couples enter into marriage, they should agree to postpone having children for several years. This will allow the couple time to learn about each other.
Most important, African American women must stop having babies out of wedlock. Sixty three percent of African American babies are born to women out of wedlock. Someone must immediately put the breaks on this madness and since it is the women who can become pregnant, she must make the first move. African American women must get their heads out of the televisions and recognize that love is not synonymous with sex. There is a generation of African American women who have become breeders, as opposed to mothers. They are not teaching their children anything except how to “make” babies. They are expecting less, therefore, they will settle for less, consequently they will get less.
The writer is pleading with all African American women to cast down your buckets where you are. The writer is pleading with all African American women to elevate their values and standards. He is begging them to rise up out of the gutter and recognize that they are indeed the QUEEN MOTHER!
The writer is entreating African American women to recognize their powers and abilities to alter the course of African American history, which in turn will alter world history. The writer is reminding African American women that they can get their African American men to do anything that they want them to do.
It is time for African American women to recapture the values and attitudes that have allowed the race to survive the test of time. It is time for African American women to stop accepting and expecting mediocrity from their African American men. It is time for African American women to demand that the African American men rise up out of the gutter and take their rightful places as KINGS and PRINCES of a very proud and beautiful people!
It is time for the African American males to take their hands and minds out of the front of their pants. It is long overdue for African American men to discontinue this foolishness in which the writer calls “mental masturbation.” African American men must open their eyes and embrace reality, as opposed to continuing to fantasize about who they are “gonna be.”
African American men must immediately stop blaming everyone else for their predicaments and recognize the reality of their predicaments. Once they realize that they are proud and courageous warriors with slave mentalities, only then can they grasp the gravity of their situation. Once enlightened, African American men must set an immediate course which will liberate their minds.
African American males must get their heads out of the televisions. They must realize that watching televised ball games is the most unproductive use of anybody’s time. It is specially unproductive for a people who have been clinging precariously to the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. African American men must come together with each other in their communities and discuss the problems that are affecting them as a race. These discussions must be geared toward finding short term as well as long term solutions. They must recognize what they are doing wrong to cause the breakup of their families. Once they have recognized that they are primarily responsible for the disintegration of the African American family, African American men must immediately embark on an agenda that will reunite the African American families in 1992.
African American men must recognize that sixty three percent of their children are being raised without them. They must come to grips with these startling statistics and alter their current behavior. They must understand that African American women did not become pregnant by themselves, nor can they raise African American children by themselves.
They must insist upon being a part of their children’s lives during their formative years. They must decide that they are responsible for the future of the African American race and behave accordingly. They must ask themselves the following questions: “Am I doing anything today that I would have been ashamed to do ten years ago? Would I, or should I be ashamed for my current behavior? How would I feel knowing that my children could be just like me?”
African American men must become extremely selective when it comes to “wining and dinning” the women in their lives. They must ask themselves, “Is this the woman that I want to become the mother of my children?” They must reaffirm the values that were responsible for the survival of the race for centuries. They must turn their houses back into homes. They must rededicate themselves to their families, realizing that they must forsake the streets. Home must become the most important place in the lives of the African American males. Home must become a haven away from the pressures and madness of life. Home must truly become their castles.
African American men must recognize that drugs and violence are not their only means of escaping the ravishes of poverty. They must openly embrace their heritage. They must realize that they are descendants of “original man.” They must know that Adam is their grand patriarch. They must proudly embrace the fact that their ancestors built the great pyramids, a fete that has never been duplicated. African American males must recognize the ploys of the “white” power structure which actively supports and encourages the auto genocide of the African American race. They must open their eyes and see who really controls “their turf/ hood”, or whatever they are calling it today.
African American men must throw away that lame excuse about the “white” man not giving them a chance. They must STOP blaming the “white” man for their stupidity and lack of motivation. When they find themselves hanging out of the bars in the penitentiary, they must look at themselves to find the reasons they are there. They must admit to themselves that they enjoy penitentiary life. Because if they did not enjoy being there, they would terminate the behavior that will guarantee their return to prisons. Those that are currently incarcerated must start today with a change in attitude and belief system. They must admit to themselves that in spite of the hostile treatment in which the African American race in general, and the African American male in particular is receiving from the “white” man, he is not the greatest enemy of the African American race.
The greatest enemies of the African American race is the African American males. They are murdering more African Americans than any other group in America. Though most of their guns were sold to them by “white” males (either legally or illegally), the race of the finger on the trigger resembles their victims. It is the African American males who are committing most of the muggings and assaults on other African American people.
It is the African American males who are selling most of the dope to other African Americans. This is in spite of the fact that one hundred percent of all dope in America was brought here by “white” males. It is the African American males who are using a very large percentage of the drugs. They are using these drugs of their own volition. It is the African American males who are breaking into most of the homes and autos in the African American communities, trying to support their addictions. It is the African American males who are the “preachers,” who are perpetuating this immorality in the African American communities, by substituting God’s words for their own words. It is the African American males who have occupied most of the elected positions in the African American communities for the past thirty years. Yet, the African American race continues to grovel at the bottom of the political arena. It is the African American politician who comes around during election time with a bag full of empty promises.
Most important, it is the African American males who are abandoning their families and communities by going back and forth to prison for “dumb stuff.” They need to immediately come to grips with reality and recognize what they are doing to their families and race. They need to wake up and realize that their children need their fathers and their wives need their husbands at home, not behind bars. They definitely need to open their eyes and realize that the “white” male needs them behind bars. As long as they are behind bars, they cannot continue perpetuating the race. As long as they are behind bars they cannot be positive role models for African American children. As long as they are behind bars, they cannot VOTE. Because of their inability to vote, “white” males can run for political office in a county which is predominantly African American and win.
In fact, as long as the African American males continue doing what they are doing, “white” males can run for office in these same communities, unopposed. All they have to do is show up on election day and vote for themselves. Of course the hidden agenda is that as long as African American males are behind bars, they cannot get to “white” women.
The African American males must learn a serious lesson from the “white” males. They must learn how to survive when all odds are against them. It is foolish to continue blaming the “white” male for doing what comes naturally. All that they are doing is attempting to keep their race alive. It is all about the preservation of the species. The only way to ensure the survival of the “white” race is to ensure the destruction and re-enslavement of the African American males. This entire process of destruction and re-enslavement is on automatic. There is no court in the world that can morally blame the “white” male for the plight of the African American males.
It is incumbent upon the African American males to prevent their own self destruction. If they do not put the breaks on their own ridiculous behavior now, who do they think will? African American males are well aware of the fact that it is virtually impossible for them to receive justice in the American judicial system. Therefore, their priority is to avoid this crooked system at all costs. This means that they must immediately discontinue engaging in all illegal activities. In order to do that, they must cast down their buckets where they are. They must eliminate those egotistical attitudes of theirs, which tells them that they should not work on a job that is “only paying minimum wages.” They must open their eyes and realize that while incarcerated, they were working for less than twenty five cents a day.
African American males must then recognize their foolishness in regarding all African American males as their enemies. They must realize that in spite of the fact that they may not be their brothers’ keeper, they are indeed their brothers’ brother. They must understand that though all people of African ancestry may not have come to this country in the same boat, all people of African ancestry are truly in the same boat now. The African American race is the only race that cannot reach across the ocean and contact known relatives. Knowledge of their ancestry is long overdue. There is indeed power in numbers. To paraphrase Mr. Booker T. Washington, African Americans can be as separate as the fingers in all matters pertaining to the individual and as united as the fist in all matters pertaining to the total Diaspora of people with African ancestry.
As stated earlier, the African American talented 10th are lacking substance in their lives. This is the reason they are turning to substance abuse/addiction. They must replace their addiction for dope and re-channel their expertise, finances and time, into their own people. Instead of blowing their brains out with drugs, they must begin using their brains to solve the multitude of problems which are facing the African American race. No longer is it okay for them to forget from whence they came. Unless they are willing to acknowledge the fact that they have a debt to repay to the millions of Africans throughout the world who has given their lives so that they can “make it,” God will soon take away everything in which He has given them.



Chapter 9


It was my intentions to remove the cloak of denial from the minds and hearts of the African American race by holding a mirror in front of the race. I am fervently attempting to force my people to take a serious look at our behavior as well as the behavior of the dominant culture. If we were to be honest with ourselves, we would see this dependency/subservient relationship that we have been perpetuating with the dominant culture for decades.
The only people who are benefiting from this relationship are the opportunistic “civil rights’ leaders,” as well as those in positions of leadership in the dominant culture. It is imperative that the African American race recognizes that the “white” race have a vested interest in the “civil rights'” movement.
As long as we, African Americans, are begging and pleading with the “white” race to grant us “equality,” we will never be able to rise above mediocrity and despair. It is incumbent upon the “white” race to keep us chasing after that elusive carrot of integration. Because once we decide that we no longer want integration, we will empower ourselves.
The moment we realize that integration is not the solution to our troubles, we will immediately render the American “white” man and all of his “tom-tom, handkerchief head negroes” powerless over the African American race in particular and the entire African Diaspora in general.
If by chance I have angered someone, it is my earnest desire that you re channel this anger into an appropriate source of action. If by any stretch of the imagination you think that I am wrong, take a reasonable amount of time to prove it. Do not begin to squabble over petty issues, focus your attention on major points of disagreement. In the process, if you should encounter any points of agreement, you must take it upon yourselves to direct all of your energies and attention in making a whole hearted attempt in correcting the situation.
I implore you to keep one thought in mind and that is, by no stretch of the imagination am I professing to be greater than anyone else. As I often shared with the inmates while working in the penitentiaries, “but for the grace of God, there goes I!”. Much of what I have written in this book was gleaned from my personal experiences. I too am an African American male who was not taught what it meant to be an African American man. It was not until I reached my thirties did it finally occur to me that I had a responsibility. I had a responsibility to all of the African Americans who were killed so I may struggle on, to make my small contribution to the advancement of my race.
As a child, I grew up attempting to understand why everybody that I knew was doing as bad as I was. I was also attempting to understand why the African American race continued to allow themselves to be persecuted. To these questions came only other questions without answers. As a child, I searched for heroes, being ever mindful that I knew none that looked like me. Therefore, I attempted to adopt heroes from among those that did not look like me. As a child, my heroes were Superman, Batman, Aquaman and an array of other Hollywood characters.
As a child, I can vividly recall wishing that I had hair like Ricky Nelson. I even bought a hair care product by the name of Brylcream. However, I quickly realized that a little dab would not do me. In fact, the entire package did not work for me. I would fantasize about having a pretty lady running her fingers through my hair. I am not sure at this time whether this fantasy lady was “white.” Although my guess is that she probably was, since all of the “pretty” ladies in the media were. The only lady in the media that was of my race was Beaulah. Fortunately for me, my parents were dead set against my getting a “process.” And, there was no doubt in my mind that had I gone against their wishes, I would have been dead, or wished hard for death.
As I grew older, I became acutely aware that no matter how much I idolized my heroes, I could never be like them. The first time that I was called a “nigger” (by a “white” adult) and told to “go back to Africa with the other gorillas,” caused my world of hero worshiping to collapse like a bubble. My hero worshiping days came to a screeching halt.
Where does a ten year old, African American boy go to find heroes in the ghetto? The choices are few and extreme. Watching the pimps cruising the streets in their long, shiny “pimp-mobiles,” wearing their flashy clothes and escorting their fine women instilled in me the idea that, “I could do that.” Fortunately for me and any little girl who would be foolish enough to go along with my dream, God said no.
During the early sixties, God blessed me with heroes that looked like me. He sent Malcolm X into the community to educate me and instill a sense of racial pride into my young impressionable mind. Through Malcolm X’s teachings, I became aware of the fact that I was in a struggle for survival. I also became aware that this struggle had been going on for centuries. I was obliged to look at the history of America as well as the Western civilization. It became apparent to me that the African people throughout the world had one common enemy and that enemy was the “white” people of the world.
Through the teachings of Malcolm X, I was taught that it was very important for the African American race to come together as a united race. It was vitally important that we put aside all of our differences and recognize that there was only one true enemy, the “white” man. Malcolm taught me that the only power that the “white” race had was vested in the fact that the African American race was totally fractured. There were so many organizations supposedly seeking the same goal, that it was extremely difficult for us to pool our resources.
Unfortunately, the goal of most “civil rights” organizations consisted of obtaining the “civil rights” money. As a result, these “civil rights” organizations began openly competing with one another. Malcolm X taught me that the African American struggle went beyond “civil rights.” In fact, it went beyond America and included people of color throughout the world. It was not a struggle for “civil rights, it was a struggle for Human Rights. It was a struggle for persecuted people, the world over, to throw off the yokes of oppression which was imposed on them by the “white” race.
God took Malcolm X from me before I was old enough to be converted. He sent me Huey Newton, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael and Eldrige Cleaver, et al. Now I had my heroes whom I could imitate. When they said “Boom Boom, Bam Bam, Ungowah, Black Power,” a sense of pride went all through me. When we took to the streets in mass protest, not to turn the other cheek, but to break any heads that stood in our way, I felt invincible. A sense of racial pride engulfed my total being. Then God burst that bubble when He had these heroes telling our young impressionable minds to “burn, baby burn.”
One evening during one of the “riot seasons,” as I was watching the news, I saw an African American mother on television crying because the rioters had burned down the building in which she resided. God immediately touched my heart and caused me to question the logic of our actions. He caused me to question the rationale of our leadership. God allowed me to understand that it made no sense at all to be burning down the same houses in which we called home.
By the time I became of age and was old enough to make some serious contributions to the revolution, it was all over. The
African American race now had integration. We could actually cast votes in southern elections for candidates that resembled us and cause them to be elected to political office. We were being told that the walls of segregation and persecution had been torn down. America was finally living up to its creed, ” that all men were created equal.” The African American race had been “victorious” in spite of the major casualties. We had new leaders that had replaced those that had fallen. We were told that these new leaders had picked up the baton and they would be keeping the struggle alive. With the passage of the 1965 voting rights act, we were told that we now had the power to determine our own destiny. Jubilee had finally come to the African American people.
It must be noted that I had no idea that I was receiving my instructions from God. In fact, during this period in my life, I often found myself questioning God as well as organized religion. If God was so just and forgiving, then why was He allowing such atrocities to occur in the African American communities? I was old enough to notice all of the foolishness and contradictions which were taking place in the churches. I saw the hypocrisy of the “preachers,” deacons and other sisters and brothers. I knew that when I grew up, I did not want to look or act like them.
In 1992, I still see the foolishness as well as the hypocrisy which is occurring in the African American churches. The only difference is that today it is so blatantly obvious. I often ask myself, how is it that I can see what is going on in God’s house and no one else seems to be aware? How is it that I’m the only one in the church house who can see that the “preacher” is just “putting on the hits?” He is performing for the congregation, it is all a show.
It has gotten to the point that the measure of a “good preacher” is his ability to entertain. Then it occurred to me that just like the fairy tale in which the king was parading around in the nude, while under the impression that he was wearing a beautiful wardrobe, this is the attitude of many African Americans. We will see the foolishness which is occurring in the church, yet our upbringing has taught us not to question the “man of God.” The “preachers” even have the audacity to tell us not to fight or resist them, “just pray for me!”
In my opinion, this is the primary reason the African American males has abandoned the church. We can see, yet we refuse to do anything about what we see, therefore we will resort to passive aggressive behavior. We won’t go to church ourselves, yet we will feel guilty if we openly attempt to prevent our loved ones from going. Instead, we will do whatever it takes to sabotage their church attendance. We will start an argument while they are attempting to get dressed. We are hoping to anger them enough so they will get out of the mood to go to church. When it comes to church, our hearts tell us that we must not interfere with someone else’s salvation. Yet, our eyes tell us that it is highly unlikely that anyone will be getting any salvation amid such foolishness.
As you might have noticed, I am extremely bitter toward the “preachers.” This bitterness is because they are in prime positions to elevate the African American race. However, they are the primary reasons we are still in the positions in which we are currently in. We as a people in 1992 still have only one common enemy. At the source of all of our problems as a race, we can find a common denominator. This common denominator is us. It is “US” who is our own worst enemy. No longer can we blame any of our problems on the “white” race in general and the “white” man in particular. They have placed our spiraling downfall on automatic and we are waiting for them to change, as opposed to our changing.
I am constantly entreating God to instill in me the patience not to continue to be so critical of those “preachers.” I am constantly asking God to continue reminding me that we are all doing His will. Therefore, if the “preachers could do any better, they would. If we as a people could do any better, we would. What is most important, if I could do any better, I would. Fortunately for me and my sanity, I am constantly being reminded by God that His will must be done!
There is only one hero in my life today and that is God. Fortunately for me, the veil of confusion was removed from my eyes when it was. Now I am on a mission to do whatever I can to put the breaks on this madness which is occurring ever more frequently in the African American communities. Babies (our babies) are gunning down one another in the streets for “stuff”! We adults have instilled in them that they “got to have it” at all costs. We adults have failed to instill in them a work ethnic.
With our “microwave mentality,” we have taught them that all they have to do is see what they want and go get it. It has reached the point where I find myself afraid to visit certain areas because of the real possibilities of being mugged by African American males. When I do venture into these neighborhoods, my heart goes out to all of the people in the communities, including the African American males.
Watching our children walk past dope dealers, while they are in the midst of transactions, is a very disgusting sight. It is time for me and all African Americans to stop fearing our African American brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. If it is God’s will, we must stop the madness now. The only way in which we can put an end to this foolishness is to change ourselves. We need to recognize the reality that our children are only the “identified patients.” They are exhibiting the symptoms, while we are harboring the disease. Our children are the “scapegoat,” because we are indeed the problem. It is time for us, as the adults in the lives of our children, to say, “NO MORE!” No more will we place the pursuit of “stuff” above the pursuit of decency. No more will we blame others for our own impotence. It is time for us as a people to rise up to the reality that we have truly become our own worst enemy. What I am now saying is, enough is enough!
In no way am I advocating the hatred of “white” people. Hatred can never free a people. It is impossible for hatred to sustain a revolution. It is only a matter of time before people will begin questioning the rationale of hatred. What I am advocating is the love of God, the love of self, the love of family and the love of race. Only the power of love can endure the test of time. As the songwriter said- “Love can conquer a multitude of sins. In fact love can conquer all!”
If I have offended anyone, it was not my intention. Many things which were said by me, in my opinion, needed to be said. Hopefully, we as a people will realize that these are very serious times in our lives. It is my desire that we as a people will realize that we are all in this boat together. Hopefully, we as a family will soon realize that we can no longer blame the “white” man for any of our problems. Hopefully, we as a people will soon realize that we have not, because we ask not, nor do we know what to ask for. Hopefully, we as a people will realize that we are all interrelated. Hopefully, we as a people will realize that we are all brothers and sisters, we are all family, and family need to stick together. Hopefully, we as a people will realize that there is only one father in all families.
As a God fearing family, it is incumbent upon us to realize that God is indeed our Father. The solutions to all of our problems are very simple. All that we have to do is recognize the role in which we are playing in our dilemma. Then we must call upon God to give us the courage, wisdom and strength to change that which we can change! Brothers and sisters, this foolishness will stop eventually, either with us or without us, it will stop. It is my desire that I live to see the day when we as a people will no longer be graveling at the bottom of the economic and social ladder. Remember, God said that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. THINK ABOUT IT!

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter,
Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this
is the whole duty of man.
For God shall bring every work into judgement,
with every secret thing, whether it be good, or
whether it be evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:13 14 King James


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